4080 Marketing Review

4080 Marketing Review: Best Facebook Advertising System?

I warmly welcome you to my 4080 Marketing Review.

Today, I’ll be your guide, taking you through a comprehensive exploration of 4080 Marketing.

We’ll delve into its meaning, operation, and pricing details, providing you with all the essential knowledge.

At its core, the 4080 Marketing program is designed to provide training that empowers you to scale your Facebook advertisements and boost your earnings.

The program boasts effective strategies that focus on testing various aspects of your Facebook Ads, aiming to discover the optimal formula for maximizing profitability.

An intriguing aspect of the 4080 Marketing program, as stated by Ethan Bence, is its adaptability to businesses of any niche, enabling you to utilize it across diverse advertisement platforms.

However, it’s vital to exercise caution and not solely rely on these claims when making your decisions.

This review unveils the truth behind the 4080 Marketing training program, ensuring you are well-informed.

Before we embark on this journey, let me clarify that I have no affiliation with the 4080 Marketing Program.

I aim to present you with impartial and honest information that will assist you in making an informed decision about the program.

With that important clarification, let us now proceed to explore the program…

4080 Marketing Review Summary

Name of the product: 4080 Marketing

Type of Product: Facebook Advertisement Training Program

Website: https://4080marketing.com/

Product Price: $49

Product Rating: 7/10

Recommendation: Recommended but NOT for everyone.

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4080 Marketing Review – Overview

4080 Marketing Review

4080 Marketing claims to help you solve the top five common mistakes that most people running FB ads fail to make online.

The highlighted mistakes make FB ads less productive and must be minimized to enable you to meet your expectations.

One of the biggest mistakes, to begin with, is failing to test your ad before pasting it online.

Testing your FB ads helps you analyze different aspects, including landing pages, call to action, image, and copy.

For instance, some people simply pick an image and write what they want after calling to action.

Doing so makes them think the ad will convert and get disappointed with the program.

Achieving success with Facebook ads boils down to a simple yet crucial strategy: thoroughly testing all aspects of the ad and carefully selecting the one that yields the highest online conversions.

Targeting your ideal audience will enable your ad to reach specific clients and convert more online.

On the flip side, when your landing pages and the ads you run don’t match, it often stems from a lack of congruency between the two.

In this case, the users will simply click on back and move on, reducing the conversation rate for many online advertisers.

Limiting your ad format to just one may restrict your online customer base since not everyone resonates with or prefers a single format.

Exploring diverse ad formats and approaches is essential to reach a broader audience.

When running advertisements on the platform, it’s crucial to continuously monitor their performance.

Regularly keeping track lets you observe their faring and make necessary adjustments.

But if you need a business model that will enable you to earn a passive income, here is an alternative business model for you:

4080 Marketing Review

What Is 4080 Marketing?

4080 Marketing Review

4080 Marketing is a training course that teaches you how to grow your Facebook advertisement online and earn a stable income.

After learning the course, you can apply the strategies in growing your business from a variety of platforms online.

The program was created by Ethan Bence, who is also a successful Facebook ads business owner online.

He claims to have met his success online using the strategies since he joined the business in 2014.

He claims to have helped several people online scale their businesses and increase earnings on Facebook.

How Does 4080 Marketing Work?

4080 Marketing Review

4080 Marketing works by providing you with training on strategies that can help you improve your Facebook advertisement business.

The program offers the training of the course in modules which go up to seven modules, with each module displayed in video format.

There are 40 videos in the program, which cover the entire course modules available.

After enrolling in the course, you must learn all the forty videos available to finish your training.

What Is Contained In The 4080 Marketing?

The 4080 Marketing course contains up to seven modules and course bonuses to their students.

The course modules include the following:

Module One: Introduction To Testing

This module introduces you to the course and explains why you require testing to grow your Facebook advertisement.

The module also describes some mistakes marketers make when running Facebook advertisements online.

Ethan Bence explains the best time and day of the week that will work best for you to help your ad get more conversion rate online.

He uses the step-by-step procedure they used in their own business to explain the testing procedure required.

