Online Business Academy Review: Real Deal or Rip-off?

Online Business Academy Review

Hi, welcome to my Online Business Academy Review.

In this review, I’ll provide you with an in-depth explanation of everything you need to know about the program.

As such, I’ll stress more about helping you answer the most crucial questions many people ask about the program.

In addition, I’ll help you know if the program is worth it or just another scam you shouldn’t waste your time on.

That said, let’s dive in…

Online Business Academy Review Summary

Name of the Product: Online Business Academy

Type of the Product: YouTube Courses

Product Website:

Founder: Dave Nick

Product Rating: 60/100

Product Cost: Starting from $49, depending on your chosen course.

Recommendation: Yes, but not for everyone; kindly learn more from my review.

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Online Business Academy Review – Overview

Online Business Academy Review

Making money online is one of the opportunities that many people desire to venture into.

As such, many people have turned to this venture to create content online.

Due to the increased demand for people seeking knowledge on how to start working online, many courses have been launched online.

These courses help teach people how to make money online using various niches.

Online Business Academy is among the platforms which offer different courses on how to make money online.

The program targets individuals from different niches, including entrepreneurs and content creators who want to market their videos online.

When you enroll in the platform, you will get access to the various courses available in the program, including:

  • How to create YouTube shorts that attract millions of viewers.
  • YouTube automation complete course
  • Automation system course

The program provides extensive teaching on these courses targeting individuals from different business niches.

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What Is Online Business Academy?

Online Business Academy Review

Online Business Academy is an online platform that offers training on personal branding and online entrepreneurship.

The platform is designed to provide students with selected educators and creators with knowledge on how to succeed in their business niche.

Online Business Academy offers students views from various top investors across the globe to improve their creativity and represent all the markets.

The program was launched by Dave Nick, who is also an experienced entrepreneur, and with the help of other partners such as Alex Kramer.

The program offers in-depth education programs and lessons that teach all the facets you need to succeed in your business.

The educational programs offered in the platform provide more knowledge beyond theory, making it more helpful to learners.

In the learning process, you will come to know some personal tactics and specialized tools that will help you achieve more in your business.

In addition, the program allows you to interact with market-dominating companies from across the world.

This will help you learn more about the success of the respective companies and motivate you to aim higher to achieve your goals.

The program majorly cooperates with more successful business owners who are great testimonies to upcoming investors.

How Does Online Business Academy Work?

Online Business Academy Review

Online Business Academy offers many courses geared at helping you succeed in your business niche online.

These multiple courses ensure many individuals from different business models get the opportunity to learn how to grow their businesses.

For this reason, the academy targets to educate individuals from different business niches and expand their income-generation techniques.

When you join the platform, you will only have to choose the course suitable for you according to your online business type.

Dave, the CEO of this academy, is also an experienced business owner who has interacted with many successful investors online.

In his interaction, he managed to get gather knowledge on how to succeed in business from different niches.

He provides extensive training on improving business skills from varieties of business fields that are available online.

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What Services Are Offered In The Online Business Academy?

The Online Business Academy offers extensive learning in various courses.

Let’s explain each one after another:

The YouTube Short Billions Course

In this course, you’ll get the following topics:

The Short Traffic Avalanche

Dave provides extensive coaching on how to create your short traffic by leading students.

He will take you through the blueprint of how to create your automated traffic that will effectively improve your sales.

For instance, you’ll learn how to increase the number of regular viewers looking for more of your goods and services.

In addition, the floodgate of traffic you will create will enable you to earn consistent revenue on advertisement programs online.

The main trick in this section is learning how to get a ton of traffic on YouTube, enabling you to promote your services and goods.

The Automated Workflow & AI

Under this section, you’ll learn how to automate your YouTube shorts to help you manage your business simply and precisely.

He does so by teaching you how to use the automated creation workflow to help you streamline your content development process.

According to Dave, this process will help you produce a fantastic outcome and save time and effort.

Dave also gives you access to the premium course to teach you more about YouTube automation systems.

Monthly Product Sales

Here, Dave talks about the behavior of your traffic concerning how you make money from the platform.

When you have a channel online, it will not only drive more viewers to your content but also promote your business.

For instance, some viewers may take part in helping you generate revenue through sponsorship, making you earn income from multiple sources.

Dave teaches you the best technique that will help you optimize to increase your traffic and income.

You will also learn multi-stream symbiotic scaling to help you grow your business.

With this technique, you will be promoting your business by improving your traffic sources and promoting your business.

