The Profitable Channel Review

The Profitable Channel Review: Scam OR Legit?Truth Revealed!

Hi, welcome to The Profitable Channel Review.

If you are a content creator and own a YouTube Channel, you must aim to make your channel earn more on the platform.

The high YouTube requirements for their monetization program may sometimes limit you from achieving your goals as early as expected.

For instance, it may take you time struggling to meet the qualification requirements and start earning from the platform.

The Profitable Channels claim to help you by coaching you on how to build a lifetime income from the channel.

Joining their course will help you monetize your expertise and earn consistent monthly revenue from YouTube.

So, in this review, I’ll take you through everything you need to know about The Profitable Channel.

In so doing, I’ll focus more on the program’s key concepts, including its meaning, how it works, and the amount it will cost you to access their services.

That said, let’s hit the road…

The Profitable Channel Review Summary

Name of the Product: The Profitable Channel

Type of the Product: YouTube Coaching and Mentorship program.


Founders: Auret Esselen & Jowel Tolentino

Product Rating: 5/10

Product Cost: $197

Recommendation: Not for everyone

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The Profitable Channel Review – Overview

The Profitable Channel Review

YouTube is one of the platforms with the highest number of traffic online, where many content creators earn money for their content.

Through its monetization program, the platform gives creators an opportunity to earn money by creating engaging content and uploading them to the platform.

However, there are minimum requirements you must meet to start earning money from the platform.

This includes getting 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 watch times hours, making monetizing their channels difficult for some people.

The program aims at making your YouTube channel a big asset that has a great influence in helping you generate more revenue.

According to the program, making your channel build more influence will make you generate revenue for many years to come.

The program also claims that you don’t need to have tons of viewers or subscribers for you to start succeeding with your strategy.

The program doesn’t need you to be a pro speaker, techy creator, or be in a rush to succeed, as the strategy takes time to work out for you.

However, sometimes you might want to opt for free training to get you started.

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What Is The Profitable Channel?

The Profitable Channel is a platform with a four-stage framework and an online training course that teaches you how to build a lifetime income on YouTube.

The program was launched in 2018 by Auret Esselen and Jowel Tolentino, the main coaches on the platform.

They are both the co-founders of the program, which is a course that aims at helping you build your lifetime business.

When you join this platform, you’ll learn how to systemize your marketing and consistently generate income from your business using the YouTube platform.

You’ll not need paid ads, being more techy, or even having a larger audience to become a professional speaker.

Also, you’ll need to have $197 at hand and purchase their course to get lifetime access to their services.

As such, you need to have created your YouTube channel to benefit more from this platform.

If you’re already a content creator, the program claims to teach you how to make your YouTube business a lifetime investment.

How Does The Profitable Channel Work?

The Profitable Channel is a course that teaches you how to create leverage when you own a YouTube channel.

The course offered in the program is divided into four main stages, which include the following:

Stage 1: Create Content

The Profitable Channel Review

In stage one, you’ll learn how to create a profitable content strategy in any channel you own.

You’ll also learn how to create real videos that sell more on the platform, which suits both e-commerce-based businesses and service businesses.

Learn the four simple filming setups that suit varying budgets and different types of videos, including a complete gear list.

What’s more, you’ll also learn up to twelve ready-to-film evergreen video ideas with outlines.

Stage Two: Stay Consistent

The Profitable Channel Review

From there, you’ll automatically move to stage two, where you will learn about consistency in your business.

Under consistency, you will learn the following concepts:

The proven step-by-step system The Profitable Channels program provides will help you schedule your first 90 days.

How can you effectively create a more realistic, consistent publishing schedule and that you can keep up with in the platform?

How you can efficiently manage your time when creating your content to maximize your production.

The tips that can help you move faster when filming, planning, editing, and at the time of uploading your videos.

The truth behind quality and quantity when releasing your videos to your YouTube Channels.

Stage Three: Get Traffic

The Profitable Channel Review

In this section, you learn about the following:

The five easy-step method helps you rank your videos on YouTube first and Google pages.

