TS Life Review

TS Life Review – Scam or Legit MLM Business?

Last edited by Jason on January 26, 2023

I’m pleased to invite you to my TS Life Review.

You see, staying informed and doing some research on products online is always important to ensure that you get the right information.

Plus, you’ll lower the chances of being SCAMMED online.

I believe in hard work, and at no point will I rush into a program that promises great success without inputting the required effort.

Although I regard myself as online savvy, I always take my time before settling for a particular online opportunity.

And did I tell you that I’ve been researching ways of making money online, and rarely do I get a program that ticks all boxes?

But for those interested in affiliate marketing, I have a well-sought-after way of making money online. 

Now, back to my main topic of the day; TS Life Review.

Of course, you’ve heard about MLM programs that sell products to its members; TS Life is no different.

TS Life deals with skin, hair, and wellness products.

But how profitable is this MLM program?

Is it a scam that you need to stay away from?

I’ll take you through the review of this program in the sections ahead.

One thing to note: I’m not affiliated with TS Life, and in that regard, you’ll get an honest and unbiased review.

Plus, towards the end of this review, I’ll offer you one of my best-recommended ways of making money online.

So, lend me your company to the end.

Let’s kick off…

Summary Information of TS Life Review

Name of the Product: TS Life

Type of the Product: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Founder/Owner: Caius Hale

Website URL: www.ts-life.com

How much does this Program Cost? £27.50

Is it a recommended program? Not Really

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Overview of TS Life Program

TS Life Review

As I pointed out earlier, TS Life is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) platform focusing on health and wellness products. 

This MLM program allows members to join, but their main task is to sell these products at a specific price to get a profit.

Also, members must recruit others to do the same business of selling the products.

Although you may earn handsomely with the downline system, getting people to recruit is often an uphill task. 

So, is this MLM program Legit or a Scam? 

Keep on reading; I’ll offer you an outright answer. 

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TS Life Review

TS Life Explained

TS Life Review

TS stands for Tastefully Simple, which means that this program’s complete name is Tastefully Simple Life

It deals with wellness (weight loss), hair, and skincare products.

Such platforms have been in existence before, so I’m sure when I talk about weight-loss products, you know one or two of such kinds. 

Founded by Caius Hole in September 2018 in Ireland, the company expanded into three continents in less than three years.

Currently, the company is in 10 countries in the world.

According to the information I saw on their website, the company claims that many countries are begging them to open in their countries. 

This company decided to major in the wellness and health niche because it attracts people seeking help with weight loss.

In other words, TS Life claims to offer a solution to weight problems. 

But with the history I have with most MLM programs, most of them only stay for less than five years and then collapse.

And the chances of this program standing for over five years are still hanging in the balance. 

Similar companies that deal with related products include; CorVive, Isagenix, Visalus, Le-vel Thrive, etc. 

So, in other words, this company comes with nothing new to offer you.

And that should make you read between the line, lest you lose the most important part of this review.

Founder Of TS Life

TS Life Review

Caius Hale is the person behind TS Life.

He founded the company in September 2018. 

Limited information is available for this individual with no social media presence. 

Making Money with TS Life

Once you’re recruited to this platform, you’ll also be required to sell and recruit others to make money. 

Unlike the pyramid scheme that only focuses on recruiting people to their program, TS life is focused on selling products. 

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Jason Foster

Let me now highlight two ways you can make money on this platform:

First, you can sell products on behalf of this company. 

But this means that you’ll incur a considerable amount to buy the products at a wholesale price and sell them at a retail price to make a profit. 

You have the freedom to sell the product at any given price as long as your buyers are willing to buy at your price. 

Selling such products to people can be an uphill task because you’ll need to price them higher to make money. 

However, if the products you’re selling to people have acceptance in your place, then chances of making real income can be feasible. 

Keep in mind that you may also face competition because of the existing products. 

The second method of making money on this platform is recruiting other sellers.

When you recruit other individuals in your downline, it implies that you’ll make a handsome payout on their sales. 

And the rule of recruiting people still stands; the more people you get on your downline, the higher your potential to earn a good amount of money.

But you’ll only make money as long as your downline is making some sales. 

Therefore, the amount you’ll make in such a program will fully depend on the number of sales your downline makes. 

The Products of TS-Life Products

TS Life Review

The platform promotes three main categories of products: Hair, Skin, and Wellness products.

Here is the list of the product based on each category:

Wellness Products 

ZONE: The Capsules are helpful for the brain.

ZETO: The capsule helps in weight loss.

X-TRIM: The capsules are a fat-loss formula that offers better fitness and health.

