Rapid Profit Trader Review – Is Paul’s NEWSLETTER A Scam?

Rapid Profit Trader Review

Hello, today I will take you through the Rapid Profit Trader review.

In this review, I will help you answer questions such as;

Is the Rapid Profit Trader Legit?

And if so, how can you make money out of it?

In addition, I will explain to you the cost of joining the Program and other requirements needed to become its affiliate.

Finally, you will learn more about Paul Mampilly and his role in the Rapid Profit Trader program.

And after reading through this review, you’ll be better positioned to make a well-informed decision about this program.

But before I take you through, I want to inform you that I’m not an affiliate of the Rapid Profit Trader.

For this reason, every piece of information I provide about the Program is unbiased and honest.

Plus, I will share all the information based on in-depth research and people’s experience with the program.

Taking that in mind, let’s get started…

Rapid Profit Trader Review Summary

Name of The Product: Rapid Profit Trader

Type of the Product:  Newsletter

Product Website: https://banyanhill.com/

Founder: Paul Mampilly and Ian Dyer

Product Rating: 2/5

Product Cost: $2995

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Rapid Profit Trader Review – Overview

Rapid Profit Trader Review

Making high profits is a privilege every trader will always dream of when investing in a business.

It becomes more interesting as you continue making more and more profits, especially if your investment capital is high.

With the high capital, you’ll expect huge profits in your Rapid Profit-making business.

This dream doesn’t always come true due to people’s challenges when running online businesses.

The Rapid Profit Trader claims to offer you a solution that will make your dream come true.

According to Paul Mampilly, joining the Rapid Profit Trader Platform will significantly help you ensure you make significant profits in your business.

This claim may sound good for everyone who wants to start trading or even want to expand their business online.

But how does the program operate to ensure you get a rapid profit in your business, as claimed?

To answer this question, let’s first look at the meaning of the Rapid Profit Trader program.

Rapid Profit Trader Review

What Is Rapid Profit Trader?

Rapid Profit Trader is a newsletter that helps investors learn how they can generate more returns from their business at a faster rate.

The newsletter was founded by Paul Mampilly with his close friend Ian Dyer.

The Banyan Hill publishing site published the newsletter and is the main platform behind the options trading advertised in the newsletter.

According to Paul, you’ll stand a chance to get up to a 1000% profit increment in just ten days when you join this program.

These ridiculous claims made by Paul make the program quite bold for anyone who wants to invest online.

Paul Mampilly and Ian Dyer use many technical analyses when setting investment strategies that help them overcome emotions when trading.

This enables them to ensure readers see consistency in their progress and the business outcome.

Paul himself is an excellent financial strategist, which he claims to have dwelled in for many decades, and has outstanding financial management experience.

In addition, he also manages many gigantic accounts he opened in the Royal Bank of Scotland.

This earns him some credit for his actions despite making ridiculous claims about the program’s capabilities.

His outstanding skills and experience in business make him a great professional investor capable of making huge profits.

On the other hand, Ian Dyer is a good business strategist too.

He represents Banyan Hill Publishing, a famous name in the investment market that hosts many option traders.

The company’s popularity is a result of many financial letters the company has with the numerous services it offers to customers.

The company also has a good record of transparency in its shared success among its investors.

Ian is also a professional internal analyst for the company and started working with Paul before even launching the company.

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How Does The Rapid Profit Trader Work?

Paul Mampilly claims that he developed a perfect system that enables the Rapid Profit Trader newsletter to work through in making profits.

The system he developed focuses on the investor’s behavior and how to find the patterns of the investors.

This enables you to find a good buyer easily, which has always remained a challenge for many investors.

In most cases, when you want to find a good buyer, the number you come across tells you something that may differ from your expectations.

The Rapid Profit Trader will take you through a step-by-step strategy that helps notify your followers when you have a new stock.

It will also alert your followers when your stock has gained more momentum in the market.

After the products have been successfully detected in the market, they’ll be reported via the newsletter.

However, the reporting will be done once you meet the required criteria.

The strategy developed by Paul and Ian in the newsletter focuses on their significant forms, including Consistency, Trajectory, and ETF profitability.

The three forms Ian and Paul predict in the strategy makes it more advanced and helpful to traders.

For this reason, if you are interested in knowing these concepts, the newsletter will significantly benefit you.

However, you’ll only be able to enjoy the service if you know where you can get the service.

