How to Target an Audience Online: Do This To Get Page 1 Rankings!

So you just landed on this page because you Googled: How to Target an Audience Online or something close to that search term.  Am I right? 😉

Well lucky for you, you have landed on the right page which will show you the right way how you can do exactly just that.

And, it’ s not hard to do at all; in fact, all you have to do is pay close attention and take action on what you learn – you will be able to do it quite effectively without any hiccups.

For this demonstration, I am going to use this very same post which you are reading now to explain how it’s done.

How it All Started

So, I was just doing some keyword research using one of my favorite keyword tools and happen to stumble upon the keyword “How to Target an Audience Online”

If you don’t know what keyword research tools are now, don’t worry, I will explain it to you a little further down this post.

What’s most important now is that you learn this important information as fast as possible, so that you can start laser targeting your audience in the simplest way possible.

So are you ready to know how to do this?

Ok cool, let’s continue…

Do you see the image below?

It’s a screenshot showing information on the keyword (or variation of it) that you just typed into a search engine to get some information on.

Inside the keyword tool, you will notice that it contains 7 columns.

Let me break them down for you in points, so that it’s easier for you to understand all the information…

How to Target an Audience Online

  • The Keyword column shows you what the keyword is.  You will notice that there are 2 keywords but you want to make sure that you chose the one that makes more sense grammatically.

  • The Avg column shows you the average number of people who searches for that keyword in Google per month (120).

  • The Traffic column shows you the number of people on average who will see your content once you achieve page one rankings.

  • The QSR column indicates an acronym which means “quoted search results”.  This shows the exact number of other content producers online who are trying to target the same audience ie: the competition.

    • In my case, I saw that there are 3 other competing sites out there, so I decided to write this article and get it ranked on the first page of Google, and at the same time prove to you that this strategy works.
  • The KQI column simply shows you a green colored “Great” which means that it will be a an ideal keyword to target.

    If I had seen the yellow “Normal” (which means OK), or a red “Poor” indicators, I would know to not use that keyword.  Below you will see an example screenshot of a keyword you wouldn’t necessarily want to target.  It would be too difficult to try and outrank 162 other sites (look under the QSR column).

How to Target an Audience Online

  • The SEO column gives you a score out of 1-100.  The higher the score is to 100, the easier it will be to get the content ranked!

  • The Domains column is not so relevant here, however, just for your information: when the search link is clicked, it shows you if there is a domain name available for purchase with that exact matching keyword.

What’s the Next Step

After I gathered all this information, I proceeded to write this blog post immediately because I see that you (and 119 others) are searching Google for information on how to target an audience.

Here are some things that I take into consideration when creating my content (and you should too)…

I first write in a helpful, conversational tone, with a goal of typing out at least 1000-1500 words.

This is a very important factor which enables Google to rank your articles on page 1, so, therefore, ALWAYS follow this rule.

For example, I recently wrote a review on this same site about one of the best Shopify courses online…

The audience which I targeted, in that case, was searching online for “Kevin David Shopify Course”.

Now, when my audience searches for that Keyword, they will see my website review link displayed on the first page of Google as shown below…

How to Target an Audience Online
One of my articles ranking on the First page of Google

Most of these fine people do actually click on the website link and as a result, they get to read one of the most concise reviews of the course and make a sound decision if they should try it out or not.

BTW: If you have ever considered starting & growing a hugely profitable Shopify Drop-shipping business, you definitely will want to check out Kevin David’s Free Webinar where he shows you how to make a solid income online utilizing the massive e-commerce platform.

Keyword placements are important!

I also make it a point of my duty to include the main keyword in the first two or so paragraphs.

If you scroll back up to the beginning of this article, you will notice that the keyword “How to Target an Audience Online” is in the first paragraph and is also bolded.

I do these things deliberately because I want Google to know what my article is all about and rank it on page 1.

This is what is referred to as on-page SEO (search engine optimization).

These are important things that Google looks at to determine where to place your content in the search results.

There are over 200 factors and I would suggest that you visit Brain Dean over at to get access to the complete list.

He is like the god of SEO (seriously).

Must-have things you need to rank…

Now, in order to learn how to do all this properly, you will need to have certain things in place.

The first thing that you need to have is a fully functional website, or other platforms such as your own Youtube channel, a Facebook page, Instagram, etc.

If, for some reason you don’t have a website set up as yet, don’t worry, I’ll hook you up with 2 profit ready ones a little while from now.

And…of course, you are going to need to get access to the best keyword tool which I use to find low competition search phrase so that YOU too can get to target your preferred audience.

So what is a Keyword Tool BTW?

So a keyword tool is a software you use to get full data on any keyword such as:

  • The number of people searching for it.
  • The number of other competing sites targeting the keyword.
  • The estimated number of people who will click on your website if you were to get page one ranking.
  • And an indicator telling you if you should create content using the keyword or not.

The best one I have been using since 2014 (this is when I just started my online business) is the very powerful Jaaxy keyword Tool.

Get Access To Jaaxy and get your first 30 searches for free!

Currently, there are two ways to access the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

You can simply search Google to find & access it or use this secure link.

Additionally, I have also integrated the easy to use Jaaxy Keyword search tool below for you put in your target keyword and try it out for yourself.

However, use your searches wisely because remember that you have 30 to start.

After the 30 free starter searches have been used up, you’ll then have the option of upgrading to the pro version at $49/mo or the enterprise version at $99/mo (see the comparison chart below) or do what I did and go with the second option which will save you some money…

My recommendation for accessing Jaaxy!

The next way for you to access Jaaxy is by signing up as a premium member of the Wealthy Affiliate’s online business training platform.

This premium membership costs $49 per month or you can get it much cheaper if you were to choose the yearly membership which costs $359 (this means you would be investing only $29 per month or less than $1 per day)

And, just so you understand what this means for you and your success going forward…

You are going to have full access to the Jaaxy keyword tool, access to the best online business training, support, mentorship, live video classes, course lineup, live chat, accessibility to incredible mentors, real-time interaction with the founders Kyle and Carson plus the two profit ready WordPress websites which I told you about earlier and many, MANY other great tools and benefits.

All for the ridiculously low price of less than $1 per day!  Now could someone please tell me where else can anyone get such a great value to run a successful online business?

This is where myself and many others have learned the true art of targeting many different audiences and excelling in our respective businesses.

So yeah, please don’t miss out on this very unique opportunity presented to you.

Instructions to get going

So are ready to start the full awesome training and access the Jaaxy keyword tool which will teach you how to target an audience online?


Here are the instructions to get you going in the right direction,…

First, click on this image below to sign up for an account at Wealthy Affiliate – this is my affiliate link which will allow me to get a notification when you sign up, as well as getting credited (thanks in advance).

This way, I will be able to continue giving you 1-on-1 support, follow up with you and you’ll be able to ask me any questions…

How to Target an Audience Online
Click This Image To Get Started >>

Upon a successful registration, you will be prompted to complete a short profile by adding an image of yourself or any other image that you prefer (just make it decent), then writing a short introduction about yourself – don’t be shy 🙂

This step is critical so make sure that you do it.  I will know for sure that you are a real person and that you are actually serious about succeeding with your business.

Plus the other community members will see you and reach out to offer any assistance.

The next important step is that you start the core training right away.

From the screenshot below, I show how to access the training as well as where the Jaaxy Keyword tool is located.

How to Target an Audience Online

The MUST-WATCH step-by-step Jaaxy Training Video

There are several training videos teaching you how to use Jaaxy, however, the most recommended video training on how to use it is titled “Using Jaaxy Like a Boss“.

You can find this training by typing in “Jaaxy” in the Wealthy Affiliate search bar and you will see a list of results come up as shown below.

Make sure to click on the correct one to watch it…

How to Target an Audience Online


Now to Conclude…

By following the steps I have laid out here for you, it will enable you to target your online audience in the most effective way possible.

You are now equipped with the tools you need which will give you a strong advantage over your competition.

I hope this has been helpful to you, and if you found value from what I have shown you, please share it with other people like yourself who may be searching for the right method on how to target an audience online.

Thank you SO much for reading and feel free to follow my Smart Human Blogger Facebook Page to get notifications when I publish new content and updates.

Also, if you have any questions at all, please leave them below and I will be sure to get back to you with a prompt reply.

I’m rooting for your success!


-Jason (Smart Human Blogger)

Online Retail Mastery | Beau Crabill Course Review by REAL MEMBER

Welcome to the Online Retail Mastery: Beau Crabill Course Review!

My eyes were fully opened to the great opportunity of selling on Amazon using the retail/wholesale method by entrepreneur Youngjoon Sun, and I am very grateful to him for that.

I quickly realized that the retail method is the oldest and most profitable way of selling physical products both online and offline.

In fact, big box retailers such as Walmart and BestBuy have been using this very same business model ever since they started out.

What they do is simply buy big brand name items at a low cost (in bulk) from manufacturers and distributors, resell them to the end consumers at a markup price, and then keep the profits.

This is exactly what the Online Retail Mastery Course by Beau Crabill teaches and this is how you can be in the top few percentages of sellers on Amazon who are earning consistent profits.

NOT by doing retail arbitrage, drop shipping or private labeling.

I purchased the course for the lowest price at $997 and I can tell you that this is one of the smartest investments I have made.

My thought process was that if I am going to be successful with this particular online selling model, I would need to make sure that I was getting access to the very BEST training on the market.

I did a lot of research online and saw other similar courses such as The Wholesale Method by Eric Lambert & Dan Meadors and the Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum.

In all fairness, both of those courses are good, legitimate and known in the space, however, I chose to go with the Online Retail Mastery because for me, I trust Beau and he shares so much free value on his YouTube channel that has helped me even before I invested in the full course.

If you have ever watched any of his YouTube videos then you would understand what I mean.

What is Beau Crabill Online Retail Mastery All About?

I got it so I can show you, let’s dive in!

Online Retail Mastery | Beau Crabill Course Review

Product NameOnline Retail Mastery (Formerly: Amazon FBA University)

Creator – Beau Crabill

Price – $997

Upsells – Yes; optional Mastermind Membership at $99 per month


Where To Buy Click Here

  • The bottom line: The Online Retail Mastery is a proven course suited for anyone who wants to learn how to sell successfully utilizing the retail method on Amazon.
  • The training modules are high quality and over the shoulder which makes it easy for students to follow, take action and see results.
  • My Recommendation: If you have the money and want a consistent, high-quality training and support to launch a FBA business, Online Retail Mastery is a must buy.

Below, I am going to show you the full course outline as I give you my overall experience going through each one.

I must tell you that it is quite lengthy, however, I want to make sure that you get as much information as possible before making the decision if this course is the right one for you or not.

If at any time you are feeling ‘ready’ as you are going through this review, you can simply go directly to the official website at & enroll from there.

