Dream Come True Review: Is This MLM Legit Or A Scam?

Dream Come True Review

Hello, and welcome to my Dream Come True Review.

If you are researching to learn more about this program, you have landed in the right place.

Dream Come True claims to offer you the best opportunity to earn a passive income.

Through their affiliate programs, the platform claims to be the best place where you can make your dreams come true.

However, the program doesn’t provide clear information about their ownership on their website.

In addition, the program doesn’t have any products to offer or sell online as their main source of income.

As a multi-level marketing program, this raises a question that you’ll not get answers to easily unless you take the time to research it.

The inquiry revolves around the means of generating income through the Dream Come True and its legitimacy.

In this review, I offer an in-depth analysis of the Dream Come True, delving into key aspects including the program’s significance and operational mechanisms.

This exploration aims to assist you in determining its worthiness based on your expectations.

Additionally, I will navigate through the pricing structures of the program plans and present feedback from affiliated individuals regarding their experiences with the platform, as shared online.

Taking the time to peruse this review will furnish you with a comprehensive understanding of the platform.

Keeping this in mind, let’s commence…

 Summary Of Dream Come True Review

Name: Dream Come True

Type:  Multi-Level Marketing Program

Official Website: dreamcometrue.ai/

Founder: Not Disclosed

Product Rating: 1/10

Cost: Starting from $19.99.

Recommendation: No, kindly read and find out from my review

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Dream Come True Review – Overview

Dream Come True Review

Dream Come True is one of the suspicious multilevel marketing programs that does not offer real products to trade in the market.

The company was registered private in September 2021 with its aim being to help its affiliates make a passive income online.

However, the company uses a pyramid scheme-like program to make their affiliates earn money on their platform.

This makes it lose trust among most affiliates as such companies tend to be a scam in the long run.

In fact, companies with such offers are always banned in most countries due to their high risk of scamming.

Most of such programs will demand more from you yet end up paying you little in the long run after taking much of your time.

For instance, if the company pays you by recruiting people into their platform, the commission will be too small to consider.

As a beginner, it can be too small to sustain you in your day-to-day life until your number of referrals increases to a significant number.

In addition, such pyramid scheme platforms set a limit of minimum withdrawal which is always much higher than what you can make in a day.

It can take you even up to a month or year just working to reach the minimum withdrawal amount making you work more and earn less.

However, if you’re seeking an alternative option for making money online, I suggest you check out this:

What Is Dream Come True?

Dream Come True Review

Dream Come True is a multilevel marketing program registered privately in September 2021 to meet the demands of affiliate traffic in the market.

The company’s ownership still remains undisclosed with its headquarters stated to be located at Dubai World Trade Center.

They can also be found at the Sherkh Zayed Road in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

According to their website, the company was formed to offer online financial technology courses.

In addition, they aimed to offer affiliate marketing opportunities to their members and provide them with a charitable endeavor.

The program claims to have played a key role in a thriving community due to the increase in its membership from the start.

According to the platform, their offers of online programs and services made many people join their platform and use it to transform their lives.

Their offers include blockchain, financial technology, real estate, digital marketing, and many other various related courses.

These courses are all designed to be offered at affordable prices.

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How Does Dream Come True Work?

As an affiliate, Dream Come True has no retail product to offer you as a source of income.

You’ll only take part in marketing their affiliate membership program to other people and earn a commission.

The commissions are paid according to your affiliate rank and compensation plan as shown below;

Dream Come True Compensation Plan

Dream Come True pays up to 8% commission on the funds your recruit invests in the platform.

But if in your first thirty days of joining the platform you manage to recruit at least two people, your commission will rise to 12%.

However, it only applies for the first thirty days and will reduce as time goes by when your rate of recruitment reduces.

On the other hand, the program offers some referral bonuses to their affiliates especially those who qualify for a 12% commission.

You can receive up to $50 investment position in every recruit in the platform in the first thirty days after signing up to the platform.

The Affiliate Structure Of The Dream Come True

The affiliate structure of Dream Come True consists of many levels, first, second, third forth, and much more.

The first level is for those affiliates who are new to the platform in their first thirty days of joining the platform.

If you successfully recruit an affiliate into the platform at Level One, you will be elevated to Level Two in the affiliate rank.

Upon reaching Level Two, recruiting new affiliates will propel you to Level Three, and this progression continues until you attain your desired level.

Reaching Level Seven is particularly noteworthy, as it is associated with a higher commission payment on the platform.