Where To Get Rapid Profit Trader

To get this service from Paul and Ian, you must visit their official website and sign up to become a member.

You can also visit the Banyan Hill publishing website and sign up on the page to get the service.

Rapid Profit Trader Review

After signing up, there is information you must fill out before you are granted the service.

This will also include paying the required amount to get the service.

After becoming a member of the Rapid Profit Trader, you’ll be granted the following services;

You will get Trade Alerts

Every time Paul and Ian come across low-risk and high-profit gain trade, they’ll alert you by forwarding the news.

They always forward the alerts via email, which also comes with instructions explained in a step-by-step manner.

The instructions are set to help you learn how to purchase the option.

Trade Guides

Under trade guides, Paul and Ian forward you written instructions to help you become an expert options trader.

You’ll learn how to open and run a brokerage account that can trade options.

The brokerage account will help you tweak the stock trading account, allowing you to have trade options.

In the trade guides, you’ll learn what you are expected to do when you get trade alerts.

In this service, Paul takes you through all the possible steps you should take to help you sell the trading options.

When getting the trade guide service, you’ll also learn Paul and Ian’s strategies for the Rapid Profit Trader.

This will help you understand why you must learn the strategies before trading with the system.

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The Weekly updates on Podcast

Another service that Paul offers you in the membership program is the weekly updates on Podcast.

You will receive these updates every week or read the updates on the transcript form.

In the updates, Ian and Paul explain the stock pick performance and the new development in the market trends.

The updates also issue new events, which in one way or another other, affects the recommendations put to the products and service.

Finally, you’ll also see your expectations of their services in the coming days.

The Model Portfolio

Rapid Profit Trader Review

In the model portfolio, all the recommendations made by Ian and Paul are tracked and sent out to you.

This will offer you an overview of the performance of the newsletter from the day it was launched to the present day in the market.

Grant Access to the Rapid Profit Trader Website

You’ll also be given access to the newsletter’s official website, which offers all the resources required for trading.

And when you become a subscriber to their newsletter, you’ll receive all the resources you need from the platform.

Who Is Paul Mampilly and Ian Dyer?

Rapid Profit Trader Review

Paul Mampilly and Ian Dyer are the creators of the Rapid Profit Trader newsletter.

They both work in Banyan Hill Publishing, a company owned by Ian Dyer.

Even before launching the Rapid Profit Trader, Paul, and Ian had started working together.

They have achieved a lot in their partnership, which explains why they can get more credit from many of their clients.

As for their careers, Paul is an investor with more than 25 years of experience in the business sector.

Before becoming a full-time investor, Paul worked with the Banker’s trust and later relocated to other banks, enabling him to hedge money.

As per his claims, his career has made him earn millions working as a financial strategist.

When he joined Ian Dyer in the Banyan Hills, he started creating different newsletter presentations and services.

These presentations and services included; America 2.0, True Momentum, and Profits limited.

On the other hand, Ian Dyer is a top analyst and works as the main editor in his company of, Banyan Hill Publishing.

He is a graduate with a finance degree which gives him the skills and knowledge to be an expert in the finance field, as he claims.

Ian might not be as famous as Paul to some people, but they work much more closely with Mampilly.

Apart from the Rapid Profit Trader newsletter, they also launched the Rebound Profit Trader together and targeted many traders to join.

All these newsletters created by Paul and Ian are from Banyan Hill Publishing, which also performs the management role of the programs.

This company seems to be operating behind the scenes because they use Paul and Ian to create newsletters and post on their platform.

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What Is The Cost Of Rapid Profit Trader? 

The cost of joining the Rapid Profit Trader is $2995 per year.

However, the total amount you must pay for the newsletter tagged on their sales page is $5000.

According to Paul, you can use the $5000 as your investment capital and make it to $200000 in just a year after joining their system.

But despite the price appearing too high for some traders, Paul gives you hope of making much profit.

Paul guarantees you a chance that will help you average your trade winnings as a service every week.

This means the program offers you trade recommendations every week, which goes for an entire year.

You’re also granted to claim a second chance of the free service in the second year in case they go short during the first year.

However, there is no money-back guarantee; if you join it, you must know this beforehand.

Is Rapid Profit Trader A Scam?

In my opinion, Rapid Trader is not technically a scam.

Ian Dyer and Paul Mampilly seem to be legitimate experts, making them attract many followers online.

