Dan Lok High Ticket Closer | Is It Worth The $2,495.00 Price Tag?

Dan Lok High Ticket Closer
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First of all, I have a lot of respect for Dan Lok ever since the very first time I stumbled upon a youtube video of him in a bright red suit, speaking at a TedX event.

If you are not familiar with the video, I have embedded it below for you to see it…I highly suggest you watch it…

Anyways, I am thinking of going into business with Dan Lok, but wanted to know for sure if the Dan Lok High Ticket Closer is worth the $2495.00 price tag?

If you have already been through the 7-weeks training and is here reading this now, I would like you to leave your suggestion in the comment section further below.

This will help me (or anyone else who is interested in getting the High Ticket Closer) to make a better decision to get it or not.

I have already been through the webinar and read his F.U. Money book, and have watched TONS of his other youtube videos.

You should also know that I am already earning between $1500/$3000/mth online as an affiliate marketer and I actually love that business model, however, I also love the idea of earning high-ticket sales by closing a client over the phone and therefore, increasing my overall revenue.

Some Questions I Have

Is the Dan Lok LIVE 7-Week High-Ticket Closer Certification Program really LIVE over the 7-weeks, or is it all pre-recorded like so many other “systems” which I have seen advertised as being LIVE, and then when you purchase it, you find out that it is all pre-recorded? – I really HATE those!

Believe me, I have been through that already with the Big Commissions Blueprint Program by Dean Holland and it was just not a pleasant experience.

You see, I have no issues investing in a business which will yield a great ROI, and I am also not afraid to get on the phone to close high ticket sales.

Another question/concern I have is what about the percentage of people who actually go through the training, how successful have they been? The ones who fail to get certified, do they get back their investment or are they left on their own to find clients.

Apart from the $2,495.00 investment, are there other expenses that I should know about? (advertising as an example)

I know that there are also tons of testimonials videos on the sales page, but I want to get an idea of the number of people who actually enroll, follow along with the steps and have been successful.

Are there any less expensive alternatives?

I have also been taking a look online to see if I am able to find any less-expensive alternatives to Dan Lok’s training.

So far, the closest training I have seen is Closer Secrets by this chap known as Randall Grizzle.

Dan Lok High Ticket Closer

He is currently offering his course (at the time of me writing this) for a one-time payment of $997 as you can see below:

Dan Lok High Ticket Closer

It appears to have some positive feedback from a lot of his clients and does seem like the closest competitor to Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer.

I have seen other high-ticket closing programs, however, they are not in the top-tier categories which I am currently looking for.

NOTE: One of my readers who left his comment (Will) mentioned Jordan Belfort Straight Line System as another alternative to Dan Lok’s Course.

You can take a look at it to see if it suits you.

Is High Ticket Closing The Easiest & Fastest Method To Earn $100K Per Year?

Dan Lok claims that this particular method is the fastest and easiest way for anyone to earn up to $100K per year.

This is something that I am excited about because, to be honest, even though affiliate marketing is a great way to make up to a million dollars online, it does take a lot of work and TIME to get there.

Here are what Dan says his training does not require…

  • Zero trying to keep up with the latest search engine algorithms
  • Zero spamming people on Facebook
  • Zero technical skills
  • Zero selling to family and friends
  • Zero inventory
  • Zero money wasted on advertising
  • Zero cold-calling
  • Zero networking

Hmmm…looks good to me.

All in all, I may be enrolling pretty soon to bump up my earnings as a high ticket sales earner because from what I have seen, it takes the same amount of effort to sell a $47 dollar product versus a $1K product or service.

Having said all this, I still love affiliate marketing because, for me, it is still the easiest way for anyone to work online at home and get paid.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs…

There are countless places where you can start with affiliate marketing.

There are many YouTubers who teach this stuff as well as top bloggers in the space.

Below, I have listed 10 of the best blogs which you can add to your affiliate marketing blog reading list so that you can learn from those who are much more experienced.

NOTE: Each blogger on the list below has years and years of experience under their belt.  They are the most respected and known in the industry and you can learn a thing or two from them…

  1. Matthew Woodward
  2. Shoemoney (Jeremy Shoemaker)
  3. Neil Patel
  4. Charles Ngo
  5. Pat Flynn
  6. John Chow
  7. Rae Hoffman
  8. Missy Ward
  9. Shawn Collins
  10. Luke Peer Fly

My personal favorites from the list above are Pat Flynn, Matthew Woodward, and Neil Patel.

Now, places where you get full courses on affiliate marketing, are also plenty, however, to save you time, money, and possible headache, I will list ONLY the top sources.

NOTE: Some of these sources are free to learn, but you will eventually need to invest in premium training, domain names, hosting, etc, so be prepared to spend money and grow your business if you are serious about making great money as an affiliate marketer.

  1. Wealthy Affiliate
  2. Affilorama
  3. Udemy
  4. Clickbank University
  5. Chris Farrell Membership

What I am doing in the meantime…

So, for now, I am still working on my niche sites and I even recently purchased a ready-made amazon niche site for $799 while I have it working on autopilot to earn those fat affiliate commissions.

If you would like to know, I purchased it over at the official Human Proof Designs website and I can tell you that it is one of the best business investments I have made since I started my online journey.

Dan Lok High Ticket Closer

I would say if you have the investment to get one of those niche sites, it will be money well invested.

The sites are professionally made and the team goes out and make sure that you are getting the very best service possible.

I have already started making sales and it has been just 3 months since I picked up the site…

You can see below where I posted on the Niche Site Entrepreneurs – HumanProofDesigns facebook group page when I made my first sale on the site I purchased.

Dan Lok High Ticket Closer

And, it’s definitely not just me either…

There are a lot more people making much more than I do with their niche sites as I show you on the screenshot from the HPD website below…

Dan Lok High Ticket Closer

If ready-made niche sites are something that interests you then go ahead and check out the Human Proof Designs website here.

Who knows, this could turn out to be another source of passive income for you.

I will definitely be taking a closer look at closing high ticket sales over the phone with Dan Lok High Ticket Closer program in the coming months.

I will be looking out for your suggestions and questions below.

Thank you for reading.


-Jason (Smart Human Blogger)

UPDATE (May 16, 2018)

Hello, again guys!

So today I am doing an update on the Dan Lok High Ticket Closer training course

First I want to say a big thanks to all of you who have contributed to this post by sharing their personal feedback, asking questions, giving suggestions, etc.

Most of you have stated that Dan Lok is a person of high standards, is providing true value to his clients, and that his training delivers for the most part.

That is great information for a lot of people who are ready to invest and follow through with the course intently.

However, others who have taken the course have an opposite opinion; basically saying that it’s way too overpriced and not worth the time & effort.

So as you can see, this still makes it a bit difficult for a lot of people to make up their minds.

By analyzing all the comments thus far, I have found that it’s really going to be up to the type of person you are.

If you are able to invest $2500.00 (+ the cost of the inner circle membership) without putting yourself into any financial difficulties/debt and you possess a “get rich die trying” type of mentality & personality, then it could be the very training which you are looking for.

However, on the other hand, it wouldn’t be so smart to invest if you have to borrow money from wherever is struggling to make ends meet, don’t have tenacity, and don’t have the TIME and discipline to go through the 7-weeks training.

It would be more worthwhile if you went out and found something that you are more passionate about and is of a comfortable price point for you.

So, did I eventually invest in the High Ticket Closer?

No, I did not…and here’s why…

It is while I was still making up my mind by anticipating all of your feedback and comments here, that I discovered the drop-shipping method using the Shopify Platform.

And just so you know right now, e-commerce is a 2.1 trillion dollar industry and is not going anywhere anytime soon – now more than ever is the best time to get involved with this business model.

As you can see from the chart from the Statista website, it’s growing bigger and bigger each year:

Statistic: Retail e-commerce sales in the United States from 2017 to 2023 (in million U.S. dollars) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista


So anyway, I spent many, many hours scouring the internet to find a course that would enable me to learn Shopify drop-shipping and see results.

While doing all the reading, watching the youtube videos, and doing more intense research, I have finally found the right person with the right ethics and offers what I think could be the very best e-com Shopify training out there.

His name is Kevin David…

Dan Lok High Ticket Closer
Kevin David with Gary Vaynerchuk

Oh, and don’t worry, I made sure to do all the background checks just to ensure that he was legit as can be, especially since I have encountered a lot of scammers pushing garbage all over youtube and other platforms.

So this guy is a founder and CEO of THATLifestyleNinja LLC. He studied Accounting/Computer Science at Oregon State University.

He is also the fastest ever 2CommaClub winner, (which is an award given to the person who has made the fastest million-dollar selling an online course on Clickfunnels)

He is one of those serial entrepreneurs who lock shoulders with online marketing giants such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins, plus many other influential people whom you might also be familiar with.


Kevin David has already crushed it with his Amazon FBA business, is an overall 7-figure online earner, and is crushing it with Shopify Drop-shipping.

Put it simply; he is credible & knows his stuff!

His Shopify Ninja Masterclass Training is highly recommended when compared to others that I have seen, and all the Facebook e-commerce groups that I have joined.

You can sign up here for the free webinar here if you’re interested…

I am also in the process of writing my review of his course and I will be sure to document what I have learned and my progress.

UPDATE: I have completed my FULL review of Kevin David’s Course. You can read it here if you like.

All I know is that the internet has changed the whole landscape and is allowing us all to create the lifestyle of freedom we all deserve.

It’s the way forward for sure.

My next venture will be exploring selling on Amazon FBA because it’s also a very profitable online business model to grow income online.

So yeah that’s it for now.

Keep doing your best and never give up on your goals and burning desire to succeed in life.


PS: As I mentioned above, here is the link to my free affiliate marketing guide if it’s something that you are interested to learn.

216 thoughts on “Dan Lok High Ticket Closer | Is It Worth The $2,495.00 Price Tag?

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  2. SHB, you repeatedly keep asking if Dan Lok provides leads to his students… and nobody has answered in affirmative, not even his die-hard students. They all talk about the value of the course.
    I guess the word ‘Personal Transformation’ is not so catchy any longer. So, he moulded the program to a ‘Money making’ model through high ticket sales. But essentially, what happens is personal transformation – more confidence, self belief, goal setting, communication skills, rapport building, active listening etc. (these are mentioned in the testimonials in the webinar). These have tremendous value. Just that, the branding of the course is different, a bit misnomer.
    My take, having watched a number of his videos, is that Dan has consciously built his brand as a brash, go-getter, super confident, care two hoots kind of guy. And he keeps building his brand through his personal rags-to-riches stories, of self discipline, of focus, LOA etc. The overall format of his ‘model’ is same as hundreds of others. What differentiates him is his cultivated bluntness, high energy, sharpness, business sense, integrity, and oozing self confidence. A viewer wants to be like him. That we are looking for ethics, or transparency, is our problem.

    To conclude, it is the expectations that he generates in his viewers through his high energy videos, and branding, is what lead us to think that he is ‘different’. He is not. He is just another ‘personal transformation’ mentor with better packaging and aggressive promotion. Join him for that, not for lessons on earning money.

    I am not his student, though was seriously considering him at a point in time. I will continue to watch his videos and keep learning from them.

