The Six Figure Formula Review

The Six Figure Formula Review – Read This Before You Join!

Hello! Welcome to my Six Figure Formula Review.

Investing in an affiliate marketing business is one way of maximizing your chances of making money online.

The Six Figure Formula aims to train and equip you with affiliate marketing skills.

Have you ever thought of investing your money with Six Figure Formula?

Is it a viable business opportunity?

Before I take you through The Six Figure Formula Review, I would like to inform you that I’m not related to the Six Figure Formula.

Therefore, expect a transparent review of this article.

Let’s start.

Summary Of The Six Figure Formula

Name of the Product: The Six Figure Formula

Type of the Product: Affiliate Marketing Course

Website’s URL:

Founder: Shea Korte

Product Rating: 6/10

Cost of the Product: $37 or a three-day trial each $1

Recommendation: Recommended but not the best.

RECOMMENDED: Go here for my #1 recommended money-making program

Overview Of The Six Figure Formula

The Six Figure Formula Review

The affiliate marketing business model is up-and-coming and can help you build your financial empire.

Are you worried about how to start affiliate marketing without any experience?

No more worries; Shea Korte has promised to walk you through the affiliate marketing business model through the Six Figure Formula.

The program is a legitimate digital program that will teach about affiliate marketing business, unlike other half-baked programs that claim to train you on different topics.

You see, digital scams and half-baked online programs are similar in the design of their sales material, but the Six Figure Formula has a better sales page.

The content of Shea’s program features various training videos that will teach you how to build your affiliate marketing business from the start.

Korte promises to show you how to apply his formula to achieve the same success online as he did.

Generally, I won’t vote for this program as the best option to start your affiliate marketing business for a reason I’ll point out in the cons section.

But you can still opt for other best affiliate marketing training programs to give you access to detailed affiliate marketing training.

If you want to get an accurate picture of what I’m talking about, you can check out this simplified blueprint:

The Six Figure Formula Review

What Is The Six Figure Formula About?

The Six Figure Formula Review

The Six-Figure affiliate training program teaches you how to start your affiliate marketing business.

You’ll make massive commissions as an affiliate marketer by promoting various products from different product creators and service providers.

This program aims to train you to identify profitable products, create campaigns, generate traffic for your business, and make a commission whenever you make sales.

And once you identify the ideal product to sell, you’ll have to create campaigns for marketing those products through platforms, blogs, niche websites, and sales funnels.

Traffic generation is very vital to the survival of your business, for it allows you to make money out of it.

Also, when generating traffic, you can choose free platforms like social media or SEO.

Alternatively, you can pay to use platforms such as YouTube Ads, Google Ads, Solo Ads, or Facebook Ads.

In addition to these training programs, you’ll also get access to other resources and tools necessary for starting a successful digital business.

Generally, this program gives you value for your money.

It gives you the necessary information that you can use to build your affiliate marketing business from the beginning.

Features Of The Six Figure Formula?

The Six Figure Formula Review

The Six Figure Formula is classified into three main categories:

Getting Started: This section has five modules that will train you on how to promote The Six Figure Formula.

Basic Training: In this section, you’ll access five training modules that will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing.

Advanced Training: This section has eight training modules that will equip you with advanced affiliate marketing skills.

Getting Started

This program section focuses on promoting this program and has five modules.

The promotion program is unlike other multi-level marketing programs.

When getting started, the program does not reveal the amount of commission you’ll get by promoting the program.

Still, it’ll show you how to set up your legit affiliate marketing business through PayKickstart.

Besides, this category gives you straight access to an affiliate program which is not the same as other MLM business models.

The only downside about it is that it doesn’t state the actual amount of money you are going to get.

Also, you’ll learn how to use an autoresponder and its capture pages.

Basic Training

The Six Figure Formula Review

This section has five modules with a total of 26 videos.

Also, the section is designed for those who do not wish to promote the program’s first section.

In this section, you’ll access more profound training about affiliate marketing and other topics such as YouTube, email marketing strategies, and Facebook.

Advance Training Modules

The Six Figure Formula Review

This section has 11 videos that will introduce you to other third-party programs such as Market Pro and Opt-intelligence.

Market pro is another software created by Korte in collaboration with his team, and it aims to guide you on lead management.

It will also teach you how to manage your traffic and track them.

When you finish this training module, you’ll have established a strong foundation and clear understanding of the affiliate marketing business model.

Other Featured Tutorials

The program also has a section with another tutorial on various topics from the Basic and Advanced Training categories.

These tutorials cover:

Domain Names: You’ll learn to register your business domain and other settings such as redirecting, cloaking, and masking.

Autoresponder: This tutorial teaches you the art of setting up Market Hero and other software.