VOLT: The vegetarian capsules are fully packed with natural ingredients.

SUPANOVA: This is a liquid blend of natural ingredients for daily body programs.

Skin Products

ILLUMEN: It is used to get rid of dead skin cells and revitalize your skin.

VITAL EYES: The awakening serum has the potential to alleviate wrinkles, decolorization, and even any puffiness around a person’s eye.

ULTIM+: It is responsible for hydrating, restoring, and protecting your skin.

CRYSTAL: This is an anti-blemish cleansing gel.

GLO: Powerful Plant extract.

Hair Products

SMART SHAMPOO: This latest formulation is made to boost and strengthen hair growth, volume, and density.

SMART CONDITIONER:  This conditioner uses powerful botanicals to offer you softer and more manageable hair.

After that, let’s now see how you can join TS Life;

How to get started with TS Life

Joining TS Life is very easy.

The platform offers you two methods where you can get started with them.

The first option is by enrolling in TS Life through its pre-enrollment option. 

You’ll not be required to pay any money; you should get some discounts after signing up. 

The second and obvious method of joining this platform for a full star pack is by paying an amount of £27.50. 

You need to note that the payment I have mentioned above is only one-time, and the resources you’ll have access to include; replicated websites, training resources, and video templates. 

In addition, you’ll also be offered a 50 percent discount for all the products you buy, which implies that you can generally increase your income every time you make a successful sale. 

If you need another alternative to making money online, I have your needs sorted.

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TS Life Review

Pricing Plans With TS Life

As I have mentioned above, pre-star enrollment is free to join. 

But while signing in using this option, you’ll face some restrictions. 

First, you’ll need to pay full price for the products you purchase.

And secondly, you’ll not have access to different business opportunities.

If you need to enjoy the full service, you’ll need to pay a one-time membership fee of £27.50.

From there, you’ll be offered a 50 percent discount on all the products (mentioned in the above section).

Also, without the full-star membership, you’ll not be eligible to recruit others. 

TS Life Compensation Plan

It goes without saying that the compensation plan is the most vital document you would need to know if you expect to join TS Life.

For that case, I’ve summarized the compensation plan of this program below:

Retail Sales

Here, you’ll have an opportunity to purchase each TS life’s items at a lower price and thereby selling them higher and retaining the margin.

Retail Boost

In case other clients buy their supplies on weekly basis, then even the wholesale price will reduce by up to 70%.

Leadership Qualification

For you to qualify for such commissions, you’ll be required to recruit at least two people.

Leadership Reward Percentage

Depending on how high you rank in the program, you’ll stand a chance of getting this reward.

Duplication Bonus

Assist your downline recruits to bring onboard two individuals and stand a chance of earning an additional 10 percent on the orders of customers.

Team Support Bonus

Get over 50% bonus after your downlines become leaders

Team Support (Bonus Level Two)

Get close to 50% as a bonus after your downlines become leaders.

If you want to get an in-depth look at the compensation structure of LS Life, here is a video you can watch:

Is TS Life a Scam?

In my opinion, TS Life isn’t a SCAM.

With this program, you’ll have access to wellness and health products. 

But I have noted that this program is laborious; selling products and recruiting others is not a walk in the park. 

In addition to that, the market is currently flooded with wellness and health product, and if you’re entering the market, you’ll make little to no success. 

Worse yet, you need to bring others on board to make good earnings from the platform, which means that the more you recruit people to sell products, the more you’ll earn. 

However, recruiting people who have the same interest is not easy. 

I don’t recommend this business model because it doesn’t offer a sustainable way of earning money. 

You can click here to find out my alternative.

What’s next?

I’ll now take you through the pros and cons of TS Life before you can decide whether this program suits your needs or not.

What I Like About TS Life

  • It offers you a generous retail bonus of up to 50 percent
  • The platform provides you an open corporate information
  • The platform provides real products that its members can market and profit from.

What I Don’t Like About TS Life 

  • The chances of losing money with this MLM program are high 
  • For you to make more money, you still need to recruit others

In general, the health niche faces steep competition, and it is hard to succeed if you start.

Is there any alternative way of generating income without recruiting others?

Yes, there are different ways of making money online today.

But today, I’ll offer you a method I have tried and still rely on to date.

My #1 Recommendation

Have you heard about affiliate marketing?

Well, this is the game-changer way of making an honest income online.

But I’m not saying it is an easier way to make millions in a day.

It has to do with your passion, devotion, and effort.

Affiliate marketing enables you to market various products on a wide range of platforms. 

But to get started, I have an easy-to-follow blueprint that will enable you to get started in this business opportunity. 

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TS Life Review

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