Now, let’s take a look at what’s inside the course…

Online Retail Mastery – Module 1 and 2

First, there is the pre-introduction and the actual introduction.

The pre-introduction module is set up in a way to give you information on the best way to use the course and get results.

It also covers the 30-days money back action based guarantee.

Therefore, if during the 30 days from when you purchased the course, took action, and is somehow not satisfied, you will be entitled to get a full refund.

Online Retail Mastery | Beau Crabill Course Review
Outline Of Module 1 & 2

As you can see from the introduction section outlined above, it details the professional legal setting up of your business which includes setting up your Amazon Seller Account, navigating through your Amazon seller central account, and knowing the difference between FBA and FBM.

All these steps are critical for you to follow if you want to excel in this business.

If you do not have documents such as a resale certificate and a business license, no suppliers will take you seriously and they won’t give you access to buy and re-sell their products.

In this same training module, Beau had Tom; one of his professional business partners to demonstrate how exactly to obtain these required documents.

I liked the no-nonsense approach here – no fluff, no hype.  Just real solid, actionable advice to get your business up and running in the quickest time.

Online Retail Mastery – Covering Module 3

Model 3 gives you a full understanding of how you will be winning the buy box on Amazon to get maximum sales.

Beau breaks down every little detail and possible scenarios to ensure that you are taking the right steps…

Online Retail Mastery | Beau Crabill Course Review
Outline Of Module 3

One of the most important things I learned in this module is that not because there are for example 10 other sellers in the buy box, that does not guarantee that all those 10 sellers will be getting the sales on a rotational basis.

I realized that not everyone selling on Amazon knows what they are doing and this can work in your advantage once you follow what the course teaches.

I also found out that even though Amazon may be listed as one of the sellers on a particular listing, there are certain things that you can look at on the Keepa Analyzing Tool to know if it’s a good idea to sell that same product, undercut Amazon and win the buy box.

Even though this can be done, I now tend to play it safe by avoiding selling ANYTHING that I see Amazon selling or have sold in the past at all costs!

Reason being is that I had a bit of a negative experience.

It all started when I bought 40 units of good ranking product from one of my suppliers…

At that time Amazon was not selling the product so I sent it into their fulfillment center and it sold out quite quickly.

I then re-ordered 100 more units.  But guess what happened?  Amazon decided that they wanted to start selling the product again! Not good.

Now, it’s a bit challenging competing with them on their own platform.  I still do get sales on that particular product but not as consistently as before.  The ONE thing I now know for sure is that I won’t be buying that product again.

Just giving you a heads up here.  Ultimately, you are the one who will decide how you want to run your business so do what you know works best for you.

Online Retail Mastery

Shipping & Product Research Modules

Handling shipping was one of the most confusing parts of the Amazon FBA business before I got enrolled in the training.

However, after watching module 4, it became clear to me on how to properly get my products shipped into Amazon’s warehouses without feeling nervous or uncertain…

Online Retail Mastery | Beau Crabill Course Review
Outline Of Module 4 & 5

Beau breaks down the basics of shipping as well as certain lingo you need to use especially when you’re communicating with your suppliers.

He shows you the difference between standard parcel delivery (SPD), less than truckload (LTL) and how to process each type of shipments.

Just as it is within all the modules, Beau gives actual demonstration where he logs into his own seller central account and does a video walkthrough which shows you the entire process from start to finish.

One of the problems with shipping is that there can be times when you are listing a product in seller central and Amazon decides that they want to split up your shipments and have them sent to multiple warehouses.

Sometimes this can be a pain for you and your suppliers.  In fact, some suppliers will tell you straight up that they are unable to do this.

Or let you know that if you are shipping to multiple locations each order will need to be submitted separately and meet minimum order quantity (MOQ)

To eliminate this problem, Beau provides a video on how you can get your products shipped to one Warehouse.

This is optional (and does cost a small fee by Amazon), however, it saves a lot of time and frustration which allows you to focus on the overall business and see more positive results.

Online Retail Mastery: Product Research

The product research model covers in detail how to understand if a product will be good to buy and resell.

In this module, Beau goes more in-depth on how to use Keepa – this is a must-have tool because it gives you all data of a product such as if Amazon is a seller, the sales history,  the rank history, who is winning the buy box, etc.

It’s ideal to make it a point of your duty to install the free Keepa extension and do your product researches properly.

Online Retail Mastery | Beau Crabill Course Review
Keepa Tool In Action

All this data is critical to know before you buy any product to send to Amazon’s fulfillment center, that is why it’s so important that you gain the full understanding.

Online Retail Mastery: Ungating & Sourcing (Modules 6 & 7)

There are certain brands, categories, and sub-categories available on Amazon that they will not allow you to sell unless you are fully authorized to do so.

These products are referred to as ‘gated products’.

Amazon does this to ensure that third-party sellers are not sending in any counterfeit items which could result in a negative customer experience.

Beau helps to make this process simple as he shows you how to get ungated in main categories, sub-categories and big brand name products such as Sony, Samsung, Beats by Dr. Dre, Hasbro, Diecast, etc.

This is important because these are usually the items with the least competition, and therefore the biggest ROI (return on investments) for you.

You see, most people are lazy and will not go through the correct process to get these items ungated so this will be a huge advantage for you once you take this route.

I found this module value-packed and you won’t usually find this information floating around for free on the internet in such an organized format.

Online Retail Mastery | Beau Crabill Course Review
Outline Of Module 6 & 7

Online Retail Mastery

Online Retail Mastery: Sourcing Products

In this module, Beau does an introduction video about what sourcing is and the ways in which you will be finding your authorized suppliers.

He explains who they are and where you will be finding the products that they have in their inventory.

He also shows you the different types of suppliers that you will be working with, as well as the questions you need to ask them & how many of them you will need to work with in order to sustain your business.

Finding Suppliers Module – A Must For Your Business

Module 8 of Online Retail Mastery is what I consider to be my favorite and most important part of the training course.

If you have ever tried selling on Amazon using the retail method, you should know that to find a genuine, authorized supplier who is willing to work with third-party sellers is not that easy…

This is a task which can easily take you many weeks and months to accomplish if you do not have proper guidance.

Beau provides 6 powerful ways to find suppliers which you can start implementing immediately to actually find these suppliers.

You don’t have to use all 6 methods here.  One is just fine, however, what I have found out is that they all work off each other…

My suggestion is that you go through each sourcing method and then you will be able to see which works out the best for you.

I tend to combine strategy #1 and #3 to find suppliers that you wouldn’t normally find by using just one of the methods.

Usually, the suppliers found using these combined methods are not bombarded by other Amazon sellers like myself and this provides a greater opportunity to find products which have low competition and better margins.

Online Retail Mastery | Beau Crabill Course Review
Module 8 Outline

Online Retail Mastery – Working with Brands and Vetting out Suppliers Modules

When you are able to work directly with a brand, this usually means that you have been assigned as the exclusive seller of the product(s).

Imagine that?  You being the only person selling a brand’s product!  What does this mean?

Well, plain and simple: You are the only one making the sales on all of Amazon with just that one product.  This is where you can potentially earn the most profit.

It is not that easy, however, Beau provides full-length instructions on what you should be doing to land these contracts, along with a professional script which you can use to reach out to these brands owners and prompting a serious response from them.

You also learn how to source normal stock which you will need to keep your inventory replenished throughout the year.

Online Retail Mastery | Beau Crabill Course Review
Outline Of Module 9 & 10

Online Retail Mastery

Online Retail Mastery: Vetting Out Suppliers

Vetting out the suppliers is self-explanatory here…

You are simply being provided with the information which shows you if a company is safe to work with or not.

In this business, you are bound to run into scammers who are targeting new inexperienced Amazon sellers.

This module will save you headaches and any possible stress as you are building out your business.

Far too often, I hear horror stories of people getting started out in business and end up being scammed out of their money because they failed to work with legit companies!

Once you are following these vetting out supplier strategies, you won’t have to take those type of risks.

Furthermore, if you are still not sure, Beau is always there to help as well as the other ORM members in the Private Facebook Group.

Contact Beau at to get his personal feedback on the company in question.

Online Retail Mastery: Working with suppliers & Building Relationships Modules

Working with a supplier as you build a long-term business is one of the keys to being a successful Amazon FBA retail seller.

Within these two modules, you will learn exactly how to work along with the suppliers and how you can build a more stronger business relationship with them.

Advantages such as getting lower prices on products are what you should expect when you know and implement these communicating strategies.

Online Retail Mastery | Beau Crabill Course Review
Outline Of Module 11 & 12

Online Retail Mastery

Online Retail Mastery | The Last Modules

The remaining modules mostly go into how to the scale-up your business by outsourcing VR’s to do time-consuming tasks such as reaching out to suppliers, analyzing spreadsheets and listing inventory on Amazon.

Beau also touches upon how you can expand your Amazon FBA business by selling in different marketplaces (UK, Japan, Austrailia, etc.)

Bottom line, you learn how to keep your business organized, scaled, and operating in a professional way.

Online Retail Mastery | Beau Crabill Course Review

Online Retail Mastery | Beau Crabill Course Review

Beau finishes up the course by turning the camera around and giving you some further solid advice on how to keep your business running.

He also provides a very concise resource library which contains all the written Guides, Checklists, Various Scripts, etc,

These are also downloadable which makes it easy for you to store on your computer’s desktop folder for later use.

You can tell that Beau really cares about seeing others making it in this business…

He obviously put in a lot of time into making his course one of the most value-packed Amazon FBA courses out there.

And…from what I have seen with him, his conduct is not arrogant or boastful like many of the young “gurus” that you may have come across on youtube from time to time.

He is a young man with a vision for the future while genuinely helping out people of all different backgrounds to escape the 9-5 grind.

Online Retail Mastery | Beau Crabill Course Review
Beau, finishing up the course

My overall opinion of the Online Retail Mastery Course

The Good

I have learned a great deal in a short time from Beau and with this knowledge which I have gained, I am already using it to earn additional income.

I see it as an excellent way to invest your money and get exceptional ROI’s. instead of having your money in the bank where it doesn’t gain much interest.

I loved the clear and professional presentation of all the modules.

I also like that beau offers his personal support if you are ever feeling stuck and needing to ask questions related to your business.

Navigational buttons under most videos help you to easily go back or proceed forward to the next lesson by the clicking through:

Online Retail Mastery | Beau Crabill Course Review
Navigational Buttons


However, there are a couple of things that I don’t necessarily like…

The Not S0 Good

$99 Up-sell

  • I disliked the fact that there is an optional upsell of $99 per month “Mastermind Membership” which is displayed to you as soon as you purchase the course.

This will be viewed as off-putting for some people.

As I said it’s optional, so you decide if it’s something you will need for your business.