The start-to-finish demonstration shows how to optimize your videos online, especially those discussing different topics.

The top 15 reactions to why channels fail to reach the required number of views and what you can do instead.

You’ll also learn how to effectively use TubeBuddy to outrank your competitors.

Finally, you will conclude this stage by learning how to create compelling video titles and thumbnails that make people click.

Stage Four: Make Money

The Profitable Channel Review

This is the last stage in the program.

In this stage, you’ll learn the exact template that will help you make more monthly revenue from your videos.

The stage also covers an in-depth look at the available types of revenue streams and narrowing down the best one you should implement to earn more money.

You’ll also learn how to increase ad revenue and earn more money from your channels.

And finally, you’ll end this stage by learning the three ingredients you need to know to help you turn viewers into your full-time customers.

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Who Is The Profitable Channel Course For?

The Profitable Channel course is for people new to YouTube who want to make money on the platform.

You can join the platform if you have a monetized YouTube channel but are not meeting your earnings expectations.

For instance, if you are looking for new ways to attract more viewers to your channel and grow it to increase your earnings.

On the other hand, you might be spinning the wheel on your social media platforms, and now tired you need to get a marketing strategy that will pay you back.

When you have the strategy, you must also look for how to put it into action and scale your business to earn more.

In the process, you’ll share your experience and skills with more people and aim higher as you generate more online influence.

The profitable Channels claim to help you with all these issues by providing knowledge on generating traffic, staying consistent, and creating video content.

So, if you are in need of all these services, the program claims to be the right choice for you.

However, the program does not target working with people who want to learn how to set up their YouTube Channel from scratch.

It is also not for super techy people who want to know how every feature in YouTube works or want to know everything about the platform.

You don’t need to know everything about the YouTube platform for you to know to earn money from the platform.

In addition, if you are a YouTuber who only focuses on going viral on the platform, you will also not benefit from joining this platform.

The program also claims to help you convert your YouTube channel into a long-term money-making asset that will constantly produce monthly income.

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What Is Included In The Profitable Channel Course?

The Profitable Channel course includes the following extra programs:

  • A Five Figure Per Month YouTube Channel Framework

This framework provides you with a four-stage video training program.

In this program, you’ll learn how to implement their framework to help you systemize your content production.

It is a strategy to help you optimize your channel, get more recurring traffic, and generate more income.

You’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $8,558 to purchase this service.

  • Video Ideas & Scripts, Ranking Checklists, And Description Templates.

In this offer, you’ll learn how to use a video outline to guide you in planning 90 days of your content, which will enable you to cut your publishing time.

This will also help rank your videos on the YouTube and Google search pages.

You’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $1,547 to purchase this offer.

  • Free Discounted Access To Tubebuddy

If you want to automate your YouTube channel to grow higher, TubeBuddy will be your frequently used tool.

The program offers you up to three-month free access to the TubeBuddy.

You’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $147 to purchase this offer.

  • The Profitable Channel Mastermind

In this offer connecting to the coaches is made simple to help you make consultations and inquiries.

You’ll be able to get answers to your questions.

Also, you’ll be able to attend monthly questions and answers and ask your questions to get quick responses.

This is a priceless offer and will not cost you anything to get.

Who Are The Owner Of The Profitable Channel?

The Profitable Channel Review

The Profitable Channels were founded by Jewel Tolentino and Auret Esselen.

Auret and Jowel are professional full-time content creators who founded Essetino Media.

According to the duo, YouTube became their source of income, making them quit their job to become creative directors on the platform.

They ventured into sharing their knowledge with other people online through their official platform of profitable channels.

In 2015, they launched their first YouTube channel and began creating tutorials on how to do business online.

They currently have more than 51,000 subscribers and multiple revenue streams online that help them earn up to five figures every month.

By creating The Profitable Channels, the program aims at helping you also optimize your channel to maximize your earnings.

What Is The Cost Of Joining The Profitable Channel?

The Profitable Channel Review

To join The Profitable Channels, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $197.

This fee enables you to get lifetime access to the services offered in the program.

