The Last Amazon Course Review

The Last Amazon Course Review – Is Brock Johnson A SCAM?

Hi, welcome to The Last Amazon Course Review.

Most digital entrepreneurs claim to have discovered their big secrets to making online money. 

Some who have ventured into FBA businesses promise to reveal their secret formulas through various training programs.

While others could be saying the truth, their counterparts could only be making hyped claims.

The Last Amazon Course is an FBA training course created by Brock Johnson.

Is it a scam?

Can this online course deliver on its promises?

Before starting this review, I want to let you know that I’m not promoting this course. This article is for review purposes. 

Let’s get down to The Last Amazon Course…

Summary Of The Last Amazon Course Review

Name of the Product: The Last Amazon Course


Type of the Product: Amazon FBA Course

Founder:  Brock Johnson

Product Rating: 5/10  

Product Cost: $1- $39

Recommendation: Not for beginners.

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Overview Of The Last Amazon Course

The Last Amazon Course Review

The Last Amazon Course is a digital training course that teaches you about Amazon FBA.

This course will equip you with all the necessary skills you can apply to start your business venture.

The main objective of the Last Amazon Course is to teach you how to source and sell your products through Amazon.

Upon signing up for The Last Amazon Course, you’ll access the member’s platform.

The course gives you about 340 videos that will cumulatively last 45 hours.

The Last Amazon Couse will also give you access to a private Facebook community created for lifetime members.

The creator of this course claims that The Last Amazon course is suitable for beginners, intermediate or experienced students.

I would have recommended this course for a newbie, but you’ll still have to meet the other costs of starting and running a new business venture.

Therefore, if you’re just getting started with an online business, I’ve tabled a full guide here that will allow you to start, grow and earn money online (the simple way):

The Last Amazon Course Review

What Is The Last Amazon Course About?The Last Amazon Course Review

The Last Amazon Course is an FBA course whose main objective is to train you to start and run your FBA business.

As such, it will enable you to start generating passive income online.

Also, it’ll provide you with the necessary information to start and run your business. 

Brock Johnson claims that this course is relatively cheap, but you must know that starting an Amazon FBA business is not the easiest way to make money online. 

Amazon FBA requires you to purchase your products and pay Amazon some commission from your sales.

And this commission caters to the shipping cost and the cost of advertising your products to generate traffic in your amazon business.

After completing the Last Amazon Course, you’ll still need to invest a lot of money just to get started.

This type of business requires an approximate budget of at least $5,000.

As you try to look into this, remember that it is very demanding and doesn’t guarantee you success even if you succeed in meeting all other requirements.

The Last Amazon Course is full of training content that covers up to 45 hours.

The content inside this course is 375 videos that guide you on what to do when starting your FBA business model.

Brock Johnson also claims that The Last Amazon Course has trained over 18k students. 

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The Features Of The Last Amazon Course 

The Last Amazon Course has 12 topics to cover, which are delivered through videos that vary in size.

Here are the 12 topics;

The beginner Course

This topic will introduce you to the Amazon FBA business model.

He will then teach you about product research, listing, sourcing, launching, and resources.

Even though the topic might seem wider, it will generally introduce you to the Amazon FBA business model.

Product Research

Brock dives into how to research your product properly.

When starting with the Amazon FBA business, your success is determined by the type of product you choose.

Another component of this unit is evaluating consumer needs, barriers, keywords, competitive advantage, markets, lead times, game theory, and shipping. 

Through Helium 10, a software company related to Amazon FBA, you will learn how to use their software, keyword research, and mistakes to avoid.

You’ll also learn the skill of spying on your competitors, avoiding pitfalls, creative research skills, and validating your idea.


Brock Johnson introduces you to the term sourcing as a whole.

Through this topic, you’ll learn the skills to find the right supplier for your product, the best prices to use, how to use Ali Baba, contact clients, validate your order, and make a sample order, among others. 

You’ll also learn how to source your products to the Amazon warehouse and business fundamentals such as trademarks and insurance.

Product Photography

Designing a good quality image for your product is crucial in pulling people towards your product.

In this section, you’ll learn various skills to create the best images and photographs to represent your product.

Perfect Listing

This module will equip you with all the basics of listing your products.

He will elaborate on better ways of choosing the best price for your product, keyword research and fundamentals, and listing your product.

