Walmart Automation Alliance Review: Big Scam Or Legit?

Walmart Automation Alliance Review

Hello! Welcome to my Walmart Automation Alliance Review.

Walmart Automation Alliance is a “Done For You” program that promises to create an automated dropshipping business for you through the Walmart platform.

In other words, this DFY business model promises to actively run your business on your behalf.

But is Walmart Automation Alliance worthy of your investment?

Can it give you financial liberty?

Is it a scam or a legit opportunity?

Let’s find out more about Walmart Automation Alliance.

But before continuing, I want to inform you that I’m not here to promote Walmart Automation Alliance to you, therefore you can expect total transparency in this review.

Summary Of Walmart Automation Alliance Review

Name of the Product: Walmart Automation Alliance

Type of the Product: DFY eCommerce Business Model

Founder: Nick Mocuta

Website’s URL:

Product Rating:  5/10

Product Cost: Between $10,000 and $30,000 (According to some sources)

Recommendation: Not for a Newbie

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Overview Of Walmart Automation Alliance

Walmart Automation Alliance Review

Walmart Automation Alliance is a DFY business model that aims to offer you a complete setup of an eCommerce business on Walmart.

This DFY claims that it’ll manage your Walmart business on your behalf.

So, your responsibility in this business model will be to provide sufficient funding for Nick and his team.

And using the recently launched drop shipping service in Walmart, your business will be sourcing products from other vendors and selling them to your prospective clients via Walmart.

Since you’ll be funding the whole process, Walmart Automation Alliance will eliminate the tedious work for you and deliver a ready-made e-commerce business.

Besides, Walmart will fully automate your dropshipping business, from setting up your store to choosing the ideal product.

However, if you need a better business opportunity to start your online business, then you can check out this proven method;

Walmart Automation Alliance Review

What is Walmart Automation Alliance About?

Walmart Automation Alliance Review

This program is a DFY business model that gives you access to a whole setup platform to do your eCommerce business through Walmart.

And this platform claims that it will manage your business on your behalf.

This business model may seem feasible because Nick and his team claim they’ll do everything for you.

And your role in this business model will only be to fund your business model.

One disadvantage of this program is that it doesn’t reveal the cost of joining the program.

Therefore, you should expect to spend more money because the cost of starting a dropshipping business is usually expensive.

As such, you’ll be spending more money on this course.

Walmart has initiated its version of a drop shipping business organization, which is closely similar to Amazon FBA, to help outmatch its competitors.

You will be a third-party partner supplying your drop-shipped products on the Walmart platform.

This program focuses on helping you start your drop servicing business model Via Walmart.

They will also automate the entire drop servicing business process, including creating your store and determining the best sales point.

Also, they assert that this method is very beneficial because you’ll make lots of passive income without investing much time in your business model.

But this program does not offer a comprehensive dropshipping blueprint like other similar business models.

When you join this program, you won’t learn any replicable skills.

Instead, their training only covers the basics.

This program’s primary focus is on the drop shipping business model, which is not ideal for a beginner.

As a beginner, there are other best alternatives that you can go for instead of Walmart Automation Alliance.

And if you’re here to find the best alternative, you can click here to see it!

Who Is The Founder Of Walmart Automation Alliance?

Walmart Automation Alliance Review

The creator of this program is called Nick Mocuta.

And before gaining popularity in the world of e-commerce, Nick was an immigrant with little English education.

Also, he had as little as $500 within his reach.

However, Nick did several odd jobs until he resorted to finding what might work out in the property market.

Finally, he ended up as a broker.

Through his property business venture, he achieved his financial freedom, gradually growing.

In collaboration with his team, Nick created this program that acts as a replicable blueprint within the insurance sector.

Nick’s success has featured him in several publications like magazines such as Hustles Digest & Mirror.

Also, Nick Mocuta seems to be a legit digital entrepreneur.

How Does Walmart Automation Alliance Work?

Walmart Automation Alliance Review

The program automates your drop shipping business as a Done-For-You business model.

Its objective is to help you build a drop shipping business through the Walmart organization.

This program gives you access to Nick’s blueprint.

Features of Walmart Automation Alliance

Walmart Automation Alliance Review

This training program has the following features;

Training (The Rapid Setup Blueprint)

As a member of this program, you are given full access to a training program via a private video.

This video will teach you how to set up the foundation of your drop shipping business.

Also, you’re going to handle some simple tasks that will help Nick together with his team of experts to start building your dropshipping store.

For instance, you will be involved in looking for and making arrangements with your product vendors.

And you’ll be working using their vendor’s accounts through and Walmart.

Further, in these video clips, you will learn about the essential components of drop shipping with Walmart.