Here’s what the up-sell comes with…

It comes with a Product Research Software.  The software will take a supplier’s inventory list of up to 5000 Sku’s and funnel it down to profitable products that you can potentially sell on Amazon.

This tool does save a lot of time and if you were to buy it by itself it would cost $39.99/mo.  It’s also web-based which means it will work on either a Macbook or PC just as long as you are connected to the internet.

There is also another piece of software that will pay for itself, by saving you on taxes. (all details is provided to you if you choose to get the upsell)

And Beau also does give Product Double checks…, that means if you find a product that you think will be a good item to sell, you can submit it and have it double checked before buying and sending into Amazon.

And, lastly, you’ll have a monthly exclusive call with Beau himself.

I personally did not invest in the private MasterMind group especially after paying almost a thousand dollars for the full training course.

I understand that this may be one of Beau’s business strategy to scale, however, take it easy here – a lot of people will find a better use for that money – maybe investing in some new inventory or outsourcing tasks.

Promotional Emails

  • Beau also sends out promotional emails from time to time inviting you to LIVE events so be on the lookout for these once you purchase the course.

Apart from those not so good points mentioned, the Online Retail Mastery is a course that I feel proud to recommend without hesitation.

I hope that you have found some value from what I have shared with you here.

Online Retail Mastery

Please also help to let this review reach other people who may be searching Google for an honest Beau Crabill Online Retail Mastery Course Review simply by sharing it on your favorite social media channel.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have below and I will get back to you with a prompt reply.


I wish you success in your Online Selling Business.

Jason Foster (Smart Human Blogger)

Amazon FBA Wholesale Suppliers: Top Questions To Ask Your Suppliers

So you have reached out to tons of Amazon FBA Wholesale Suppliers and created a detailed list, however, you may be stuck wondering the type of questions you should be asking when communicating with them.

Well, no worries my friend, the good news is that you are in the right place to get the right answers.

I have gained valuable experience as it relates to selling professionally on Amazon and I am here to help you out!

So let’s proceed…

Types of Suppliers To Reach Out To

As an Amazon FBA seller selling specifically using the wholesale model, there are 4 types of suppliers you should be reaching out to.

These are as follows:

  • Wholesale Suppliers
  • Distributors
  • Closeout Suppliers
  • Brand Manufacturers

Let us now go over each type of suppliers and what you should be asking them…

Questions To Ask Wholesale Suppliers

The first type of supplier we are going to be looking at is wholesalers.

A wholesaler is someone who buys from distributors, closeout suppliers, and liquidators.

So they are buying the products from other companies to sell to retailers.

These are some questions you should be asking them prior to buying their products…

  • When you bought these, did you buy all of them?
  • And do you know if they were distributed to other companies?

Getting the answers to these questions will help you to determine if you should buy.

Questions To Ask Distributors

Distributors are the type of suppliers who are working directly with the manufacturer/brand such as Nike, Sony, Mattel, Hasbro, etc.

The distributor will buy from these companies in large volumes and resell to wholesalers and retailers.

These are the questions you should be asking a distributor prior to making your purchase order:

Ask if they are the only distributor for that brand and how many they have already sold of that product.

You should also ask them who they have already sold the products to (Brick and mortar, online sellers, etc).

You want to ask these questions because maybe there could be multiple distributors for those same products/brands.

Those other distributors will sell them to your competition on Amazon thus making it more competitive for you.

It is also a good habit to check the actual listing on Amazon to see how many sellers are currently selling the item.

I will usually buy when I see that there are 8 or below other FBA sellers rotating the buy box.

Questions To Ask Closeout Suppliers

A closeout company buys the last remaining products from a brand (manufacturer), distributors or other companies.

Usually, the products will soon be discontinued from the marketplace.

These are the type of products that you will usually get the best deals on for online sellers (highest profit margins).

The one negative about this is that in most cases, you will not be able to go again to re-order since they will most likely be the last of the products on the market.

Here are some questions you want to make sure that you are asking them before you make a purchase:

  • Are these the last of the units on the market?
  • Will there be more and did you buy all of the units when you made the purchase order?

Questions To Ask Brand Manufacturers

A manufacturer; also known as the brand are the creators of the products and pretty much where the supply chain process starts.

The diagram below gives you a visual representation:

Amazon FBA Wholesale Suppliers 1
Image Credit:

When you contact a manufacturer, you want to make sure you ask them for a list of their distributors first.

Usually, big brand name manufacturers do not sell directly to retailers, so you want to make sure you ask them about their list of authorized distributors.

These authorized distributors have huge buying power, so they are able to get the products at the lowest prices overall and you (as a retailer) will, in turn, be able to get the lowest prices.

If the manufacturer is willing to sell to you, you will want to ask these questions:

  • How many other retailers are there?
  • Are the retailers brick and mortar only or are they also supplying online retailers businesses?


I have found that these are the most effective questions you can ever ask Amazon FBA Wholesale Suppliers and they will help you out in your business.

I hope this short article was useful in helping you to know the questions you should be asking your Amazon FBA Wholesale Suppliers.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.  I will be more than happy to help you out on this journey.



Jason Foster.

Kevin David Shopify Course Review by REAL MEMBER

* Kevin David Shopify Course was previously mentioned in the post about Dan Lok High Ticket Closer

Are you dead serious about creating a profitable, and sustainable online business using Shopify Dropshipping?

Well since I have a feeling that you are, this is going to be my full Kevin David’s Shopify Course Review which will help to make this goal become a reality.

I have purchased the course for myself and have gone through the very detailed training, taken ACTION and started seeing results within the first month so I know for sure it works…

By the end of this review, you will be able to make a decision if it’s for you or not.

So without further ado, let’s get to it…

Fact: E-commerce Is HUGELY Profitable!

First, let me tell you that the e-commerce industry is absolutely HUGE!  And Shopify is one of the easiest and best platform out there for you to tap into & create a brand new income$ stream.

When I did some research on, they are estimating that Worldwide Retail E-commerce Sales Will Reach $1.915 Trillion This Year and expected to top $4 trillion by the year 2020.

Just wanted to put this out there so that you can fully understand the money monster industry that we are dealing with here.

Now let me walk you through what the Ninja Masterclass training covers…

What is Kevin David Shopify Course All About?

I got it so I can show you, let’s dive in!

What is Kevin David Shopify Course
Logged in to my account 🙂

Product Name – Shopify Dropshipping Ninja Masterclass

Creator – Kevin David

Rating – ★★★★★

Where To Buy Click Here

Who Is Kevin David?

The one thing you must know about Kevin David is that he is a young master at doing online businesses.

The guy is involved in so many profitable online business ventures, it’s just not funny.

Apart from having his Shopify Dropshipping course, he is an influential Youtuber with over 270K subscribers at the time of this writing…

Kevin David Shopify Course Review
Kevin David’s Youtube Channel of the few REAL DEAL Facebook Ads Expert, affiliate marketing coach and he also sells on Amazon and currently has one of the very BEST Amazon FBA private label courses that you are ever going to find on the market.

Feel free to watch the video interview that he did with Junglescout’s Greg Mercer to learn about his Amazon FBA journey…

Click here to access FBA course >>


Even though Kevin is such a great success story, what I admire most about him is his humility…

He is not like so many gurus out there who boasts about how much money he is making online without even providing any true value.

Instead, what Kevin does is that he actually provides the tools, training, and support needed for you to be successful with Shopify – taking into consideration that you are taking MASSIVE ACTION.

You will see him from time to time in the Private Facebook Shopify Ninja Group offering his personal help, giving advice and just being there for ya (YES, he gives a crap about his students).

Kevin David Shopify Course

I have even personally asked him for his help on FB messenger and he has given me fully detailed replies which have helped my Shopify business to improve.

What Kevin David Shopify Course Is Not

For you to fully understand what Kevin David’s Shopify course is, you will have to be aware of certain things.

First of all, It’s NOT a job where you put in “X” amount of hours and expect to get paid per the hour. NO NO, certainly not.

As a matter of fact, Kevin’s life mission (as noted inside the training) is to free as many people from the unfair corporate slavery jobs going on today.

Kevin David Shopify Course
Kevin’s Life Goal

You should also know that his training IS NOT one of those unethical “get rich quick scheme” you may have seen online promising RIDICULOUS amounts of money in a short period of time.

What Kevin David Shopify Course Is

Kevin’s Shopify Course is a PROVEN, full-time educational dropshipping business training which will require you to buckle down and take ACTION for it to work effectively.

There are specific modules which you will have to follow step-by-step which will ensure your success with Shopify.

I will break down each module for you so that you will have a full idea of what you will be doing once you’re inside the member’s area.

What’s in Kevin David Shopify Member’s Area?

Kevin David Shopify Course Review

I have to say this is one of the MOST content filled courses I have ever encountered since I started my online business back in 2014.

You will see for yourself that Kevin puts in so much time, effort, and dedication into the project.

And his professional aura and enthusiasm shine through within the course.

He even mentioned in his welcome video that this is the course which he is most proud of.

It has brought a lot of success for him and his students so I can see why he feels so accomplished.  And it’s a well-deserved accomplishment IMO.

Now let us dig a little deeper into all the modules for you…

MODULE 1 – Finding Hugely Profitable Products To Dropship On Shopify

I like that Kevin starts out by showing us how to find profitable products FIRST instead of wasting time setting up a store and then doing research afterward.

The majority of other courses out there will typically start their training by telling you to build out your Shopify store first.

This approach is not the right way to do it and I am glad that Kevin started the training this way.

The numbered points below shows you exactly what is covered in the module.

Each training has a high quality over the shoulder video where he shows you how to do each task step-by-step.

Kevin David Shopify CourseIn this module, there is a total of 14 lessons.  It may look a LOT but I have to tell you that Kevin does a great job by breaking them down into bite-sized chunks for you to absorb without feeling overwhelmed.

And you can always take a break whenever time you want and then return to where you left off.

Take a look at what module 1 lessons are below…

  1. Introduction – showing how to navigate and getting the best out of the training

  2. How to select a hugely profitable niche + mistakes to avoid as a new drop shipper

  3. Aliexpress mastery + the only chrome extensions you need to find the worlds best drop shippers

  4. Two simple tricks you need to use to find the best Shopify stores in the world and mimic their strategies

  5. The only paid app you need for Shopify to find the best Shopify stores for any niche

  6. How to find trending products + profitable keywords + the top trafficked Shopify sites

  7. Creative/weird product research methods to find your diamond in the rough products

  8. How to use Amazon to find home-run products to dropship on Shopify

  9. How to use the Shopify app store to find profitable products for free

  10. How to use trade show vendor lists to find profitable and trending product niches

  11. How to make sure you can target your perfect customer before choosing a niche

  12. How to use thieve to find weekly gems on aliexpress

  13. Examples of the entire process and how to replicate the success

NOTE: ***I should also point out that ALL the modules have written resources which will accompany them at the end***

This is especially useful for people who are visually impaired or people who just prefer to read the text rather than watching a video.