You’ll also learn how to use stock photos to represent your products and enhanced branded content.

Product photography is a very important element that will contribute to the success of any Amazon seller.


This section will guide you through setting your initial price, getting positive and negative reviews, avoiding pitfalls, and leveraging reviews from Facebook groups.

It will also give you access to e-mail auto-responders and how to follow up on your reviews.

The final content of this section is about designing an attractive e-mail, using product inserts, and how to use an auto-responder effectively.


Through this section of the Last Amazon Course, Johnson will guide you on how to create your Wix account.

This section is supported by three videos.


In this section, Johnson focuses on training you about PPC campaigns.

He will take you through the fundamentals of a profitable pay-per-click campaign.

Also, you’ll learn mistakes to avoid when starting, the structure of the campaign, how to optimize your campaign, important criteria, and starting your bid.

Business Fundamentals

This section introduces you to general business information that your business must have.

Among these fundamentals are; choosing the name of your business, taxation, managing payments, and brand name.


Outsourcing plays an important role in the performance of your Amazon FBA, for you will not be able to handle all the tasks in your business.

Brock will teach you about the tasks you can outsource in your business.

You’ll also learn how to create and post jobs in your business, set projects, hire a Virtual Assistant, and track their performance.

Defense Maintenance

When starting any business, always be prepared to encounter challenges.

This is why The Last Amazon Course will equip you with skills on how to face and deal with various challenges you may encounter when running your business.


This last section of the course has two topics: a refund policy and the last one recommends creating another seller account.

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Who Is The Founder Of The Last Amazon Course?

The Last Amazon Course Review

The Last Amazon Course’s creator is Brock Johnson, a digital entrepreneur.

Johnson was born back in 1992 and brought up in Eagan.

He ventured into digital businesses and started making money by selling various products through Amazon business.

Brock’s journey to the digital industry started in World of Craft, a digital game, where he was selling copper.

He later resorted to reselling different products during his time on campus.

Some of these items were printers, microphones, and computers.

After joining Amazon, he landed a big deal involving selling “Solar Eclipse glasses” on Amazon.

This enabled him to earn $6 million within six months.

He has also created a YouTube channel that has over 35,000 subscribers.

The Last Amazon Course Review

However, Brock’s channel has not been very much active for the last two years( you can see the last post in the screenshot above).

What Is The Cost Of The Last Amazon Course? 

The Last Amazon Course Review

The Last Amazon Course gives you three options you can use to purchase the course.

These options are;

  • Pay a monthly fee of $1/week (monthly membership)
  • One-time offer of $24 (lifetime Lite)
  • One-time offer of $39. (lifetime Plus)

Is The Last Amazon Course A scam?

NO, The Last Amazon Course is a legit training course that trains you all you need to know about Amazon FBA.

This course will give you value for your investment.

Apart from benefiting from this training course, you’ll also be getting a chance to participate in affiliate marketing, enabling you to make more money.

In most cases, FBA training courses often give you courses with minimal information.

They will trick you with this shallow content but give you upsells within these courses.

On the contrary, The Last Amazon Course gives you access to a detailed training course with the most relevant information that you can access at a lower price.

Even though you’ll come across some upsells within the program, you can’t compare them with the content you’ll receive from the Last Amazon Course.

But if you’re here and you are looking for another way of  making money online, then you can check out here how I’ve been able to fair on with online business:

The Last Amazon Course Review

What I Like About The Last Amazon Course

  • It is an affordable course

This course will teach you about FBA Amazon, a course that has enabled Brock Johnson to earn more money as an online entrepreneur. 

The true measure of this course lies between $2k and $5k, but you can easily access it at$39 for members who are subscribed to lifetime membership plans. 

The Last Amazon Course is relatively affordable compared to most courses that claim to offer the same product and service.

  • It features detailed information

This course is affordable and has detailed information that you’ll find useful in learning more about Amazon FBA.

Brock Johnson does not withhold any information about the course.

  • It is updated regularly

The Last Amazon Course uses materials that are frequently updated.

You’ll also be getting regular live streams from Brock Johnson himself.

  • It was built by an experienced

Several people claim to offer a genuine product but end up disappointing others.

Brock Johnson has been making lots of money doing the same business model. 

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What I Don’t Like About The Last Amazon Course

  • Starting the Amazon FBA business model is very expensive.