These include the steps you will follow when establishing your account with Walmart.

It will highlight all the requirements for starting a drop shipping business with Walmart.

Besides, this training will give you step-by-step guidelines.

After that, you’ll have to wait a few days before your account gets verified.

Once your Walmart account is ready, you’ll be in an excellent position to earn a monthly passive income because most of the work will be done by Nick and his team of experts.

Automate Walmart System

Through this automated system, you can get a fully automated system without getting fully involved.

This automation process comes after ultimately setting up your Walmart account.

You’ll be required to fund the personnel assigned to work on your account by this program,

When a customer places an order through your store, this DFY will process the order on your behalf.

The team assigned to you by this program will acquire various products from the relevant vendors and facilitate the delivery of these products to your prospective clients.

The choice of product to sell is entirely left for Nick and his team to deliberate.

Their work is to thoroughly research the bestselling products to promote through your digital store.

In addition to this responsibility, Nick’s team will also handle customer services.

Some of these customer services include returning damaged items and after-sale services.

Generally, you’ll have less impact on your Walmart store’s day-to-day running and management since this business model is a DFY.

Walmart Store Monitoring and Support

As I mentioned, this program will take care of everything about your business, provided you’re ready to fund the whole process.

However, other things might arise and demand your attention.

You will get access to your Walmart account when you feel like checking how it is performing.

For instance, you may want to evaluate which product is currently doing well.

In addition to all these features, Walmart Automation Alliance gives you access to full-time customer care services.

You can raise any inquiry about the performance of the system.

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What Is the Cost of Walmart Automation Alliance?

Nick Mocuta does not reveal the upfront cost of joining this program.

His decision to conceal the cost of joining the program might substantially impact this business opportunity because people will usually avoid programs that don’t come clean on their services.

If you want to know about the cost of this program, then you’ll need to contact the program’s sales representative.

As a Done-For-You business model, be prepared to spend between $10K and $30K to build and launch your drop shipping business.

You should also keep in mind that this system works with other external elements that will cost you extra money.

For example, you will pay to set up your Walmart dropshipping business.

This program is not an ideal business opportunity for you, especially if this is your first journey to starting an online business.

As such, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly way of making money online, then  you can take a few minutes of your time to get to know the best business model that I’m currently using;

Walmart Automation Alliance Review

Is Walmart Automation Alliance A scam?

Walmart Automation Alliance Review

Technically, this program is not a scam but a real business opportunity that can earn you passive income.

However, this business model is not as simple as Nick makes it appear.

This is because many related factors must be addressed before actualizing this business model.

This program focuses on the drop shipping business model and does not guarantee any possible success.

Remember that you’ll be spending lots of money to make this business model work for you.

Drop shipping is a good business model, but it won’t be ideal if you hire someone to do the business on your behalf.

Here is a video that also reviews this program in detail;

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What I Like About Walmart Automation Alliance

  • It allows you to earn passive income.

This business opportunity can earn you real passive income because you’ll not be directly involved in running your business’s day-to-day activities.

  • Experts will handle most work.

An experienced team of experts will manage your business.

You won’t be bothered by any complicated tasks.

What I Don’t Like About Walmart Automation Alliance

  • It’s likely to be expensive.

Even the cost of this program is unknown.

It is likely going to be expensive.

Of course, running a drop shipping business is quite expensive.

  • It does not give you complete control of your business

This program will run your business on your behalf, thus denying you the opportunity to control your business.

This includes the control to choose the products to sell in your business.

  • It does not give you any learning opportunities.

Since most of the activities in your business will be managed by someone else, you won’t have an opportunity to learn and acquire more experience from your business.

It won’t also work if you have no prior experience managing a business.

Is There Any Alternative To Walmart Automation Alliance?

The digital world of business offers you many opportunities to invest.

And the all-time alternative that I’ll offer you is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is not only a budget-friendly business model but also very profitable if done correctly.

As long as you dedicate your time and put the necessary effort into building a business of your favorite niche, you will soon enjoy the fruits of your labor.

And if you want to start this business opportunity right away, then I have tabled a guide just for you;

Walmart Automation Alliance Review

FAQs About Walmart Automation Alliance

What is Walmart Automation Alliance?

This program is an automated DFY e-commerce business designed to give you access to an automated e-commerce store via the Walmart platform.

Who is the creator of Walmart Automation Alliance?

Nick Mocuta is the brain behind this DFY program.

What is the cost of Walmart Automation Alliance?

Nick Mocuta does not reveal the cost of joining his program, but it will be expensive.

It is alleged that it’ll cost you between $10K and $30K to have a fully automated business managed by Nick and his team.

How does Walmart Automation Alliance work?

This program is a DFY business that gives you access to a fully automated e-commerce business through Walmart.