  3. Hey guys, I’ve read your posts and decided that I would tell you all my story. That way you can make of it what you wish.
    I enrolled into Dan Lok’s HTC course after watching a lot of his videos on YouTube. It took me about 2 hours to actually pluck up the courage to pay for the damn thing because of that hefty price tag, $2,495 is NOT CHEAP. And immediately after I paid for the course a feeling of dread sat in, thinking “oh no what have I done” and how much money i had just wasted away on pretty much a spur of the moment decision after telling myself the course wasn’t going to be just another scam.
    Honestly, I almost immediately regretted my decision. After I signed up the first thing I done was look to see if they had a refund policy – which they do. This policy lasts until the 3rd class starts.
    I thought what the heck? I can see what the course is like and then just get my money back when I was inevitably unimpressed.
    So that’s what I did. I passively watched the 1st class, and I entertained the idea of doing the class assignments and connecting with other students just to give myself the same experience as the others taking part. And then I passively watched the 2nd class. Again, I carried on connecting with others in the classes, completed the class assignments.
    After finishing the 2nd weeks homework, life kind of dawned on me. I really sat there and thought about what I wanted from life. I thought about the things I would do if I had the life that I was dreaming about. In that moment I remembered that it was these kind of thoughts that led me to discovering Dan Lok and HTC in the first place, so I went back and rewatched the first two classes. And this time I REALLY watched them, I left my ego aside for a few hours and looked at this throuh an open mind.
    It was after this I decided that I was going to go through the whole course.
    I had already paid for it now and had come to terms that I would decide my own opinion on the HTC program, rather than let preconcieved notions cloud my judgements. Besides, you’re gonna miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.
    So I completed the HTC program.
    When I signed up to HTC, I thought it was just going to be some guy teaching me how to sell stuff to people. But I was wrong. The HTC program completely changed the way that I look at my life and the way that I conduct myself and my conversations. The students I met through the course, have now become life long friends, with many of them already having become successful closers and earning thousands each month.
    But mine and their successes did not come just through sitting in a class every week. We put in the work. We were determined to achieve what we signed up for in the first place. We practiced many hours to hone our skills, and for many of us it has paid off.
    If you have bothered reading this long post, then it probably means that you have some sort of interest in Dan Lok’s HTC program. I will be the first to say that if you are not willing to put in the work and are looking for a get rich quick scheme, then this program is not for you.
    However, if you believe you are someone who is resourceful and will put in the graft to pursue their dreams, I encourage you to watch Dan’s webinar (I’ll attatch the link below), and make your mind up for yourself.
    Webinar Link: http://bit.ly/2XNKhtT
    If you are still unsure and would like an actual human to talk to who has been there and done it, not some internet posts or some videos you’ve seen, then you are more than welcome to book a time with me, I am happy to speak with you, and we can figure out together if the HTC program would be the right thing for you.
    Calender Link: https://calendly.com/kieranhumphreys/45min

  4. Always great to read an “honest” review when the reviewer is selling an affiliate product or service of some sort. People have no integrity these days.

    1. Hey there, Rob. Thank you for visiting today.

      Just so you know, all the products or services that I recommend are actually here for your own benefit.

      There is no obligation for you to purchase anything. However, what I recommend is that instead of complaining, take massive action on a business model of your choice and make a positive change in how you are living life.

      All the best.


  5. Dan Lok is a brilliant marketer but that’s about it.

    His overpriced program will upsell you at the end of it.

    His good at selling to suckers but the people who finish HTC program don’t really get good result.

    Many people dropped the whole thing after awhile.

    They make you feel more important by assigning you a title “Now, you’re a high-ticket closer!”. But that doesn’t mean a thing if they don’t make money closing deals, right?

    That’s exactly what happens to people. They get pumped up by the new possibility and perhaps even a new identity as a “High-Ticket Closer” but it’s all transient until they realize that they bought the bullshit.

    The program doesn’t teach you an important thing like how to protect yourself from people who waste your time and who take advantage of you which is a sign that Dan and his team are after your money and not your best interest.

    Yet, Dan Lok positions himself at the beginning as a someone who finally gives a shit about your success. It’s all “fugazzi”. The community is full of sheep-like followers who are rendered incapable of thinking for themselves because Dan made it clear at the beginning that you have to give up your opinion and ego.

    After all, these people are NOT rich like Dan so their opinion isn’t worth a thing.

    Even after the course, you’re not at liberty of expressing your opinion and always act politically correct within the community to not get flagged or banned.

    In short, it’s bullshit.

    He often doesn’t credit people when he talks about an idea. Maybe he fears that if people go to the direct source then they might not need his programs and services.

    That’s NOT helping people.

    Dan Lok is a very cunning marketer and he’s good at taking people’s money on the internet.

    Don’t say I never warned you.

  6. I am a graduate of the HTC program. At first I was excited by the results but slowly my eyes opened to the fact that this entire program is questionable in nature, employs cult tactics to lure you in and up-sells you on two additional levels which are ultimately unfinished products (2500 USD “Inner Circle” and 30 000 USD High Ticket Millionaire)

    Steer clear from this course and program is my frank opinion as both a graduate and former follower of Dan Lok (until I realized he doesn’t care about his following beyond the money it can bring in). It is dubious that being a “High Ticket Closer” is a full time vocation as the course proclaims. The environment is cult-like and intellectual discourse and questioning that is perceived as dissent is silenced. This is a not a constructive environment for one to grow and feel safe. Invest your hard earned money in other educational programs that do not indoctrinate you into worshipping your teacher.

    1. How many “Gurus,” “Experts,” “Coaches,” “High-Ticket-Closers,” “Consultants,” etc., actually care about you or your business?

      I’d like to see the proof – in terms of clients. Not individuals who’ve paid for programs, but clients that guys like Dan Lok service. Which Fortune 500 companies/executives has he worked with? Even Global 1000 or 2000 companies?

      Dan Lok sells books, courses, consulting, and ClickFunnels (which seems to operate a pyramid scheme of sorts, but gets around it with its software – as the product.)

      Again, who are his clients and where is the substance?

      The world is full of sheep giving guys like that hard earned money, instead of looking for people in the trenches, who just want to legitimately help companies and entepreneurs grow!

  7. I graduated from Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer program in August 2018. Happy to share my experience and results if that helps!

    I know when I was planning to join; I had similar questions and wanted to get insight from people who had been through the course. So here is my turn to give back.

    I am not going into whether Dan Lok is legit or not. I leave that to you to work out by reading his book FU Money, checking his videos on Youtube ( 1.2 million subscribers), and watching the HTC webinar.

    For sure Dan’s style is not for everybody as he is very direct and he comes from a place of “Making a lot of money is a great thing”. Let’s face it, at the end of the day making a lot of money is the by-product of adding a lot of value! Now, what’s wrong with that?

    So to my experience and the kind of results I got after graduating in Aug 2018 (Season 4).

    I joined because my previous online business was burning cash without producing good results. I also had a Dropship website which I found I needed to spend much more Facebook ad money on before getting any significant return. So closing high ticket offers over the phone without any need of upfront investment appealed to me.

    The seven weeks (plus a bonus 8th class) were intense. Our calls were supposed to last 2 hours, but it often lasted 4 hours — all live calls with Dan himself.

    To make thing worse, since I am based in the UK, the live calls were 2 AM our time! I thought to myself no way I am going to attend them live. But after experiencing the energy and interactivity on the live calls, I was hooked and made sure to participate in them.

    Now I know the number 1 question everybody has in their mind: how long it takes to start closing and making good money like $5K or $10K per month? What percentage of students will succeed with this?

    Let me go straight to the point: if you are only after making a quick buck, don’t join this program.

    This doesn’t mean we don’t have students who get quick results, we do! But on the other hand for some others, it takes a lot longer. It depends on how committed you are.

    I am now in Dan’s Inner Circle, I am an accountability team leader, and I have roleplayed with at least a 100 of our fellow HTC classmates.

    I have seen people start closing $10K offers even before the seven weeks end. I have seen others who need a few months before they start closing. I have also seen people who quit.

    Personally, it took me one month after graduation to secure my first influencer and two months before I closed my first sale.

    Since then I have secured another two influencers and also closing as part of a team for a leading global media company. I am also closing at the back of the room at a business and marketing event in London.

    At the event alone I closed over $300K, and I have closed over $60K on the phone. The commissions were around 10% (lower at the event) and not all payable upfront as some were on payment plans.

    Now just because this is my result, it is no indicator of what kind of results you are going to get.

    For me, it’s not just about the money, but a skill that I know I can benefit from for the rest of my life.

  8. If you’re here searching for the truth, only listen to the people who have taken the course. That’ll save you a lot of time. The rest can only be assumptions.

    I graduated Dan’s course in March.

    It took me 6 months after graduating the program to land my first client. Since then I’ve quit my job as a personal trainer in Tallahassee that was barely paying me $500/month.

    If you’re wondering how much money I’ve made, it’s a little over $1705 so far this month. It’s my first month closing real deals. I’ve heard the first month is the worst.

    From March until now, I’ve been improving my skills and connecting with potential clients.

    From what I’ve seen from the inside, this course works for a lot of people, but it also doesn’t for a lot of people.

    To define ‘works’, I just mean the people I see making money.

    Hell, some people don’t even post in the FB group because they’re too busy closing deals.

    Others have quit.

    What I’ve seen make the difference is the mindset of the person coming in. Are they Closed Minded? Victim mentality? Know it alls? Quitters? Blamers? Excuse Makers? From what I’ve seen, these people usually aren’t active in the group, and take weeks off practicing.

    It’s no surprise this program(or any program) isn’t working for those people.

    Some people make money during the 7 week training. Some fresh out of graduating. For some it takes a couple weeks, some a month, some 3 months. Me? 6 months. Some still haven’t made money. It depends on the opportunities around you, your mindset and how you use the skill creatively.

    If you fear there’s lack of opportunity, from what I’ve seen, some closers say they can’t find any opportunities, or no one is getting back to them. While there are others who attend live events where they are the only closer in a room of 100+ professionals that don’t want to close their own packages. Of course only a percentage will be qualified high-ticket clients.

    This skill applies to anything high ticket. You can close yachts, coaching programs, real estate, online programs, software, fitness programs the list goes on. Literally anything high ticket, in any industry you want.

    Just to reiterate, I’m speaking from a place of having dropped 3k on this course and seen the reality from the inside out. Not false assumptions. This is my truth(not THE truth, because everyone’s truth is different.)

    But I will say I came from Dan’s live event in Vancouver a couple weeks ago. I spent 3 days with 1000+ closers, and never have I been around more supportive, sharp and good hearted people. Most there(including Dan on stage!) had shed tears at the moments we shared. Never have I had a mentor that’s cared so much about his students.

    HTC isn’t for everybody. But if you want to hear it from someone who’s taken the course, in my humble opinion, ignorant as I am, biased as I am, that’s my experience. Your experience may vary.

    If you’d like to connect on Facebook to ask questions, my name is Jazz Courtenay. It’s funny how a lot of people here posting negative comments about the program haven’t actually taken it and are hiding under fake names.

    If you think I’m being overly optimistic in this post, sure, there are plenty of people who fail with HTC. This the sad reality with this, and many other programs. But why do you think it is that some people, even in the most desperate situations get results, and others don’t? I’ll let you answer that question.

    I wish you guys the best of luck in making this decision!

    1. Quote: “..why do you think it is that some people, even in the most desperate situations get results, and others don’t?” To keep my answer short – first I would say read the book “The Power Of When.” by Michael Breus, Phd.

      Why: life is a balancing act because the right amount of time has to be applied to every area of our life. Right amount of sleep, right amount of exercise, eat the right foods, Study new subjects and learn new skills etc, etc.

      We can’t FOCUS consistently if we don’t do those things correctly because our brain needs to operate efficiently to be able to FOCUS at any time of the day. Also we have to FOCUS and delay instant gratification to be able to learn and apply what we have learned.

      When we don’t have the right amount of sleep and eat the right foods and no exercising we have brain fog, fatigue, low esteem etc etc. Our brains is directly link to our stomach via the Vegas Nerve and so when that’s not working properly then other functions of the brain wont work efficiently, so that’s why we don’t make right decisions and don’t see what’s in front of us. Lack of FOCUS.

      So the reason why 95% to 98% people fail is because they are FOCUSED on the wrong things.

  9. I’m a graduate of Season 1, I’ve also been removed from the HTC group, so here is my pull no punches honest experience…

    I have a pro-HTC video on their testimonial page (I’ll get to that here in a minute).

    I would not have signed up for the course if they were honest and upfront about it.

    That doesn’t mean the course isn’t good, or valuable, it doesn’t mean it won’t change your life or help you in business or sales.