Even though the cost of joining The Last Amazon Course is relatively cheap, you must remember that it will be very expensive to start and run an Amazon FBA that the course teaches you about.

  • The FBA Business model is Challenging

There are lots of challenges in starting and running a profitable FBA business.

These challenges include shipping, choosing and negotiating with clients, and following regulations.

 Is There Any Alternative To The Last Amazon Course?

The Last Amazon Course is an affordable training course that can guide you to start and run a profitable Amazon FBA business. 

However, there are other best options that you can go for without undergoing any complex training.

But by all dimensions, I still see Affiliate Marketing as a business opportunity that is NOT only lucrative but easier to start as well.

And again, you can start this business model without necessarily investing hugely.

As if that is NOT enough, affiliate marketing is a super deal for beginners or those individuals who have an interest in starting online ventures.

And to make your work seamless and flawless in starting this venture, I decided to offer you a tailored blueprint just for you

Check it out here:

The Last Amazon Course Review

FAQs about the Last Amazon Course

Must I watch all the videos in this The Last Amazon Course?

To fully benefit from this course, these videos will help you.

However, by watching the three-hour beginner course, you can start learning about amazon selling.

Generally, the course teaches about selling through Amazon and is fully packed with skills and strategies you can apply.

What makes Brock Johnson the Most Qualified?

Johnson Claims to be the best because he has been selling products online for a long time.

He started selling through Amazon in 2014 and has successfully sold various products.

Why should I choose The Last Amazon Course?

He claims that The Last Amazon Course is a comprehensive training program, unlike other FBA courses.

Johnson states that he has always been committed to creating very affordable quality products.

Is The Last Amazon Course A scam?

The Last Amazon Course is a legit training course that teaches you about the Amazon FBA business model.

However, Amazon FBA is not a walk in the park.

9 thoughts on “The Last Amazon Course Review – Is Brock Johnson A SCAM?

  1. Those are a good amount of training videos to start of, but I feel like this has been done before, or did it have a whole other name before? I’m not sure, but I think that most of the training provided can be learned throughout Amazon itself. I do like and appreciate that this course is quite affordable, whether you’re trying to give it a single try and just pay $1 for the experience, or you’d rather have a lifetime deal, it’s more affordable than other competitive courses. 

  2. Hi Jason.

    Interesting read. I haven’t had a lot to do with FBA style business. There are so many rehashed Amazon programs or courses today. 

    For a beginner it makes earning an income online appear so complicated. With anything new there will be a new learning curve. But at what point will his students be able to earn some of their money back comparable to the investment they must make? I also wonder why he’s become inactive on his channel since Covid!

    I think I am leaning more towards your alternative recommendation. Once again, a great read Jason.


  3. There are so many FBA courses available these days, that it is sometimes difficult to see the wood from the trees, so it is no surprise that I have not come across The Last Amazon Course before. But with a rating of only 5/10, I will be very cautious to sign up to this course. 

    Although the cost is affordable, I do think there are better ways to make money online. And if you want to sell on Amazon, there are better courses to teach you how to do it. Thank you for sharing this resource. 

  4. Thank you for sharing your review on the last amazon course!

    After reading your article, I learned that the Last Amazon Course is an FBA training course created by Brock Johnson!

    I have never heard of Brock Johnson before, but i have come across a lot if people promoting their FBA courses.

    Although it’s more affordable than most courses, i would just stick to free guides on Youtube!

    But great review! I truly appreciate!

  5. This looks like a great course to get if you are wanting to start a FBA business for yourself. I think that there are easier ways to sell online, rather than buying your stock and trying to get rid of it, but some people like this business set.

    I hope the video’s are set out in an order to watch them, as having so many video’s to go through can be quite overwhelming, especially for a newbie. Also I hope that you can earn as you learn and not have to go through the entire course before being able to start taking action.

    1. The videos are laid out in order as they should be.  Brock actually knows what he’s doing. 

      It’s not an earn-as-you-learn course.  But you can follow through and take the necessary steps as they are laid out. It’s really a long-term business model.

  6. Thanks so much for this Last Amazon Course Review. In today’s world, there are a lot of scam courses related to this Amazon. But I’m glad this course is a legit one. But I have never done Amazon FBA. I really like affiliate marketing better than that. Because there is no big risk in affiliate marketing. Thanks so much for this review. Keep reviewing like this in the future.

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