Zyia Activewear Review – Is This MLM Platform Worth It?

Zyia Activewear Review

Hi, today I will take you through the Zyia Activewear Review.

In this review, I will take you through the inside-out of Zyia Activewear company by helping you answer questions such as;

Whether Zyia Activewear is legit or NOT?

And how can you make money from the program?

You will also learn who Erin Bradley and Jeremiah Bradley are and their role in this company.

In addition, I’ll explain to you the cost of joining this program.

And by reading this review till the end, you’ll have reasons to join or leave this program.

Before I jump into the main discussion today, I would like to inform you that I’m not affiliated with the Zyia Activewear MLM company.

My main aim is to provide you with an honest and unbiased review of the Zyia Activewear platform.

That said, let’s get started…

Zyia Activewear Review Summary

Name of The Product: Zyia Activewear

Type of the Product: Multi-Level Marketing

Product Website: https://www.activegear.life/

Founder: Erin Bradley and Jeremiah Bradley

Product Rating: 3/5

Product Cost: $295

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Zyia Activewear Review – Overview

Zyia Activewear Review

Making money online is a privilege every investor is looking for to succeed.

However, finding a legit opportunity that can help you make money online is always a big challenge.

Zyia Activewear, one of the multilevel marketing companies, claims to offer you a good opportunity to generate money online.

According to the Zyia Activewear platform, you’ll become their sales representative once you join the program.

You’ll start making money by selling their clothing products online.

However, you can still start making money online by venturing into other business opportunities without necessarily bringing others on board.

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Zyia Activewear Review

What Is Zyia Activewear?

Zyia Activewear Review

Have you ever had a passion for joining a multilevel marketing company in your life?

If so, the Zyia Activewear platform might be one of those companies you’re looking for.

You can join this program to become a direct sales representative and start making money online.

By becoming a sale representative of the Zyia Activewear company, you’ll start selling Zyia clothing and make money out of it.

It is a multilevel marketing company that sells different types of clothing online.

The company operates specifically in the clothing multilevel marketing niche and markets activewear to its customers.

The Zyia Activewear company was founded by Erin Bradley and Jeremiah Bradley, and they’ve been positively progressing, attracting many customers in the region.

The Zyia Activewear company operates in Canada, USA, and Australia.

Erin is currently the company’s Chief Executive Officer, while Jeremiah is the chairman of the company’s board of directors.

Unfortunately, this company does not give a corporate address on its official website.

This makes it difficult for people outside the three countries to get services from the company.

Who Are Erin Bradley & Jeremiah Bradley?

Zyia Activewear Review

Erin and Jeremiah are the founders of the Zyia Activewear company.

In the company management, Erin serves as the CEO, while Jeremiah is the board chairman.

According to their story, the two claim they wanted to set up something that would give women a healthy life.

Their main aim was to make women out there feel more active and succeed in their life.

Erin explains that doing something adventurous or active with friends outside is one of the best ways to energize yourself.

It will also make a mother more active in her house with her family.

This includes becoming more productive in some areas of your life that you couldn’t have made in recent times.

It is also a better way to free your family from distractions and electronics.

As for Jeremiah Bradley, he says that he first appeared in the multilevel marketing field in 2015 when he was the co-CEO of the Agel company.

He began working with the Agel enterprise soon after finishing his college studies.

Jeremiah graduated from Brigham Young University, where he pursued a degree in international studies.

The Agel enterprise, which was started in 2005, was later sold to CVSL in 2013, which rebranded to JRJR33.

The enterprises later collapsed in 2018 after Jeremiah left it to launch the Zyia Activewear company a few years earlier.

How Does Zyia Activewear Company Work?

Zyia Activewear Review

Zyia Activewear is a boutique platform selling different kinds of short-run items to its customers.

The sales of the items make Zyia Activewear company gain more popularity in the multilevel market.

They keep changing its stock of items periodically, which makes its customers order the items immediately after they see them.

If you come across perfect activewear from the platform, you’ll have to order the cloth as fast as possible.

Zyia Activewear Products

Zyia Activewear Review

The company dwells in the sales of fitness clothes covering all the activewear you may think of buying.

For instance, if you are looking for yoga, biking, running, Pilates, cross fit, or any other athleisure gear, you’ll get it all when you visit the company.

The Zyia Activewear products have sizes that range between 0 to 20, which means that the products cater to everybody.

As such, when you want to make an order for the Zyia Activewear products, you need to specify the following clothing aspects;


Sizing will determine your best fit because not all the products sold here with large fits will be the same.