This makes it easy for you to learn and understand the type of testing their strategy embraces to be the most effective for your business.

Module Two: Budgeting & Testing Planning

In this section, you’ll learn how to budget for your advertisements to ensure you conduct the required testing.

According to the program, too much testing may be challenging when you fail to test them.

For this reason, Ethan Bence uses this module to explain the best budgeting to make you conduct effective testing.

This involves telling you the best amount you should spend when testing your ads, how long you should do the testing, and how many tests you should run.

Module Three: Audience Testing

In this section, Ethan focuses on how you can test your targeted audience to ensure your ads reach all of them.

He also touches on some of the mistakes advertisers make when dealing with their audience.

Ethan explains that it is not easy to burn out your audience, especially when you want your ads to have a higher conversion rate.

Module Four: Creative Testing

You must also learn the testing type that suits your audience according to your budget.

The program outlines the various creative ways to create the best leads and have people click on them within seconds of seeing them.

This section also teaches you how to eliminate account fatigue, which limits customers from getting access to your new ads.

He concludes the course by explaining the importance of testing and running your ads on Facebook.

Module Five: Scale Testing

In this section, you’ll learn about campaign and ad budget optimization.

This enables you to differentiate between the optimizations used in the advertisement programs.

For instance, what the two are, how to optimize, analyze and scale them to help you get the best out of your business.

Module Six: Funnel Testing

Another aspect that Ethan focuses on when you are running your ads online: funnels, which are also crucial for ad trafficking.

In this module, you will learn when and how to scale your funnel and run ads on it with more ads.

Module Seven: Backend Testing

This is the last module in the course, explaining the meaning of retention funnels and how to use them to boost your advertisement business.

Ethan focuses on when and where to increase customer retention to meet your business goals in this module.

You will also learn to pick your best upsell and cross-sell for your business.

Upon completing the module, you will be able to understand the full strategies learned in the course and apply them to your business.

According to Ethan, when you effectively apply these strategies to your business, you can scale your business to maximum value.

However, the course also comes with some bonuses to help you boost your business career.

4080 Marketing Bonuses

The bonuses offered in the course include:

  • A scheduled call with the advisors from the 4080 Marketing support team.
  • An ad manager dashboard is set up to help you read all your data quickly.
  • The avatar worksheet will help you identify your targeted audience online.
  • Budgeting spreadsheet that will help you track your business progress and ensure you reach your monthly goals.

Who Owns The 4080 Marketing?

4080 Marketing Review

The 4080 Marketing course is owned by Ethan Bence, who has outstanding experience in running Facebook ads.

He started the business back in 2014 and claims to have succeeded through the business.

Ethan currently works with top e-commerce brands and other large in for traders online to boost his business earnings.

His main aim was to hit a target of six to seven figures using Facebook ads to earn a stable income.

By creating the 4080 Marketing course, Ethan targeted to teach other Facebook advertisers how to scale their business and earn more online.

He focuses on sharing his proven strategies with many other business owners online and making them get the best out of their business.

Apart from the course, Ethan also provides bonuses to the business that help you boost your business.

This includes the scheduled call with the support team from the program, where you will have a one-on-one call with Ethan.

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What Is The Cost Of Joining The 4080 Marketing?

Joining the 4080 Marketing training program only costs you $49, a one-time payment allowing access to the program.

This makes it more affordable for everyone who wants to learn the course, irrespective of their financial status.

You can access the course, including the models and videos, upon confirming your payment.

This price covers the entire course and its models, including the modules and the bonuses available in the program.

However, after learning the course, you must have an extra investment to start and run the business.

The extra capital, however, depends on the types of ads you want to run online and your experience level.

The best way to run the business online is to have other sources of income that can help you fund it before you can start earning from it.

The program also offers a refund policy which enables you to reclaim your money in case you want to quit the program.

According to the 4080 Marketing, you can request your registration fee any time you want as it is offered in lifetime access.

This enables you to reclaim your fee if you find the program not working out for you or when you feel unhappy with the program’s services.

Is The 4080 Marketing A Scam?

4080 Marketing Review

The 4080 Marketing is not a SCAM.

