The Simplest Biz Review – Is Pallet Flipping That Easy?

The Simplest Biz Review

Hello, welcome to The Simplest Biz Review.

Perhaps you are looking for a side hustle or an online venture that can make you earn extra income.

If so, then The Simplest Biz Programs claims to be the best opportunity for you.

The Simplest Biz course is an eCommerce training course that teaches you how to make extra money online.

But is The Simplest Biz course worth investing in?

In this review, I will take you through the inside out of The Simplest Biz Course and whether you can make money out of it.

But before I go deep into the Course, I would like to inform you that I have no affiliation with The Simplest Biz company.

For this reason, the information I provide in this review is unbiased and will be of great help to you.

These information targets individuals who have a great passion for the pallet flipping business.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to joining this program, then you should read through this review to learn what it entails.

Let’s begin with the summary

Summary Of The Simplest Biz Review

Name of the Product: The Simplest Biz

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: eCommerce Training Course

Founder: John Charles Wilker

Product Rating: 2/5

Cost: $2797

Recommendation: No

The Simplest Biz Review – Overview

The Simplest Biz Review

The Simplest Biz is a program that teaches you how you can earn extra money working online.

These course targets individuals who are aiming to improve their income to achieve their dreams.

The training of The simplest Biz course is based on an eCommerce business that focuses on pallet flipping business.

For this reason, the Course will benefit entrepreneurs who want to start a digital eCommerce business.

The Simplest Biz Program claims to provide you with opportunities that you can use to make more money as a side hustle.

According to John Wilker, The Simplest Biz Course is what all digital entrepreneurs require to improve their business skills.

He claims that the Course will enable the entrepreneurs to have skills and experience in creating and running their online businesses.

But whether those claims are true or fall remains a question that I’ll answer before I can complete this review.

However, if you’re looking for the best alternative to make money online, then you can go for this option:

The Simplest Biz Review

What Is The Simplest Biz Program All About?

The Simplest Biz Review

The Simplest Biz is an online business training program that teaches about business ideas required to start and run an online business.

It also provides knowledge and skills on how to start and run an online business.

According to John Wilker, The Simplest Biz Course is based on coaching entrepreneurs on a digital eCommerce business.

Therefore, when you want to join The Simplest Biz Program, you should be;

  • An aspiring entrepreneur who wants to start a digital eCommerce business to earn extra income
  • An entrepreneur who wants to improve market skills that can enable you to grow your digital eCommerce business.

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What Is The Simplest Biz Program?

As stated earlier, The Simplest Biz is a digital eCommerce training course.

The Course provides business ideas to help you start or grow your online business and make more money.

The Simplest Biz Course was founded by John Charles Wilker, a well-experienced entrepreneur.

The business ideas and opportunities provided in this Course are what John Wilker claims to have made him successful.

He claims that his main business opportunity was selling wooden pallets.

John Wilker states that he has worked in the pallet Flipping business for more than twenty years.

This made him gain a significant experience in the pallet flipping business and became a great expert in the product shipping business.

According to John Wilker, pallet flipping was his side hustle business that greatly contributed to his success.

Therefore, John Wilker provides you with business ideas through training.

He claims that The Simplest Biz Course is a Business idea you need to improve your business skills.

The course training is organized into modules displayed in the form of videos.

In the videos, John Wilker explains the course module step-by-step to make learners easily understand every concept of each module.

Who Is John Charles Wilker?

The Simplest Biz Review

John Charles Wilker is the founder and owner of The Simplest Biz Program.

He created the Course as a business idea for students interested in the pallet flipping business.

He teaches students the benefit of venturing into the pallet flipping business as their side hustle.

As one of the successful pallets flipping businessmen, John Wilker shares with the students his experience in the business.

He is a knowledgeable instructor that makes the Pallet flipping business easier for his students.

He uses his success story as a great inspiration to his students to motivate them about the program.

This is after he claims to have over 20 years of experience in the pallet flipping business.

How Does The Simplest Biz Program Work?

The Simplest Biz Review

The Simplest Biz Program is a training course made up of 13 modules.

It is what is in the 13 modules that make this course worthy, as they contain tools like; course videos that display what the pallet flipping business entails to students.

John Walker focuses more on pallet flipping as his main business.

What Is Pallet Flipping?

The Simplest Biz Review

Like any other online business idea, pallet flipping is also an idea that can help you earn more money online.

You can make Pallet flipping your main job or operate it as a side hustle.

Pallets are simply flat structures used to transport large quantities of goods from one place to another.

They are always found on large trucks and ships that carry and deliver large quantities of goods to different places.

