IX Global Review

IX Global Review: Ix Global Real or Fake?

Hello, today I will take you through IX Global Review.

In this review, I will help you know the inside out of this MLM program.

So, is IX Global program legit?

After answering this key question, I will also take you through what the program offers, its cost, and why it claims to be the best to join.

In addition, I will also explain to you who Joseph Martinez is and his contribution to this program.

But before I begin taking you through the program, I would like to bring to your attention that I am not in any way associated with the IX Global program.

For this reason, every piece of information I provide in this review is unbiased and honest.

Furthermore, I’ll provide an honest recommendation about IX Global for anyone who wants to join the program for the first time.

With that in mind, let’s now get started….


IX Global Review Summary

Name of the Product:  IX Global

Type of Product: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Website’s URL: https://ixglobal.us/

Founder: Joseph Martinez

Product Rating: 1/5

Cost: $115

Year Launched: 2020

Head Office: UT, United States

Recommendation: No (Read on to see why)

IX Global Review – Overview

IX Global Review

If you have come across the IX Global website during research and want to know more about the program, here is what you need to know.

IX Global is a website that claims to be the best educational platform for an affiliate.

As an educational platform, IX Global claims to offer quality training in areas such as marketing and personality development.

By joining the IX Global program, you must be ready to learn and improve your marketing skills, as the program claims to build your financial development.

On the other hand, the program also offers other products as compensation plans for everyone who joins the program.

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IX Global Review

What Is IX Global?

IX Global Review

IX Global is a multilevel marketing program that claims to offer educational services on marketing and personal development.

The program was launched in 2020 and is located in UT, USA.

The IX Global program was founded by Joseph Martinez, serving as the company’s CEO.

As an educational program, IX Global claims it plans to impact people’s lives by providing quality training on personal and financial development.

The program targets people who have an interest in becoming successful in marketing online.

The program claims its main emphasis is transforming the global education system and revolutionizing how people learn today.

IX global claims to focus on changing the personal lifestyle of every individual who joins the program to acquire knowledge.

To become an IX Global program member, you must first buy their product subscriptions.

When you do so, you become a brand ambassador of the IX global program.

And by becoming their brand ambassador, they’ll offer you IX Academy.

The IX Academy is an educational platform preserved for IX Global ambassadors.

How Can I Join IX Global Program?   

IX Global Review

Joining IX Global program is straightforward.

You will first start by buying any of their product subscriptions of your choice.

To buy any subscription to the program, you’ll have to pay at least $115.

In addition, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee to become their ambassador.

As an ambassador of the IX Global platform, you’re free to sell the company’s products and get a commission in return.

In addition, when you become an ambassador to the company, you get ranked at higher levels in the program and earn higher rewards.

Let’s see the products you can sell on the IX global platform.

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 What Are The IX Global Products?

IX Global Review

In the Global platform, there are no physical products; the company provides online services to its members.

There are two main services the company offers to its members which include;

Human Development

Under personal development, the IX Global platform offers training on personality development, mindset training, and professional coaching.

In addition, you’ll learn leadership training, health and nutrition, consciousness, digital marketing, and elite entrepreneurship.

Financial development

In this section, IX Global offers services such as financial academy, Live trading sessions, fine tech services, live market education, and binary alert.

Furthermore, you’ll learn about copy trading, game alerts, automation bots, foreign currency alerts, and crypto alerts.

When you visit the IX Global website, you’ll not get complete information about the products they offer until you make a subscription.

For this reason, if you want clear information about the products offered by the company, you’ll have to buy their subscription.

They restrict their services to only members promoted to become the IX Global ambassadors.

Remember, it’ll be impossible to reclaim your money after paying for the subscription if you want a money-back service.

ix global

What Is IX Global Affiliate Ranking?

The IX Global affiliate ranking categorizes the members of the IX Global program based on different criteria provided in the program.

When you join this program, you get ranked into different categories, which the PV and GV will determine.

The PV is the Personal Volume awarded as fixed points for every product you purchase.

It is the Personal Volume points that the program uses to calculate your income.

On the other hand, GV stands for the Group volume, which is the total volume of the downline sales.

Does IX Global Offer A Compensation Plan?

The IX Global company offers a compensation plan to its affiliates with active subscriptions.

There are three different compensation plans offered by the company which are;

Direct Bonus

Under the direct bonus plan, the company offers you a commission of $15 on every product your sell on the platform.

