ShareTheWinnings Review: Is This Platform Legit Or A Scam?

ShareTheWinnings Review

Hi and welcome to ShareTheWinnings Review.

Encountering the Jeremy Duncan program could be perceived as a promising avenue to enhance your chances of winning the lottery.

I’ve thoroughly researched the platform to provide you with essential details.

The program claims to enhance your lottery success through its membership, boasting Duncan’s 20+ years of experience.

Before trusting the program, it’s wise to uncover the real story behind it.

This review reveals the authentic aspects of the company, allowing you to make an informed decision.

I have no affiliations with the ShinesTheWinnings Company; I aim to offer an unbiased evaluation.

This review equips you with insights to determine if the program suits your needs.

If it doesn’t, I have an alternative for financial opportunities online.

Take your time to absorb the review and explore the information I provide.

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ShareTheWinnings Review – Summary

Name of the Product: ShareTheWinnings

Type of the Product:  Multi-Level Marketing

Website’s URL:

Founder: Jeremy Duncan

Product Rating: 10/100

Product Cost: One-time fee of $20 and a monthly fee of $60.

Recommendation: Not Really

ShareTheWinnings Review – Overview

ShareTheWinnings Review

There are many multi-level marketing programs currently available in the market.

However, not all of them will actually guarantee you success if you join, this brings out the reasons to research the program.

For example, the ShareTheWinnings platform, a multilevel marketing program in the lottery industry, pledges to bring you success.

In their program launched in 2023, you will stand a chance to win your lotteries with much ease.

However, you might not rely on these claims when making your judgment about joining the program.

There is a need for detailed research on the program.

Initially, ShareTheWinnings lacked any tangible product within its affiliate program.

The sole revenue generation method in this program involves recruiting individuals to the platform and earning commissions.

However, the commissions are notably low, as little as $0.06 per recruit, which may not provide sustainable income in the real economy.

Moreover, the program imposes a higher recurring fee, potentially exceeding the earnings for beginners.

However, if you’re looking for an alternative to make money online, I implore you to check out this option:

What Is ShareTheWinnings?

ShareTheWinnings Review

ShareTheWinnings asserts itself as a lottery business opportunity tailored for affiliates seeking earnings through lotteries.

The program claims to offer an optimal chance to succeed in the lottery business, presenting a more affordable and straightforward approach.

According to ShareTheWinnings, participating in lottery pools as a collaborative team with shared ideas enhances the likelihood of winning.

The platform claims to provide top-notch services to its members, ensuring a worry-free experience in their lottery endeavors.

Engaging in business with ShareTheWinnings supposedly grants you the opportunity to earn up to 105% of the winnings.

Additionally, when you reach the ninth level, up to 10% of the winnings are purportedly paid to your upline.

This lottery business opportunity was launched in September 2023 to cater to the demands of a competitive market.

ShareTheWinnings faces competition from other platforms like Got Backup, M80 Advertising, Against All Odds, and My Traffic Power Line.

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Who Is Jeremy Duncan?

ShareTheWinnings Review

Jeremy Duncan is the founder and owner of the ShareTheWinnings program.

Jeremy launched the multilevel marketing program on September 29, 2023, into the lottery business market.

The program shares the market with other companies such as Go Backups, in the lottery business market.

He created the program to offer the best opportunity of making money in the lottery business ahead of his competitors.

According to the platform, Jeremy Duncan has been in the lottery business for more than 20 years and knows what it takes to succeed in the business.

Jeremy, the individual behind the ShareTheWinnings, attributes his success in the lottery business to teamwork.

He believes success in the lottery business comes from working together.

When you join the program, Jeremy promises to share his secrets for succeeding in the lottery business.

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How Does ShareTheWinnings Work?

ShareTheWinnings Review

ShareTheWinnings presents an opportunity for you to earn money in your lottery business, especially if managing it alone seems challenging.

However, their sole method of earning is through recruiting people into their company.

The individuals you bring in MUST pay a one-time fee of $20 and an additional monthly fee of $60.

As you recruit more people, you earn commissions based on the number of individuals you bring into the platform.

If your referral pays $60 a month, you receive a $20 commission, as per the platform’s explanation. The more people you recruit, the higher your commissions from the company.

Commissions are directly deposited into your account when your recruits make their payments.

The compensation plan involves earning residual commissions in a 3*10 matrix, equating to approximately $0.06 for each person you recruit into the matrix.

Additionally, the program provides bonuses of up to 5% when you reach ten recruits on the platform.

ShareTheWinnings Review

What Is Contained In ShareTheWinnings?

ShareTheWinnings has no product they sell or retail on their platform.

The company has affiliate programs that they require people to promote.

So, if you join the platform, you MUST promote their affiliate programs online and earn money.

Most programs with such programs are always considered as pyramid schemes.

For instance, all your earning opportunities come from promoting their affiliate program.

In their affiliate program, you’ll earn commission by recruiting more people into the platform.

In the platform, there are no other services or products for you to promote.

What Is The Cost Of Joining ShareTheWinnings?

To join ShareTheWinnings’ affiliate program, there’s a one-time fee of $20, followed by a lifetime monthly fee of $60.

The minimum withdrawal amount from the platform is $90, with a $5 processing fee applicable to all withdrawals.

The withdrawal process typically takes up to three working days to complete.

All payments from the platform are deposited directly into your bank account.

Alternatively, you can request withdrawals through other payment methods, including Bitcoin, direct deposit, and Cash App.

How Can I Qualify For A Commission In ShareTheWinnings?

Earning commissions on the platform is a great way to boost your overall earnings, and many users consider it a valuable opportunity once they start trading.

However, there are specific conditions you need to meet to qualify for these commissions.