Deep Algorithm Secrets

In this area, you will learn how to make your YouTube channel go viral without depending more on the courtesy of the platform.

Dave teaches the techniques using his private method as the best reference for those who might doubt the efficiency of the program.

He reveals the method he used to generate more engagements rapidly and share his content on social media platforms.

This will help you build a community after kickstarting your channel on the YouTube platform.

Scaling Supremacy

In this section, Dave takes you through the incredible journey you’ll have to go through in your business.

He explains this section using his experience on mass action Scaling that enabled him to grow his system and number of channels.

According to Dave, learning this section will help you understand how to utilize the opportunity presented on YouTube Shorts.

The Complete YouTube Automation Course

One of the top co-founders of the program, Alex Kramer, an experienced entrepreneur online, covers this course.

In this course, Alex tries to share the most effective methods of generating an automated Channel on the YouTube platform.

According to Alex, learning and implementing this course into your business will help you make between $3000 to $5000 for every channel per month.

He covers this course extensively in up to 43 lessons, where he also covers some effective insider tips which can help you position your success.

The breakdown of topics covered in this course are:

Hot Automation Niches

This section will teach you how to identify and divide your automation niche into hot automation.

Here, he talks about the niches which can make advertisers pay more for the quality content they receive from your channel.

Content Automation

The main point of discussion is how you can generate more Cost per mile and views using your YouTube automation.

He explains this section by citing his success journey, which he claims to be from the same technique.

He also reveals the strategies that can help you acquire more sponsors on a long-term and short-term basis.

Monthly Ad Revenue

Alex teaches you how to maximize your monthly Ad revenue by high tuning your YouTube Channel to attract more highly-paying advertisements.

This will also enable you to optimize your cost-per-mile rates in the platform.

According to Alex, the secret to your success will be making the most of every view of your content to maximize your earning potential.

In Alex’s strategy, the main aim is to see your dollars rise, as he also emphasizes revenue maximization by attracting long-term sponsorship.

For this reason, the main point of discussion in this section is scaling your Cost per mile in the platform.

Dissecting the Algorithm

Alex explains the recent changes to the YouTube Channel and how you can successfully work with them.

He explains how the new algorithms work to favor your business and help you push your videos to reach as many viewers as possible.

The key concept is to understand the algorithm and how it works and leverage it to help you expand your coverage and increase the number of your viewers.

Replicating Channels

In this section, Alex takes you through how to build YouTube channels that can help you generate more than $300000 per year as revenue.

Alex focuses on the process that helps you scale your system and teams, enabling you to maximize your efficiency.

This makes you build a more strategic and solid YouTube automation that makes your business continue to grow and become more profitable.

He explains that this process was the backbone of his success and made him become who he is online.

The Automation System Course

In this course, Dave Nick teaches you how to create unlimited YouTube and Google traffic.

Dave teaches you how to drive a large amount of traffic online on your YouTube channel and Google.

He focuses on showing you how to get between 120,000 and 16,000 visitors you your content every month.

He also focuses on helping you attract more unique visitors to your website and maximize your potential revenue.

In this course, he also covers the topics such as; the advertisement revenue traffic system, content automation, and monthly advertisement.

He concludes the course by taking you through the algorithm secrets used online and the scaling supremacy.

The program also offers courses such as Complete YouTube Automation by Alex Kramer, online business models by Dave Nick, and YouTube intelligence automation by Joachim.

The other services offered in the course include the following:

  • Personal brand hyper-growth
  • Advanced Custom OBA sales page
  • Native affiliate network
  • PR Articles, interviews, and media
  • Personal brand DNA
  • Dedicated guidance expert
  • Direct chat portal access to successful entrepreneurs.
  • Verified creator and company profile.
  • Automated Upsells structure
  • Lifetime platform promotion.

The program also offers you the following additional services:

  • 100% profit from all your sales of digital products.
  • Additional Symbiotic sales income
  • Additional affiliate sales
  • Closed creator community
  • Automated Discord MGMT
  • One million followers’ promotion
  • Personal brand growth our manual help with your brand
  • Save up to 96.01% when you join the platform.

Who Is Online Business Academy Owner?

Online Business Academy was founded by Dave Nick, who is an experienced entrepreneur.

He owns the academy with other cofounders, including; Joachim DC and Alex Kramer, among others.

Also, he has a YouTube channel with over 750K subscribers.

This alone is proof of how hard work can pay off.

That is why he started a journey of training fellow prospectors who wish to attain such immense success.

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Online Business Academy Pricing?