In addition, as an affiliate of IX Global, you’ll earn $15 every circle when you renew your monthly subscription.

In the IX Global program, one cycle is a period of four weeks or one month.

And every affiliate will be expected to renew their subscription each cycle to claim the 15 dollars bonus.

VIP Bonus

VIP bonus is another compensation plan IX Global offer to its affiliates.

In this plan, you’ll have to refer your friends and colleagues to the program to get the bonus.

You earn a bonus when you achieve a certain number of Personal Volumes from the referrals or downline levels.

The number of Personal Volumes of downlines you achieve is calculated using the Organization group volume.

There is also a monthly active users’ bonus tabulated from the active downline affiliates in downlines.

For instance, if you are a VIP 100, you earn a bonus of $100, which requires you to have an OGV of 360 and an MAU of 4.

IX Global Review

This is the first level to which an affiliate of the IX Global program can reclaim a compensation plan as a VIP member.

If you are VIP 500, you’ll earn a bonus of $450 which requires an Organization Group Volume of 1080 and a Monthly Active Users of 12.

IX Global Review

When you are under the VIP 500 category, this shows that you’re promoted from the first VIP level to the second level.

The promotion is always done following your active participation in the program regarding payment of your monthly subscriptions.

The levels of promotion go up to level 6, where you will become a VIP 8000.

At this level, you’ll get a bonus of $8000, requiring you to have an OGV of 45000 and an MAU of 500.

Remember, as your level increases, the number of Monthly Active Users and Organization Group Volume requirements increase.

This also increases your bonus earnings and your monthly payments.

In addition, the number of Organization Group Volume required always contributes to the minimum OGV you must get from your downline levels.

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Team Commissions

This is the third and last compensation plan offered to the IX Global program members.

In this plan, affiliates must form at least two sales teams, either left or right.

When the new members are enrolled into the program, the already members are free to place a new downline which can either be to the right or left team.

After placing the downline to the teams, you’ll need to maintain the teams.

When the new affiliates commence the cycle payment, you’ll start earning your team commission.

In this plan, you earn through the reward plan, which offers you a bonus of 10% to 20% on the total Personal Volume of the weaker team.

In both the teams you created, the weaker team gets determined based on the rank of the two teams.

The Team Commission compensation plan is also based on the per-cycle capping determined by team ranking.

The compensation plan is paid per rank as follows;

Active rank earns a team commission of 10%, which translates to a $300 bonus in capping per cycle.

Student rank earns a team commission of 10%, translating to $500 in capping per cycle.

Appreciate rank earns a team commission of 10%, which translates to $2000 in a capping per cycle.

The Coach category earns 10% team commission which calculates to $5000 in a capping per cycle.

In the executive coach category, you earn a 10% team commission, accumulating to $10000 in capping per cycle.

The influencer rank now earns up to 15% team commissions, which calculate $25000 in capping per cycle.

As for the Regional influencer category, you will earn a 15% team commission, giving you $50000 in capping per cycle.

ix global

The next rank is Global Influencer which earns 15% team commission and gives $100000 in capping per cycle.

The next rank under the influencer category is the master influencer, earning 15% team commission and awarding $250000 in capping per cycle.

Then, the presidential Influencer, the second highest rank under the influencer category, earns 20% team commission which is $500 000.

The highest rank is the elite Influencer that earns 20% team commission which translates to $1000000 in capping per cycle.

Not that if you are ranked under Influencer and have your volume accumulated to 10,000 in your left sales team, you need to check your right sales team too.

If the right sales team has a volume of 6000, you get awarded 15% of your right sales team volume, which in this case is 6000.

In this case, the right sales team, which accumulates 6000, is referred to as the weaker team.

When you calculate the total earnings based on the weaker team’s information, your bonus will be $900.

Who Is Joseph Martinez?

IX Global Review

Joseph Martinez is the founder of the IX Global program.

Joseph launched this program in 2020 and is currently serving as the CEO of the IX Global Program.

He is the only person known behind the IX Global program and offers all the services available in the program.

He claims to be an expert in marketing with many years of experience in network marketing.

In the introduction video of this course, Joseph states that he first served as a soldier in the US army before he quit the job and became a marketer.

Currently, he is the main IX Global program promoter, especially in the money circulation scheme called Kuvera Global.

Joseph Martinez Is not active on social media, making it difficult to trace his full background.