You can download them and refer back to them whenever you need to – even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Kevin David Shopify Course


MODULE 2 – World Class Drop Shipping Suppliers

In this module, Kevin shows where you need to go in order to find the most legit, established and lowest priced products suppliers.

He shows techniques on how to communicate with these suppliers – even providing a word for word script to copy, paste and do a bit of personalized editing before sending out.

Kevin David Shopify

He explains the importance of obtaining samples of the products which you will be selling.

Taking this approach will enable you to estimate the shipping wait time and at the same time allowing you to test the quality of the product BEFORE you start selling them to your customers.

You definitely want to do this because you will be building your brand business and you want people to love your product and keep returning to your store.

Kevin shows you the do’s and don’ts as it applies to contact suppliers and making sure that you get the best possible deals.

As I said above, everything is broken down easily without the pressure of getting confused or overwhelmed.

Kevin David Shopify Course

In total, there are 5 training videos with text resources in this module.

Here are the full topics covered…

  1. Alipay and big mistakes to avoid to not get your payment account suspended

  2. Things you need to know before making your first purchases

  3. What to do with wholesalers and entire manufacturer pricing ecosystem overview

  4. How to find the best drop shipping suppliers in the world

  5. Why samples are so important + customs import fees explanation

These are paramount and if you are not implementing these techniques in your Shopify business, the chances of your success will be very slim.


MODULE 3 – Shopify Store Optimization

Now with this module, Kevin gets into the store creation part of the business which makes sense at this time because you would have most likely found your profitable products/niche.

There are a total of 15 lessons in this module as you will see below.  This is totally a very important step and must be followed exactly how Kevin shows you.

This was an exciting part of the course for me because I was sitting there and it’s like creating a fine piece of art from an empty canvas.

It’s amazing to see what the apps inside the Shopify App store are able to do to your site.

And the best thing is that it’s simple to do plus Kevin makes it even more super simple by first doing it then all I do is follow and take the action.

Kevin David Shopify Course

Again, I have outlined all the lessons included in this module for you.

  1. The best Shopify theme and why you need to use it for mobile optimization

  2. The best Shopify settings and why using them will save you 100’s of hours of pain

  3. How to set up your custom domain name the right way…

  4. How to import products from aliexpress + make collections + menus + contact us page

  5. How to set up your product titles and listing descriptions the right way (to convert to sales)

  6. How to set up MailChimp and your abandoned cart sequence

  7. How to set up reviews for your products to increase conversions

  8. How to set up automated coupon distribution with product receipts

  9. How to add a pop up that gets you more customer email addresses

  10. How to add a countdown timer to your product listings and increase conversions through scarcity

  11. How to add product upsells to increase average cart size and your store’s profitability

  12. How a print on demand Shopify app added an additional 10k per month in revenue

  13. How to navigate your theme like a pro and optimize your stores feel for higher sales

  14. How to automatically fulfill your orders the right way

  15. How to set up google analytics to make data-driven store optimizations in the future

Kevin David Shopify Course


MODULE 4 – Marketing Explosion

Module 4 is the most IMPORTANT course as it covers all you need to know about effectively marketing your Shopify Store.

This aspect is extremely critical because, without it, you would not be able to reach people to buy your products.

Kevin is an expert in this area and he even recently created a new & already very popular Facebook Ads Course which is helping a lot of students to find success in not just Shopify dropshipping but other types of online businesses.

I mean literally, if you go to youtube and do a search for “Facebook Ads”, you would find video results from Kevin David showing you how to run a successful Facebook Ads business starting from scratch.

For example, this one hour video below has over 1 million youtube views so you can just imagine the sheer value that he gives out for free and how in-demand this information is!shopify dropshipping ninja masterclass In total, there are 19 training video lessons about Facebook + Instagram marketing.

One of the most powerful techniques I learned in the module is where Kevin shows how to get social proof for my ads – and it’s crazy how low the costs are to get this done…

This is so powerful – when I tried it out for the first time even I was shocked to see that people were liking, commenting, and sharing my ads which made it way easier for me to get sales when I started doing my conversion ads.

As Kevin says, this is one of the biggest secrets that many big players in the e-commerce space will never share with their students because they know that once you learn this, then you are headed for the big bucks – and they don’t really want you to succeed nor want the competition.

Well too bad for them!  Kevin holds nothing back and that is why his training stands out so much and some of his competition envies him for this reason.

All I know is that this technique has worked and will continue to work for me as I keep building out new ads.

Take a look at the full breakdown of all the current training within module 4…

kevin david shopify course

  1. How to set up your Facebook ads account the right way + overview of FB ads

  2. Understanding Facebook advertising vocabulary + the big 3 things you need to succeed with FB ads

  3. How to master Facebook marketing objectives + the advertising lifecycle

  4. How to laser target your audience – mastering the art of facebook

  5. Conquering the heart of Facebook ads = detailed targeting section

  6. How to create a Facebook ad that converts over and over again

  7. How to Get Social Proof for YOUR ADS for Pennies on the Dollar

  8. Intro to Split Testing + How to Use Conversion Campaigns the Right Way

  9. How to Utilize the Power of Micro Split Testing to Quickly Find Winning Ads Even When You’re On a Budget

  10. How to Use Automation Rules to Save Yourself Time and Scale FASTER Than You Thought Possible

  11. How Long Should You Run Your Ads and at What Daily Budget

  12. The art of retargeting for profitable campaigns + custom audience building

  13. How to optimize your campaigns to pause losers and scale winners

  14. How to use influencers to explode sales + get bloggers to write about your store

  15. How to use email marketing to double your sales

  16. Facebook advertising from start to finish + Instagram ads

  17. How to Use DPA’s for Shopify to Retarget Your Customers Automatically

  18. One of the most important section of this course (how to automate split tests and make your life easy)

  19. What to do if Your Ad Account is Disabled (Plus How to Prevent it)


MODULE 5 – Scaling and Expansion

I have to admit that I have not fully completed this module as yet but did go over the content briefly.

But you know what…at the same time, it is not a must for me at this time since what I have learned so far from module 1-4 is more than enough to keep my Shopify business going.

Furthermore, I keep occupied by doing affiliate marketing and also recently started selling on Amazon’s FBA platform.

Module 5 covers mostly automation and outsourcing which are skills all serious entrepreneurs MUST have when it’s time to start scaling their business.

It involves utilizing the Google Analytics tool to get insightful information on all visitors to your website, the powerful Facebook pixel training which teaches you how to acquire new customers, therefore, increasing overall sales.

Further along in this module, you will also get introduced to the print on demand business side of Shopify drop shipping as well as how to sell higher priced ticket products which can give you up to $100 profit per sale.

This is high-level stuff and as soon as I get around to it, I will be diving in again to further build up my online income.Kevin David Shopify Course

So as usual, here is the full module breakdown for you to see what’s there…

  1. How to maintain a laser focus and scale your store through analytics

  2. How to interpret google analytics to make data-driven decisions

  3. How to use the google analytics behavior and e-commerce reports

  4. How to find out insights into your audience to use to further narrow your advertising

  5. How to find out exactly where you’re acquiring your customers

  6. How to get creative with your custom + lookalike audiences to split test and scale

  7. How to use your facebook pixel to increase conversion via custom URL audiences

  8. How to use offline events to make your pixel and conversion audiences smarter

  9. How to add on page customer service to get more sales and optimize your product listings

  10. How to hire and use virtual assistants to 10x your productivity

  11. How to use fomo to increase on page conversions

  12. How to use snapchat ads to explode your traffic

  13. How to use manychat to automate your Facebook page messages

  14. How I made 5.5k in ONE day on Shopify using polarizing topics and finding my audience first

  15. How to Scale Successful Products to get Faster Shipping Time and More Sales and Conversions

  16. Intro to Print on Demand

  17. How To Sell High Ticket Products On Shopify ($100+ Profit Per Sale)

Kevin David Shopify Course


Module 5 is officially the last module within the FULL course, however, the content doesn’t stop there…

Kevin David Shopify

Once inside the member’s area, you will notice that on the right side of the dashboard, there is a unique opportunity showing you how to get the course for free.

And this is NOT a click-bait title either.  Let me explain so that you will understand…

How to Get Kevin David Shopify Course For FREE?

How is it that you will be able to get the course for free when you already invested your money?  Does this make sense?

Well, this is how it goes…

When you have gone through the course and found it to be useful and effective, Kevin allows you to share it with other people.

When you share it using the unique affiliate link assigned to you and someone purchases it through that link, you will receive 41% of the sale.

This means that if you were to share it with just 2 of your friends, you would have made back the money that you paid for the course.

Not to boast of anything here, but I have shared it with others on numerous occasions and have earned commissions doing so…

Kevin David Shopify Course

Kevin will give you full instructions + Significant Advertising Resources shared in the affiliate area for you to get even better results!

This is really a win-win situation and is also a very generous offer.

HINT: You can even get a sweeter deal by investing in the full course here & entering the code NINJA500 into the promo code box.

So instead of paying the full price of $997, you would end up paying $497.

This, my friend, is a no-brainer deal for sure…

Shopify Dropshipping Ninja Masterclass

NOTEThis offer may not be up for too long, so make sure to take advantage NOW before it’s no longer available.

Shopify Dropshipping Ninja Masterclass BONUSES

The BONUSES included in the Shopify Dropshipping Ninja Masterclass are focused on scaling up your Shopify business.

There are 3 bonuses in total…

(1) Trending niches for this coming year and how to make a huge profit from them:

This is the largest bonus here with a PDF guide containing 13 pages in total plus the 8-minute long video which explains how to use this resource effectively.

Kevin David Shopify Course
BONUS  Video #1

(2) Creating an on-demand T-shirt empire:

For this BONUS, you will learn how to create a full scale made to order business which is not just limited to T-shirts.

The information which is given shows techniques on how to apply the print on coffee mugs, yoga pads, pillows, etc.

The video training extends to over 30 minutes and shows how to use the TeeLaunch app which will be the main tool needed to apply the designs to the particular merchandise.

Kevin shows from scratch how to outsource the designs, advertising and having them ready for sale on your Shopify store.

Kevin David Shopify Course Review
BONUS  Video #2

(3) Using ClickFunnels to 10x sales on your Shopify Store:

In this BONUS lesson, Kevin shows us how to use the software, Clickfunnels to maximize our Shopify sales.

He gives away a FREE fully built drop shipping funnel which he normally charges his clients up to $2K to build.

You should also know that the training is not a full blown course on Clickfunnels…

It’s simply a high-level introduction to the platform, however, what he shows in the video is sufficient enough to get the funnel fully functional and ready for conversions.