To know more about your size fit when making an order, you can read from the notes that are listed beside the product you want to buy.

You can also consider asking the company’s customer care desk to assist you in choosing your best size.

When choosing your best-fit size, remember to consider the type of material or item.

This will assist you in choosing either sizing up or down, depending on your desires.

Squat proof

Most of the clothing from Zyia Activewear is squat-proof, making many people buy the items from the company.

Active leggings are the company’s common products that have squat proof, even though not for all styles.

However, for fabric materials, every style has squat proof; hence, you can choose from any style you like and experience it on your activewear.

The workout types

The Zyia Activewear products are of different specifications.

For instance, some of their clothing is designed for casual wear, while others are for workouts.

For this reason, when choosing your type, ensure you select the type that will work perfectly for your specified activity.

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Why Are Zyia Activewear Products So Special?

The items from Zyia Activewear company are always considered special by the management and their loyal customers.

This is because the company sells items that have different specifications as follows.

Muscle Support

When you buy garments from Zyia Activewear for your physical activity, they’ll support your muscles.


Zyia Activewear products offer the best compression level of muscle support.

They are best fitted, making them maintain their fitness to make you stay fit on activity.

Does Zyia Activewear offer a Compensation Plan?

Zyia Activewear Review

Yes, the company offers a compensation plan to its sales representatives.

The amount you’ll earn and the bonus will depend on the volume of the order of items you’ll make from the company.

The following are the affiliate ranks as presented in the company’s compensation plan;

  • After signing up for Zyia Activewear, the sales representative creates and maintains 200PV.
  • Junior sales representative, you will maintain 200PV per month and make 1500 in the accumulated PV.
  • Senior sales representative, you will make and maintain 300PV per month.
  • Director will make and maintain 500PV per month and an additional 10000 in the accumulated PV.
  • The senior director will maintain 500PV per month and an additional 15000 in accumulated PV.
  • The executive will make and maintain 600PV per month.
  • With an additional 20000 in accumulated PV.
  • Zyia executives maintain 600PV every month and an extra 25000 in accumulated PV.
  • Double Zyia Executive Maintain 600PV per month with an additional 30000 in the accumulated PV.
  • Zyia elite maintains 600 PV per month and an extra 40000 from the accumulated PV.
  • Presidential maintains 600PV every month and an additional 75000 from the accumulated PV.
  • Zyia presidential maintains a payment of 600 PV every month and an additional 150 000 from the accumulated PV.

Remember, PV is the personal volume, while GV is the group volume.

Personal Volume PV is the sales volume that the retailer generates and the purchase of the affiliate.

Group volume GV is the personal volume that is generated by the sales representative with their downline.

Does The Zyia Activewear Offer Bonus?

Zyia Activewear Review

Yes, the company awards its affiliate bonuses on its sales according to its ranks.

However, you can only claim your bonus when you are qualified by the company because its affiliate begins with a junior sales representative.

The bonuses are awarded to affiliates as follows;

  • Junior sales representatives earn $50 for the first three months after your sign-up.
  • Senior sales representative earns $75
  • The director of the company earns $100
  • Senior Director earns $200
  • Executive earns $500
  • Zyia Executive earns $1000
  • Double Zyia executive earns $5000
  • Zyia Elite earns $10000
  • Presidential earns $12000
  • Zyia Presidential earns $15000

What is the Cost of Joining Zyia Activewear?

Zyia Activewear Review

If you want to join Zyia Activewear as a sales representative, the company will charge you $295.

The company will then offer you a gift of a starter kit, which comprises up to five staple items of your size.

The company also gives you a 100-dollar gift card to spend on whatever you like when making your purchase.

Because the company doesn’t allow you to carry any inventory for their products, you’ll use the amount provided as your only investment.

When you start selling the items, Zyia Activewear company will pay you 25% off of the products you have sold.

However, the commission will begin at 20% and increase as you increase your sales.

However, if your area is oversaturated, it may be difficult for you to reach your targeted sales, limiting your commission from growing.

A saturated area is a region with many sales representatives, which lowers the market share of the products.

To overcome this challenge, you may consider moving to another location where there are few sales representatives from the company.

Oversaturation always occurs due to the high pushing of the recruits by the company, which is a common limitation of many multilevel marketing companies.

This will reduce your sales capacity as you will not likely get as many customers as expected.

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Is Zyia Activewear A Scam?

No, Zyia Activewear company is not a scam.