    It just means, as a person who signed up and graduated from season 1, that they were not honest about the course, and that is a huge breach of trust for me.

    I’ve studied copywriting and marketing, I understand what goes into a sales page and good marketing material…

    Having done courses, and watched webinars in the past… HTC offered a “total package” as it were, with NO UPSELLS at the end, you won’t need anything else to be a high ticket closer, I was stoked. When you do copy/marketing you find your audiences “weak points” as it were, and hit them.
    It isn’t a mistake that in the marketing material they promised no upsells, they promise that because people are so incredibly tired of getting a half baked product then told the rest of it is right around the corner… but you have to pay.

    Now the marketing may have been changed since season 1, if so cool, if not its a real scumbag move to try and upsell me an additional $4,000 + 200/month.

    Part of the homework in the course is making a testimonial video, that giant batch of testimonials you see is largely from the homework… So you can imagine, if you hope to hop on their sales team at the end, you’ll give them a great video endorsing them.

    At the end of the course you get an interview to see if you can join the sales team, when I took my interview I didn’t do so hot due to my financial situation at the time and feeling a lot of pressure from outside sources, which is totally ok, but to be cut off and asked “Why didn’t you join the inner circle?” my only thought was because there wasn’t suppose to be any upsells, much less an upsell that is almost twice the cost of the original course.

    Infact, in one of the classes when they were pitching the innercircle, they talked about how we only know 1% of what Dan lok knows about closing…

    Well let me tell you, if you had said at the start “For 2.5k, we’ll teach you 1% of what Dan Lok knows about closing. The rest will cost you 4k and 200$ a month….” I would have told you to take a hike.

    I’ve been told by several people I’m a naturally talented on the phone, and really just “almost there”… I think they’re right, and believe I could be making 10k+ a month with this skill.

    But I was looking for more than a “skill”… I was looking for other like minded individuals to grow and group with for bigger and better things.

    I think HTC has a lot to offer in teaching you how to close, teaching you about mindset, and teaching you about business. I’d say those things are worth the 2.5k price tag.

    HOWEVER… If you’re looking for a “family”… or a “group” to grow with… I would say this isn’t it.

    Having been in the FB group you’ll notice a very hostile attitude to outside forces or people who question things, and I am totally not down with that at all.

    Second, the cost of my program was 3.5k in total, I have only paid 2.5k which is why I was removed from the group. Kayvon set me up with some financial options so I could pay per month but it would cost a little more… I was like, ok cool, I took out two credit cards, was working full time (sometimes two jobs) so I could pay for the course.

    My payments were $500 a month, I noticed one month I wasn’t going to make it but would be able to pay the remainder (1k) the next month on the next billing cycle. I emailed their support and let them know It was cool if they removed me from the group or what not until I paid in full, and that I understood.

    I got back what I can only describe as canned responses that was basically “try harder”. None of which I replied to…. one of the things about closing is you listen to people and understand them, not brow beat them with cheap motivational speels. And you know what, I would have tried harder, but I already had such a bad taste in my mouth from the upsell business that I wasn’t feeling motivated to go hungry to pay the rest.
    (they knew I was in a bad financial spot when I signed up, in fact the reason I had to pay an extra 1k was because I was considered a financial risk).

    Anyway, about 10 days go by and I get another email from the support staff I talked to saying he tried to run my card 3 times that day and it didn’t go through…

    Well of course it didn’t go through, I told him that it wouldn’t. Why would he try to run it three times randomly? how does that make sense? you have my phone number, and email… treat me like a human being and contact me if getting your $500 is that important, don’t randomly charge my card.

    If you know who Dan Pena is, (Dan Loks mentor) he’ll tell you have a financial bank account, and an emotional bank account.

    The way they treated me really drained my emotional bank account with them.

    If you’ve seen some of the previous comments on this blog, you’ll see a lot of this quote…

    “How you do one thing, is how you do everything”.

    well if you’re going to lie me about the program, and treat me like a mark once I’m in it, how will you continue to treat me days, months, and years down the road?

    When I honestly asked myself that question, I decided HTC family wasn’t for me.

    Whenever there was a “problem” in the group, it was always the students fault, I never saw an ounce of personal responsibility put on the teachers/instructors…
    It was never “Hey, I see that part wasn’t made clear to you guys”

    It was always “How could you misinterpret sifus dans teachings like that! Why should we continue to help you guys!?”

    Man that attitude is disgusting.

    Anyway, wanting to land a gig, I talk to a few people and finally hit a guy I really vibe with, he matches closers with people who need them, is very successful for himself and thinks I’m naturally talented and will do very well for myself… however…

    He didn’t think I had enough high ticket experience, ok fair, and he also didn’t like very specific techniques I learned from HTC and broke it down for me and I totally understood where he was coming from. A lot of the hype is no one can do what HTC can do, HTC is the best and everyone else sucks… Well after reaching out to several people, I found a lot of people who are very successful closers who never heard of HTC.

    So here is the re-cap of MY experience with the HTC program.

    I do think I have the skillet promised by the program.

    I do think a lot of the marketing and hype is incredibly dishonest, and can even overshadow the good parts because of how much of it there is.

    I think the group has an unhealthy, cult like aggro it.

    Who is this program good for?

    If you own a business already that deals with sales.

    If you can pay and it not be a financial burden.

    Who is not good for?

    If you dislike hype, and don’t like being tied into group think.
    If you aren’t financially secure to begin with.
    If you’d like to be more than a dollar sign.

    Thems my thoughts, good luck guys.

    1. interesting comment.
      My name is Peyman Parsi and I am season 2.

      – Inner circle is $1995 + $200 per month. it is separate thing , it is not an upsell. It is like you want to learn swimming, you go to instructor and they say, you need 10 sessions to learn how to swim. after you learn, they tell you since now that you learn how to swim, you have an option to join hour swimming club to enjoy your skill there. you can decide to join or not to join. But you already have the swimming skill.

      It is like you are a mechanical engineer and you say, I don’t want to join any engineering association in my city because of the annual fees. ok, don’t join, then you probably miss many opportunities too.

      Price of Program is $2500, you were not be able to come up with the money, they set you up $500 per month, so this increased the price of course. Is it something new? My wife financed her bakery equipments for 1 year and she ended up paying 40% extra. from first day you knew how much you will be end up to pay.

      -After HTC you will become better than 90% of traditional sales people in the market. They said things you learnt from HTC is not even 1% of things that Dan can potentially teach you, what’s wrong with this statement? He says, stay with me in the club over time I teach you the rest. with HTC like above example you will learn to swim, by being in Inner circle , it is like that you stay close to the coach to train you until you become a champion. what is so bad about it?

      – You just said that you got kicked out, because you did not pay the program in full. Uuummmm , now playing victim?

      – I finished my HTC end of Feb, and I was not good enough that Dan lok team to pick me, but with that skills that I learnt I land my first influencer by end of April and first week of May , land my second influencer. Today That I am writing this, I have 3 influencers , and I get around 30 closing calls per week from all 3 combined. In 4.5 months I closed $530.00 and until today I have closed $870K since May 2018
      and make $94K.

      There is only one thing is here that I agree, that this program is not for everyone. people who has lots of opinion, and have no commitment and every time come up with excuses and once they fail, they play victim.

      if anyone is here looking for 1-1 conversation to find out if this program is for them, I don’t mind to give 1 hour of my time


    2. Thanks for sharing, James! What would you recommend for someone who wants to learn to be a high ticket closer?

    3. So let me get this straight, they train you and yet end of the course you get an interview to see IF you can join the sales team? Why wouldn’t you be able to join the sales team if they trained you? Sound like BS to me indeed.

  10. Hi Everyone,
    It is very simple, this skill gives you ability the close sales by a step by step process that you get to practice once you join. I have seen 16-76-year-old mentees of Dan do this no matter what work background you have.

    Now, you still have to work hard and do the assignments. The reason why it’s at the price it is, Dan wants people to put the skin in the game, he doesn’t want to qualify people after joining to see if they are serious or not. He would rather get the serious people in the program now and not have to filter to bad apples that are doing it for the wrong reason.

    I have graduated a month ago in the HTC program and have money coming in already from opportunities that were given within the program. If you want a high-income skill and leave your job like I have, you won’t find another program like it. There are no products to buy or sell, there are no licensing fees, there are no MLM or top-down schemes, just pure skill to get the money on demand.

    I have gone through the program and can answer any questions. Please reach out if you are serious and have questions. https://calendly.com/eric-kim

    Eric Kim- High Ticket Closer Batch #5

    1. Hi Eric,

      I live in Viet Nam, do you think if I attend this HTC training then I can apply the knowledge in my country as well or this only applicable for USA, Canada? Thanks

      1. Hi Huy,
        Sorry for the late reply. You can apply in any country as long as your influencer’s business hours are matching your time allowed to work. Let me know if this helps.

  11. I am interested in Dan Lok’s HTC program. Here is what I see from disturbing comment and positive comment.

    There could be two world exists interconjuning each other, one is the positive world and another one is the negative world.

    If we do lots of bad things in this life, it will lead you to a negative world. If you do good never harm anyone, you are living in a positive world.
    Those negative people will lead themselves into scam (negative world), those are positive and believer (there will be in the positive world and found themselves a good mentor)

    If the financial freedom is an illusion, it also means our world is not real, it is what we can create our in own world with our mind (negative or positive world)

    I’m very much interested in the HTC but too many things brought me down in my life so I have to tell myself yes I cannot afford it if something goes wrong, I need to have the responsibility for my family as well.

    Simon Shane

    1. Simon, there are 2 different views because 2 type of people writing blogs here, those who did HTC and failed or never joined and just naturally hate any success stories vs. those who did HTC and made it.

      It is like, you come and ask me if you can become a black belt in Karate and win the world championship tournament. Answer is, I don’t know. You need to find a good coach that you can absolutely believe he is capable of taking you there. but after that , it is up to you to show up.

      anyone can become a world champion, but I don’t know if you are committed enough and if it is a right time of your life to learn this skill.

      Anyone knows , how to lose weight. Exercise and watch what you eat. but look around , how many people are overweight? When you see overweight people, do you ever think that maybe exercise and watching what you eat does not work for you? or it is a question of your commitment?

      if you failed in past, there can be 2 reason:
      1- you got involved a scam program. do you thinks, this is a scam? I don’t know , what scam looks like to you? do your due diligence to make sure you don’t get scammed again
      2- You were not serious about it and not committed. am I right?

    1. Shohaib,

      thank you for your review. I have read it all and I have a couple of questions if you are able to clear up for me;

      I am a person without a business. how would someone like me make money by selling to prospects and how do i find influencers to sell for?

      Also, i live in Australia. Whwere are these influencers and prospects located? if they are in America/Canada- this is a different time zone to me. would this have a negative impact on my ability?

      thank you

      1. Hey Mohammed bro,

        These are good questions, which have been updated on my review website. Alternatively, you can give me a call if you want via WhatsApp or I can call you as these take time to answer and speaking is easier than typing a long answer haha. Here’s the link here:

    2. Thanks for the review. I like to know if leads are provided or students are left to source for leads right from the start.

  12. Jason (SHB) and everyone reading this,

    My name is Joel Goh and I’m a Season 5 graduate from the HTC Course and I started July 26th. I actually stumbled upon your blog before making my decision to enroll in HTC. 8 weeks later, I am sitting at over $30k+ in sales closed and I’ve made back my investment in the program within that period.

    All I can say is this, if you’ve never ever invested in yourself, in personal development, this may be the opportunity of a lifetime. If you’re someone who’s going to do whatever it takes, attend all live classes, do all homework and practice with your family members, you will be successful.

    On the flipside, if you want a get-rich-quick scheme, you want to just put in money, do nothing and expect great ROIs like that, this is not for you. It took me countless hours of practice, close to a hundred rejections before I got to this point where I’m now easily closing deals for my influencer.

    If you want to talk to me and ask me about my personal experience, you can reach out at http://www.richasian.com or joel@richasian.com.