Kevin David Shopify Course
BONUS  Video #3


Shopify Ninja Masterclass Mini-course – What is it?

Taking a closer look at the Ninja Masterclass Mini-course, you will realize that it’s exactly what the name suggests…

Basically, Kevin compiled the top 5 videos from the 5 MAIN modules as introductory videos.

This is a way to present the material to students who may have a bit more experience selling on Shopify.

However, I WOULD NOT recommend that you jump right into the mini course if you are brand new to this business model.

You have to go through the full course to make sure that you get the overall fundamental principles of how you will be selling successfully on Shopify.

Kevin David Shopify Course
Mini-course outline

Phew, I know that was a lot of information to take in but I just want to make sure that you got all the information about the course before you invested in yourself.

I can stand behind the course and give it my approval to the fullest.

What I Like

I love how Kevin has intense enjoyment & eagerness to deliver the goods when teaching the course.

He doesn’t let the course become boring nor overwhelming even though he goes through hours of video and written content.

The support which is available in the Facebook Ninja group is useful because sometimes you have a question and other members of different skill level will be able to point you in the right direction.

Each module comes with written material which can be downloaded and saved for future use even without connection to the internet.

I like that there is a SCAM FREE environment where serious entrepreneurs can focus on learning, and building a long-term profitable business.

There are many other things that I truly love about the Shopify Ninja training that if I were to list them all here it would take up a lot more space in this review.

I think it’s better we move on…don’t’ you think?

What I Don’t Like

Hmmm…let me see…

Honestly, I can’t find anything that I don’t like about Kevin David Shopify Course.

I know that usually when you read reviews, you are expecting to find something negative which would make the review appear more open and honest but unfortunately, this is not the case.

The only thing I can say is that sometimes Kevin speaks a bit fast during the video training, however, this can be fixed easily by pausing the video, rewinding and pressing play again to get the full context.

This is how I get the most from any videos which appear to be fast-paced.


So there you have it – the full breakdown of Kevin David’s Shopify Ninja Masterclass Course 🙂

I hope that you have found it useful and I know that when you do decide to enroll, you are going to really find it refreshingly rewarding.

This is your chance to become financially free by working for yourself.

Click the Button Below to IMMEDIATELY Join the Ninja Family!

And remember to use the code NINJA500 to take off $500.

Kevin David Shopify Course

>>>Get The Shopify Ninja Masterclass

Talk soon and if you have ANY questions please let me know in the comment section below!

Jason Foster (SHB)

Where to learn Affiliate Marketing: The Best Sources Online

So I am guessing that you just searched in Google “where to learn affiliate marketing” and landed on this page, am I right?

Well, if that is the case then I have good news for you…

This is the right article which will show you EXACTLY where you need to go.

I am going to provide you with the most trusted, honest, secure and effective affiliate marketing platforms that you are ever going to find online.

This will enable you to follow their already PROVEN training laid out step-by-step (over the shoulder) which will enable you to build your very own profitable online business.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

What is affiliate marketing by the way?

Easy.  It’s an online business model where you are simply promoting other people’s products or services via a website, youtube video, social media channel, etc, in exchange for commissions ($$$).

Wikipedia has an entire page dedicated to explaining it.  This is how they have put it:

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

A simple example of this is writing an article about “the best coffee maker 2018”, then learning how to get it ranked on page 1 of Google like this:

Where to learn Affiliate Marketing

Commissions are earned whenever a reader clicks on an affiliate link within the article and makes a purchase.

I am sure that you have used Google to search for information on something and ended up making a purchase – I too have done this on numerous occasions.

Many people are creating content each day and earning a lot of money behind the scenes without the knowledge of the person doing the search.

That is why it’s important that you get access to the very best affiliate marketing training and learn the skills which will enable you to capitalize off this massive number of traffic (people).

The mentality you need to have in this business.

I have to be upfront with you and let you know that the majority of people who enter into an affiliate marketing business will fail.

The main reason is that some people come into the industry with the wrong mentality and expectation.

First of all, it’s not a J.O.B and it’s certainly not a get rich scheme or a business where you do no work and expect to get paid out.

You have to know that there is a lot of research and content creation involved, and you also need to know that it takes time for your hard work to be recognized by the search engines like Google and

Do not expect to start getting page 1 rankings as soon as you publish an article – you will have to gain trust and authority as you build out your business.

Having said that: you should know that affiliate marketing isn’t hard to do.

Learn affiliate marketing from the best sources

When starting out with affiliate marketing, you want to ensure that you are not getting outdated and incorrect information.

This could spell trouble for your business and will make your efforts fail miserably.  Not to mention the precious time you would have wasted.

You want to make sure that you have access to experienced people who have already trod the road and will be able to steer you in the right directions, instead of letting you struggle and make silly mistakes.

You also want to make sure that you know the right tools to utilize for best results.

I will let you know which tools are most important further below…

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course – #2

The first affiliate marketing training course I want to tell you about is the one offered by Mark Ling over at Affilorama

Where to learn Affiliate Marketing

I have personally been through the affilorama training platform for myself and I have to say that the content is good, however, not as good at the #1 training I will let you know about after I finish up with the details here.

This is what affilorama offers:

First of all, they offer a free basic membership which will give you access to their 80 plus video tutorials with written notes covering the basics about setting up your affiliate marketing business, search engine optimization, PPC, along with interviews from experienced marketers.

Premium training: 

The affilorama premium training will cost $67 each month to keep accessing the service.  There is also an option to get the first month for $1 to give it a good test run before fully committing.

In addition to the 80+ videos which are available in the free membership, there are several more videos added to premium, another service called AffiloMagazine which comes with a monthly webinar, additional interviews as well as other resources.

It is basically an enhancement of the free membership.

That is why they have also included optional up-sells that you want to make sure that you are aware of.

These will include:

Affilojetpack for $997 – a done-for-you-system for individuals who would prefer to avoid the grunt work while professionals get the work done.

And even though I say “done for you”, that does not mean that you do nothing at all.  You will still be responsible to create content for your site and do promotion to get traffic.

AffiloBlueprint for $197 – This is a 12 weeks video and text guide showing how to set up an affiliate website.  Within the course there is homework for members to complete, enabling them to stay on track and produce results

Members who choose AffiloBlueprint will also have free access to the affilorama premium training for a month.

Pathway To Passive for $37– This is the latest product offered by Affilorama.  It focuses on helping newbies to find profitable niches, how to attract customers and convert them into buyers.

And lastly, I have to let you know about the AffiloTools which is not an up-sell but rather a service which is included in the premium membership.

This is what it includes:

  • Search Engine data
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Stats Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Site Health
  • Backlink Builder

These are essential marketing tools because they deal with the pre-research aspect of the business which is critical to get your business profitable for the long term.

Apart from the up-sells available at Affilorama, it is truly solid and one that you must consider pursuing if you are serious about succeeding in the business of affiliate marketing.

Learn More About  Affilorama Here >>

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course – #1

Now, when it comes to having a complete all-in-one, high success rate affiliate marketing training, nothing I see out there compares to Wealthy Affiliate.

Where to learn Affiliate Marketing
The homepage of Wealthy Affiliate

I absolutely love the service and I have been there since September of 2014.

Let me just tell you about it so that you will be able to get a better understanding and appreciation for the platform.

First, it free to signup without any BS >>

This free membership will allow you to access 10 fact-filled and action taking courses with HQ vidoes and text to read.

Here are the topics:

  • Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate & Affiliate Marketing 
  • Understanding How to Make Money Online
  • Choosing a Niche
  • Building Your Own Niche Website
  • Setting Up Your Website
  • Getting Your Site Ready for the Search Engines
  • Creating Your Initial Website Content
  • Creating Custom Menus on Your Website
  • Understanding Keywords
  • Recap & Upgrade to Premium

This lessons are designed to get you taking action as you learn what to do from the videos and texts.

Within each lesson, you will see that there are tasks to be ticked off which will keep you organized and on track.

Where to learn Affiliate Marketing

As you can see from Lesson 10, it shows your next steps.

This is where the video coach will introduce you to the premium membership level which is the level where you have FULL access to the entire tools and twenty-four-hour support inside the community.

This training consists of:

  • 50 Affiliate Marketing Lessons (fully updated)
  • Weekly Live Training on advanced internet marketing topics
  • Tons of Community Training on a wide range of topics

Here is a little snap of the first sets of lessons included in the premium membership:

 50 Affiliate Marketing Lessons Weekly Live Training on advanced internet marketing topics Thousands of Community Training on a wide range of topics

The cost of this premium membership is $49 per month at the time of me writing this or $359 per year which is a ridiculous and crazy discount when you do the maths.  Trust me, you are not going to find this deal anywhere else for such a high-quality, world-class training.

There are so many people seeing success with affiliate marketing over at Wealthy Affiliate and many of them share it with the community.

You can always see these success stories upon securing your membership and going to the WA main dashboard.

Obviously, you can see that I am a much bigger fan of WA than I am of Affiliorama.  I mean, I know a higher quality and value when I see it, so naturally, I have to recommend it as the top choice for you to learn affiliate marketing.

Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate Here >>


I hope I have helped to show you where to learn affiliate marketing today.

With so many options on the market, it can be SO confusing and overwhelmiing for you.

I have been through the research phase where you are now and I can safely tell you that these platforms are the best two – hands down.

If you happen to know of any other that is comparable or even better,  I would love to know about them so that I will be able to add it here to help others.

I’ve tried:

  1. Internet Jetset…
  2. Chris Farell Membership…
  3. Powerhouse Affiliate…
  4. Udemy courses…
  5. Clickbank…

And several others.

I find that Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama are the two most professional and trusted out there.  They have both been in business since 2005 and 2006 respectively.

Don’t waste time on shiny objects that promise you all type of crap.

Just pick one of the two courses here, take the training, commit yourself, and most importantly, TAKE ACTION to achieve your goals.

Do let me know how I can be of any assistance to you because I love giving back in any way I can and meeting new aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself 🙂


Talk soon.


Your pal,

Jason (SHB)

Chris Winters Kallzu Ads: Does It Work?

So, recently I have been getting these frequent emails from internet marketer Greg Jacobs promoting Chris Winters Kallzu Ads training…

Chis Winters Kallzu Ads
Emails from Greg Jacobs

You may have been getting these emails too or even seen it advertised on Google or social media.

Chris Winters Kallzu Ads
Chris Winters

If you watched the video webinar as I did, you would see that Chris Winters has an awesome story and he appears to be a legit guy who knows what he is talking about.

I have to admit that his sales page did get me intrigued and I was almost at a point where I would have jumped in.

But before I got carried away by another “shiny object”, I had to do some background checks for myself.