Outsourcing: This will teach you how to outsource your work to freelancers on Upwork and Fiverr, who will contribute to the growth of your business.

Website Setup: In this section, you will learn how to: set up your website’s hosting and add WordPress and domain name services.

You will also learn all the basics of website coding and HTML.

Tracking Setup: this video tutorial will teach you how to use Google Analytics and ClickMagic to track your leads and traffics.

Done-For-You Campaign

Another additional benefit of this program is that you’ll get access to up to 16 pre-designed campaigns ready for your disposal.

However, you’ll not access these campaigns at once; you’ll receive one weekly campaign.

It will take you up to 16 weeks to complete all the campaigns.

Access to Resources

As a member of the Six Figure Formula, you will access several training resources the program claims it will give you.

You will also review the modules you didn’t understand better during your first access.

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Who Is The Founder Of The Six-Figure Formula?

The Six Figure Formula Review

The founder of The Six Figure Formula program is a digital entrepreneur and marketer called Shea Korte.

Shea claims to be running several businesses online, but these are just claims and hypes that Shea uses to market his program.

One fact about this program is that it teaches you about affiliate marketing which is a viable online business that can earn you lots of commissions.

Although Shea Korte uses many claims to market the program, it doesn’t give you comprehensive details about affiliate marketing.

Through an internet search, there are no claims that Shea Korte is a bad guy.

This gives his program a good start.

What Is The Cost Of The Six Figure Formula?

The Six Figure Formula Review

This program will give you trial access to the program for three days, where you’ll pay $1 per day.

After that, you’ll pay a monthly subscription of $37.

And this monthly subscription fee will give you access to information and quality training.

However, this program will expose you to other additional upsells.

You’ll be offered these upsells once you get into the program.

What are The Six Figure Formula’s Upsells?

These are the upsells that you will get in from this program:

Done-For-You Campaigns

This upsell will cost you $27, giving you up to 5 DFY campaigns for three different market niches.

Shea claims to have used these campaigns to make over $500 daily.

Case Studies Plus Email Swipes

In this category, you will pay $47 to access eight case studies covering five different market niches and additional bonuses of 50 email swaps.

The creator, Shea, says he earned many affiliate commissions from these campaigns.

Live Mentoring

The cost of this upsell is $67 per month.

This will help give you access to the support that is lacking in the basic program.

Shea promises to cover be with you in every step of this program.

Even though these upsells will force you to spend more money on the program, allegedly, you’re going to get some value out of these upsells.

When starting your journey as a digital entrepreneur, having the right mentor will play an important role in facilitating your success.

Although Shea Korte seems young, he has first-hand experience and is ready to mentor you with affiliate marketing skills.

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Is The Six Figure Formula A Scam?

NO! The Six Figure Formula is not a scam.

It is a digital training program to equip you with affiliate marketing skills.

This training program is suitable for both newbies and advanced digital marketers.

Besides, it can be a good course for any affiliate marketer who wishes to upgrade their marketing skills.

But if you’re looking for a genuine way of making money online, then you can check out what I’ve for you here:

The Six Figure Formula Review

What I Like About The Six Figure Formula

  • It gives you access to a variety of resources

After going through the Training and failing to understand it for the first time, you can still get access to the training resources you learned in the previous sections.

It is the best program suitable for you, whether a newbie or an expert marketer.

  • It’s a step-by-step training course.

In this program, you will get step-by-step Training about affiliate marketing right from the start.

It is alleged that this program has quality audio files and videos.

  • Korte is a legitimate entrepreneur.

The program was created by a legit affiliate marketer and business mentor.

Shea Korte himself is involved in the delivery of all the lessons.

He will also take you through every process involved in this training course.

He also seems to be a legit digital marketer full of experience.

What I Don’t Like About The Six Figure Formula

  • It has upsells

This program features upsells that you will be forced to purchase to access other crucial parts of the program.

  • It does not cover content marketing.

This program promises to teach you about affiliate marketing but does not teach you how to drive traffic by creating a blog.

With a blog, you can create content that will attract traffic to your business because most businesses use search engines to generate traffic.

Is There Any Alternative To The Six Figure Formula?

Affiliate marketing is a promising business model that can help you build your digital business empire.

The affiliate marketing model is cost-effective and does not require advanced or complicated skills.

I would have recommended the Six Figure Formula; however, it does not give you access to detailed Training about affiliate marketing.

I often recommend people to join affiliate marketing, but before anything, they need to find a program or training that details everything to get started.

I need to say this: NOT all courses that claim to train you on affiliate marketing will fulfill your desires, and therefore, be vigilant on any program that you wish to join.

In that regard, I opted to offer you my personal guide that I have since used and achieve progressive outcomes.