You can earn money from this company by selling its products to people as their sales representative.

The company presents cute and quality clothing that sells out to customers easily, attracting many buyers in the region.

Because many people go for fitness when buying activewear clothing, Zyia Activewear ensures its clothing is the best fit for your activity.

You’ll have to order the garment according to size to get your best-fit clothes from the boutique.

However, the company allows you to return the garment if it doesn’t fit you as desired.

The company also releases new stock of clothing per week.

Zyia Activewear Review

For this reason, if you are their sales representative, you’ll always have a new clothing stock to promote and share weekly.

Currently, many sales representatives make money from selling the company’s items.

Despite the company not being a scam, you still have to work to become successful.

First, you may not make as much profit as Erin and Jeremiah sound in the program.

Just like other multilevel marketing platforms, the profit margins are relatively low, making it difficult to make much money as expected.

On the other hand, as a sales representative, the company doesn’t allow you to keep its inventory of clothing or buy the clothing to sell it.

The company advises its representatives to purchase the products and use them themselves, which may sometimes look much more expensive.

This might sometimes exceed the credits and discounts you earn from selling the company products, making it lose economically.

But that should not discourage you from doing your business online.

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Zyia Activewear Review

What I Like About Zyia Activewear

  • Frequent stock renewal of stock

The company exchanges its stock f items every week, making it special and great among other multilevel companies.

When you are a sales representative of the company, it will be easy for you to promote and share new items from the company every week.

What I Don’t Like About Zyia Activewear

  • There is no consistency in the quality of the items.

Some items from the company have see-through leggings, a complaint raised by many sales representatives and buyers.

This challenge is commonly noticed in the other colors of the tight and thin light except the black light leggings.

  • Irregular sizing

Some legging sizes are pretty small, while others are big, making them lose fit.

In addition, some tanks and skirts are also narrow, making them not perfect for hips.

Some of them also tend to be too buggy on the bust area, making you less comfortable despite ordering your true size.

  • The process Is too expensive

The price tag for the Zyia activewear products is too high, which makes them less affordable to many buyers.

Some brands of clothes are also sold too high On the Zyia Activewear website than their original site.

This makes customers stop buying them from the Zyia Activewear platform and shift to other platforms at cheap prices.

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Is There Any Alternative To Zyia Activewear?

MLM programs may not sometimes offer you a sustainable source of income.

And in that regard, you should always consider a better alternative to make you attain your dream goals.

I can’t get tired of explaining how affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for beginners to start their online journey.

Aside from getting enough exposure to marketing, you’ll earn while growing gradually.

Plus, affiliate marketing doesn’t require you to pay a huge upfront cost.

But before you can get started with this business opportunity, you need to learn the basics.

And I took it as my personal initiative to offer you a detailed guide to keep you on track.

Check it out below:

Zyia Activewear Review

FAQs About Zyia Activewear

How do I shop from Zyia Activewear?

Many customers and sales representatives shop online through the company’s official retail platform.

Therefore, you can shop by visiting their website and making your order or visiting their headquarters if you are within the region.

The company is also hosted on other platforms such as facebook.com and sales representatives.

Can I Market Zyia Activewear company?

Yes, you can market the company by becoming its hostess.

When you host a party of the company, you will be given a reward that will depend on the personal volume and affiliate rank.

You can also become an active sales representative to the company and earn money through sales of their products.

Why are Zyia Activewear products considered to be perfect for mums?

The lights and tights items from Zyia Activewear company are always mums’ dreams of garments.

The type of clothing makes mums feel better about themselves when they wear it during activities.

The Zyia Activewear products also support mums’ muscles with great comfort for their large waists.

The garments will make your tummy well-supported to help you build the core muscles perfectly.

Why is Zyia Activewear Clothing different from others?

The company keeps changing the stocks every Wednesday, making them special and great.

For this reason, the company advises its affiliates and customers to immediately order an item they see from the stock.

My Recommendation About Zyia Activewear?

Zyia Activewear is a legit multilevel company that allows you to earn money as a sales representative.

However, as in the case of multilevel marketing companies, the profits you earn from the sales of the products are pretty small.

For this reason, it will take you a much longer time to make significant money that can help you fulfill your dreams.

In addition, the company also has an increased recruitment rate that makes it become oversaturated.

This means that the number of sales representatives in your area may rapidly increase, reducing the number of customers.

However, if you find Zyia Activewear not a suitable opportunity for you to make money online, then worry less.

There is another business opportunity that can help you make money online.

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