You know how it is with all the scams going around online right?  You just can’t be too careful these days…

And don’t get me wrong here…I am not saying that his training is a scam because from what I have seen it’s definitely not the case.

By the way, I also welcome you to leave your honest feedback (negative or positive) below the comment section if you have enrolled in the training.

Share with the community your experience because trust me, this will be very helpful for other people who may want to invest and not sure if they should pull the trigger or not.

My investigations…

One of the very first places I went to investigate was on the KallZu Ads Facebook group page…

Chis Winters Kallzu Ads

To join the group, I had to pay the price for the full course (which I didn’t).

What I personally don’t like about online training such as KallZu Ads is that they don’t offer at least a free limited version so that people can get a taste of it before jumping all the way in.

And I know that there is a 3-pay option, but still, there could have been a “try before you buy” option like those you have access to in the iPhone stores.

Oh, and I get it that Chris may want to filter through the broke people/tire kickers and get to the people who have big dollars to invest right off the bat, but you get my point…

Chis Winters Kallzu Ads

As you can see from the KallZu Facebook Ads coaching group above, you definitely have to purchase the course by going to the web address: before you can be accepted.

It’s the link where I watched the webinar which broke down the Google Call Only Ads model which I must say is quite brilliant.

See the visual model explained here >>

You can also watch the full video replay here or below if you have not yet done so…

Pay Per Call Adwords : 2 Ways To Profit By Delivering $2 LIVE Calls

Pay Per Call Adwords : 2 Ways To Profit By Delivering $2 LIVE Calls On this call I will teach you: ✅ Step-by-step how I deliver LIVE phones to my offline customers for about $2 dollar and charge them $40+ dollar per call. ✅ How i deliver over 500 calls per month to my clients and profit per call about $38 dollars $$$ ✅ How I deliver the same $2 live calls to affiliate offers and make about $25 per call (not a sale.. just a call). This is perfect if you don't want to deal with offline clients. ✅ I will share my adwords account and show you step by step how to set up profitable Pay Per Call Adwords Campaign.

Posted by Chris Winters on Thursday, June 14, 2018

I also contacted several of the persons on FB messenger who were featured in the webinar as testimonials.

So far, one person has replied and you can see a little exchange of our conversation below…

Chris Winters Kallzu Ads
FB Messenger 1


Chris Winters Kallzu Ads
FB Messenger 2

Even though everything looks & sounds quite fine and dandy, I always notice ONE thing about online training in general:

They make everything sound SO easy.

They almost never tell you the difficulty you will have to endure when you actually get down and start building your business.

Therefore, I have a question that I need to know the answer to – and maybe those of you who have been through the training may be able to answer:

Working with local businesses

First of all, if I decide to go the route of contacting local businesses directly (plumbers, dentists, lawyers etc), how easy is it to find and work with them?

And aren’t they already bombarded with other marketers calling them consistently?

Chris Winters Kallzu ads
Easy or hard to find?

The reason why I ask is that I remember when I was just starting out with my Amazon FBA business when I was looking for suppliers, most of them ONLY worked with brick and mortar businesses and not online sellers like myself.

It was very difficult to land a deal and this would get me frustrated at times.

So I would like to get some solid feedback on this aspect of the Google Call Only Ads model.

What I think and what I am doing at the moment

Judging by what I have seen so far, I have to say that the whole concept is another great online earning opportunity.

The idea of delivering calls to local businesses and getting paid for it is just quite thrilling!

And Chris offers two options in his video…

  1. You can contact the business owners directly, or…
  2. You can work as an affiliate where you don’t need to speak to anyone.

Even though I have not made an investment in the training, it’s still possible that I may do it soon.

For now, I will continue to focus on affiliate marketing and building up my Amazon FBA business selling name brand products.

These are 2 business models that I really love and it’s always a good idea to have multiple sources of income coming in to sustain a certain lifestyle.

Affiliate marketing is the business with the lowest barrier to entry and still one of the most profitable where anyone can start with a low investment.

You can click on the hyperlink above or here to get more details on how you can start.

Now to conclude…

I hope that current & past members of the Chris Winters Kallzu Ads coaching group will be able to chime in and share their honest experiences as it relates to the training, support, and tools available inside the member’s area.

I want to keep this as an open forum where anyone searching online for unbiased answers will be able to get it right here.

If I happen to enroll, I will be sure to document my journey with you and it will help you to make a sound decision.

And as usual, I want to encourage you to keep going towards high goals in life.

There are so many great opportunities online that can easily replace the typical 9-5 grind.

A lot of ordinary people are taking full advantage of it and you are able to do the same.

Think about what you have interest in or what you are passionate about because this will make the journey a much more pleasant one.

Thank you for taking your time to read and I also want to thank Greg Jacobs for sending me those emails because without them this post would not be possible.


Talk soon,

Jason (SHB)

Is Affiliate Marketing Hard? – This May Surprise You.

I got started out in affiliate marketing back in 2014 and I am still doing it up to this very day.

I think it is still one of the easiest and most sustainable ways for anyone to get started with an online business.

However, what I have realized is that many people start out with the wrong mentality – thinking that the process of getting an affiliate marketing business set up is easy as 1-2-3 and doesn’t require any hard work.

So since I have gained valuable experience over the years, I will give some insights into the question that’s on a lot of people’s mind: “Is affiliate marketing hard?”

First, you should know that there are several ways to do affiliate marketing…

You can choose to do YouTube videos, Pay Per Click (PPC), Cost Per Action/Acquisition (CPA), Blogging/SEO.

Let me show you how each of these methods works and which one I focus most of my energy on to earn affiliate commissions.

Youtube – How It Works For Affiliate Marketing

This is how it works if you choose to do Youtube as your preferred way of marketing goods or services.

For this example, I will use Yoga Mats as the product.

Let us say someone goes to Youtube and was looking for information on the stickiest Yoga mat.

He or she would search for “what is the stickiest yoga mat” or something close to that query.

From the search results, the user would most likely select the first video since it would most likely provide the best answer (as shown in the screenshot below)

is affiliate marketing hard

Within the selected video description, you will see that the Youtuber has affiliate links going to the product page on

That means that if someone were to go & click any of the Amazon affiliate links and makes a purchase within 24 hours, she would earn a commission.

You can also see that she has an online store link which will also give her credit if someone were to click through and make a purchase.


Now let us take a look at how affiliate marketing works with Pay Per Click.

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC affiliate marketing is where you pay Google (or other search engines) to display your web page on the top of the search results.

You will see these results from time to time whenever you search Google for something:

Is Affiliate Marketing Hard

It’s a great way to get your business to earn online, however, you could lose a lot of money if your page is not converting your visitors.

That is why as an affiliate marketer, you have to make sure that you are providing excellent advice and recommending relevant products or services to your audience.

You have to focus on helping instead of selling to them. People are able to know if you are being genuine or not, so be mindful of this.

Now we are going to take a quick look at CPA affiliate marketing then finish off with my top favorite free method; SEO.

I will then show you where you need to go to get top-notch affiliate marketing training.

Cost Per Action Marketing

I am not an expert in this field of marketing, however, I know the basics of it.

You see there are companies out there that will pay you to get someone to put their information (name, email address, phone number etc) into an opt-in form.

These companies are able to pay out its affiliates because they know that once they get someone’s email, name and phone number, they will then be able to contact them and eventually persuade them to make a purchase.

The advantage of this type of marketing is that a sale doesn’t have to happen in order for you to get paid.

The most well-known CPA networks that come to mind are:

MaxBounty and OfferVault.

SEO – My Chosen Affiliate Marketing Method

I absolutely love doing SEO to get my articles ranked high on Google.

If you don’t know what SEO means then allow me to explain it to you…

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

This is the skill that marketers like myself use to get pages and posts to show up when you search for something online, and it’s totally free to do it.

Remember how I broke down how it works on Youtube?

Well, it is the same thing, except that it’s been done in the search engines.

This is a true long-term business building strategy and many other people have been doing it for years.

People write helpful, engaging content targeting specific keywords that other people are searching for.

The more helpful you are, the more you are able to get higher rankings and therefore, a great opportunity to monetize your site and earn commissions from recommended goods and services.

So, is affiliate marketing hard?

From what you have seen explained to you so far, would you say that it’s hard?

It can be based on your situation and your current mindset.

If you are in urgent need of money, then it will seem very hard, especially when you have to wait several months after the researching, the writing, and not seeing your posts and pages ranking on the first page.

One of the key things is to be sure to approach this business with the expectation that you are not going to be profitable right away.

It took me 7 months before I was able to make my very first commission. It could have happened a lot faster if I was more focused and had the right mentality.

So I wouldn’t say that affiliate marketing is hard.

It is one of the most lucrative and rewarding online careers that I am thankful that I found.

I have seen so much success and I have seen so many others experienced their own success.

With the right training and the right mentors around, you can make it big time in this business.

With that being said, I am going to recommend what I see as the best platform for anyone at any level to be successful at affiliate marketing.

You will be able to learn the skills you need to get your website page and posts ranked in the search engines enabling you to recommend goods and services that will help your readers.

And this will result in you earning commissions!

The Affiliate Marketing Training I recommend for you.

Let me just tell you that I have tried much affiliate marketing training over the years and ONE place continues to surpass them all in regards to frequent updates, support, community, easy website builders, world-class keyword tool and a whole lot of successful members.

Just take a look at these screenshots I took from within the membership area to see what I mean…

Oh…and just so you know, these are REAL normal people just like me and you who followed a proven training and simply took action..,

Is affiliate marketing hard

This member sold his website for $40K…

Is affiliate marketing hard

You will be able to read many of these success stories once you are inside the community…

Is affiliate marketing hard

Is affiliate marketing hard

Is affiliate marketing hard

This is just a very small fraction of the success stories you will see when you get started.

I have to be honest with you now and I am not hyping it up just so that I can make a commission off you.

I wholeheartedly know that this training platform will be so valuable to you. I suspect you will thank me for letting you know about it.

I won’t go into how good it is. I want you to see it for yourself and you can be the judge.

It’s also free to signup which is unheard of in this industry.

Just remember that YOU are going to have to put in the time, effort, energy and dedication to make this work for you just like it has worked for me and the thousands of other folks.

Here is the link to sign up for free – make this opportunity count!


Affiliate marketing can be totally fun. It doesn’t have to be hard. Get rid of doubt, indecision and fear out of your mind at this very moment because your financial future depends on it.

I hope that I was able to help you out today. If you have any questions at all, please ask below.

I look forward to connecting more with you.


Your pal,

Jason (SHB)

How I Earn Money Online – And How You Can Too!

Hey there my friend 🙂

Thank you SO much for stopping by.

The purpose of me writing this is to show you How I Earn Money Online and how you can ultimately do the same once you have the burning desire to do so.

