World Wide Group Review – A Scam Or Legit? Truth Revealed!

World Wide Group Review

Hi, it’s my pleasure to have you read my World Wide Group Review.

I’ll let you know if you can make money from the World Wide Group or if it is a scam you should avoid.

With my passion for researching various money-making programs, I’ve come up with everything you need to know about the program, including:

  • How the program works to help you earn money as it claims.
  • How you can join the program and the amount, you are required to pay as an entry fee.
  • I’ll also provide details on who Georgia Lee Puryear and Ron are.

In my effort to expose the truth, I need to inform you that I’m not an affiliate of this program.

So, I aim to write an unbiased review.

With that in mind, let’s get started…

World Wide Group Review Summary

Name of The Product: World Wide Group

Type of the Product: Multi-Level Marketing

Product Website:

Founder: Georgia Lee Puryear and Ron

Product Rating: 30/100

Product Cost: $1,500

Recommendation: Not for everyone

World Wide Group Review – Overview

World Wide Group Review

World Wide Group aims to create a suitable environment where many people worldwide get empowered.

The company focuses on teaching you how to grow your professional and personal life.

If you’re a new business builder, this business model might help you.

The company has tools that are essential in helping you rise and get to where you want to be.

In addition, the company offers many motivational businesses at conferences and numerous events for its affiliates each year.

The program also provides business materials such as audio, PDF, videos, and print to support online and offline affiliates.

However, if you’re looking for another business opportunity, feel free to check out this:

World Wide Group Review

What Is A World Wide Group?

World Wide Group is a Multi-Level Marketing program formed in 1978.

The company changed its name several times and was first known as World Wide Dream Builders during its launching time.

The program was founded by two Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOS) called Ron and Georgia Puryear.

The IBOs benefited from the Multilevel company in making money from their Amway business worldwide.

After joining the program, you’ll get support and training on how to sell products and also refer other people to the business.

For this reason, if you’re passionate about becoming the Amway IBO, then the World Wide Group claims to be your best choice.

Ron and Georgia joined the Amway business in 1971, became the diamond-level leaders in 1978, and launched the program the same year.

In the training session, Georgia and Ron focus on giving you the right winning mindset to help you sell Amway products.

The other people you’ll refer to in the business are the distributors who aim to get into the diamond level.

You might be wondering what Amway business means and how it operates now that you know what World Wide Group means.

Well, the Amway business is a short form of the American Way, which is the founder of MLM.

The Amway business began in early 1959 in Ada, Michigan, before transforming to multi-level marketing in the USA.

Currently, it is the most influential business practiced by many people worldwide.

How Does World Wide Group Work?

World Wide Group Review

In launching the World Wide Group, Ron and Puryear aimed to help their affiliates increase sales.

The program teaches you how to make more sales in Amway, a multi-level marketing business.

During the training sessions, you’ll get access to the program’s tools to make sales and recruit more people.

There are two ways in which you can make money out of the program which includes:

  • The first method is to sell the Amway products and then earn a commission on each sale you make.

In this option, you’ll be buying a product at, let’s say, 75%, which may be its retail price, then sell it at 100% to have 25% in your pocket.

This type of business is also known as direct selling, which is the cheapest method to make money online in the program.

However, you need to know that if you overprice your products, it may make selling the products much harder.

This will affect your potential earnings and limit you from growing your business as excepted.

  • The second option for making money from the product is earning a bonus when recruiting more people into the business.

In the recruitment option, you’ll earn a bonus when the person you recruit makes sales in the program.

The program will detect if the recruit uses your referral link to register into the program and start making sales.

What Are The Features Of The World Wide Group?

World Wide Group Review

In this section, I’ll take you to the program’s main feature, the sale of Amway products.

Numerous products in Amway are in different categories, such as beauty, home living, nutrition, and personal care.