Going by its price, learning how to run your Facebook ads by paying only $49 is fair for people who want to learn the business.

Even though some of the course content may be found online for free, the pricing for the course is affordable for people who want an in-depth explanation.

In addition, the course offers an in-depth explanation and coaching that makes it more worthy than online learning.

This gives many of their clients reasons to join and maintain using the program and its strategies in managing their business.

However, the program is not for everyone who wants to make money online; it is best suitable for people who want to run Facebook ads.

This business model is also suitable for investors with enough capital to run their ads, as it is too expensive.

This may include having other sources of income that can help you fund the business before it matures and start generating money.

The business may take relatively longer to generate significant money, making it not a fast-get-rich model.

Hence, this program may not suit your needs if you are financially unstable or lack expertise in managing the business model.

However, fret not, as alternative opportunities can help you earn money online.

Keep reading this review to discover my recommended best option for you.

4080 Marketing Review

What I Like About The 4080 Marketing?

  • Ethan Bence Is An Experienced Teacher

Ethan Bence has outstanding experience running ads on Facebook, making him more reliable.

In his teaching, he provides a detailed explanation of the business model, making it more understandable for learners.

In addition, Ethan captures almost all the aspects of the FB ad business model that make it a suitable course for beginners.

  • The Program Has Great History of Working With Many Brands

This training has worked with several brands with seven to eight figures.

This makes it capture more information about the business models of the other brands to expand their coverage.

The in-depth teaching on the Facebook ads also makes it gain more reputation online.

  • Offers A Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.

This program offers students a lifetime money-back guarantee on their training course.

Yet the program is more affordable for low-income earners online, including beginners.

For this reason, you’ll not have to worry about losing your money.

What I Don’t Like About The 4080 Marketing?

  • Paid Traffic Is Quite Expensive

Running Facebook ads is too expensive online and requires investing more capital.

This makes the business difficult to manage, especially for people who have a low income.

It’ll force you to have another source of income to help you fund your FB ad before you start earning from it.

  • Clients On The Business Model Are Hassle

Some clients you interact with when running your FB ads are too disturbing online.

For instance, some clients try to dictate what you do while controlling how you run your business online.

In so doing, they tend to make every decision on the business, which may make them feel bored in the process.

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Is There Any Alternative To 4080 Marketing?

Would you like to explore another business model that offers the potential for passive income?

Look no further, as affiliate marketing is here to make your dreams shine bright.

One of the appealing aspects of affiliate marketing is that you can start without a hefty initial investment.

Additionally, the beauty of this model lies in the ability to earn passive income, even during off-hours.

However, tapping into this potential requires learning the fundamentals.

And where better to learn than from someone with hands-on experience?

With over 6 years in this industry, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, and I’m here to do the groundwork for you.

Behold, a comprehensive blueprint awaits you, guiding you on your journey to join and excel in affiliate marketing.

Take a look and seize this opportunity for yourself:

4080 Marketing Review

FAQs About 4080 Marketing

Who is 4080 Marketing For?

According to Ethan Bence, the course targets everyone who wants to start a Facebook advertisement program.

However, the course is more suitable for those who are good at running Facebook ads with outstanding experience.

In addition, you need to have some extra sources of funds to help you boost your capital for running FB ads.

Are There Any Excluded Countries To Access 4080 Marketing?

Ethan Bence states no country is excluded from the program; you can join the course anywhere.

In addition, the program welcomes everyone to their course, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, or financial status.

You only need to be 18 years and above to join the program and start learning how you can start your business online.

Is There Any Hidden Fee In The 4080 Marketing?

The program doesn’t set any extra fee for students learning the course; you only need to pay the one-time fee and get started.

However, if you’re a beginner, you must have some extra investment to use as capital.

This will help you implement the strategies learned in the course into your real business online.

Is There Any Compensation Plan?

The program offers up to four bonuses to students who complete the course and want to implement the strategies.

One of the bonuses is allowing them to have a one-on-one call with the main program support team.

You will also receive additional guidance on how to run your business to ensure everyone succeeds in the program.

Feel free to watch this video:

Thank you for reading my 4080 Marketing Review.

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