Online Empires Review: Is This A Scam Or Legit MLM Program?

Online Empires Review

I welcome you to my Online Empires Review.

I’m sure you’re reading this review to find the real truth behind this program.

If I’m not wrong, you’re eager to know whether you can make money from it or a scam you should avoid.

Unfortunately, there are tons of programs out there disguising themselves as a channel to allow you to make money.

Yet in the real sense, they want to steal from you.

Therefore, I usually review programs to help you separate the chaff from the wheat.

Now, unto this program – Online Empires.

When I came across its website, I did not know the exact business or training this program offers.

However, after deep digging and research, I noted that the website is a rebrand of the Build Your Empire University program owned by Ashley Kemp & Brodie Nitro.

So, is it a genuine program that can enable you to make money?

I’ll take you through every detail of this program.

But before we can start, I must inform you that I’m not an affiliate of this program and all the information I’ll offer is from my sincere point of view.

That being said, let’s jump straight to it.

Online Empires Review Summary

Program Name: Online Empires (A rebrand of Build Your Empire University)

Program Type: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Website Url:

Founders/Owners: Ashley Kemp & Brodie Nitro


  • $1 for a 7-day trial with full access
  • $99/month for membership fee
  • Then, between $7,000 and $20,000 for the purchase of products from an organization called Enagic.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommendation? No.

Online Empires Review – Overview

Online Empires Review

Online Empires presents an enticing opportunity to kickstart your online income journey.

The owners claim that they offer you training on staying free from a 9 to 5 job and enjoying what you like to do best.

They are the leading digital marketing experts who enable you to work from anywhere.

Plus, you’ll be part of them in their community.

However, I hesitated to believe these guys because they don’t disclose the type of business they’ll train you to become.

I wish I could believe them, but what don’t they come out also to pinpoint the exact training they’ll undertake on specific topics or lessons.

So, what does this program offer?

This program is a training program that you’ll have to pay for active membership.

From what I have uncovered, the training will equip you with ways of creating great social media content that will create traction.

And the aim of that is to be in a position to convince others to join the team.

The deal here is to have skills in joining the distribution business for an organization named Enagic.

But you won’t only be selling the organization’s products; you’ll also have to purchase the products, mainly a pricier water filtration machine that will cost you over $7,000.

And that made me categorize this training as an MLM type of business.

What surprised me the most was that the team never talked about this business even for a minute.

Because with this business, you ought to convince others to buy these products and bring them on board to earn more.

However, if you’re not interested in this type of business, I can offer you a more practical business model that will help you get started:

Online Empires Review

What Is Online Empires?

Online Empires Review

Online Empires is a digital training program that claims to offer you world-class training to become a successful entrepreneur.

The program claims to help freedom seekers, adventurers, and 9-5ers change lives by leveraging online potential worldwide.

On the dashboard of their website are figures that state their reach: 100+ people who left 9-5 jobs, 32k+ members in their community, and 4+ international events.

A business mentorship program hasn’t been shown on the website but a link connecting the program is available for only paid members.

But the fact that their website is an exact replica of Build Your Empire University leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

Number two is that the owners haven’t disclosed the type of business they will do after paying the required membership fee of $99.

I can only see writing stating how other people have made millions but with no exact tangible evidence to back up the claims.

For those of you who know what MLM is and understand the hustle that comes with it, you know how hard it can be to sail through.

In this program, you’ll join a community promoting costly water filtration machines.

The two founders behind this program are Ashley Kemp and Brodie Nitro.

While you can get some general information on starting a business, joining their MLM business will cost you an arm and a leg.

Imagine paying over $7k to buy a product you’ll have to promote on social media.

And while you create this downline and develop a team of distributors, you’ll only earn money after they make a sale.

Isn’t that a common phenomenon with those other MLM programs?

But why has the program hidden behind curtains without talking about the type of business they are trying to push you.

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Who Are The Founders Of Online Empires?

Online Empires Review

Ashley Kemp and Brodie Nitro are the founders and owners of Online Empires.

The two claim to have made millions out of their businesses separately before they could come together.

This idea came to mind after they opted to develop a community of like-minded people by tailoring live training calls.

After two and a half years they turned their interest in helping interested individuals into one of the biggest coaching empires as they put it.

The two say they can give people a way of freeing themselves from the 9 – 5 job and living the life of their choice.

They have hosted many events with their members in Mexico, the USA, and Australia and they plan to do more even as the years progress.

What Is The Cost Of Online Empires?

The pricing structure for this program sounds too good to be true.

At first, you’re offered a $1 trial for 7 days and you get full access to the system.

You’ll see the video courses you must undertake and fully control the system.

However, after the 7 days have elapsed and you find no interest in the program, you can get back your money.

For the monthly program, you’ll be required to pay $99 after the expiry of the 7-day trial $1.

But that is not the end, for you to put into practice what you learned in the program, you’ll need to spend between $7,000 and $20,000 to acquire Enagic products to promote.

And if you’re a beginner, I’m sure you won’t give in to such a considerable investment.