    I wish everyone here all the best in their life! Make good decisions and live life with no regrets 🙂

    1. Hey Joel,

      Thank you for sharing your upfront, no BS experience of Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer mentorship.

      It’s good to see that you are one of the actions takers who made the best of it and is now reaping the benefits.

      You certainly have the bulldog determination and I suspect you will continue to do well as you build your skill set.


      1. Jason,

        I appreciate the kind words. Your blog is great by the way, and on the topic of the HTC Inner Circle, i’d say this.

        You don’t need HTCIC to be a closer. I was a full time closer even before HTCIC during the 7 live weeks. However, if you’d like that extra edge, support and more job opportunities, HTCIC is the way to go. Again, investment in self is the consideration here.

  13. Hi, my partner and I, have a small B2B automotive consulting business. The prices for standard products range from 2.5k to 10k, and consulting products are of course more expensive. Although the business is going well none of us have marketing background and I believe that HTC skills could significantly increase the sales. If anyone has the skills and is interested in helping us to grow the business please contact me at malenstwoooo1@googlemail.com to discuss (this is only a temporary email, I don’t want my work email to be visible publicly but once you contact us I will share business details). I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time reading this. Mariola.

  14. I too was very interested in Dan Lok HTC, at first, he is a bit off-putting but his message does give lots of value. Many say its just copied stuff from other people

    There is no denying he gives plenty of value on his youtube channel.

    As for his class, it is a bit limited:
    You can read on the outline of the 7-week course but it doesn’t teach you how to sell or actually close the customers for the influencers ( that has to be worked on your own or with the group through cold calling practices)

    He and his team do go through what some may call fluff during his course, I imagine that is just his style. Talks about his upbringing.

    Says he doesn’t need the money and will kick out people

    the FB group is the value in this, the connections you make will help you through growing pains.

    another thing. at the end of the 7-week course, there will be an upsell, to his other FB group of inner circle clients.

    close to 2k to join, in that group, he says he posts the most recent jobs and will share a contract that you will use with the influencer also he will help develop your pitch.

    So if you want to get the full value of the HTC Dan Lok course it’s best you do both the HTC training then the inner circle one.

    about 5k total cost

  15. Hi Jason,

    (and anyone else who wants to hear this information)

    Honestly, there are a few points that I want to raise.

    1 – I have done 4 of Dan Pena’s castle seminars from youtube which were posted on Dan Lok’s website.
    Most have been from a while ago but I did listen to 2012 as well.
    Pena basically says that he will take you from nothing to millions if you do his castle seminar which is around $20k I believe.
    Most of it is high-level stuff about getting money from banks and might be handy if I owned a fortune 500 company.
    Very little info on people starting out or with a lot to lose.
    Dan Pena is, of course, a mentor for Dan Lok.

    2 – Dan Lok promises no BS in his live webinar.
    It isn’t live
    he waffles on for ages about his upbringing and the usual webinar fluff
    his youtube channel is extremely rude in the description and tells you to f**k off if you don’t like his channel. This tactic is called “be repulsive to people who you don’t want and you will be compelling to people who resonate with it”

    3 – I’ve done the Jordan Belfort SLP course if anyone wants the general script for getting sales.
    I tried it in my job about 3 yrs ago and it kind of worked for a while.
    I was selling 2-3 hotel memberships per day but then got a bit burned out with cold calling.

    4 – Dan Lok has shown me a lot of warning signs and has hype written all over it
    as well as lying already.

    5 – for anyone who wants Dan Lok’s course
    you can get it for $23
    I haven’t done it yet but will probably purchase it to see what its like

    6 – I have done all of Frank kern’s courses and they are amazing
    teaches you how to create online information products with email marketing
    I was part of his inner circle for a bit as well
    working on some stuff and couldn’t recommend highly enough

    leave your thoughts or email me if you have any questions

  16. Basically, about 200 people will pay $2.500 each for a training that takes about 14 hours. That’s $500.000 for Dan Lok. Preparing the training and actually giving it should take him about 42 hours, that’s 14 hours training and 28 hours of preparation (gross estimate). As a bonus, he will pick some of the best “high ticket closers” to work for him.

    The rest of you will have learned a small part of the sales trade, namely closing a sales deal. Are you willing to pay $2.500 to learn how to close a deal? Can you make money with that kind of skill on your own? How long will it take to earn back the $ 2.500 if you don’t work for Mr. Lok? That’s the real question.

  17. I am a current HTC student.

    Just briefly read some comments.

    I can understand the skepticism and fear (I was there before I signed up, when I didn’t know what this was all about).

    What I don’t understand though, is how can someone make the jump from “I am afraid” or “I don’t understand this”, to “Scam, scammer, pyramid scheme” etc. Even in the days I didn’t know who Dan Lok was, at least I admitted that, okay, I need more information here, but I never made assumptions.

    Eventually I took the dive and I’m glad I did. I’m only on week 4 with the course and already learned so much. Just the network of people I met through HTC was worth the money. Not to mention this stuff is actually enjoyable. I don’t dread class, I look forward to it every week and can measure my progress as we go. I’m honestly glad I made the decision to do this.

    You don’t have to believe it’s right for you (it probably isn’t) but if you’ve not even taken the courses how do you even know what you’re talking about? I’m a firm believer that if you’ve not done it, don’t criticize it. Are you making 6, 7, 8 figures? If yes, I’m happy to learn from you how you did it. If not, then might want to do less talking, and more listening. You’ll be the first to benefit from it.

  18. I’m interested in starting this course, let’s say you pay and finish the 2500 part and you can’t afford 50k (only 20x the original investment)

    What happens then, do you go back to your regular job and work as many years as it takes to get into the inner circle? (Working as an IT project manager, and studying for my masters in cybersecurity and penetration testing)

    Or are there opportunities to make money without the inner circle to save up for the inner circle?

    Thank you all for your help 🙂
    Prefer to not get an answer that can be boiled down to “just do it/you’re asking questions!? it’s not for you!/we don’t want you” – just seems like more additional aggressive sales tactics.

    Trying to budget all costs associated and not be blindsided down the road 🙂

    SHB can you also send me info on the affiliate marketing? I’d love to know more about it!
    I also run a Shopify store and Amazon store.

            1. Hi Joey,

              Check out my free affiliate marketing guide here where I show you the step by step process I personally use to create my affiliate sites.

              And, do let me know if you need any questions answered.


      1. Hey Sean, unfortunately, I had to remove your comment due to unethical motives.

        Please be mindful to share something of value as you go through life.

        Best regards.

  19. I am thinking about doing Dan’s course and I read all these comments with interest, What it boils down to is are you a winner or a looser? Dan seems to me to be giving you skills, which I am sure you can get cheaper other places, but I like his no nonsense attitude. I have my own private plan on how to use those skills and anyone who doesn’t know how to reach influencers needs another course because that information must be out there on a course or book or from just asking around.
    Some people here sum it up, it’s like any skill, some people are better than others, just going on a course doesn’t make you good or the best it just gives you an opportunity that you must manage to the best of your abilities.

  20. I noticed a negative reaction from Dan Lok team, unfortunately, they all speak the same words, same phrases, same aggressive attitude, same language- Dan trained them well to “bark” and funny they paid him money!

    What’s not so funny as how many of them, it’s not the first blog I read, and as soon as someone asks for HTC feedback- the Dan Lok team like a vultures appear quickly and start “educating” and “challenging”.

    Even CEO suddenly appeared, goodness gracious, as if nothing else he can do.

    It’s like a pyramid scam, the naively paid money to their master, master now ordered to bring more people, and so on.

    Definitely not interested, don’t want to be trained how to “bark”

  21. Hi Jason,

    Thank you for taking time tagging Dan’s Lok HTC program. I have finished watching the webinar and $2495 is not something that is cheap for someone who is broke and who needs to borrow money just to enroll. JUST LIKE ME.

    My take is… Reading the reviews for those who enrolled, one thing is certain. This program will not guarantee you leads to close as it seems there is another program ( inner circle ) to be part with and even if, you are part of the inner circle there are no details on how you will be tied up to an influencer closing in high ticket offers and getting high ticket commissions. It makes sense that it would be a close secret on how that would be coz if the information is there, certainly, them, bridging the gap ( enrolling HTC Program ) is no longer needed and HTC program will not sell. HTC is still a money making machine at some point.

    For those who can afford it, it’s a good try, maybe soon someone was able to make it, and got as far to share us the details on how leads are given for members to close. PLEASE SHARE DETAILS THEN :).Or just enroll for you to learn sales closing so as you can apply it to your business or clients.

    One thing is for sure. We all need the talent or art of ” CLOSING”. Power of convincing and asking someone to take action on your favor is the true sense of closing. Convincing a friend to lend you money, a car, etc,.convincing an Employer to hire you on an interview, the list goes on. Or even convincing and closing into yourself that money can be made online without investing into a program. SO FAR, NOTHING IS FOR FREE right at this point of my research.


    Cheers to everyone and good luck. Hope we continue helping each other with information that is critical to know especially if there is money involved. We are looking to make money and not to lose money. 🙂

    1. Hi Andrey,

      Thanks for chiming in…It’s good to see you sharing your views and you have made some sensible points for others to consider.

      When it comes to being successful at anything in life, it will take education, imagination, creativity, action along with faith and persistence to get you to your end goal.

      You keep on doing your best to get your share of riches in life.

      Feel free to send me an email here if you want to personally connect.


  22. So let me break down how Dan Lok’s Company works; he has a group of people Called “Coaches”. What they are supposed to do is close YOU for the training that’s 2000 dollars.

    The program itself is 3000 so you are going to be in 5000 debt. After the program is over you will hear such things from Kayvon and Desmond that you are on top of his list but at the last minute, you will get answers like you have to do more courses.

    This is such a big scam, words can’t even explain. They hide everything. Anybody that says anything they answer them with a question. All these Coaches and this guy commenting back on all the comment either are paid by Dan’s Lock or just plain retarded.

    ITS A SCAM!!! and they target naive people. Poor innocent people, I feel really bad for. Now I know Dan’s puppets are going to comment on this with a question. Oh, and the seminar is prerecorded the reason why he doesn’t show his face because i can record him giving a promise such you are going to hear (you’re going to make 10000 in a month)BULLS**T. Dan Lok is a master manipulator don’t get into his claws.

    1. WOW, very interesting comment, every word you wrote including the fee is not correct. Where else you failed in your life and blaming others?

      there are 2 ways on this, either you have taken HTC program or not. If not, then how do you know his program is Scam? if yes, then how come I cannot see your name in the FB HTC list? We don’t have and never had Yo Lung in HTC FB group. If you are so truthful person, how come you are hiding behind a fake name?

      There is one truth about HTC that it is a program and requires commitment and focus. Many people are not in a right time in their life to give such a commitment.

      One person called me today asking my opinion about HTC. I asked him what he does and realized that he is a student from Africa has been accepted in one US internship program and they are paying him to gain this IT skill, and he needs to work for them for 2 years after graduation. and he was in his first year. I told him HTC is not for him, not because he was not motivated and not a go-getter person. simply because his focus could not be in 2 places. He was putting his life on that program and when I explained it, he said, I am right and it is not a right time for him and he needs to focus finishing this his IT program first.

      Point is if someone is a scam, you think will get that many followers and raving fan? in this world that you cannot hide for a second, if someone is a scam, how is it possible to not be exposed with some given facts?
      Do you know how many people are getting on HTC every in every batch? and do you think how many are failing and playing victim with their fake names?

      A high ticket closer is a status in life and how you live and who you are. HTC is someone who backs his word up. Here is me backing my word by leaving my booking link here in case someone wants to know if they are a right fit for HTC

      1. I don’t even want to read further to hear those losers. The fact is a loser is always a loser please let me know if HTC is right for me for my situation right now.

        Hoping to hear from you soon
        Thank you

  23. I am not mentee of Dan at this moment, but I plan to join HTC program.

    I read different comments from this blog and some were bad comments of Dan. I totally disagree with these.