The program claims that the $197 is an offer that may expire at any time, with its initial price set at $297.

Also, the program claims to offer a money-back guarantee to customers who are loyal to their platform.

The refund policy expires after seven days and you’ll have to contact the support team to request a refund.

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Is The Profitable Channel A Scam?

In my opinion, The Profitable Channels is NOT a SCAM.

The program can help you turn your YouTube Channel to become a lifetime money-making business.

This course works best for people struggling to make reasonable earnings with their YouTube Channels.

The program will teach you how to grow your business and make more money from the platform.

However, if you are not a content creator, don’t have a YouTube Channel, or is when you want to build one from scratch, then this program will not help you.

The program does not teach you how to build a YouTube channel from scratch or how to rush into success with your channel.

The Profitable Channel Review

What I like about The Profitable Channel

  • The program has testimonies.

There are testimonies of many entrepreneurs who claim to have attained success using the strategy provided by the program.

Most of the reviewers in the program talked positively about the program services and expressed their satisfaction with the program.

  • The course is easy and simple to learn.

The Profitable Channels course is simple to learn and understand and does not require you to struggle more to get the concept.

In addition, learning the course is easy and will grant you the opportunity to qualify for the other offers available in the program.

  • The coaches have experienced creators.

More than five years since Jowel and Auret started coaching people about YouTube Channel optimization.

And this high duration of coaching makes it a wide experience required to convince more people to optimize their channels.

Additionally, they are available and always willing to help you with any problems related to your YouTube Channel business.

  • The program offers a refund.

The Profitable Channel Review

The program guarantees its students succeed in their business on the YouTube platform.

However, you can reclaim your money if you fail to benefit from it.

Keep in mind that you’ve up to seven days to get your money back.

What I Don’t Like About The Profitable Channel

  • The course is too short

As per the information provided on the program’s official website, the course is too short and may not provide detailed information about the business.

Many other online programs offer the same course with lengthy and detailed content that is easy to learn and understand.

The shortness of the course makes it not worth its price as you may learn what the program provides for free on another site online.

  • Not an option for beginners

The program doesn’t help you learn how to start the business from scratch by teaching you how to create YouTube Channel.

This makes it an unfavorable option for beginners who want to learn everything from zero and gain experience to realize their dreams.

  • The strategy takes too long to produce the result

It will take you time to start earning a significant amount.

  • Only targets YouTubers

The Profitable Channels are looking for only YouTubers and do not offer any coaching services to other social media platforms.

For this reason, the course might not help you to learn how to make money on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok.

Is There Any Alternative To The Profitable Channel?

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The Profitable Channel Review

FAQs About The Profitable Channel  

How Long Will I Get Access To The Course?

The profitable Channel program gives you lifetime access to their course.

Once you join the platform, you’ll get access to the course every time you want to learn anything from the platform.

In addition, you can also log in to the system any time you want throughout your lifetime.

How Long Will I Wait To See Result If I Invest In This Course?

According to The Profitable Channels, YouTube is not for you if you rush to see results instantly after joining the platform.

The program aims to teach you how to grow a successful online business by building a long-time earning on your YouTube Channel.

And for this reason, the time it will take to see the result will depend on your ability to put the knowledge into practice.

What Are The Requirements Needed To Start Earning Money On Youtube?

For your YouTube Channel to qualify for YouTube Monetization, you must reach a subscriber target of 1,000.

You should also have at least 4,000 watch hours in your channel to apply for their monetization program.

Does This Strategy Work For Any Niche?

The strategy has been successful in the different channels they have coached for the past five years.

And these channels were from different niches, including; material arts, fitness, photography, and product review.

For this reason, the program claims to provide you with a ton of great value for their course.

Do I Need A Tubebuddy In This Course?

The platform teaches you how to use TubeBuddy to help you rank your videos high on the YouTube Search page.

For this reason, you need a TubeBuddy when learning on the platform.

You are also free to purchase your TubeBuddy Subscription with their pro license at $9 per month.

Thank you very much for reading The Profitable Channel Review.

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