In this way, MLM is not always an accessible business, mainly because selling expensive products to others is not easy.

Do Online Empires Offer A Refund Policy?

Yes, the training offers a refund of $1 for 7 days.

Is Build Your Empire University Related To Online Empires?

The two training programs belong to similar people and they look alike.

In fact, from what I found out the owners – Ashley Kemp and Brodie Nitro, pushed their digital marketing agenda.

From the look, it seems there are two-faced issues with their system, so they opted to rebrand themselves.

Whether the initial website will remain active for a while is a matter of time.

Hopefully, they’ll stay active for a while because, in my experience, most MLMs usually rebrand themselves to look legit and helpful and disappear after some time.

Also, I can see from their initial website that they give out the same 7-day $1 trial and thereafter a $99 monthly membership fee.

Most MLMs don’t appear as one from the start and you’ll only discover the accurate picture of such programs after you have made a free call with the team’s coach.

You might decline the deal if you’re informed that you’ll be engaged in such business early.

As such, the team will not have luck in collecting the membership fee.

And to me, I don’t find this a business opportunity for those who are starting out because the business is not as easy as it may sound.

Which Training Do Online Empires Offer?

Online Empires Review

From the onset, the programs claim to offer you training on how you can succeed online – particularly in digital marketing.

Some areas they claim to cover include:

  • Introduction
  • The discovery process
  • The business blueprints
  • Coaching call
  • Financing
  • Water unit

What gives me certainty about this program being an MLM kind of business is that the owners claim that their members were making SALES online across the globe and events from different backgrounds.

They don’t provide more information about the type of sales.

If the sales were from affiliate or email marketing, the owners would be more transparent by pinpointing.

They don’t want to tell you you’ll be doing the hardest online business ever.

One thing I see on their website is the generosity of testimonials, with everyone leaving a testimony saying they wish they knew about this program early.

But of course, testimonials can be tailored to drive specific agendas.

They don’t have any reviews on their Trustpilot account, but maybe they’ll in a few days or months.

But their initial program has some reviews in them with a number of them being positive.

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Is Online Empires A Scam?

Online Empires is NOT technically a scam.

The program offers training in the form of videos and coaching and a business model in which you involve yourself in selling physical products.

However, it is questionable that the website doesn’t explain what they’ll be doing to users or members.

Because how will you feel paying for a service you don’t know what you’ll be doing in the long run.

As I’ve taken you through their pricing, you must pay $99 monthly to maintain your active membership with the program.

This pricing is high and it only caters to members.

Then, you must do a lot of selling, bring others on board, pitch, and invest a lot in it.

In my sincere point of view, you’ll go through many challenges to make ends meet with this kind of business.

And if you’re a beginner, I’m sure you don’t want to start your online journey on the wrong foot.

At least, you should go for a business model that is easy to start and pocket-friendly.

Online Empires Review

What Like About Online Empires?

  • Offers a community

You connect with the community and learn from fellow distributors and other skills.

  • The products have been in existence for sometimes

The programs under the scheme have been there for a while.

This means this kind of business enables you to do it for quite a long time.

  • Offers a risk-free guarantee of $1 for 7 days

You can join this program and confirm your claims with only $1, which you can claim back after 7 days.

There is no need to pay for the membership fee first.

What I Don’t Like About Online Empires?

  • This business is not ideal for beginners.

Getting started with a business as a beginner is not as easy as you might think, it requires doing due diligence and consultation.

Therefore, this business model is not ideal for beginners because of the complexities and expenses involved.

If you’re a beginner, I advise you to avoid this business model because it might not match your needs.

  • It’s relatively expensive and risky as well.

I tell you what: you need to spend a lot to start this business, and there is no guarantee that you’ll succeed.

First, the business requires real hard work and a proactive approach.

You need to recruit other people to sell your products and spend money doing marketing for your products.

And since you’re spending thousands of dollars, it is risky.

  • Very hard business model

MLM demands your effort in recruitment and huge marketing.

I can tell you that a handful of people succeed in this business, so I say it is not for everyone.

Many people have tried such businesses but have failed and lost huge junk of their investment.

  • They are not transparent.

They are not open to providing information about the business model they are pushing.

You’ll not find information on their website about the business model they are offering to their members.

You can only know this after you’ve paid for the membership fee.

That sounds fishy and unusual.

Is There Any Alternative To Online Empires?

Now that I’m done taking through the details of the Online Empires program, you might want to find a better alternative to this business.

Yes, I’m here to offer you a lending hand.

If you’re a beginner, you might be interested in starting an online business but lack enough information on how to go about this.

And with a lot of information being found online, you might not easily find help.

But I can make your work easier.

Have you heard of affiliate marketing?

Yes, that is the best place to start your online journey.

I’ve over 6 years of experience in this area and know what works and what doesn’t.

And if you’re serious and want to take action, you must go through a free affiliate marketing training I’ve prepared for you.

Without taking much of your time, you can jump straight to it to familiarize yourself with this business model:

Online Empires Review

Thank you for reading this Online Empires Review.

If you’ve any additional comments or additions about this review, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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