    Dan provides training to mentees and he can decide how much he charges. There is no program gives a guarantee to the joiners who can earn money back, all depends on what joiners learn.

    Dan is human beings, he needs to survive, he must earn money, he is not donating money to the poor. It is our responsibility to earn or save or borrow money to learn new things. It’s not Dan’s responsibility to provide training free of charge. No cheating from Dan.

    If one joins the program, Dan and his team teach hard, there are no results finally, it’s not the fault or mistake of Dan. One must ask why there are some successful mentees, but not you.

    My English is not good to express my opinion, I feel really sorry, but I think Dan is not cheating people. He seems to like running a business (HTC program) and acts like a model for all learning.

    So, what’s wrong with Dan, I think nothing. Even you decide not to join the HTC program, you also can learn from Dan’s skills. No scam. No taking advantage of weak or vulnerable.

    Readers or mentees, no one owes you, unless you pay money, nothing you can get. Remember no cheating. If you pay money, you have served by Dan and his team. You can only feel it’s worth or not for yourselves because of your subjective mindset.

    Thanks for reading my sharing.

    1. Thanks for expressing your opinion Cherrie. It’s really up to you which direction you want to take to achieve your own success.

      Focus on your preferred method to make money for yourself, and let NO ONE discourage you.


    2. Additional information that I would like to add here.

      It’s not my position to criticize any comments here and I only want to share my opinion.

      I always go through a hard time and a tough time in my life. That’s why I have some feelings about this to share.

      I plan to join the HTC program as I want to have a breakthrough in my life.

      I read some comments stated that the fee for Dan’s program is high. Actually, I have a big debt and I need to borrow money from my friend to join this program because I want to restart my new chapter of life.

      I don’t know what’s mean by high price or low price if it’s only talking about the amount which the mentor charges. It’s not. Mentor evaluates the factor of value and the price and decides how much he or she need to charge. Why do people choose the program? It’s because they could afford and think that it’s worth to join. However, there is no one knows the final result. If the mentor teaches you all the things, the result depends on how much mentees learn, put effort, ability, attitude and so on. I think it’s hard to say the mentor cheats mentees and there is no scam.

      I read a comment talking about Dan hired the mentees free of charge. If Dan hires mentees free of charge, Dan must choose the good fit one. No one will refuse to invite very good fit to join the business team free of charge. It all depends on what performance you have.

      Also, no mentor can guarantee the mentees could earn money back in the world. Mentor teaches you skills, but how mentees perform, all depends on mentees’ effort.

      What I can foresee is when joining Dan’s HTC program, you will have self-reflection on yourselves. You will know what you need to do in your remaining of life. Maybe you are high ticket closer, or you will not be the high ticket closer because of your skills, talent, effort, ability. You will have a chance to have a breakthrough in your life. You will know more about yourselves. All these valuable things that you can gain from live coaching from Dan.

      Actually, we born into the world, we pursue the happy, healthy, comfortable life, we have the responsibility to find out what we need to improve and upgrade me to be better. I think Dan’s live coaching is one of the great methods to do this. If you were a successful person, you will not need to think to join Dan’s program deeply. You will teach others how to be a successful person. You have sucked in your life and want to find a mentor to help you to have a breakthrough, that you think of joining HTC program or not. Right?

      Thank you very much for reading my sharing. I hope all enjoy learning from Dan if you decide to join Dan’s program. That is the most important thinking mindset that helps you to gain a lot from the program. Thank you again…

  24. Thank you so much for this post. It has helped me a lot because I want to start an online business and doing the best research I can to get things going. I really love Dan Lok’s videos and his Book FU Money! In fact, he is the reason my online venture started in the first place. I was debating between joining the HTC program or not. I have no doubt of their integrity and that the course is Worth it. But I decided thanks to you to start off as an affiliate marketer with a ready niche made amazon site from Human Proof Designs and believe me that I am very satisfied with their service. Great investment!
    Thank you so much SHB for your valuable and impartial input. You are a great guide.

    1. Oh, it’s fantastic to hear about this Rick.

      You have literally opened up your very own online business which has great potential to profit for as long as you like.

      Be sure to stick with what Dom Wells shares with you and you’ll be on your way!

      I’ll see you in the facebook group sometime…


  25. Dan Lok HTC program is definitely a scam. They are very good at covering all the areas. But at the end, I believe many that have sign up will agree with me, they were taken for a ride. Of course any training course will have some value, but this is outright cheating and taking advantage of the weak and vulnerable. As for kayvon and Desmond. How both of you all can keep lying to yourself and supporting such a person. Anyway, I personally felt cheated.

    1. It is so interesting to see how one incident which in this case is the HTC program, can have such a different interpretation. Dan Lok is looking for 100 good closers and he only has 25 so far. I am assuming you have gone through HTC and you failed to yourself.

      HTC is not a job opportunity, it is a skill. It is like you sign up for a martial art school hoping to learn it well, become a black belt and the coach picks you for an important tournament. Then you fail to show up, you fail to do what your coach is asking you to do, you basically fail yourself due to lack of commitment and you want to blame someone else?

      Any mentor wants 3 simple things from their student:
      No Opinion
      No Excuse
      No Victim

      People who have lots of opinions, do not commit and bring excuses and play the victim when they fail, cannot get anywhere in their life anyways. it is not just about HTC. where else have you succeeded in your life?

      How you do anything, is how you do everything.

      Watch below testimonials:

      none of them are among those 100 high-performance closers that Dan is looking for.
      but check what they are saying. none of them specifically brag about the money, they tell their stories of who they have become.

      In order for you to make money, first, you need to become a person who is worthy and can add value and help other people and then money comes to you as a byproduct. HTC is not only a skill. HTC is who you are, how you operate, how you look at things around you and how you Perform, how you communicate, then knowing those specific skills will come to play a match with that personality

      Many people call me to ask my opinion, on Many occasions I can tell them if it is not for them in the first few minutes.

      Yesterday, I had one example, This guy booked a call with me, he did not bother to write in the note area while booking that what is this call regard to. Then he failed to call me on that booked time, so I thought maybe he has a limited calling plan, let me do a favor and call him, He was sleeping, waking up answering the phone not knowing what is going on.

      I said you booked a call at this time. what is this regard to?
      He said: oohhh… yeah, I wanted to ask about HTC and ask your opinion.
      I said: what do you want to know?
      he said: I guess want to know if it is worth the investment?
      I said: uhhm,, not for you. I don’t think so.
      He asked: how come?
      I said: It will not work for you. You are not a good fit for the program.
      You could not commit to one call that you initiated and requested in the first place how you expect to succeed in HTC?

      You mentioned HTC Inner circle as a upsell. again…. interesting that one event happens and people interpret it in a totally different way.

      Let’s say you pay for a program to learn swimming, ok, so by end of the program, you should expect to know how to swim.

      but if you want to go to the pool on a daily bases, you need to have a membership of some swimming pool. How the swimming lesson is related to your membership to use the pool on your daily basis?

      There are people who don’t get it. which is ok. HTC is not for them.

      I am a person who backs up my own statement.
      again how you do anything, is how you do everything.

      I put my booking link here that anyone that really want to see if HTC is for them can call me

      If you operate similar to the person I just told the story, then most probably can tell you in the first few minutes that it is not for you and get over it

      I don’t see anyone else is doing it. who is more credible?

  26. The HTC course is basically a sales process course. But Dan Lok actually at his first webinars says he only looking for 100 closers to work with him, but now he has actually made a lot of people sign up with the program hoping to be in his team.

    Many were disappointed as it is not as it seems. After the course.., u need to pay another sum of money to be in the inner circle.

    Final word, anyone who have the extra money and want to learn some sales techniques may spend on the course. But definitely u can learn this from other books and resources. And not paying usd2500. Many that sign up was hoping to get sign up on his team and spoke very highly of him at first.

    All this is happening in the first few weeks, those see that his HTC private group batches in the first few weeks are very active until the last 2 weeks they will realise it’s not as it seems.

  27. I once closed a $60Million A Year Deal, my commission was to be $975,000 a year, but the Hong Kong company I was working for, a subsidiary of ACER computers, reneged on the contract. When I queried them they said,”Take us to Court!” I was broke and new that it would cost me big $s to go to Court. But, the biggest mistake I made was not keeping my own copy of the customer details. The company took my closed business to a younger man in the company and he started calling the customers. When they realised it wasn’t me they all got out of the deal. They only wanted to go with me, understand? Later I did on the phone debt collecting and recovered $750,000 in less than 6 months but I was on an hourly rate. They want to go with YOU, that’s the takeaway here. It’s YOU they want to go with 🙂

  28. Don’t do it! Save your money! If you’re comfortable with mediocrity, fearful of challenges, fearful of setting the bar high, fearful of rising above being average and live in a world of self-doubt, then save your money.

    If you are fixated on spending the $2500 because you don’t believe in yourself, don’t feel you have the ability to learn the skill, apply it and multiply your earnings, then save your money.

    If you feel investing $2500 in educating yourself is TOO much money then clearly you have set your personal goals bar way too low. I say, save the $2500 and stretch it out as much as you can. Pinch the pennies and spend it on daily $4 coffees, $15 movie tickets etc..

    However be sure to keep a detailed log of everything you’ve purchased until you’ve wasted $2500. Look at the list of frivolous spending and see how that makes you feel. I challenge you.

    I am thankful I don’t live in the scarcity mindset world any longer!! HTC will welcome people who truly wish to thrive and add value to our community. I am ETERNALLY grateful for this mentorship program and the people I have connected with.

    It is refreshing to live in a world with like-minded individuals who won’t hesitate to reach out and help you when you need a helping hand. I proudly recommend HTC!. One thing I can say with absolute certainty is this.

    If you were truly satisfied with the direction of your life and finances, Dan Lok and HTC wouldn’t be a topic of discussion. Isn’t that enough validation for you?

    If you (meaning anyone ready for a serious change) are really ready to get out of that rut you’re in and have questions. You’re more than welcome to reach out to me here.

  29. Just to be clear, I too is very interested in the program.

    After reading all the comments and 1 question still have not been answer yet is ” Do Dan Lok provide the leads to client or do you have to look for people to close for? ”
    1. If I have no experience in high ticket sales closing I wouldn’t have any contacts to close on.
    2. Previous comment stated the Influencer approuch you and not the other way round but how do she know you are able to close sales for her?

    I do believe what Dan Lok saying is true the value of the course is way more than the cost but no matter how much it is worth without leads without contacts is like teaching you to swim like a pro and next throws you in to the sea without a clear direction on which direction to swim in order to reach the land.

    1. He passes on leads, but it is up to the influencer to pick whoever they think have better skill. for sure it is not a job, it is a skill. how much time you want to put to become skillful enough that when influencers are talking to you, they notice your skill?

      it is up to you. are you going to be good at closing?
      Once you are HTC, you are HTC for life. if after 7 weeks and graduation, you still suck in closing, you need to practice more until you become skillful. are you ready to commit?

    2. Dude

      You write your own ticket when you can big time close.

      I wish I was there yet – I am self taught through life hard errors of self mistakes and failing many times with a whole lot of BS from other peoples lying – I have been swimming among cesspools of thiefs & people who didn’t pay their commissions. One few people are honest on a handshake & only few people keep their word. Very few people pay you what they promise – find one – you have a nugget.

      I’ve had commissions in the hundreds of thousands of dollars never got paid. I got paid actually 10k & 20K & 40K in dollars from actual closing deals but the problem is too far and few between & the smaller ones – lot of people hold onto because they know eventually they will close or have internet do it for them.

      I promise you – you can find something to make off of even if that means starting on the bottom of the barrel with GROUND UP LEADS. All you need is your foot in the door & I know you contact the right company / system / gadget – the player will give you your 30 seconds if you play your cards right.

      Don’t worry about what comes AFTER – DO IT NOW if you’re able and this lines up with your core heart belief.

    1. No problem Matthew 🙂

      It makes total sense to mention you here because you are truly one of the leaders in the space.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  30. May I know how does it work?
    Apparently only a phone and computer are needed for you to close the sales?
    So where do you get the leads? From Dan directly? How does it work?

