Triple Sync Logic Review

Triple Sync Logic Review: Can You Make Money With This?

Hello, welcome to my Triple Sync Logic Review.

My main aim is to take you through the most asked questions, such as whether the program is legit or a scam.

You will also know the cost of joining this program.

Besides, I will show you if you can make real money from the Triple sync logic platform.

Furthermore, you’ll also learn about Todd Rampe and what he is up to.

Therefore, please continue reading to discover more about this program.

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Let’s start off with the summary.

Summary of The Triple Sync Logic Review

Product Name: Triple Sync Logic

Type Of Product: Trading platform

Founder: Todd Rampe

Cost: The course price is undisclosed, but the minimum trading amount is from $2200

Overall Rating: 2/5

Website’s URL:

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Triple Sync Logic Review – Overview

Triple Sync Logic Review

The introduction of new programs has created major opportunities for making money online.

For this reason, most investors worldwide are shifting to online business.

As a young and growing investor, you always dream of making more money than you get today.

However, to do so, you will have to think of business opportunities with greater profits.

Triple Sync Logic platform provides you with the opportunity of trading online.

The owner of this program claims that you can make more money from small investment capital.

According to this program, all the hard work involved in the online trade through all struggles is taken care of by the software.

This is to make the trade easier for you when investing online.

The program claims to be the best for both new and professional investors.

They seem to help those struggling with their investments find success.

Therefore, to see if all this information about the Triple Sync Logic program is true, I’ll take you through the inside out of the program.

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What Is The Triple Sync Logic?

Triple Sync Logic Review

Triple Sync Logic is a program that can be helpful to anyone who wants to trade online.

The software was created by Todd Rampe, a friend of Robert’s.

Since then, the Triple Sync Logic program has remained the proprietary software for Todd.

He claims to have used the software to reach his success.

Robert claims he invested only $5000 into the program as his capital.

And in 90 days, Todd turned the $5000 investment from Robert into $55000.

Todd claims that the plan worked because;

Robert was ready to listen to his instructions and trust in him.

Todd also claims that in his case, he was trading between $400,000 to $500,000.

This investment was generating about $8,000 to $10,000 in a day.

On the other hand, Todd claims that he has not lost more than $1100 from his trade.

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Who Is Todd Rampe?

Triple Sync Logic Review

Todd Rampe is the person who created the Wealth Builders Institute.

He founded the program in Las Vegas and owns it to date.

Todd transformed the program into a useful money-making platform.

He also developed the Triple Sync Logic program, which he used to find market reversals.

Market reversals are what many professional investors consider the best trading key.

According to Todd, this market reversal makes you know the exact time to join the business.

This will allow you to trade before the price direction changes.

Todd claims that Triple Sync Logic has made him successful in trading online.

This makes Todd confidential to teach beginners and professional traders using his personal account in the program.

What Is Wealth Builders Institute?

Triple Sync Logic Review

The Wealth Builders Institute is an online trading course that teaches you how to trade using the Triple Sync Logic software.

The Wealth Builders Institute is a program founded by Todd Rampe.

The program is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to Todd, the main aim of coming up with the Wealth Builders institute was;

  • To help people struggling to make money online to reach success.

The program helps people through advice and also offers training to them.

The wealth builders institute program is a training course that takes about eight weeks to learn.

According to Todd, the course help eliminate confusion in business, especially in online trade.

The investors who complete the wealth builders institute training course will get access to the Triple sync Logic program.


What Is Wealth Builders Institute All About?

Triple Sync Logic Review

The Wealth builders institute is about helping new and struggling investors succeed in trading.

Todd Rampe founded this program, a training course for online trading.

The program takes about sixty days to learn and master.

In this course, Todd describes how he become successful using his own account.

He also introduces learners to the Triple Sync Logic program, which he uses to make money.

He teaches people how to use the Wealth Builders Institute knowledge to make real money using the Triple Sync logic software.

Therefore, if you want to know more about how the software works, keep reading.

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How Do Wealth Builders Institute Work?

Triple Sync Logic Review

This course is based on teaching you how you can grow your business to become successful.

This course can take up to eight weeks to learn and includes Triple Sync Logic software.

In the training sessions, Todd explains how you can become successful using the Triple Sync Logic program.

This provides you with the rules you can use to identify market reversals.