On the other hand, he also doesn’t provide clear information concerning its address, residential location, and other operators’ details.

Sometimes, it may sound suspicious when the operators of MLM hide their details yet claim to provide income opportunities.

This may raise a red flag alert to its affiliate as there are high chances of the program being a scam.

Most MLM companies claiming to offer life-changing opportunities to their affiliates will always have their operators’ contact addresses.

This makes it easy for their affiliates to contact the operators when asking questions.

However, before you judge this program, let’s see if it is really a scam.

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Is IX Global A Scam?

In my opinion, the IX Global program seems to be a Multilevel marketing scam.

Therefore, if your affiliates join the program in large numbers, the program will technically grow into a multi-million-dollar scam.

The first suspicion of the company being a scam is that it offers forex trade as part of its services.

The program illegally offers this service as the company is not registered under the government’s financial regulators.

In addition, the promises made in the program’s compensation plan are not technically possible in the real world.

For these reasons, this company seems to be a security fraud in many countries worldwide.

In that regard, if you wish to start a genuine business online, then you can check out this opportunity:

IX Global Review

Whom Is IX Global looking For?

This company targets affiliates who want to learn about personal and financial development.

The website doesn’t have any qualifications for a person to become a program member.

In most cases, Africans and many South Asian citizens get trapped in such scam websites, especially if the program is from Europe or America.

Investors in Asia and Africa tend to invest more in programs from western countries such as America and Europe.

For this reason, they’ll get attracted to the program and start investing in it before doing good research to find out what it is all about.

Now that you know this program seems to be a scam, you’ll have to avoid it if you are not a good risk-taker.

However, this does not mean that all multilevel marketing programs are scams.

Other programs are legit and genuinely pay for your services online.

What I Like About IX Global

  • The program offers a good compensation plan

When you join it, the company claims to offer three types of compensation plans, including the VIP bonus, Direct bonus, and team commission.

All these bonuses increase as you continue renewing your membership subscription and get higher ranks in the program.

What I Don’t Like About IX Global

  • Suspicious operators

The program doesn’t specify its operators on the website.

Only Joseph Martinez is known behind the program.

On the other hand, Martinez also doesn’t reveal his contract or the location’s address on the website.

This makes it difficult to contact or reach him in case you face any challenges or have a complaint about the program’s product and services.

  • Looting promoters

The promoters of this program are sharing fake promises about the program to trap many [people into joining it.

For instance, the top promoter of the program in India is luring Indians into joining the program by displaying the fake lifestyles of members.

The promoters spread fake news about the program to convince more people to join the program, promising them a 99% success rate in the program.

  • Heavy monthly subscriptions

The monthly subscriptions paid in the program are too high for newbies.

This makes it unsuitable for your investors who want to join the program with small capital.

  • Lacks Worthy Products

The program doesn’t have worthy products to offer to its affiliates.

They use dummies and fake products, making them considered a multilevel marketing company despite not proving legit.

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Is There Another Alternative To IX Global Program?

Yes, there is a better alternative to this program.

In my opinion, I recommend you do affiliate marketing, which is the most trending business opportunity online today.

Affiliate marketing is legit and does not require you to recruit family and friends to earn money, like in the case of the IX Global program.

With affiliate marketing, you’ll start your business with small capital.

But that doesn’t mean that it has no work involved.

You’ll need to dedicate your time to see good results.

I like affiliate marketing because you get a chance to earn money while growing.

But before you get started, here is the step-by-step blueprint that will enable you to get started:

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IX Global Review

FAQs About IX Global

Does IX Global Program have a refund Policy?

No, the program doesn’t offer any money-back service to its members.

As such, if you enroll in the program and find it not satisfying, there is no guarantee that you can claim your money back.

For this reason, it is essential to join the program only if you can take the risk to avoid being depressed in case your capital is scammed.

Can I Join IX Global Program from Africa?

Yes, the company accepts registration of members across the globe.

The program targets as many members as possible from Africa and south Asians.

 Can I get a compensation plan without paying my monthly subscription to the IX Global program?

No, the compensation plans offered in the program depend on your ranking as a member of the IX Global company.

And you will only get rank and improve your ranking if you pay your monthly subscription in time.

For this reason, there is no guarantee that you can get rewarded with any compensation plan without paying your monthly subscriptions.

Is IX Global a Pyramid Scheme?

In my opinion, this MLM program is not a Pyramid Scheme.

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Thank you for checking out my IX Global review.

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