    Would be great if someone in the programme or who has done the programme can comment on this..

  31. Hi, can someone share his opinion of me after a chat in private? I am willing to do this, but I need to know how much time and money to invest so I can prepare. Thanks.

  32. Hey Jason,

    Awesome blog…caught Dan Lok’s webinar and by the end of it caught your question on google asking for opinions and have read the whole blog and also comments from others. Thanks for managing the comments appropriately.

    I was actually pumped up after the webinar, however, as some have commented, we need to know if we are able to afford courses without risking ourselves and our loved ones.

    I guess, the course is whatever we make out of it, even though you may need to go through qualification to get into the course, but it is similar to all other courses I believe.

    Thanks for your update and yes….agreed Kevin David is Awesome …and yes I’m into Shopify too and have a store of my own. I didn’t do his course though but bought into E-com Blueprint by Tristan Borroughs.

    Anyway, so happy to connect with a fellow Singaporean on over Cyberspace…LOL!
    We should hook up, chat and exchange notes from the courses we’ve done, and what we are both doing with our Shopify stores, who know maybe even collaborate on a joint venture….I’m in the midst of starting my blog and youtube channel as well…

    Awaiting any further updates you may have…..May the Force be with You!!!

    God Bless!

    1. Hey Dan,

      It’s great connecting with you too! It’s awesome to know that you are building your online business and searching for even other ways to increase your income.

      I am actually not Singaporean though. Lol. Born in Jamaica and now reside between here and the US.

      You can feel free to join my network or send me a message here. It is always great to share experiences and help out a fellow entrepreneur.


    2. Both of you are in Singapore?

      So am I! Would be equally happy to hookup over a coffee or beer!


  33. Hello SHB,

    I think you have a kind and respectful way with people, shown in the way you address to their opinions, even the highly intense ones. That trait of yours has made me want to follow your blog.

    Thank you for opening up this discussion. I am from Honduras, and that amount of money is beyond luxury here, so I still can´t make up my mind about the course. Reading these opinions have shed some light though. If I enroll, I´ll come back to fill you in.

    1. Hey no problem, Siglo.

      I love living by the principle of treating each person the same way how I would like to be treated, so yeah, I’m sticking to that model.

      I see that $2500 is a lot of money for, not just you, but for a whole lot of people – even those living in first world countries such as the US and UK.

      It’s really up to each person to do his/her own due diligence to ensure that they are spending their money wisely.

      In any event, great to meet you and at the end of the day, I know that you will make a smart business decision.

  34. Hey SHB!!
    So do we know how much the expected costs are for joining the inner circle? I know the course is about $2500, but I am struggling to find that price tag of the inner circle…


    1. Hey Marius!

      I personally do not know the exact price for the inner circle. Heard that it could be up to $25K.

      You may want to contact Desmond Soon – he may be able to help you to get the exact cost.

      Cheers mate.

  35. One thing I can tell you is that “No price is too high for success and almost any price is too high for failure”

    If you’re committed to put in the effort in this proven program and do whatever it takes to get the results that you want, taking full responsibilities for your results then I don’t see why your ROI will not be tenfold.

    But like Dan said this program isn’t for everyone. But if you’re serious and willing to take a leap of faith and believe in yourself, that’s a decision you have to make, no one make that for you.

    Just ask yourself, how much value have you gotten out from Dan’s Youtube videos and book which are free. Imagine how much value you could get in his program?

    Maybe you could continue doing whatever you’re currently doing or take MASSIVE action and invest in yourself to not only learn a skill but transform into a better version of yourself.

    – Mok, Season 3

  36. To those who are scrolling to find a negative view of the program, good luck finding it. You can hear a mumble, but that is irrelevant.

  37. How do you get the contacts with High Influencers if you are not chosen by Dan to promote his own tickets? I am interested in taking the course but only if somebody could confirm that we are guaranteed to get those hot leads.

  38. I am a Batchn3 graduate of Dan’ Lok HTC Program. I finished the course this May 2018. I can assure you the course is well worth the money and I can tell you I am already making money and closing since completing the course.

    Is it for everyone? No, it is not. We are very particular as to whom gets accepted into the program. Just because you have the money or can get the money to pay for it does not mean you will be accepted.

    If you are really serious and are looking for integrity, quality and a way for you to make 10K plus a month, then Dam Lok HTC programs are for you. Not only will your professional life improve so will your personal life change.

    I can not say enough good things about the Dan Lok HTC program. You do not need to have experience, they walk you step by step. If you put in the work, you will get the results. This is Live training and not recorded.

    1. Hello Cristina ,
      I need your guidance regarding the HTC program.
      I’m from India. How enrolling in this program may help me. Even though I’m enthusiastic and have the urge to grow . The program fee looks like my half yearly income. Is there any other way to get guided by you guys? Please contact me in my email ID : balajisher11@gmail.com

    2. Hi Cristina – thanks for sharing your comments. Are you part of Dan’s Inner Circle or working with him personally? Any further confirmation that this course is a way to earn 10k+ a month would be great. Also, how you’re guaranteed access to leads, etc.?
      Thanks so much!

    3. This is what I was looking for… what really matters here is: will you learn a skill with the program? Yes or no!? Everyone has up-sells and there is always more to learn and yes it is up to you and how much you practice and how much effort you put into things but the real question is: DO YOU REALLY LEARN THE SKILL??? Because if you don’t learn, you can train a thousand hrs and not get anywhere. So you don’t have to get into the inner circle to truly learn the skill that will allow you to start making sales eight? and you do learn where/how to find those high tickets? Correct???

  39. Hi Guys, My Name is Peyman Parsi. I live in Vancouver and I am Dan Lok’s Mentee for life and a High Ticket Closer.

    Before I explain what the HTC program is all about, I like to explain a little bit about my background just for you guys to know where my thoughts are coming from.

    I am 47 years old, doing business since the year 2000 after I left corporate world as a mineral exploration geologist.

    During the past 18 years, I have been running multiple companies in Canada, Dubai, Hong Kong.

    Just to give you an example, between 2012 to 2015 I sold more than 50-million worth of iron ore cargos to Chinese steel factories, every vessel arrived in China port my company was making $50,000 minimum net profit which we were delivering between 1-2 vessels to China river ports every month.

    Why I said this story?
    1- Making 20-30K per month is not a dream for me, I have done it, I have been there.

    2- I have no problem closing high ticket deals. the smallest vessel we were sending to China was 25,000MT which the CFR price was around $90 on average. So every deal we were closing was $2,250,000.

    3- But, the problem with above business story is that it was created around an opportunity,( Over Heated Chinese Market) and they were buying cargo from any source available. Commodity price especially Iron ore crashed in 2014, we had 150,000MT depot at the departing port and one vessel on the ocean when the crash happened, the everyday price was falling $ 3-4, so we were losing worth of cargo around $450K per day.

    Our buyer canceled out on us and we got into serious trouble. So many companies went bankrupts in short period of time, we got out with a huge loss and barely escaped bankruptcy. My Chinese broker still owes me money for $220K that since last year, he only paid $10K so far.

    In one of Dan’s video, he talks about financial Freedom is an illusion and we need to reach a financial confidence. Financial freedom is not a permanent thing, it may disappear so as your income. Everyone needs to gain their financial confidence by knowing a high-income skill, giving them a confidence knowing, they can make money anytime they want.

    Being a medical Doctor, a Lawyer, a Dentist or a High Ticket Closer is a skill. There were many people making 6 figure from Google Ad in past few years and nowadays their income is almost zero. It is the same story, one day they had the financial freedom and next day they don’t.

    A similar experience has happened to me in at least 2 of my other major businesses which my income got destroyed. All of them were built around an opportunity and once the opportunity is gone so as my income.

    So…… I was in a point in my life looking for a true solution. High Ticket Closing is the one solution I found because you make money over other peoples success. You don’t need to build anything with high risk and invest so much to get to a level that you can make money. Influencers have already done that part and you ride on their success with zero risks. Closing is a high demand profession because top influencers around the world do not have time to close their own prospects/deals.

    Their peak of expertise is to create the transformational program and run their business profitably, if they want to close every single prospect by themselves, they will not have time to do what they do the best. so they always welcome the high skill closer to do the job for them.

    4- In above comments, I noticed that you guys are comparing HTC with some other business opportunities. HTC is a high-income skill, it is more of a lifestyle and who you are rather than a business opportunity.

    Affiliate Marketing is a business opportunity, today exist but maybe disappears tomorrow, so as your income from there. HTC is more like who you become. If you want to compare it, you should compare it with academic education.

    When you go to school after 4-9 years you will become a Doctor, lawyer, Engineer. There is no guarantee to make lots of money after you graduate as a Doctor, Lawyer or Engineers, but you cannot deny who you have become. A medical doctor is a medical doctor regardless that is he makes money or not.

    The example you have given in your article about Kevin David, Shopify Drop shipping, is a business opportunity, I am sure it can be one of the best ones right now, but once Shopify is gone or its business model and condition changes, so as your income.

    5- Dan is a top-level badass closer and one of the best copywriter and internet marketer in the world. Obviously, he knows how to make money. But his money making aspect of his business is the by-product of the value he is delivering.

    He changes lives and he over-delivers in this path. ………. and yes, ……..all his webinars are live and you can talk to him directly and not only during the webinar but also anytime by posting your question and he personally replies you.

    He will give lots of tough loves to his students during the program and you feel shit sometimes. No matter what stage of life you are, if you qualified to get to his program, you will get lots of Ahaaa moments. You will be inspired and sometimes you will feel overwhelmed, but all that is part of the transformation process.

    So instead of focusing how much money he is making from his program, the main question should be if he is delivering what he is promising, which is teaching you a skill that allows you to make lots of money potentially. But if you are not showing up, and you are not doing your assignments and not committing, obviously you will not become skillful enough and you will be run over in the real world of influencers.

    But guess what….. with the system he has designed there is a little chance these type of people can get qualified in his program, even if they are willing to pay. Every prospect has to go through qualification interview and many of them get disqualified if he sees these prospects are not a right fit for this program.

    Regarding the income potential, taking me as an example, just in the month of May, I closed $146,000 worth of deals and my net income in the month of may is $26,500 and still, 4 more days to go. But guess what, I am not good enough to work in Dan Lok team yet. Dan Lok team knows which influencer I am closing for and they know how am I performing.

    Let me give you an example……In Simon Fraser University, Business school faculty, students scores from their exams goes on a chart getting ranked from the highest to the lowest and bottom 20% would fail the course regardless of their actual score. Sometimes a student with a score of 70 might fail because he ranks in bottom 20% of his class. In the real world people get ranked based on their performance and the best businesses take on the best candidates on their team and Dan Lok is the best one in his niche.

    Who I am working with? Just to give you an example, one of them is a top business mentor, she is charging $6000 per hour and $25000 for 1 day that she spends her time with fortune 500 companies and for small businesses, she is doing her group coaching program during past 22 years helping them to grow their business to 7 figure income.

    She is the author of 37 best seller book, she has her own radio station, magazine, podcast and you name it……. she got on the phone with me when I was in my vacation taking my son to Disneyland, (by the way, she approached me, not the other way around). We spoke for 1 hour and she emailed me the NDA right after the call saying it was a unique experience talking to me on board and she is sure that her closings process is now under a right hand.

    Is everyone making the same kind of money? of course not. Some lot more, and some less. but this question can be for everything else. does everyone make money in affiliate marketing? does everyone make money in Shopify? does everyone make money ………. in anything guaranteed?

    6- For some reason, people know if they want to learn any sport they need to take a course and have a good coach. The same thing goes for learning music, science or any technical skills, but not sure why most people think they know how to do business by themselves. (I got this lesson in a hard way after 18 years).