The software provides about 3 to 5 qualified trades in every market Todd teaches in the course.

Therefore, when you complete the five markets session, you will have access to qualified trades for your investment.

Does Triple Sync Logic Offer Faster Payback?

Todd claims that Triple Sync Logic provides a faster payback when training.

According to Todd, no other business has faster Payback than Triple Sync Logic.

For this reason, you can get back your investment easily when trading with this software.

Todd claims you only need an average of $2500 as your capital to join the business.

With the capital at hand, you can start trading and making money with the software.

Todd further explains that you will grow your comfort level as you continue trading.

He also adds that you will overcome risk tolerance and gain more experience the moment you start winning.

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Can You Make Money Trading With The Triple Sync Logic?

Triple Sync Logic Review

Yes, you can make money trading with the Triple Sync Logic Program.

Todd claims that, for you to make real money with this program, you must follow a strategic approach that you can easily repeat.

He further explains that the Triple Sync Logic software does a great job with its formula.

However, making money from such a business can be arduous because you must invest heavily to see impressive results.

So, even though the program can help you make money, you’ll need to invest a fortune to see results.

How Can You Identify Market Reversals With Triple Sync Logic?

During the Wealth Builders Institute training, Todd teaches how to identify the head fakes.

This helps you know the best time to trade your money on the platform without risk.

This process is based on simple formulas using the Triple Sync Logic software.

As such, you will not have to rely on false indicators that can increase your risk of losing.

In Market Reversal, Todd uses the Triple Sync Logic program’s 3 simple procedures.

When you use market reversals carefully, you can erase the loss easily during your trade.

Todd claims that you can win three times when you trade four times which will cover the losing cap.

How Much Does The Triple Sync Logic Cost?

The course cost hasn’t been disclosed from the information I came across.

Most information shared on the platform is the amount that you can start trading with.

For instance, to start trading in the Triple Sync Logic Program, you must put in at least $2200.

Todd claims that with a $2500 investment, you can trade with the software and earn.

However, to join the Wealth builders institute, you will only be required to register into the platform for free.

UPDATE*** I also rechecked the site and saw that they updated it with the following:

So they recommend having at least $8000 – $10000 set aside for this business model.

After registration, Todd will take you through the course, where you will learn how to trade.

When you start trading, Todd Rampe explains that you will make more money based on your capital.

He uses the example of Robert, his friend who invested $5000 and converted it to $55000 within 90 days.

Is The Triple Sync Logic Program A Scam?

In my opinion, the Triple Sync Logic software is not a scam.

However, making real money from Triple Sync logic software is not as easy as claimed by Todd Rampe.

But you can make real money from the software if you are ready to follow the process.

For instance, Todd claims that Robert converted his $5000 investment into $55000 dollars.

This was because he could follow Todd’s instructions and trusted in him.

Todd also claims that when you trade while following its market reversal, you can win many times before you lose.

This can help you cover up your small number of losses and become successful.

For example, you can win three times out of four attempts of your successful trading.

But I’m certain that NOT all people who came to read this review are into trading.

And if so, it implies that you’re interested in starting an online business but unsure where to start.

I’ll be sincere with you; I was in the same situation, but I maneuvered my way out.

However, you shouldn’t undergo what I experienced.

In that regard, I have shared with you how I’ve come along and how best you can venture into the best online opportunity.

Check it out:

Triple Sync Logic Review

What Makes The Triple Sync Logic Unique From Others?

Triple Sync Logic offers different trading stock options.

According to Todd Rampe, you can follow the lead by observing the true intentions.

You can then capitalize on the more profitable intentions to make more money.

In addition, the software also helps you cap your losses during the trade to a small level.

For instance, you will still gain profits when you win three times in four trading attempts.

The high number of wins compared to the least chances of losing will always keep you on the safer side.

Todd, however, shows his students how they can use a low average profit to make more money with about 10 to 20 contracts.

Todd also reveals to his students the secret of identifying market reversals.

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What Type Of Investment Should You Use For Trading?

Todd teaches his students to cover up their chances of losing and maximize their wins.

According to Todd, a trader should win at least three times out of four trades.

However, trading involves money risks and may not be suitable for some investors.

What if you lose on your first investment?

Todd advises his students that they should use only risk capital for trading.