Furthermore, the affiliate commission you earn is contingent on the investment amount made by the recruits you bring into the platform. The higher their investment, the greater your affiliate commission will be.

What Is Contained In Dream Come True?

Dream Come True Review

When you join the Dream Come True as a client, the program claims to empower you in the following services.

Earn As You Learn Program

In this program, you will learn how to make money even when relaxed at home.

The program claims to be committed to promoting the knowledge of how to make money in the DCT community.

Also, it claims to provide you with the assets to watch and understand their full teaching on how to make money.

The program makes your needs their main priority to facilitate your financial growth and make your dreams come true in life.

Empowering Your Financial Spirit

The program offers you the best opportunity to control your schedule, global work locations, income sources, and control schedules.

In this program, you’ll stand a chance to create a financial income stream that allows you to earn anywhere you live in the world.

Generating Income While You Sleep

Dream Come True claims to make your income stream as easy as possible to allow you to earn more from your trade.

The program is committed to making you live a greater life and growing your assets to your desired levels.

Here are the services that will help you achieve the above-stated financial goals;

Educational services

In the Dream Come True educational services, the program facilitates learning activities by allowing members to acquire skills, values, knowledge, and habits.

These help in improving their personal development goals, to help them achieve their financial goals.

The educational methods used in the platform include training, teaching, and storytelling of the new development.

You can also engage in direct research and discussion on the various topics covered in the platform.

Their education service covers the following topics;


Blockchain is where system information is recorded in a way that is difficult to hack, cheat, or change online.

It is the most efficient digital ledger transaction system duplicated and distributed in the entire computer network.

The distribution is made in the form of blockchain.


E-commerce has recently become the best way to make money online for most affiliates.

The Dream Come True program teaches you the most effective ways to earn money as an Entrepreneur using the E-commerce technique.

This will help you figure out how you can launch your e-commerce business and use it to transform your life.

Their main aim is to come up with new effective ways of earning money digitally with your e-commerce site.


Traveling is also another well-paying opportunity for most people in the transportation industry.

Dream Come True teaches you the new and most effective ways to earn money in the traveling industry you are not aware of.

This makes you launch your new traveling business and use it to generate an income stream online that will change your life.

Despite where you are, the traveling sector will always be available making the business opportunity applicable.

The main aim of the program is to provide you with the knowledge, and then use the knowledge to transform your life.

Real estate

Real estate is another money-making opportunity available everywhere, but you may lack the best way to earn money from it.

By joining the program, you’ll learn the most effective ways of earning money in real estate.

You will use the knowledge to launch your real estate business in your local area and start earning while at home.

This will help you generate a passive income online through your real estate business.


If you like gaming activities then you can transform them into money-making opportunities that can change your life.

Dream Come True program offers you the best method of changing your gaming desire into money money-making opportunity.

You can then apply the knowledge to make your gaming earn you money as you desire on the platform.

There are many more services available on the platform which the program claims to make available for you after joining.

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What Is The Cost Of Joining Dream Come True Platform?

The cost of joining the Dream Come True affiliate program is $19.99.

However, if you want to participate in their services, you’ll have to add an additional price of between $99 to $49,999.

This will enable you to undertake all their teaching and learning courses on their platform.

But as an affiliate marketer, only $19.99 is enough for you to become part of their affiliate membership program.

After paying the price, you’ll begin your journey of recruiting more people into the program to start earning the commissions.

There are no other additional charges for you as an affiliate unless you want to become their client on the platform.

By recruiting more people into the program, your affiliate rank will start increasing to enable you to earn more from the platform.

Does Dream Come True Offer A Refund Policy?

Dream Come True Review

Dream Come True doesn’t offer any refund to their affiliates as per information provided on their website.

For this reason, there is no guarantee that you will get a refund if you decide to quit their affiliate membership program genuinely.

My recommendation is to thoroughly study the program and gain an understanding of its operations before venturing into any risks.

Is Dream Come True A Scam?

In my opinion, the Dream Come True program looks suspicious and may be risky for anyone who wants to venture into making money with it.

The program does not have real retail products or services to offer as its main income-generating source.

The program also does not disclose information about its ownership and management team on its official website.

According to the platform, their headquarters is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates while some sources state that they are located in Ireland.

This makes it unclear about their true location and may raise concerns about their credibility in the market.

On the other hand, the program only relies on the pyramid scheme to make their affiliates earn money.