To be eligible, you must keep your subscription active each month and refer a certain number of people to the platform.

This increased activity will boost your purchases, eventually qualifying you to earn commissions from the company.

It’s crucial to focus on meeting these conditions to enhance your earnings through commissions.

Your commissions will be paid out once they accumulate to a significant amount in the platform.

To withdraw these commissions, you’ll need to submit the W8 and the W9 tax forms to the platform to initiate the process.

Once your commission reaches the minimum withdrawal threshold of $90, you can request a withdrawal through the same procedure and process used for normal earnings withdrawals on the platform.

Does ShareTheWinnings Offer A Refund policy?

It’s important to note that ShareTheWinnings does not provide any refunds on its platform.

The registration fees paid are non-refundable regardless of your circumstances.

Similarly, all charges and sales made on the platform are considered final, and no changes can be made to them.

Therefore, if you decide to join the platform and later find that you’re not interested, there is no option to reclaim your fees.

It’s crucial to carefully consider your decision and be prepared to take on the associated risks before getting started with the program.

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Is ShareTheWinnings A Scam?

In my view, the ShareTheWinnings platform is a scam.

The program solely relies on its affiliate program and doesn’t offer any products or services to its affiliates.

This structure resembles a pyramid scheme, where earnings are based on recruiting new members into the affiliate program.

Essentially, you only earn when you successfully recruit someone, and your payment solely depends on your recruit making a payment to the platform.

This setup may not be a reliable option for those starting from scratch, as the commission per recruit is quite small, standing at $0.06 per recruit in their 3*10 matrix compensation plan.

This minimal income amount requires a considerable time investment to start earning a significant sum in the program.

Moreover, the platform’s payment is not guaranteed, as it necessitates recruiting individuals into the system to get paid.

Failing to refer someone means no earnings, limiting your potential success in the platform.

Overall, success in ShareTheWinnings is not assured and may not be considered a reliable opportunity for making money online.

In my opinion, I do not recommend the ShareTheWinnings program to anyone looking to explore online work.

There are numerous other opportunities to make money online, and I encourage you to continue reading to discover my preferred option for you.

ShareTheWinnings Review

What I like About ShareTheWinnings

  • Available worldwide

You can join the ShareTheWinnings platform from any part of the world and get started with their program services.

You will only need to have a stable internet connection and the required amounts to get started on the platform.

This makes it a great opportunity for anyone around the world irrespective of your ethnicity provided you accept their terms of service.

  • Covers many languages

ShareTheWinnings platform lets you participate in any language you want provided you understand it perfectly.

The company has various languages registered in its platform and does not restrict you in any language to use.

This enables you to use your native language in the platform for more understanding as you may wish to do so.

What I Don’t Like ShareTheWinnings

  • Too expensive

The ShareTheWinnings program charges monthly remarrying charges of $60 which is much higher for low-income earners.

In addition, the price may be higher than the approximate amount you can get from the platform every month.

This makes it difficult to maintain as your main source of income and will require you to spend more for a longer time to start earning a significant amount.

  • Has no product to offer

ShareTheWinnings program does not have any real product to offer their affiliates in their platform.

The program only relies on its affiliate program as its main source of job opportunities for all its traders.

However, their affiliate program is unreliable as they offer too little to no amount to their affiliates online.

  • Income is too low

ShareTheWinnings platform pays as low as $0.06 for every recruit you bring to their platform which is not enough.

The small payment will take you a much longer time to make it significant for use in building a sustainable income online.

In addition, you will likely spend more on the platform despite earning less which makes it not an option for low-income earners.

Is There Any Alternative To ShareTheWinnings?

Are you on the lookout for a viable alternative to the above platform?

Finding a legitimate and effective business opportunity, especially as a beginner, can be challenging—I’ve been in your shoes before.

However, if you’re willing to take action based on the insights I’m about to share, you might have the chance to make a positive difference in your life.

Have you ever considered affiliate marketing?

It’s a remarkable opportunity that has been around for a while, but its full potential hasn’t been fully tapped into.

Drawing from my experience of over 5 years in this business, I’ve gained a deep understanding of its ins and outs, knowing what works and what doesn’t.

To simplify things for you, I’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Don’t just take my word for it—here’s the complete guide tailored just for you:

ShareTheWinnings Review

FAQs About The ShareTheWinnings

How Do I Pick My Lotto Numbers On ShareTheWinnings?

To pick your lotto number, you will start by first making your payment on the platform.

After payment, you will be directed automatically to the page where you will pick the millions of numbers of your choice.

The instructions on the page are much clearer and easier to follow for anyone who wants to pick their lotto number provided you have made your payment.

How Are Payouts Of Lottery Winnings Made On ShareTheWinnings?

Every Tuesday and Friday nights of the week at 11:00 pm, the platform performs draws of the mega millions drawings.

On the following day tat around 5 pm, all the winners will be announced on the platform especially those who win $7.

The payments are then made instantly into the winner accounts while those who fall under the category of mega jackpots will get their funds directly from the company.

How Does Powerline Work In The ShareTheWinnings?

The powerline in the program is a conversion tool that operates based on the overall growth of the company.

If you upgrade your trade, you will stand a chance to transform from a low-level trader into another level in the platform.

This makes you increase your trade and earn more from your business on the platform.

Is There Any Restrictions In Joining The ShareTheWinnings?

ShareTheWinnings platform allows everyone from all parts of the world to join their program and succeed in their affiliate program.

The program does not restrict any age or gender to their money-making opportunity irrespective of where you are.

You will only need to have your payment and be in a place with a stable internet connection for you to get started on the platform.

Thank you for reading ShareTheWinnings Review.

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