You can cover your losses and profit when you trade with your risk capital.

Therefore, if you want to successfully trade in with the Triple Sync Logic software.

You will have to put aside a substantial risk capital

What I Like About Triple Sync Logic

  • It is easy to trade using the Triple Sync Logic Software

The software also provides instructions on how to trade.

  • The triple Sync Logic helps in spotting Market reversal

This program is important in identifying the market reversal for students.

According to Todd, market reversal is a key issue in the business.

It will help you get more wins than you can lose when trading on the platform.

  • Todd’s teaching is easy to learn and follow.

Todd Rampe teaches the course with evidence of what his friend Robert made from the software.

This makes it easy for learners to understand the course and become motivated in the business.

What I Don’t Like About Triple Sync Logic

  • The minimum capital required to start the business is too high

The smallest amount required to join this trade is too high.

This may be too difficult to get, especially for new traders who want to join the business.

  • The past performance data of the trade does not reveal future performance.

According to the previous data about the Triple Sync Logic software, there is no information revealed about how the future of the software may look like

  • The software requires high investment capital to make significant profits

You need to invest huge capital to get a significant profit out of this software.

However, the site has no financial security, as you can either lose or win in the trading process.

Is There Any Alternative To Triple Sync Logic?

If you find that trading is not good for you, you can still opt for a different alternative.

The best option that I’ll offer you as an alternative is affiliate marketing.

I offer you this business model because it is easy to start, and you don’t have to invest much money.

Besides, you’ll grow while earning as well.

To help you to get started with this business model, you can go through this precise guide that I have prepared for you:

Triple Sync Logic Review

FAQ About Triple Sync Logic

Who is Triple Sync Logic for?

The Triple Sync Logic software is a many-making program for people struggling to succeed.

The software targets people interested in online trading to make money.

You can use the software as a new or professional trader who wants to generate more wealth online.

How Long Can It Take to Master the trading using Triple Logic?

According to Todd Rampe, the Wealth builders’ course is in just sixty days.

When you complete the course, you can use the Triple Sync Logic software to make money.

Todd explains that you can sometimes master the course in less than sixty days.

He claims that the software does most of the trading job, making the trading simple.

What if I am scared of risking my money in trading?

Todd Rampe also teaches about the risk of losing money in the system.

He argues learners follow his instructions while trading and trust him.

He also advises his learners to use market reversals during the trading process.

Todd claims that money reversals reduce the chances of losing and making more money.

What if I want to get back my investment capital?

The Wealth builders institute pays you back your investment instantly.

Todd Rampe teaches you to see your daily trading results in real time.

You can also receive the 20% of your money when trading with Triple sync Logic software.

Todd states that trading with software is faster than any other investment.

You can also check out this video by Wealth Builder Institute:

Thank you for coming by to check out my Triple Sync Logic Review.

Feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

23 thoughts on “Triple Sync Logic Review: Can You Make Money With This?

  1. I tried out the software myself and this is the latest update,, when I say if you pay 9 gran for the software,,YOU HAVE TO BE COMPUTER LITERATE FIRST before anything else,let alone learning how to be PROFITABLE. THEY WON’T TEACH YOU BOTH (SOFTWARE/HOW TO TRADE ) SO YOU JUST WASTED YOUR TIME/MONEY! Jennifer, I believe you’re not telling the truth,THEY DON’T HAVE A MONEY BACK GUARRANTEE. if anyone doesn’t believe me,,Try it out and see if you get your money back!!

  2. Hi Jason. Thank you for laying all this information out for us. I have always been a little nervous of trading, even though I know others who are good at it and have made money doing it. I appreciated the positives and negatives from your point of view with this program. I definitely do not have thousands of dollars to invest, and would opt out of this program as a result, so I appreciate your review and saving me that time and hassle of potentially wasting my money to find out I wouldn’t be able to complete the program at this present time. 

    1. You’re welcome, Merry.  Trading is definitely not for everyone.  It takes a lot of practice and patience to become profitable, plus it’s very risky if you don’t how to manage risks…

      For now, I would recommend a less risky passive income-building strategy like affiliate marketing, and then when you are profitable, you may want to try some trading as another income stream. 

      Thanks for stopping and good luck!