Let’s look at each of the products:

  • Beauty

The beauty range in Amway products is known as Artistry which includes cleansers, toners, foundations, moisturizers, lipsticks, and eye makeup.

Supreme LX Regenerating Cream is the most expensive product in beauty and comes at a $365 price.

  • Nutrition

In nutrition, there are various premium vitamins with additional supplements, including:

  • Nutrilite protein powers are available in vanilla or chocolate at $55 for a 795g package.
  • Bodykey By Nuitrilite meal bars for people who have excess weight and want to lose weight.
  • It comes in different flavors, such as chocolate brownie, cinnamon swirl, and blueberry.
  • Nutrilite supplements such as vitamin tablets and omega oils help supplement skin, hair, and fats at $71.
  • XS energy drinks, such as caffeine-free energy drinks with no added sugar and vitamin C, are presently at $30.
  • Personal Care

Under personal care, there are products such as antiperspirants, soap bars, and hand soaps.

There are also hair care products such as Satinique anti-dandruff, conditioners, and anti-frizz shampoos.

Furthermore, you can get oral care products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and oral refresher.

  • Home Living

Under the home living category, you will get numerous house range products, including dishwasher tablets, fabric softeners, and scouring pads.

Many such products in the market are sold by many other multi-level marketing companies online.

As such, you’ll face much competition when selling online and need to learn unique business techniques.

Learning to develop unique ways of promoting your Amway products to increase sales will take time.

According to Ron and Georgia, it’ll be easy to become successful when you commit to the program.

They claim that most of their affiliates who make more sales in the program are the ones who commit themselves more to their teaching.

For this reason, the amount of money you can make will depend on your commitment to your work.

Most people who claim to be making money from the program take the business model as a full-time job.

It is not easy to make a targeted amount of money from the program, especially when you do it as a part-time job.

When doing the business, you’ll be a sales manager without a basic salary which sometimes makes it quite challenging.

Who Is The Owner Of The World Wide Group?

World Wide Group Review

World Wide Group was started by Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear back then called the World Wide Dream Builders.

Ron and Georgia claim to have helped numerous people become successful leaders online.

They target the leaders to become a great inspiration for the many owners of independent businesses across the world.

They were on the front line of this program from the day they launched it till date, with both serving as the CEO.

Ron and Georgia launched their first business online in 1971.

It took them up to seven years to become famous, and they launched the World Wide Dream Builders in 1978.

This made the world of the IBO business become a reality in their support, leading to the formation of more functions.

One of the major functions formed included the Reunion of the first Puryear family, which was held at the Spokane Convention Center.

The management team for World Wide Group management team was formed in 1995.

In 2003, the standing order of transitions was formed, resulting in changing cassettes to CDs.

Ron and Georgia Puryear formed the official website of the World Wide Group in 2005.

The company then moved its first premier membership was transferred into the website as a strategy to save money for IBOs.

World Wide Group company launches their official mobile phone application.

The company got shocking news in 2016 when the legacy creator and founder, Ron Puryear, passed away.

In 2019 World Wide Group was remodeled, and the World Wide Group Museum was launched.

World Wide Group Review

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What Is The Cost Of Joining The World Wide Group?

The cost is subdivided into many sections that, when summed up, bring a total of $1,500 in a year.

Let’s see how the cost is shared for every expense:

  • Registration Cost Goes For $64 Per Year.

In the registration, the $64 will make you become an Amway IBO to grant you access to your needed resourcesThe registration fee also caters to the marketing materials and the training cost.

The registration fee has a money-back service guarantee which expires after 60 days.

  • The Amway Business Starter Kit, Which Costs $99.99

The Amway business starter kit costs a one-term fee of $99.99 and comes with some samples you might share with your collogues or friends.

  • The Premium Membership Fee, Which Costs $54.95 Per Month

After joining the World Wide Group, you’ll enrol a monthly premium fee of 54.95 dollars every month.

You’ll get access to the official application when you pay the membership premiums.