But remember that I’m NOT offering a get-rich-quick scheme.

Your discipline and effort will highly play a key role here.

So, if you want to dive into affiliate marketing, you can check out my blueprint to enable you to get started:

The Six Figure Formula Review

FAQs About The Six Figure Formula

What Is The Six Figure Formula?

This affiliate training course will introduce you to the affiliate marketing business model.

Who Is Behind The Six Figure Formula?

The founder of this program is a digital marketer known as Shea Korte.

Allegedly, Shea is believed to have created other digital programs.

What Services Does The Six Figure Formula Offer?

This course will give you access to various training modules, tools, and resources that you can use to build your business.

What is the cost of The Six Figure Formula?

The cost of joining this program is $37.

You can also join as a trial member and pay $1 daily for three days.

You can also check out this detailed video on The Six Figure Formula:

Thank you for checking out my review!

Also, feel free to leave a comment in the below section.

I’ll be happy to know what you think about this program.

Remember that if you want to get started with affiliate marketing, you need to start by finding a genuine guide that will lend you a helping hand.

11 thoughts on “The Six Figure Formula Review – Read This Before You Join!

  1. I’ve been trying to make money online for a while now. I’ve tried many different methods, like crypto, and now I want to try some affiliate marketing. There are many different ways that I could get involved with this, such as Wealthy Affiliate, Hustlers University, and this Six Figure Formula. I would assume that all of these sites will be very similar and help me in the same way, but I thought I should check before I spend my money. Thanks for making it easier for me to learn about Six Figure Formula and make a clearer decision 🙂

    1. Good job doing your due diligence. That is how you find legit make-money-online opportunities.

      The sites you mention are good but the training will be on different methods of doing affiliate marketing.

      At the end of the day, it’s the ideal business opportunity for anyone to get started online.

      Thanks for reading and also be sure to get my free guide here.

  2. Hi Jason

    These days most online courses and training programs are created by fake gurus. It is good to know that the Six Figure Formula is legitimate.

    I find it interesting that it offers 3 day trial period for $3, you get to know the inside training material and I feel it is worth a try. And thanks for the detailed review of the Six Figure Formula.

    Sujith 🙂

    1. Yeah, you are definitely right, Sujith. There are always scams online so it’s smart to do research before spending any of your money. 

      Thanks for sharing your views. 

  3. There are many affiliate courses that advertise success online. Makes it difficult to find one that is legitimate. From what I have read it seems there is a lot of upsells and you also have to pay your way forward to real benefits. Content creation is key to driving traffic and it lacking in Six Figure Formula. I am glad that I have found Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I saw Six Figure Formula advertised and wondered if they could teach me anything I wasn’t already learning at Wealthy Affiliate. I like the idea of the done for you campaigns, as this is typically a lot of work to set up. However, it seems like Six Figure Formula teaches you to focus on promoting Six Figure Formula as far as I can tell. I prefer to choose my products to market and I agree that one should have a blog or website to promote your business from.

  5. I gave the Six Figure Formula a try some time ago and it wasn’t really what I was expecting, but it wasn’t bad. This program lacks a bit of resource and needs to be updated. I think it’s alright for just a dollar to try out – which is good, but in the long run, I can’t see it being an outstanding site. Nothing has topped Wealthy Affiliate thus far; that’s truly the best investment I’ve done in a long time. 

    1. Oh cool. Thanks for sharing your experience with the six-figure formula program.  This will further help people to gain more insight into the company.

  6. I believe that you can make money with Affiliate Marketing. There are other such programs on the Internet and I like checking each one and deciding which one is best for me. 

    It would be good if the free period lasted a little longer, at least 7 days so that people could get more information. 

    It is important for me personally to learn as much as possible. The more information, the better. 

    In addition, it is useful to learn from people who are already in the business. And finally, the price plays an important role, as well as the possibility of additional earnings through the platform.

  7. Affiliate marketing is a viable business model. With more people wanting to work from home and earn money online, more people are turning to affiliate marketing as a way of starting and building an online business. With so many courses and platform available that claims it will teach you how to be a successful affiliate marketer, it is hard to find the legitimate ones. 

    I have seen social media advertisements for the Six Figure Formula, and was wondering if it is a scam or legitimate. So it was very good to come across this review. Although Six Figure Formula is not a scam, I do not think the quality and lack of training on content creation, justifies the cost. There are better affiliate marketing training courses available, Like Wealthy Affiliate

    1. Yes, there are many affiliate marketing training courses out there. Six Figure Formula is just one of them and it’s actually not that bad.  There are more simple affiliate marketing training out there and you mentioned WA which is a good place for newbies to start and build up a profitable business. Thanks for sharing your views.

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