The pallets have a flat surface which helps in packaging heavy goods for easy transportation.

According to how they operate, the pallets are always used on a one-time basis.

This means that once the Pallet has already been used to transport goods, it can not be used again.

The pallets are always stored away after they have been used and new ones purchased for transportation.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the used pallets cannot be reused.

The demand for these pallets is always high in the transportation of goods.

The increased transportation of heavy goods usually brings about a high need for pallets that exceed their supply.

These places the orders of the pallets in large numbers to balance the demand.

This is where John Wilker came in with The Simplest Biz business idea of starting a pallet flipping business.

According to John Wilker, The Simplest Biz idea puts you in the middleman in the industries to balance the demand.

Therefore, your role in the industry is to increase the supply of pallets.

How Can You Increase The Supply Of Pallets?

In this case, you will buy the pallets at a much lower price or sometimes get them for free.

You will then sell the pallets to the industries needing them to transport goods.

Apart from selling them to the transportation industries, other individuals are also in need of pallets for different storage purposes.

You will, therefore, make profits upon selling the pallets, which depends on the set price for your sales.

For instance, you can get a wooden one for free or buy it for as less as a cent.

However, when you take the wooden pallet to the market, you can sell it for one dollar.

Therefore, if you sell about one hundred such pallets, you can imagine how much you will make as your profit.

This simply means that when you increase the sales of your pallets, you will stand a chance to make significant profits from the business.

The only challenge you might experience from this business is the heavy labor.

This always results from the case where you want to deliver many pallets at the same time.

A Complete Breakdown of The Simplest Biz Program?

As I stated earlier, The Simplest Biz Training program comprises 13 modules.

All these modules are based on preparing you to start making money online by joining the pallet flipping business.

Therefore, in this section, let’s look at what John Wilker talks about in each module.

Module 1: Introduction

The introduction module of The Simplest Biz Program is made of five sessions.

In this module, John Wilker introduces you to The Simplest Biz course.

You will learn about what this course entails and what you expect at the end of the course.

He also introduces students to the pallet flipping business, the main business idea he teaches in the Course.

Module 2: Tools and supplies

This module comprises four sessions.

John Wilker teaches you what tools and supplies you need for the pallet flipping business.

Learning the tools and the supplies will equip you with more skills on how you can conduct your pallet flipping business.

Module 3: Scouting

This module comprises three sessions focusing on scouting.

John Wilker teaches you how to form long-term relationships with buyers and the sellers of the pallets in this module.

This makes the module more important because forming good relationships with sellers and buyers is not always easy for many people.

Module 4: Business Fundamentals

This module comprises six sessions and talks about the fundamentals required for the business.

According to John Wilker, the language you speak with your buyers or sellers matters.

You will find collaborating with your sellers or buyers easy when you speak good language in your business.

Module 5: The List

In this section, there are up to five sessions talking about listing.

Here is where John Wilker teaches you more about sales and marketing strategies.

When you understand how to set your business strategy, you can set up an excellent network of sellers and buyers.

Module 6: Bird’s Eye View

This module comprises four sessions.

In this section, John Wilker discusses the tools every pallet flipping business student should have.

The tools are important for managing the network list and the inventory list of your pallet flipping business.

Module 7: Pricing

This module comprises four sessions that talk about pricing strategy.

In this section, you will learn about the different types of pallets.

The pallets, including wooden and plastic pallets, are all discussed in this module.

John Wilker also teaches you how to price the pallets and earn significant profits.

Module 8: Pro tips

This module has six sessions that talk about the pro tips for your business.

In this section, John Wilker teaches you how to grow your business.

Taking an example of pallet flipping, he teaches about some of the advantages you need to take for you to build and expand your business.

Module 9: Additional income

In this section, there are up to seven sessions where Wilker talks about how to get additional revenue out of your side hustle.

John Wilker teaches that you need good sales and marketing strategies to grow your business.

The strategies are necessary even if you think you are on the safer side of your business and you are doing well with your sales.

They will help you minimizes losses and maximize your target income in your business.

Module 10: Sales Speak

This module comprises 13 sessions that talk about how to grow your business.

In this section, John Wilker teaches Pallet flipping students how to go beyond pallets by creating more marketing strategies in the business.

According to John Wilker, the sales and marketing strategy focuses on helping you build a consistent customer relationship.

Module 11: Safety

This module comprises four sessions and talks about safety in the business process.

According to John Wilker, safety should come first and is what you cannot take for granted if you want to run your business smoothly.

You should know what you are allowed to do and what you should not do when carrying out your business operations.