I will offer my help to you who have not yet gotten started with an online business and would like to add an additional source of income.

I am a person who likes being in control of my own income and that is why I got started in the first place.

I am assuming that you are also that type of person — tired of slaving away for others as you build up THEIR dreams.

The world-famous investor Warren Buffet has this to say in the below quote:

How I Earn Money Online

It resonated with me the very first time I saw it.

I am happy that I was able to discover how to earn multiple sources of income which now allows me to literally earn money while I sleep.

How I Earn Money Online
Recent Income from one of my affiliate accounts

And just so you know, I am not here to brag like fake gurus you see out there all the time enticing you with hype cars, mansions, and earning screenshots.

I am just here simply letting you know that there are plenty of ways that money is earned online and that it can also be done by YOU.

When you truly apply these earning methods which I will share with you, then you will be able to earn REAL full-time income strictly from the comfort of your home or wherever you choose to be.

Why do I want to help you?

Well…I want to help because I know that many of you who read this are still struggling and don’t really know who to trust when it comes to getting solid advice and step-by-step training about making money online.

After all, there are many scams and unethical people out there who are just after other people’s wallets.

Quite frankly, I am sick of it and I want to show you how I have personally avoided the frauds while being able to continuously create an online income which I use to support myself and family.

So who I am?

My name is Jason Foster.

I am an online entrepreneur and the founder of this site Smart Human Blogger.

I do blogging, affiliate marketing, Shopify Dropshipping and recently started selling on Amazon as another way to add to my income stream.

Here is a recent photo of me so that you can see that I am a real LIVE person…

Jason Foster - How I Earn Money Online
This is me 🙂

I am just a normal person who was born into poverty…

I did not attend college or university.

However, what I do is think about achieving success all the time while I take MASSIVE ACTION each and every single day I am blessed to see.

I do a lot of reading and listening.

I focus on positive energies and vibrations.

I surround myself with like-minded, influential people both offline and online.

I have learned from Napoleon Hill (the greatest success teacher, IMO) that whatever you think about most often and repeat to yourself, that is what you will become.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and beleive, it can acheive” – Napoleon Hill.

This is not a mumbo-jumbo fairy tale stuff.

I can firmly say that this is the purest form of truth and it has worked for and continue to work for me – and millions of other people across the globe.

If you have not yet read any of Napoleon Hill’s writing, then I strongly suggest you get started with a copy of Think and Grow Rich” from wherever you buy books.

Or obtain a free PDF version or free audio on Youtube.

I really cannot recommend it enough for you — it’s a life transformational book.

Now, here are the ways how I earn income online.

The main way how I am able to earn income online is through affiliate commissions.

For me, it has proven to be a great long-term income building strategy.

And it’s not difficult to tap into either, once you have the proper guidance and the right education.

Watch the video that I made for you that explains it…

You just want to be able to create content for a specific audience by either writing, speaking, doing youtube videos, etc.

You will then need to learn how and where to put your affiliate links for better conversions.

I do mostly writing to get content online to my audience.

And I think that this will still be the best way to share information on a wide scale for the rest of our lifetime.

Where should you get started with affiliate marketing?

As I mentioned in my article about the Dan Lok High Ticket Closer program, you will see that I recommend the very best training sources for you to learn affiliate marketing.

Based on my experience, I see Wealthy Affiliate as the real deal community to start as this will give you an advantage over other affiliate training platforms.

How I earn money online
Wealthy Affiliate Homepage


Well, they provide the step-by-step beginner friendly training which shows you how to get everything set up from research to ranking your articles in the search engines.

They are less expensive than all the other programs out there that I have seen and recommend.

You get personal access to the CEOs of the company as well as all other members with various experience levels.

They have a free starter membership which you can try out for 7 days before you make the decision if it’s for you or not.

Once you are able to recognize the value within the 7-days period, then you will have the option to upgrade your membership to premium.

You can see the comparison below to get a better understanding:

How I Earn Money Online
Wealthy Affiliate

Other solid affiliate marketing training

You can find other good affiliate training sources online such as…

  • Internet Jetset
  • Affilorama

However, from my experience with the above platforms, I would rate Affilorama as the second best behind Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are looking to become successful doing affiliate marketing, then I would suggest you start exploring the sources I have mentioned and see which one is right for you.

Side note

I also want to point out one other affiliate marketing source for you.

If you are the type of person who prefers to have someone or a company to get the hard work done for you, then there’s a solution.

Human Proof Designs is a site that builds and sells ready-made niche websites.How I make Money Online

They have done all the keyword research and will write the articles which stand a great chance of getting page one rankings in Google.

I have personally invested in their service and have seen good results.

It will cost you a significant amount of money if you choose to go ahead with it, but it also provides peace of mind knowing that you have experts doing the work and producing results.

Head over to to learn more about what they have to offer.

Now, let us take a look at a couple more online earning methods I use…

Shopify Dropshipping – Another great money maker

Shopify Dropshipping is another way how I have personally used the internet to earn additional revenue.

I got started in this business while I was researching how to set up Shopify properly after I had signed up for a free account.

During my research, what I have come to realize is that there are many fake gurus out there pushing dropshipping courses on Facebook and youtube.

To be honest with you, many of the “training” that I have come across is just plain garbage and hype.

If you were to go to youtube and type in fake Shopify gurus, you will find tons of videos exposing them.

Here is one such video:

You just have to be careful not to fall into the trap of trusting some of these guys and start familiarizing yourself with…

…the AUTHENTIC Shopify Dropshipping training courses

To save you time and headache, I have researched and found the genuine Shopify dropshipping courses which you can leverage.

The first one I want to tell you about is Ecom Elites by Franklin Hatchett.

Ecom Elites Franklin Hatchett

This is the least expensive Shopify dropshipping course out there at the time of me writing this and there is a Facebook community of over 1300 members.

This means that if you happen to get stuck as you are going through the training, you will be able to reach out to someone who could offer you good advice and guidance.

The content that you get within the course is value packed…

There are over 150 video tutorials, plus the course is updated every week with live webinars to keep you updated on the latest trends and changes in the e-com space.

It’s definitely worth taking a look into…

Now, the next training is what I have followed to learn the FULL process of selling successfully on Shopify.

Kevin David’s Shopify Ninja Masterclass is what I am referring to.

Kevin David Shopify

I personally love the way Kevin interacts with his students within his videos and how genuine he is.

He goes in-depth on all topics related to selling on Shopify and doesn’t leave anything out at all.

His course contains 5 modules in total (as shown below) along with bonuses which covers topic such as:

  1. Trending niches for the coming year and how to make a huge profit from them
  2. How to create an on-demand T-shirt business (this one is very profitable)
  3. How to use the click funnel software to 10X sales and conversions.

How I Earn Money Online

This is ONE course you don’t want to miss out on when it comes to learning the true art of selling successfully on Shopify.

And the good thing is that you can check out his free webinar here to get the full details before you decide to enroll in the course.

Another great earning method – Amazon FBA

I am still relatively new to selling on Amazon, however, I have to say that I am getting a hang of it.

And this one will most likely turn out to be the most profitable for me and my business partner in the coming years.

I also want to point out that what I am doing is the wholesale/online retail method of selling.

What this means is that I am reaching out to authorized suppliers (manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers) to build a relationship so that we will be able to buy their brand name products in bulk quantities.

When this happens, all I have to do is have those products shipped directly to one of Amazon’s warehouses.

Amazon will then handle all the packing, picking, shipping to the end customer and provide all customer service.

They, of course, charge a fee to get all this done, but I can tell you that it is totally worth it.

Before any of this is possible though, there are certain things you will have to do to get things set up as a business person.

First, you want to make sure that you form a business such as an LLC, S-corporation or sole proprietorship.

You should also obtain a resale certificate in your state as you will have to provide these documents to your potential supplier in order to buy from them.

If you are not in the US, you are still able to get set up as an international reseller.

You would just need to provide your country’s tax ID number along with other specific documents to your supplier.

As you may suspect, this will take work, time, determination and effort on your part to get things set up correctly.

This is why I am going to share with you where you need to go to get the right training so that your business will become successful while you avoid making mistakes and having headaches…

The Good Amazon FBA courses

To explain the good Amazon FBA courses, I have created a couple of videos for you.

In the first video, I show you how Beau Crabill’s Online Retail Mastery course will help you to profit on Amazon.

Check it out below…

Visit the Online Retail Mastery course page here >>

The next good Amazon FBA course I recommend is from YoungJoon Sun.

Here is the video for you to take a look inside the member’s area enabling you to get a better idea:

Both courses are good and it will depend on you which person you prefer to get the training from.

Beau’s course is more clear, has higher quality HD videos, and has more module content.

He offers support at if you have questions.

Y0ungJoon on the other hand offers 1-on-1 coaching via FB messenger as well as on Skype if you prefer.


So as you see can plainly see, there are many ways how I earn money online and as an online entrepreneur, I am always on the lookout for even better opportunities.

It is never a good idea to place all your eggs in one basket.  I mean, what if your sole income stream suddenly dies?  How would you survive in this economy?

The most important thing that you want to do is make sure that you get started with your very own business.

Do not be like the 90 something percent of people who will read this and never take action.

Your time is valuable and you deserve to live a freedom lifestyle.

Make today the day that you make a positive difference in your life.


Thank you once more for reading and if you happen to have questions about what I have shared here with you, do leave a comment below and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Also, if you currently earn an income online using a different method from what I have shared above, please let us know about it!

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Your’s truly,

Jason (SHB)

YoungJoon Sun – Is This Guy Legit or a Scammer?

In one of my previous posts about Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer Program, you must have seen in it where I mentioned that I would be doing Amazon FBA to add as another source of my income.

Well, today is the day that I am going to share with you how I got started in this lucrative business by following Youngjoon Sun’s advice to really understand how to be successful using the wholesale method of selling on Amazon.

Even though this is another great business model, I must also tell you that it is definitely not for everyone.

If you are thinking that it is easy and does not require work, effort and a lot of time, then it is not the business for you.

It will require that you fully understand that it takes a lot of learning, persistence, ACTION, and it can seem to be very frustrating especially if you have no prior experience.

But if you are a very serious business person who understands what it takes to succeed and is able to follow Young’s coaching, then you will be well on your way to being successful at it.

And it doesn’t matter where in the world you are located…

How it all started…

So, before I got contacted on Facebook messenger by Young, I was just getting my Shopify business off the ground.

Things were going decently at that point.

The screenshot you see below shows that I was making sales in just over a month since I started.

Shopify Sales

To be honest with you, Shopify is a great business model that I personally like.

The main issue I had with it is that the fees for advertisement can become quite expensive especially in the beginning.