  3. Trading is a good way of making income, but it requires large capital and high technical skill. You will see it in Todd’s wealth builder’s institute and triple sync logic – you need to invest as much as $2,200 and not less than 60 days of learning. And truth be told, I do not see you making money immediately after the 60 days. You need to master the skills

    1. True – mastering the skills of trading can be beneficial to your overall income goals. This is something that I am currently learning myself but in the forex department.  Thanks for taking the time to read and leave your thoughts. 

  4. Hi Jason, thanks for the review! I personally have never traded any stocks and don’t know much about them. Reading about the Triple Sync Logic Software seems for those who can afford a couple of thousand down off the top. And also can afford to lose 1 out of 4 trades. At the end of the day, though this software works, I believe it’s best for those who have a certain amount of money set aside that they are “ok” if they lose. That way they can afford the important stuff like eating, paying the bills, saving, etc. To me, if they fit in that category, this program may work for them especially if they are patient and willing to wait it out 3 to 6 months. If Todd’s claim to follow his instructions and be successful is true, I think one test would be to allow for a 3 to 6-month period to see hard cash earned.

    Another negative of Sync Logic Software is there is no money-back guarantee.

  5. I have been a long-time investor in the stock market but after the bad performance of the market, I thought it would be a good time to start trading. I heard many people say that in trading, timing is very important. Also, your long-term stocks may not be doing very well but you can still make money with trading. 

    I just wonder if there are legit programs or courses that can help me succeed as a trader. That’s when I came to learn about Triple Sync Logic by Todd Rampe. I’ve read some testimonies from people claiming to have made lots of money with the help of this software. 

    I understand that one has to enroll and complete the course within 60 days. This training costs $2200 and then you need at least $2500 as capital to start trading. That’s $4700 all in all, right? Wow, that’s a lot of money! Triple Sync Logic may be legit but I’m sure there are other programs that are as good as this program, or even better, but way cheaper. 

    Thank you for doing a detailed review of Triple Sync Logic.

    1. Trading is a great way to earn more money for sure. You just need to learn the skillset from competent teachers and then take the necessary steps to get a positive ROI. 

      The price for the training and software is substantial so you will need to have the money ready to get started if you are looking to learn from Todd. 

      There are other opportunities out there like online marketing. This allows you to earn passive income even when you are sleeping.  Check the links in the post to see the blueprint I created to help newbies get started. 

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. 

    1. Thanks for sharing your findings with the community, Ron. We have made some adjustments to clarify the prices as best as possible.

  6. Triple Sync Logic may be a good investment for those that have the money to invest but it is too pricey for me. Maybe, after one has already achieved a measure of success in an online business then it might make sense to diversify but not until then. The other choice that you recommend sounds appealing. If I can try out the system for free before committing to the platform and if it is all you claim it to be it will be a no-brainer for me to join. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Jason, I got a brief look at TripleSynReversal with lines falling in the Green zone or in the Red Zone. The Major question is simply “How Reliable is the Software that Todd Rample says is Able to Identify a Price Change Before It Happens”. 99% 80% or less than 50% . Do you Know? Thanks

    1. Hey Ron, thanks for your comment.

      I haven’t personally tested out the software, however, doing some further research online, I see that people who use the software can expect a 60-75% success rate. Keep learning.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your Triple Sync Logic Review!

    Thank you for sharing your honest feedback.

    For a price of $2200, I don’t know if that’s worth it!

    I’ve spent a lot of money on different platforms, and i appreciate you doing the research so that i don’t have to.

    I agree that it’s not a scam, but it is very expensive so be careful.

  9. Thank you so much for this review! Triple Sync Logic could potentially be good for people who have a lot of money to invest.  Some of us are not that lucky though.  It’s nice that registration is free and all, but to have to invest at least $2200 is a lot of money that I don’t think I would be willing to just trust this program with.

    1. At the end of the day, it’s totally up to you how you want to invest your funds. Some people will have the money for this while others will not. I have provided a more economical option within the article, so do check that out. All the best!

  10. I feel that Todd Rampe makes it sound too easy to make money with his platform. And that gives me bad vibes. We all know that making money online takes hard work. So, even though The Triple Sync Logic Program is not a scam, I will not join, because Rampe has been trying to mislead me by making things seem more effortless than they really are.

    1. Yeah, that can be considered a bit misleading. Making money online takes real work and is not a walk in the park.

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