Online Business Academy Review

The pricing for joining the platform will depend on the number of courses you want to learn.

This platform offers you a variety of courses with unique prices.

For instance, you will only have to pay the total price when you want to learn all the courses available on the platform.

If you want to learn a selected course, the program allows you to pay for the course you want to learn.

Here is the breakdown of available courses online:

  • The YouTube Short Billions views automation course which will cost you $795.
  • Intelligent YouTube Automation course will cost you $995.
  • Online Business AI Supercharger costs $495 to learn.
  • Online business model course costs $49.
  • Automation System course costs $795.
  • Complete YouTube Automation costs $395.

The prices for these courses are a one-time fee, payable beforehand.

In addition, the program offers you a money-back service on the courses you choose, with a validity of 30 days.

However, you must have consumed less than 10% of your course in less than thirty days to qualify for the refund policy.

Is Online Business Academy Legit?

In my opinion, the online business academy platform is not a scam.

The website offers you training on increasing your YouTube traffic and earning more income online.

The course focuses on creating more YouTube shorts, especially for upcoming content creators.

According to Dave, anyone who dreams of creating YouTube content should make his dream come true.

He claims that such a dream will come true if such a person joins the platform.

He also opens doors for other individuals from different fields, such as regional entrepreneurs.

However, this doesn’t mean that the program may guarantee success for everyone who has an interest in joining it.

The course will only work out for people who understand what Dave teaches and implement them in their business.

Online Business Academy Review

What I Like About Online Business Academy

  • Provides a high-level creator education resource

The program offers students a variety of learning materials to help them succeed in their business niche.

David Nick provides students with hyper-growth DNA and personal brand DNA with many more additional offers in the course.

All these services are geared at helping you increase your traffic and generate more revenue from your channel.

  • Offers World Class Digital Asset Development

You will get access to the complete page, sales system, and upsells system on the platform.

The program offers all the services at no additional cost with much more premium features.

In addition, web-based platforms support all their private tools and features, making them easy to access and learn.

  • Provides the best growth with a worry-free development

You’ll no longer have to hire graphic designers, bad developers, and copywriters when you join.

The program claims to help you learn how to do everything yourself and minimize spending on the services.

All the services provided by the program are at a reasonable price.

What I Don’t Like About Online Business Academy

  • The success of the course is not guaranteed.

Despite offering various courses, the chances of you becoming successful in the courses are very narrow.

It will take you much more time, effort, and persistence.

This means that you must be ready to spend much of your time to start achieving your results from the business.

  • The target revenue collection is unrealistic.

The amount of profits the program targets everyone who joins the program to earn is too big.

You’ll have to grow your channel for quite a long-predetermined period for you to attain the set price.

In addition, not all individuals who join the program will be able to achieve these prices.

  • Not a suitable option for beginners

Most beginners prefer programs that can help them see results as first as possible.

In addition, most beginners will prefer starting the business from scratch.

For this reason, it may be quite challenging for a beginner to wait for a longer time to get results.

Is There Any Alternative To Online Business Academy?

Are you interested in building a thriving YouTube channel without spending a fortune?

I have superior alternative training to empower you to establish a prosperous YouTube channel.

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Have you ever considered engaging in affiliate marketing, which involves promoting products and services?

This business model has attracted numerous individuals due to its appeal and accessibility, particularly for beginners venturing into online entrepreneurship.

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Online Business Academy Review

FAQs About the Online Business Academy

Is There A Refund Policy Or A Money-Back Guarantee?

Online Business offers traders fully guaranteed money-back services, valid within thirty days.

In addition, the refund policy is valid only for traders who have consumed less than 10% of the course.

Moreover, deciding whether the course fits you’ll only take a few days.

How Can I Become An Online Business Academy Creator?

To become a creator of the online business academy, you’ll schedule a short meeting with the representatives.

You’ll interact with dedicated representatives from the platform or talk to Dave Nick personally.

The program team will provide you with an application form where you’ll apply after a successful meeting.

Does Online Business Academy Offer Discounts From Colleges, Schools, And Non-Profitable Organizations?

The Online Business Academy offers a 5% discount for colleges and schools participating.

If you own a non-profit organization, you can also get a 5% discount for participating.

What Device Can I Use To Access The Online Business Academy Offers And Features?

You need devices that can play videos online, including laptops and desktops.

Even though laptops and desktops are preferred due to their expanded view, you can also use your smartphone.

The private tools available in the program are also web-based.

Also, it runs on a wide range of operating systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Thank you for reading my Online Business Academy Review.

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