Module 12: Inspiration

In this section, John Wilker inspires students on some of the most successful businesses.

John himself tops the list of inspirational speakers as one of the most successful people in the Pallet flipping business.

Module 13: Management

This is the last module of The Simplest Biz course, comprised of 14 sessions.

In this section, John Wilker concludes the Course by discussing bookkeeping using the software.

The VIP Module: Brokering

This special module for the VIP students comprises six sessions.

According to John Wilker, the VIP students to undertake this module are;

All the students who have cleared the training fees for the entire course.

Is this module helpful?

The brokering module is very important for students passionate about the pallet flipping business.

In this module, John Wilker teaches you how to handle your brokers in the business.

He stresses more on the brokers that emerge during the business scaling process.

Therefore, when you go through this module, you will stand a chance to build a strong army when growing your business.

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What Is The Cost Of Joining The Simplest Biz Program?

To join The simplest Biz Training Program, you will be required to pay a one-term payment of $2,797.

The cost can be too expensive for people who want to join the program as a side hustle.

If this is the case for you and you lack enough resources, then this course may not be the best option for you to join.

As such, I may recommend that you look for another online opportunity to start making money online.

Furthermore, you can also get the Course at a special price of $1 997.

However, this special price is not guaranteed to everyone; therefore, you may not rely on it as the entry cost.

Is The Simplest Biz Program A Scam?

In my opinion, The Simplest Biz Program is not a Scam.

You can make money out of The Simplest Biz Program.

John Wilker claims that the course provides you with the business idea of making money through Pallet flipping.

However, this does not mean that you are starting a business that will last long.

The course provides you with the sales and marketing skills that will help you change jobs.

This will make you shift to a business that generates more income for you than your normal job.

Therefore, I may not say that The Simplest Biz Program is bad for everyone.

It would help if you simply were more realistic about how you do your business to earn money out of it.

And remember that this course is asking for a lot of money, and unless you are willing to spend such a huge amount, making money out of such a course can be an arduous task.

However, if you’re looking for a straightforward way of making money online, then you can follow these simple steps that I personally tailored for you:

The Simplest Biz Review

What I Like About The Simplest Biz Course

  • The course comprehensively explains the pallet industry

When you join The Simplest Biz course, you will only need to study and complete the 13 modules provided.

  • The course meets the needs of students

You will find this course helpful when you are interested in joining pallet flipping.

The course meets the needs of students passionate about pallet flipping.

  • John Wilker is a good instructor

The teacher, John Wilker, instructs students to reveal their knowledge about the course.

He claims to be a successful businessman in pallet flipping and has outstanding experience in the business.

What I Don’t Like About The Simplest Biz Course

  • The entry cost is too high

The price of joining The Simple Biz Course is too high.

This might challenge many entrepreneurs who are passionate about Pallet afflicting and cannot afford the cost.

  • You must invest your money into storage and shipment

You need to invest in the storage and shipment of your pallets.

This makes the business too costly in terms of capital.

  • The business also requires you to seek help from haulers and other manpower.

When you join Pallet flipping, additional labor will be needed when the business grows.

For instance, you will have to search for more manpower to help you carry the pallets to their destination at once.

Is There Any Other Alternative To The Simplest Biz Program?

Yes, there is an alternative to this course.

In my opinion, I recommend you to try affiliate marketing as the best alternative to this program.

However, you will have to put more effort into this program to achieve impressive outcomes.

For this reason, you need not take the program as a get-rich-quick scheme.

For you to get started with affiliate marketing, you can take your time to go through this blueprint:

The Simplest Biz Review

FAQs About The Simplest Biz Course

Is the program Worth investing in?

The Simplest Biz Program is worth investing but not for everyone.

The Course is best suitable for people interested in Pallet afflicting and has the resources and money to pay the entry fee.

If you find the fee too high, I may recommend looking for another training program.

How can I join The Simplest Biz Training Program?

Joining The Simplest Biz Program is very simple.

You only need to follow three steps which include;

Enrolling in the online Simple Biz program,

After finishing your enrolment, schedule a consultation via phone to conclude your enrolment.

Can I earn money with The Simplest Biz Program?

Yes, you can make more money with this program.

However, there is a lot you need to do before you can actually start making money with the program.

When you follow the teachings and instructions from John Wilker, you can make real money with the program in your Pallet flipping business.

Who is the Simplest Biz Course for?

The Simplest Biz course is for people interested in creating and growing their Pallet flipping business.

In addition, you also need to have the entry fee and the required resources for this Course to be helpful to you.

Here is a video by John Charles Walker explaining how to recycle pallets:

Thank you for reading this review.

Feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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