In the app, you can set targets and offer audio motivation weekly or daily.

  • Motivational Teaching At $25 Per Month

You must also budget for the motivational teaching in the program for $25 a month.

The motivational teaching comes from diamond-level experts, with the program claiming to have the best speakers like Robert Kiyosaki and John Roberts.

  • The Communication Application, Which Costs $34.95 Per Month

Paying for the Communicate Application helps you report to the upline and keep you accountable.

  • Information System At $30 Per Month.

This is the final cost you’ll have to budget, ranging from $20 to $30, based on your selection of the books.

Is World Wide Group A Scam?

World Wide Group Review

World Wide Group is not a SCAM; you can make money through multi-level marketing.

However, making money with multi-level marketing companies is not as easy as it sounds.

You must put more effort and hard work into making money from the business model.

You also need to commit yourself to the teachings provided by the program’s experts to succeed in your business.

Furthermore, the business model requires larger capital to enable you to purchase Amway products for sale.

If you can’t afford the prices, purchasing the products is impossible.

For this reason, the World Wide Group is not for everyone despite teaching a legit way of making money online.

But if you’re looking for a better alternative to this program, here is a business opportunity to settle on:

World Wide Group Review

What I Like About World Wide Group

  • Lucrative Business Model

The MLM business model is lucrative for highly skilled and hardworking people.

It can help such people have a stable income-making opportunity if they commit themselves to the teachings offered.

  • Provides A Stable And Solid Reputation

The business greatly supports the stability of this program from the beginning producing a track record in their performance.

The majority of the companies don’t last longer than ten years, with some of them disappearing in less than five years.

  • Offers Good Support And Tools To Customers

The program provides many tools and support to help you grow your business to your desired level.

The tools include online training courses, live events, and digital products.

What I Don’t Like About World Wide Group

  • Has Numerous Charges

World Wide Group has a compilation of numerous charges that makes it too much expensive.

  • The Amway Products Are Expensive

Purchasing Amway products online to increase your stock for selling requires a higher capital amount.

This is due to the price tag of the products, which is quite high for low-income earners.

For this reason, if you can’t afford the entry fees required to purchase the products, then the business model won’t benefit.

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Is There Any Other Alternative To World Wide Group?

You can still opt for a different alternative to make money online.

I’ve always insisted on an affiliate marketing business opportunity that has yet to be fully exploited.

If you have an interest or passion in something, you can tap into it to make money.

Affiliate marketing enables you to market the products and services of a company and then get paid a commission after making successful sales.

And the more you do so, the more progress you’ll see and the more money you’ll earn.

Affiliate marketing will allow you to earn a passive income because you’ll earn money even when asleep.

But before you can start, learning this business model’s basics is essential.

And because I want to make your work easier, here is a step-by-step guide that will help you get started:

World Wide Group Review

FAQs About World Wide Group  

Is World Wide Group A Pyramid Scheme?

Most networking companies always behave like pyramid schemes making some people think so about them.

However, the program relies on the recruitment option and allows you to buy and sell touchable goods.

As such, this isn’t a pyramid scheme.

Does World Wide Group Have A Compensation Plan?

The program has a compensation plan where you purchase goods wholesale and sell them at a retail price.

By selling the products at a retail price, you will be making profits which you will earn as commissions.

It also allows you to earn bonuses, commissions, and incentives by growing your team.

Is World Wide Group Worth It?

The company is credited by legal authorities for offering training on the Amway Business online.

Its direct approval to offer training on Amway comes from its long experience in the market.

There are testimonies of people who have made it to the diamond level.

Does World Wide Group Offer A Refund Policy?

World Wide Group Company offers you a money-back service that allows you to claim back your money within not less than sixty days.

So, if you join the program, pay for it, and want to quit it for another one, you can claim your money back within the given time to avoid incurring losses.

Thank you for reading the World Wide Group Review.

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