In their scheme, you need to recruit more people to the platform to earn money in the form of a commission.

The program pays you when your recruit makes payment into the platform.

Encouraging individuals to join the platform can be challenging, particularly due to the potential difficulty in convincing them to make payments.

Due to the extended recruitment process and heightened skepticism surrounding potential scams, it becomes nearly impractical to achieve significant earnings from this platform, prompting discouragement and caution.

Personally, I do not recommend this program for anyone seeking to establish an online income from scratch, as the difficulty in earning, coupled with less substantial returns, makes generating passive income nearly unattainable.

Jason Foster

What I Like About Dream Come True

  • Teaches you how to make money while asleep

The program educates you on the most effective ways to make money while asleep in modern real-life situations.

Their educational program is most effective for everyone who wants to make money in the easiest way possible.

According to the Dream Come True program, you don’t need to struggle more to make money online as most people do.

  • Allows you to earn as you learn

After studying the best method to make money online of your choice, you will be able to start earning in the program.

The program will allow you to start making money as you continue learning in the platform to enable you to build a passive income stream.

This makes it suitable for people who want to build an income stream from the beginning.

  • Empowering your entrepreneurial

 The program allows you to empower your spirit of entrepreneurship as you wish to do so on their platform.

This enables you to come up with new effective ways of making you earn more from your trade in real life.

What I Don’t Like About Dream Come True

  • Does not disclose ownership information

The program doesn’t disclose any information about their ownership making it difficult to build trust in their offers.

Most affiliates like seeking information from the program owners in an attempt to learn more from them about the program offers.

The absence of such crucial information makes it difficult for most affiliates to reach the program membership team.

  • Doesn’t have any retail products or services to offer

Dream Come True doesn’t have any real product to offer on their official platform for their affiliates.

This makes it difficult to generate income from the platform as you will not possibly earn significant income from the platform.

Earning money from a platform is always easy if there are products to sell or if the company’s services are reliable.

  • Relies on a pyramid scheme as their main source of income

As an affiliate of the Dream Come True program, you will only make money from their referral program which is less paying.

For instance, when you recruit a person into the program, you will earn a commission of between 8% to 12%.

The commission is much smaller following the investment your recruit will make in the program is also much smaller.

  • Too expensive to join

Joining the Dream Come True is too much expensive compared to what you can earn from the platform.

The ratio of what you can possibly earn from the platform and your investment makes it too expensive and less realistic.

You will have to work for a much longer time to recover your registration fee on the platform.

Is There Any Alternative To Dream Come True?

If you’re here to find a better alternative to the Dream Come True platform, then I’m here to offer you just a take.

I recognize the fact that getting the best business opportunity can be challenging and arduous.

This is particularly for beginners who are trying to make their first step to discover their full potential.

Have you heard of affiliate marketing?

Yes, that is exactly the opportunity I want to offer you.

It involves marketing products and services, and then getting paid in the form of commission.

However, before you can get started, you need to know the basics of this business opportunity to be able to start on the right foot.

And to make even your work easier, I have tabled for you a step-by-step guide that will just offer you that.

Feel free to check it out here:

FAQs About The Dream Come True

Who Is Dream Come True For?

Dream Come True targets work with affiliates who want to make money by referring people to their platform.

If you are good at recruiting people into an online multilevel marketing program, then you will likely benefit from this program.

In addition, it is much more suitable for people who are experienced in working with pyramid schemes online to make money.

Can I Earn Money On The Dream Come True Without Recruiting People?

As an affiliate member, it is not possible to earn money without recruiting people into the program.

The company does not have any real product or service to provide and only relies on the pyramid scheme as the main income source for its affiliates.

But if you purchase their courses, the program promises to help you with teaching how to make money online even if you are asleep.

Is There Any Restriction To Joining Dream Come True?

Dream Come True is available to anyone who wants to join their platform irrespective of where you are and your ethnicity.

However, their main source of income being a pyramid scheme may make it not available in your country.

If your country does not allow such programs to operate within their coverage, you will not be able to access the website.

How Much Can I Earn From Dream Come True Affiliate?

In the Dream Come True, you can earn too little to no money due to their low-paying referral program.

For instance, if you don’t recruit any person into the program, you’ll not earn anything from the platform.

But if you recruit a person into the program, you can earn an 8% commission which translates to about $1.5 which is too small.

Thank you for reading my Dream Come True Review.

If you have any additional comments regarding this review, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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