They use their experience and skills to share trade recommendations which helps their followers understand the value of money.

Even though Rapid Profit Trader is not a scam, you should not take their word for it.

It may not be easy to make money out of it, as Paul Mampilly put it in the program.

Also, remember that Paul doesn’t spend little time discussing some of the risks associated with the newsletter.

But just like any other investment opportunity, Rapid Profit Trader has its bad sides that’ll not allow everyone to succeed.

For instance, you may lose money in trading, so you must learn to withstand such.

Like other presentations, you may not expect Paul and Ian to explain the touching risks faced in the program.

But before I can take you through the pros and cons of this platform, let me give you this added bonus.

If you’re reading this review and are not interested in trading, your needs are sorted out.

Given that you’re looking for the best business opportunity, I’ve highlighted what is required of you in this personal guide:

Rapid Profit Trader Review

What I Like About Rapid Profit Trader

  • The Program offers a diversified Portfolio.

When you enroll in the membership program, you’ll receive a diversified portfolio with an excellent trading strategy.

Paul invests in all available stocks, allowing you to trade in various sectors.

  • Paul Mampilly has a positive reputation

The positive reputation and popularity of Paul Mampilly have made him gain the trust of many traders online.

This has also made the Rapid Profit Trader get remarkable subscriptions, with some followers giving good credit to Paul.

The positive reputation is also achieved by the Banyan publishing platform, which also has significant popularity in the business field.

  • The newsletter has a good training site.

This program runs behind a well-developed platform for trading.

The Banyan Hill publishing website is well-established with a remarkable name, making it a highly-rated trading platform.

What I don’t like about Rapid Profit Trader

  • Has a limited membership discount offer

The program’s membership discount offer is limited to only 800 followers who joined from the first day it was launched.

This locks many other subscribers who joined the program later as the number is too small for the numerous followers they have received.

  • The Cost is expensive for newbies

Despite Paul claiming that the price can help you make up to $200000 in a year, the price is still too high for beginners.

Many young investors who find the cost too high may not find it easy to take risks by paying it as their investment capital.

As such, the program may not be suitable for young investors who cannot take the risk.

Is There Any Alternative To Rapid Profit Trader?

Of course, trading might not be a cup of tea for everyone, so you might want to consider a different business opportunity online.

Many online opportunities are being flaunted today; however, you must do due diligence to get an option that stays true to its word.

But since I know there is a lot of confusion regarding the business opportunity that works, I have come here to break the confusion.

As always, I encourage beginners to start their online journey using an easy and straightforward opportunity to join.

And among such business opportunities is AFFILIATE MARKETING.

And remember that NOT all programs that claim to offer affiliate marketing in their platforms are sincere.

As a rule of thumb, always consider signing up for affiliate marketing with companies and organizations that are well-established, like Amazon.

But that is not all.

If possible, seek relevant information about affiliate marketing before diving into the opportunity.

And even to make your work easier, I opted to offer you a simplified guide to keep you on track.

Check it out:

Rapid Profit Trader Review

FAQs About Rapid Profit Trader

What is Rapid Profit Summit?

Rapid Profit Trader Review

Rapid Profit Summit is a video representation that promotes the subscription to the Rapid Profit Trader newsletter.

The video presentation features Jeff Yastine and Paul Mampilly, both working for the Banyan Hill publishing platform.

Therefore, the Rapid Profit summit is not a program on its own but a presentation video of the newsletter.

Does Rapid Profit Trader offer a Compensation plan?

Yes, there is a guaranteed plan for members of the Rapid Profits Trader newsletter.

In the plan, you will be offered an extra subscription of a full year for free after first completing your years.

However, this plan is only available for persons who fail to make the $20000 in a year as expected.

The Program also offers membership discounts for up to 800 first subscribers.

Who is Rapid Profit Trader Looking for?

The program targets people who want to earn money through options trading.

Paul Mampilly claims that the newsletter will benefit everyone who wants to make huge gains from a small investment.

He states that the newsletter will help you get huge gains by providing low-risk trades with high-profit outcomes.

Does Rapid Profit Trader offer a money-back service?

Despite the newsletter being expensive for some small investors, traders have no money-back guarantee.

For this reason, if you lose your money in the trading process, there is no guarantee that you can claim back your money.

This means that you should be a good risk-taker and invest the little money you can afford to lose before starting the trade.

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