    First thing every person needs to do before starting any business, they need to find a good business mentor. someone that they can resonate and his/her style and the way of thinking makes sense for them. Watch Dan’s videos, if you get inspired, motivated or you learn things that make sense he can be a right person to be your mentor. One thing that anyone can get from HTC is that will have Dan as their mentor for life. Dan Lok is a lot younger than me, but I proudly call him my Sifu (means Teacher and mentor in the Chinese language) and I am honored to call him my sifu.

    7- We are living in a world that we are lonelier than ever before. The way most of us using social media, makes us even more isolated. We do not trust anyone around us. We are mammals by nature and we naturally live a healthy life by being in a group and a family, but nowadays, we are even disconnected with our own biological families.

    Most people operate in such a low conscious level and there is no real connection. With HTC you will belong to a family that they don’t judge you. You can share your deepest feelings and emotions and all you receive is love and support. Business-wise, there is always some opportunity passes on to us in constant bases. We take them based on our interest and availability.

    8- Price wise? In average I go to Starbucks 2 times a day, I spend around $24 daily, and also I drink Whiskey, the cost of my drinks per weeks is around $74. for me if I don’t go to Starbucks and don’t drink my Whiskey for 7 weeks, I can afford to pay my training. I don’t know about you guys. You have to think how much you are willing to pay to change your life forever.

    But again, this is not for everybody, if you think it is not a right fit for you, you are probably right.
    If someone wants to know if HTC is the right fit for them, message me. We can get on the phone and in less than 45 min I can tell you whether is a right thing for you or not.

    1. Hi, I read your reply with great interest. I am very interested in joining but further down this page I found the below disturbing comments and I like to know if they are true or false:
      They make false promise of hiring some of the students on their team in the first week of the course but at the end of the course they ask you to buy their inner circle programme if you want to be on their team. This is breach of trust for many of us.

      They keep secret knowledge of finding business reserved for inner circle members which is again a costly upsell. Majority of people are not making money online from this course.

      Please let me know if the above is true or false. I like to know before I join the program and pay so much money.

      1. Leo, if you are looking for a job is not for you. if you are looking for a magic pill is not for you and if you have shiny object syndrome, it is not for you.

        If your goal is to be part of Team DanLok, show it to them you worth it, this is your chance. Fact is there is a world Class training mentored by DanLok himself Live. Who you become and how much of this you will implement, it is totally up to you. It is the real world and full of hungry people. He takes the most hungry one. if you want this journey, this is the way to start. , show up, commit, do whatever it takes and once you become a high ticket closer, and if you are among the best ones, he will take you on the team, because he is the best and he takes on the best ones.

        But what does it mean for the rest of us? Take me as an example, I am in the inner circle, but I am not in Team DanLok and I am not working with any influencers that their working opportunity presented in the inner circle. I am working with one of the top US business mentors because of what I learned during the HTC course and learned how to position myself in the market, but guess what, I am still not good enough to be part of Team DanLok. My status and relationship with my influencer have nothing to do with me being in the inner circle.

        I would be where I am regardless. why I did not take any contract opportunities came across from HTC inner circle? because I had a choice between what I could find by myself and those was presented. If today the opportunity comes from an influencer in dating niche, if it is in the medical sector, if it is in personal training, I am not interested. So after you graduate from HTC, you become a person with a new high-income skill. it is up to you to implement it in your own world or you want to stay connected with a network of like-minded people.

        Any business professionals are members of some network, inner circle is one of them among 100s others.
        One thing for sure, DanLok is not in the business of rescuing everyone. HTC is not for losers, if you have done anything in your life in the past and you lost, probably you will lose in this one too and it is not for you. But if you feel you have done a good job so far but you feel just something is missing and just looking for something to give you an edge and become outstanding, go for it.

        If you are looking for an opportunity to make money, this is not for you, probably talk to SHB and his affiliate marketing idea. maybe is a better match. We as a high ticket closer fly high, we connect with high-status people, we communicate with top influencers and WOW them and we take the pressure and take a s*** when we f*** up, but we stand up to take the lesson and do it again and we are proud of who we are.

        If you read some comments and feel disturbed, probably it is not for you. Because if you search, watch the youtube videos, there are tons of testimonials from HTC people and their experience. if you listen to Dan and you don’t get motivated and you don’t get inspired, and you read two lines from some losers and you resonate with them more, they are probably right and you end up getting the same result and opinion like them.

        1. Hey Peyman,

          Just so you know, there is no foul language allowed here (keeping it at PG). And, as you can see, I have edited your comments so that it is much easier for others to read.



    2. Hi, would you like to help me understand if this is for me(got the money, time, dedication and motivation, but how do I know if he accepts me)? In private if possible and willing to help.

    3. I want to join HTC and take the course and see what it is like to be closing deals as it sounds exciting. However, (I want you to give me an honest opinion on this) I am currently a student who is currently in debt with school loans, and have not have an actual job that provides a steady income. Is it smart to do this course as I am now?


    4. Hi,
      I run a small business owner and trading food products in India. I want to know whether this HTC program is good ? And how it is going to help me post completing the course?

  40. Hi guys,

    It’s probably my first time I’m actually taking the time to write a review usually I don’t do it.

    It’s been quite interesting reading all the comments here apart from some really negative arguments without any logic. I like positive criticism but not pure negativity.

    So, I’m a graduate from Dan Lok’s HTC Program and I wasn’t sure if I was going to comment here about it but after reading all the comments I decided to do so, it might help some to improve their financial situation and others to save their money ($2500)

    First of all I can confirm Adam Dupas and Rich Jay are the graduates from Dan’s Program and are senior then me as I was in batch 2 and they were in batch 1 so there’s no doubt about that.

    Secondly, you might think while I’m one of Dan’s students so my opinion/feedback might be biased, right?
    So just to clarify and prove my honesty, I’m not making any money from closing or in result of Dan’s Program. This is my brutal honesty. BUT it’s not because the program doesn’t offer the value or it’s useless, no. It’s simpley because I have a full time job which I can not quit until October 2019, hence, I can not give time to “Closing”.

    Now, you might ask then Why did you pay for the program in the first place? Well, I paid because I could afford to and I love to add multiple skills in my skills box. Especially something like High Ticket Closing.
    And I plan to start closing after I’m done with my job, I could do it part time but just chose not to as I have a 2 years old to charish time with.
    Now, is the program worth the cost? Or should you invest in it?
    Read this carefully:

    Like I said I’m not even closing because I don’t have time YET I didn’t just pay for the program but I’m paying for Dan’s inner circle membership every month too.
    It would be just so stupid of me if I hadn’t seen enough value and still paying for inner circle membership. So I will leave that to you to decide. To me it’s not only about ROI it’s about the transformation and coaching in the right direction.

    Can I make the income Dan promises ? ($5K-$25K /mth)

    Yes and No. all depends on you. I have seen people in the program making a lot of money after graduating and I have seen people who haven’t made a cent yet. Depends how much you listen and apply.

    Should I get a loan to invest in this program?
    I personally wouldn’t do it, but If you believe in yourself and have time to invest in it (Unlike me, no time) then yes go ahead and do it, program will provide you with all the tools and skills, but Do not expect to be spoon fed.

    Why does it say there’s only 7 spots left and after months still 7 are available? Or why does Dan say it’s only available for limited time? These are sales tactics?

    My answer to thses questions is tell me a well established name who has huge influence in the market and doesn’t utilise such techniques, after all it’s a business and there’s nothing wrong with it AS LONG AS it delivers the real value it promises, which Dan’s program does for sure.

    Some people here are asking if they’d get a refund? If you don’t follow the rules and the discipline you’d be kicked out of the program with your $2500.

    This is my 100% true and honest feedback and my intention is to help you make the right decision as it’s a significant amount of money to invest especially for those who have nothing saved up and are thinking to borrow or get a loan. I hope it helps. Thanks


    1. Are you willing to chat with me in private and share your opinion of me? I got the money, time, dedication and motivation. I am good at learning, I just chose low pay skills, haha. Hope you reply, thanks!

  41. As a Season 1 Graduate of Dan Lok’s High-Ticket Certifiacation mentorship, I can say that everything Dan is offering in this mentorship, you WILL get and more.

    As long as you are willing to become 100% coachable and let go of any ego, or pride, that may prevent you from fully immersing yourself in the mentorship, then it will be well worth the investment.

    Because of Dan Lok, Kayvon, Desmond, and the support of the HTC family, I’m able to close for a well known influencer and I have made my ROI back and I am still on pace to reaching my income goal before the end of the year.

    If you’re serious about changing your current situation and/or taking your life to the next level, then Dan Lok’s HTC mentorship is for you.

    1. Hey Kenneth, I was wondering if you were apart of the inner circle to get that deal. Sounds like you can’t close deals unless you pay 25k to be apart of the inner circle.

  42. Jason, SHB community and Skeptics:

    If you’be done your research you know I am Dan’s Executive Director. Call me Bias but hey if this is truly a freedom of speech and not subjective Blog then my comment will only be fair to lend its weight. Those who know me for my military background and martial arts ethics know that I don’t take sides just for the sake of it. I aim to do “what is right”

    So here you have my take;

    Guys, interesting how you guys argue over if you should join HTC or not. We appreciate HTC graduates for defending our community. For the skeptics and SHB, please save the $2500. Please absolutely DO NOT join the program.

    Just because Dan is offering a program, it doesn’t mean we want everyone.

    Knowing Dan, I know if he sees your name and comment on here, he would ask us to immediately refund your money and remove you from the program anyway.

    Good luck.
    PS I was also a well established Affilate marketer for over 5 years and have averaged $5000-$10,000/Mo before I met Dan. Yes some months were rediculously high but let’s just talk averages here.

    Dan is now set to be the fast 2 comma club (recent facts) earner and soon to be fastest 8 comma club as well. Works with Russell’s Inner Circle. You don’t get there by giving something of no value. Also most fakes never last long. So we will see who is still around 6months 1 year from now. But hey haters will be haters and skeptics too. We’re not in the business of helping losers or skeptics win, we’re in the business of helping winners win more. You chose which one you want to be. If not, we’re not losing sleep over your indecision.

    1. Hey there Desmond,

      Thank you for stopping by to share your views.

      I am well aware of your position in Dan Lok’s company so congrats on your achievement.

      Every person who visits this website is looking for answers and just want the best out of life for themselves and loved ones.

      People who are looking to invest their money want to be sure that they are in making the right decisions…not everyone is a loser who chooses not to invest in the coaching/mentorship.

      And yes, many people will save their $2500 after seeing your statement here. Try to show more empathy to people who are struggling financially and yet still want to achieve by investing their money wisely and find success in their lives.

      Still, I respect your strong views and more success to you, Dan and the rest of the high ticket closer team.

      Best regards,

    2. Hey Desmond Soon, I will surely go into depression if I lose that amount of money and get nothing back..for me that money is a huge amount of money that I borrowed up from the neighborhood.

    3. Hi Desmond,
      I do not understand the course structure at all.
      Dan says money is not his motivation but there are charges for the course and for the inner membership.

      If you are looking for top people to close sales for your company as partners my understanding is that such people should be trained free of charge and whoever excels will get that spot in the team.

      Will you pay me upfront $2500 for a promise that you might be in my team ? I’ve checked the terms and conditions of the disclaimer which sounds like there’s 0.001% chance to get a spot in this “team”.


    4. Hi Desmond,
      I think that most people here are just looking to see if Dan Lok’s course is a worthy investment. I don’t think that anyone cares how many ‘comma clubs’ you are in or how highly you think of yourself. I have listened to Dan Lok’s podcast for several months now, and I enjoy the content. He seems like a great guy and I like his message.

      For you to say things like: “Also most fakes never last long. So we will see who is still around 6months 1 year from now. But hey haters will be haters and skeptics too. We’re not in the business of helping losers or skeptics win, we’re in the business of helping winners win more”
      …says more about who you are and less about what it means to work hard and become a success. You may or may not have made it in business, but you have not made it as a human being. If you are a true representation of what this program is about, you can keep it at any cost.
      If you want quiet the skeptics, be upfront about the cost and the ‘inner circle’ garbage. Sure, the Dan Lok enterprise will profit regardless, but it is people like you that prove that no amount of money can make a better person.