I hope you found value in this Walmart Automation Alliance Review!

Feel free to share on social media and do leave any questions or comments about Walmart Automation Alliance and I’ll be more than happy to provide a reply.

See you again!

And do remember to check out affiliate marketing if you are looking to build a profitable business online.

14 thoughts on “Walmart Automation Alliance Review: Big Scam Or Legit?

  1. There are over 50 people I know of who are joined on a Facebook Group called “Scammed by Automation Alliance – Lise Audet, Jesse Regan, Nick Mocuta” because Automation Alliance took their money and never did what was promised by contract: to set up a Walmart Automatio store. Have you been scammed as well?

  2. I was looking for a review of WAA, as I had been suggested it by someone. I like how you have shown the pros and cons. It just makes it so much easier to make the right decision. As you say Affiliate Marketing seems much more doable and legit.  Thank you for an in depth review.

  3. This was very interesting to read about.

    From the beginning, I will say the company sounded a bit sketchy. I understand that it’s legit but the amount of investment with no real guarantee to “protect” your interest is a red flag. 

    Also as you stated you will have no real control over your business so that means you never really know what’s happening or when things go wrong.

    For me, it’s a no. But I want to thank you because my husband is starting a business model like this and I would have hated to come across this blind and make a huge mistake.

    Your insights were amazing and knowledgeable. Thank you for your time and dedication.

    1. No problem, Kirstie. I’m glad that you found this information at the right time.  Good luck to your husband as he gets started with an online business!

  4. I think the article was very informative and I would have never thought of Walmart doing this, thank you for bringing this to our attention.  I wonder if Walmart will try to now compete with Amazon.  Do you think if they did, they could out due Amazon?

    One thing though.  I’m a bit confused.  Is this new service just a back-office dropship/ fulfillment service or is it more, like an Amazon store front or both?  Can you please explain?

    Thank you for this information!


    1. Hey thanks for your comment, Mike…

      The name Walmart Automation Alliance doesn’t mean that Walmart themselves as a company is the one operating this company.

      It is a done for you course that shows how how to set up your business on the Walmart Platform.  Just like there are many courses out there that teach how to sell on the Amazon platform (FBA), there are also courses that teach this about Walmart. 

      I hope this clarifies for you.

  5. I got concerned when it appeared this program could end up being a money pit. When a program costs as much as this, there should be some level of guarantee. It doesn’t look like there is. 

    The premise is you pay Rick’s company and they will do all the work for you. Sounds good in theory. If I had the money I would expect to see a high success rate. 

    I don’t think I would risk this dropshipping program. Now the alternate way to make money you shared, would appeal to me more.


    1. I agree with you.  Even though dropshipping is a legit business model, it tends to yield low profits after ads and product costs.  Affiliate marketing is a far more profitable business model, especially for newbies just getting started.

  6. Hi Jason, Thank you for the Walmart Automation review, a legit program first. 

    It is good that someone else handles other things of your drop shipping business and you only pay the money!

    if your business is not doing well, can you ask for changing the product?

    Is there any kind of refund policy attached to this program?

    How much have people made as % profit?-Are there any statistics around that?

    It is not easy to buy into the program with no knowledge of how costly actually is.

    I like to understand what I am doing and how I am doing it with a small budget. Thank you for mentioning Wealthy Affiliate. I am already a member and happy with this platform.

    1. Hi, thanks for your questions…

      Q: If your business is not doing well, can you ask for changing the product?

      A: Yes, products can be changed.

      Q: Is there any kind of refund policy attached to this program?

      A: I didn’t see a clear refund policy for this program.

      Q: How much have people made as % profit? – Are there any statistics around that?

      A: I couldn’t find any specific info related to profit margins for this program.

      I appreciate that you are diligent and doing your research before you jump into business.

      Happy to connect!

  7. Dropshipping is a legitimate business model through which one can make money. To find that there is now a Done-For-You program with Walmart Automation Alliance to assist you in setting up a dropshipping business on the Walmart platform is very interesting to see. 

    Without knowing the upfront cost of the program, I will be very reluctant to sign up for the Walmart Automations Alliance. You might soon find that you need a much bigger budget than what you have. It might not be a scam, but I will avoid it. 

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your review on Walmart Automation Alliance. I wasn’t aware that Walmart had a program like this. I feel that since I know nothing about drop shipping that this is something I could look into the future. After knowing more about this kind of business – I just know there are other alternatives out there. However do you use this program or not? I love to share with those who know more about this kind of things. 

    1. You’re welcome kiersti. I’m not currently using this program. However, what I do instead is recommend products and earn commissions when a sale is made. It’s more simple to make money this way. You can learn more here…

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