So let me break down how it works for you in a nutshell:

Basically what I was doing is setting up a store, uploading images/inventory using the Shopify Oberlo app, advertising the store on Facebook – then whenever someone makes a purchase I would then go to Aliexpress, purchase that same product at a lower cost, have it shipped out to the customer, then keep the difference in profit.

It’s quite a simple process once you have the proper education and guidance, have money to advertise and to buy those products from Aliexpress.

And just so you know, I learned everything about selling on Shopify successfully by following Kevin David’s Shopify Course.

Kevin David Shopify

So having said all that, let us now get back to YoungJoon Sun’s Amazon FBA wholesale coaching…

First of all, it’s good for you to know that there are other ways besides Young’s method for you to sell on Amazon.

You can choose to do private labeling – this is where you buy a product directly from a manufacturer and have them place your own logo/label on it.

This method is also more widely taught by many Gurus out there, and I can tell you that this is the most expensive method of selling on Amazon, with some courses on the market selling for almost $4000 US dollars, and inventory costing at least $2K + shipping.

YoungJoon Sun
Example price of a popular course teaching people to sell on Amazon.

You can choose to do retail arbitrage – this is where you find low priced items in retail stores such as Walmart, then flipping them for a profit on

Then you have online arbitrage, which is basically retail arbitrage – but strictly online.

Both these two arbitrage methods are less expensive to get into, however, it is not a long-term business strategy, plus there are many risks associated with it which can get your account suspended by Amazon.

Youngjoon Sun teaches the BEST way to sell on Amazon

In my opinion, YoungJoon teaches the sustainable and most proven long-term way to sell on Amazon.

This method is known as wholesale or online retail.

What you are basically doing is

  • Reaching out to suppliers who sell name brand products in bulk quantities
  • Setting up an account with them
  • Getting a list of their products with UPC codes, as well as their wholesale prices
  • Buying the products when you find something profitable
  • Listing those items in your Amazon store and let Amazon handle the selling (FBA)
  • Keep repeating the process to find more profitable products…

Young pretty much shows you step by step how to get set up in the business and I can tell you that what he teaches absolutely works.

Related: Beau Crabill Online Retail Mastery Course Review


Is Youngjoon providing support?

Yes, he does.

Whenever time I have a question and reaches out to him, he has never failed to provide an answer.

He is available on Facebook messenger, Skype and we have also spoken on the phone.

It is encouraging and reassuring to know that he is there whenever support is needed.

He also ensures that he provides me with the right tools and resources needed to succeed with this method on Amazon.

Resources shared by YoungJoon

What I like/don’t like about YoungJoon’s Coaching.

In this section, I will discuss the things that I like and also that things that I dislike about Youngjoon’s coaching.

First I will list what I like:

  • His teaching is clear, to the point, and simple to understand
  • He provides real-time one-on-one support via FB messenger, skype or phone
  • He provides over 4 methods on how to find legitimate and authorized brand name distributors
  • He provides expert advice on how to un-gate certain brands on Amazon which result in less competition.

Now, here are some of the things that I do not necessarily like.

This is not a fault of Young, but just a real truth about the wholesale model of selling on Amazon.

It is not a fast method to start earning money online.

For me, it took over two months before I got my first winning product shipped over to Amazon.

It takes a lot of time to research, find and create a list of authorized distributors/suppliers to contact. (Young recommends a list of 200 supplies to start)

What’s also important to understand is that you are building relationships with these companies/people so that you can potentially get the best and lowest price deal possible.

This is by far the most frustrating part for me so far in this business.

That is why I will be outsourcing this part of the business and making sure to maintain a positive mindset along with patience.

This is key to the success which I am projecting for the coming months and years ahead.

And one other thing…

Youngjoon Sun’s mother tongue isn’t English, so in the beginning, I found his grammar a bit difficult to understand as well as his spelling.

I had to call him on a couple of occasions to clarify what he was saying in a particular video.

Just giving you a heads up here so that you will know what to expect if you were to enroll in his training.

Do I Recommend Youngjoon’s Coaching?

I do recommend Youngjoons’s coaching to anyone who wants to be successful with the Amazon FBA business using the wholesale method.

Young is a patient, honest and detailed coach who provides in-depth training, resources, and support.

I am happy that he reached out to help.

If you are skeptical about him, I can assure you that he is a real person who is always there.

He has never left me alone since I started my journey and I would encourage you to follow his advice.


If you have been through Youngjoon’s coaching like myself, It would be helpful if you also shared your experience so that others will be able to learn about your journey and see if it is for them or not.

If you are here doing your due diligence because you may be skeptical about Youngjoon Sun’s coaching, feel free to leave a question/comment below and I will get back to you with an honest answer and/or feedback.

Thanks for taking your time to read and I hope you will find success in whatever business you choose to pursue.

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Is Wealthy Affiliate a Waste of Time? – Time For The Truth!

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So I have been hearing some people saying that wealthy affiliate is a waste of time.

It puzzles me why someone would come to such a conclusion.

I find it quite ignorant if you really want to know the truth.

The reason I say this is that I have personally tried it for myself and I can tell you that the training which they provide is well detailed and very much organized for anyone looking to start and be successful with affiliate marketing.

It (along with other affiliate marketing training I have taken) has helped me to understand how the business model actually works.

In fact, it’s where I got my very start in this very lucrative industry…


So why do people say wealthy affiliate is a waste of time?

I am suspecting that those people who make such statement did not even try it out for themselves.

Or worst, maybe those people actually joined the program, didn’t take action on what they learned, then expected to start making money quickly.

This is something that I want to address real quick for those individuals…

Their training platform is not a “get rich quick” scheme at all.

No…quite the opposite.

It takes a lot of effort, discipline, and dedication to become a successful online marketer or entrepreneur.

What Wealthy Affiliate’s training focuses on is helping people to build up a long-term online business which will benefit them for years to come.

As you might have guessed, it will take several months and maybe up to a year before any real income is earned and deposited into your bank account.

It’s not much different if you compare it to building a brick and mortar business.

In fact, the main differences are that it is online and costs a fraction of the price when compared.

But the best thing about this method is that if followed to the “T”, the returns are always fantastic for those who stick with it.

It is worth sharing this screenshot which I took from Facebook to kind of give you a good perspective on building a business in general.

I took in in March and saved it to my computer because I think this really sums up what it takes to be a success…

Wealthy Affiliate is a Waste of Time


Wealthy Affiliate Teaches The “Get Rich Slow” Method

Have you ever heard about the “get rich slow” method? Most people don’t.

Well, it’s really what the wealthy affiliate platform is all about in my opinion.

They help their members to focus on getting free organic traffic to their websites.

This method is known as SEO or search engine optimization. The drawback is that it can take up to 3-6 months before you see your pages and posts start showing up on the first page of Google.

However, when they start to show up, they will dominate, provided that you write really engaging, valuable, and helpful content!

It’s a very effective method to get traffic because it’s more laser targeted since people are searching for those related or exact keywords in Google.

Here is a quick breakdown in the video below which will help you to understand what this all means:

As I mentioned, this method does take a lot of time, but once you get your page or posts indexed by Google and Bing it has the potential to show up in search for many years.

And the good thing is that they focus on teaching their members how to target mostly low competition keywords.


How To Find Those Keywords inside Wealthy Affiliate?

Jaaxy! That’s how.

Each and every member has access to the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

Wealthy Affiliate is a Waste of Time

Once a keyword is entered into the search tool, it will reveal ideas of keywords that people are searching for in the search engines.

It gives data such as the number of searches the keyword gets per month, how many people are trying to rank for the keyword (your competition), an indication showing you if the keyword is good, poor, fair, etc, etc.

Wealthy Affiliate is a Waste of Time

I will not be getting into how to fully use Jaaxy in this post because there is a dedicated training on how to use it in the WA members’ area, plus other members have created their own independent training on how to use it based on their knowledge and experience.


The method I use to be successful with affiliate marketing

I am going to share with you the exact steps I use now and will continue to use in the future to be successful in affiliate marketing…

This will help you to see the full picture and you should use it to your advantage.

This will also work in any niche.

So this is what I personally do…

First, I will find other sites already in my niche and see what they are writing about.

So as an example, suppose I wanted to enter a new niche. I would go to Google first and enter the niche + reviews keyword to see the results.

I usually go for lesser competitive niches since I would have a better chance of being successful.

So instead of entering a more competitive niche like “drones”,  I would probably enter something like “vegetable juicer reviews”

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Waste of Time

From the screenshot above, you will see that the sponsored ads are listed, however, what y0u want to look for is the organic results which will appear further below that…

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Waste of Time

These are the sites that I would study individually and see what they are mostly writing about.

My job at that point would be to emulate what they have already written, write my articles and make them much more value packed and helpful to that audience.

Now, before writing, I always use the Jaaxy Keyword tool to check on the keywords to see if they are low competition…

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Waste of Time

The columns to pay close attention to is the KQI as well as the SEO.

Once the KQI is showing the green indicator, this is showing you that this is a good keyword to target in most cases.

The closer the SEO number is to 100, the better chance y0u will have to get your articles ranked in Google.

I also want to point out the QSR; the lower this number is to “0”, the better it is for you.

This is basically showing you the number of competing sites you have out there trying to rank for that particular keyword.

So if you look at the chart above, you will see that the keyword “fruit vegetable juicer review” has the best chance of ranking in Google, especially if you have a brand new website.


How To Construct Your Articles So That They Rank

First, you want to make sure that when you write, your article makes sense grammatically.

You want to ensure that your main keyword is somewhere within the first two paragraphs of your article.

The same principle applies to having your main keyword near the ending of your article.

It is also good practice to add it within one of the subtitles.

The thing is that Google wants to see that your article will be the most relevant result for those people who are searching for that keyword, so make sure that you are really going out there and providing the best possible information.

Also, you don’t want to be afraid to write. Most people who enter into affiliate marketing are fearful of what people are going to say about their writing.

Just relax and write as if you are speaking to someone close to you. Do not overcomplicate this process…you are simply communicating your thoughts.


My Final thoughts…

When you see or hear someone asking “Is Wealthy Affiliate a Waste of Time”, point them to this article right away so that they will learn the truth.

You are looking to build a long-term, successful online business which will be profitable, and Wealthy Affiliate is a true legit way to get you there.

I along with plenty other individuals have used this great platform to flourish in the affiliate marketing industry.

So are you ready to give yourself a chance to make a big difference in your financial life?

Then sign up for a free account to get started on the right foot.

All the tools, training and resources that you are going to need will be provided for you, plus there is a very active community of entrepreneurs ready to help you out.

The only people who fail are the ones who look for the negative in every aspect of life & quit too early.

I hope that my writings here have been helpful to you.

If you have any questions about what I have written here, just leave a comment below.

You will usually get a reply from me within 48 hours or so.

Thank you for reading and looking forward to connecting with you as another smart, like-minded individual.


-Jason (SHB)