  43. I have attended the webinar which was advertised as being live. I had the suspicion that it was not live.
    Also, Dan Lok repeatedly says in the webinar that the reason he is pricing the course high is to have you have “skin in the game”. And that the $2500 wouldn’t make any difference to him. None whatsoever.
    I found a video of Dan Lok talking about how the webinar is “automated” as in, not live and showing off the e-mail updates he gets for each 2500 that he just made when a person signs up. He says his goal is to reach 10 signups on the day of the webinar.

    Looks like he does care about the $2500 you give him. Below is the video

    That being said, the course is transformational for sure for the right kind of person. Dan Lok is a proven entity and I’m very sure he adds a lot of value. He can be a very good mentor.
    I just wish he was upfront about it. There was no need to say the webinar was live and no need to mislead about the reason for the high price. He priced it high because he thinks it’s worth it and adds that much value. I don’t know why he has to say that the money doesn’t matter to him. It’s a little off-putting.

    1. Hey, Alex,

      Thanks for joining the discussion and sharing your sincere feedback with us.

      Kindest regards.


    2. The webinar is a recording of a live presentation. It technically is Live.

      The course is absolutely worth the price. In fact I would have paid 4X the cost considering it allowed me to quit my job in the oil and gas industry and make 10, 20, 30k a month from home or where ever I choose to work.

      If you are a go getter, If you are coachable, if you are decisive and committed then HTC is a game changer.

      If you half ass this program you will not have transformational results… stick to the day job.

      1. James, you made the argument even worse by saying that something recorded is live.

        Unless we redefine the English language, live means it is happening NOW, that he is standing in front of a computer somewhere. At no time was he dead. He was “live” when he recorded it and he is “live” out partying when it is replayed for us. WebinarJam is a great service, but it does not change the English language.

        I’m making a decision about joining the team, I think it could be a win-win, but playing games with the truth is not giving me any warm fuzzies. Honesty and integrity is everything to me. Should be to everyone.

        My interest is in the network of influencers that are looking for closers. With my life experience in sales and leadership, I think I’d be a great candidate to be a great closer for some of his products or affiliates and a team leader. But I need to deal with straight shooters who don’t blow sunshine up my *ss or loosely use the word “live.”

      2. Hey James, I haven’t enrolled in HTC yet, but I’ve been listening to roll plays that Dan shares in the email in the 4 days master class, & guess what I just listened your roll play with some musician, you closing him to join HTC….Love it, will join soon when I have the 2.5k

    1. Hi, Duvan,

      I have sent some valuable information to your email inbox, so go ahead and check it out..


        1. Hey Kyle,

          Thank you for reaching out. Check your email as well.

          You are going to get a lot of value from what I have shared with you.

          If you need help at any time, do not hesitate to reach out.

          1. Hey Jason,

            I am also new to all this in regards to htc and affiliate marketing. It would do me wonders if you can give me some tips and insight

        1. Hey Dinesh,

          I already sent you an email with some details. You can also click on this direct link here for another good affiliate maketing option…

          Best regards.

        1. Bala,

          Information was sent to the email address which you provided.

          I hope you are able to take action on what you learn to make a positive difference.


  44. Hi Guys,
    I’ve been following the conversation for a while now. I understand the conflicting views as it’s all based on personal experiences with Dan Lok. It’s up to your inner gut & extensive research to make a decision. Thanks for Jason to bringing that up. I’m just wondering, some of you are talking about a charge to be in the inner circle of Dan Lok after the course but actually not one of them mentioned how much it costs!! Is it one of the sales tactics not to mention or Dan Lok signed you up for confidentiality disclaimer!!!
    I really feel this info is intentionally missing.


    1. It will cost around another usd2500 to be in the inner circle. And the same promises that he is only opening it for short period. I think I have enough from this guy.

      He is definitely not telling the truth and making money. I am from batch 2. At first, I was also very surprised to see a few hundred have actually signed up for this program. But now around 1900. I hope no more people are getting conned by him again and his group.

      Those that actually tells the truth will get banned from the group. That’s why u are not much people’s says it out.

      They are very smart in saying they don’t need the money and will refund to those that say negative things. But the posting is all vetted.

      How can anyone write something bad? So I think those that are looking for an opportunity better look elsewhere. And not fall in the same trap as me. I really regret doing this. And got myself in debt. But a lesson learned.

      1. Hi David, I’ve been reading the comments and I would really like to personally talk to you. I am in quite a situation with a family member regarding this HTC and I feel that you may have some insights. Please email me at fireheart3004@yahoo.com if have time to spare. Thank you so much…it would help a bunch.

  45. What bothers me the most of everything I have seen and read is that the image that was posted originally says “Only 7 spots left”. If I could post a picture I would show the same “Only 7 spots left” months later….. Not sure if there is anything else to say. This does not make me angry – only sad. 🙁

    1. Chuck, if you check most marketers today, you will find that they use the scarcity tactic a lot.

      It’s not something I find totally ethical, however, it simply works. All the big companies that you are familiar with also uses it, (Walmart, Amazon, Bestbuy, etc)

  46. I have been researching online to find the true answers to Dan Lok’s HTC program but difficult to find.
    I read his book and yes it’s informative but imo it’s just giving a positive state of mind and basic business way of thinking.
    My question is after finishing the courses what does he provide to actually make profit? I am not looking to get rich overnight but upon finishing his courses and actually get to experience real profit that would be a great motivation to really dig even further.
    Can someone explain in detail what opportunities are given after finishing his courses?

  47. Dan Lok’s 7 Weeks High Ticket Closer Course Live is absolutely worth it because I already attended. The sign-up bonuses that Dan gave me such as 6 Steps to 6 Figures Formula (webinar worth $2K) and exclusive High Ticket Closer Family Facebook member (gigs are worth priceless) are already worth more than the 7 Weeks course. Dan is teaching the course for a limited time only so enroll it for yourself to find out.

  48. Opportunity for you to make $5K-$25K a month

    Over the years, Dan has built an 8-figure business empire before the age of 35. He has over 100K subscribers on YouTube. And he’s known by everyone on the internet as the King Of High-Ticket Sales.

    Right now, his companies are growing fast.

    But the problem is he’s a bit short on talented closers – specifically, he’s looking for people to close deals for him.

    If you’re looking for something new or you want to make a bit of money on the side, you want to get on this.

    Dan is looking for a few people who want to make VERY good money and be mentored by him every step of the way.

    The first step is for you to download Dan’s best selling book called “F.U. Money” for free and watch his webinar.

    And by the way, this isn’t some kind of MLM or get rich quick b.s. So don’t expect to be selected by Dan if you want easy money without hard work.

    This is a serious opportunity for anyone who is tired of the direction of their life now and wants to make a change.

    1. Sorry to say Jay but your wording and info is near exact to the sales pitch he gives. Just too close and exact to seem accidental…

      1. Agreed! I’m starting to see a trend and thinking… all the positive reviews about Dan Lok are just people who have spent the large amount of money for the “training” and “scripts”, and this is all part of the recruitment process – first line of recruiting new sign ups by finding blogs such as this and pumping the advertising pitches and positive feedback to lure sign ups. What High Ticket products is Dan’s new team members actually selling? Does anyone even know? Or is it just all about selling his courses to more people…. (so definitely leaning towards the MLM strategy there, if that is the case).

        If anyone knows what High Ticket products he is selling and his team is selling, other than his courses and books… I’d LOVE to know. That would be a big deciding factor for me.

  49. In his book he tells you the strategy but not the tactics. I don’t think this extra course will add much to his book! You have it FREE to download.

    I also notice a few of his websites and his main site don’t work properly.

    1. And the spelling and grammar errors on his sites and in his presentation also lend to a whiff of inauthenticity. Honestly feels like they are making money from a lot of hot air to me.

  50. Hey guys, I was going through the thread and I decided to voice in my opinion of Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer Programme of which I am a part of.

    Let me start off first by saying that I have been ripped off before. I spent £10,000 (NOT Dollars) into business coaching for my fitness business which promised me a whole heap of things that never delivered. So everyone who is skeptical, I completely get it. I know how it feels and I don’t want the same to happen to you guys.

    So why I decided to invest in the course. Well, first of all, if you have never watched Dan’s youtube videos or even read his book, please, go and do that before you even consider this programme. I want to stress, this is NOT a “Get rich quick” scheme. If you’re looking for that, this programme is not for you. It requires work. A LOT of work, especially on yourself. But it will pay off, if you’re willing to put the time and effort aside.

    I decided to invest because I know the TRUE value of selling. We are selling everyday of our lives whether we know it or not and quite frankly, I sucked at it. I also wanted something different from my life so I decided to put my neck on the line and go for my dreams. By the way, the $2,495 you pay, I want to emphasise that Dan does NOT need your money. The investment is to see how serious you truly are to go for what you want. You see, most “entrepreneurs” talk a good game but when it comes to actually putting the money down, they aren’t willing to do it. The investment is for you to have skin in the game and make sure you show up. Do you really think that if you got this programme for $100 $200 or even $500 that you’re going to show up and do the work required? I beg to differ. When you invest that much money, your chances of showing up and doing the work increases by 95%. Hence the payment.

    So I invested and the amount of value I got out of those 7 weeks was unbelievable. It was truly life changing and I personally thought that the $2,495 payment was wayyy too less for something off this calibre. One thing I can promise you about this programme is that Dan under-promises and definitely over-delivers.

    If you STILL think this is a scam, I highly recommend watching all the testimonials on youtube that have been sent in and uploaded. If it was a scam, do you really think people would send in video testimonials?

    My final thought would be this. If you are not willing to get uncomfortable, not willing to change or not willing to make sacrifices for your future, I’m sorry. No one can help you. I mean, how can someone (even a millionaire mentor like Dan) help you when you can’t even help yourself?

    Thanks for reading.

    Kamy Ahmed

    1. Again, I agree. It’s week 2 of the program and I’ve spent 10 hours in 3 days whilst doing homework and juggling a day job and I’m struggling to finish it. It’s like drinking from a fire hose (except it’s good stuff not just water).

      1. Hi James,
        Iam interested in the HTC program. I have a day job and I am living in the uk.
        That means I am 8 hours ahead of Vancouver time.
        The questions I have regarding the program are:
        1. Given that I am in the UK can i still follow through with the program or will I be up “all night” because I will be calling people during their day time?
        2. How much time do I need for this program on a weekly basis? I have only 24 hours per day. I am working from 09:00h to 17:00h. I commute daily for 90 minutes. When coming home I need to take care of my son. Will I be able to do this program?
        How much timewould I have to commit on a daily / weekly basis?

        Thank you for your help.


    2. If Dan did not need the money, he would openly say it is going to charity and name the charity. Of course he wants the money!!

    3. Well Kamy, it looks like things haven’t worked out for you that well seeing as 4 months down the line and after investing £10K in Dan Lok’s course you’ve managed a £1K commission month for 4 deals. Not only that but you’ve have had to resort to starting a gofundme to try and get back the money you gave to Dan! https://www.gofundme.com/you-have-to-read-this

  51. Dan’s program seems legit, but still a bit pricey to be honest. Sure go ahead and invest $2,495 if you truly believe this program will help you develop your closing skills.

    However, only invest if you already have the money or are willing/able to lose that investment if ever the program didn’t seem to satisfy your needs.

    Keep in mind that if you are broke, there are plenty of ways for you to develop your closing skills from premium content. I agree with Dan on the fact that high value content comes at a price, although for some of us, in debt with no money, spending $2,495 on a program could make or break the bank.

    Put it this way, do you think Kayvon had to spend $2,495 in order to become a high ticket closer, just think about it!

    In my case, when I started out, I would download pirated programs like Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line System valued at ~ $2000 for free, benefiting from a proven closing system without investing any money.

    While Pirating is illegal (do it at your own risk), as long as you don’t resell the content you should be fine and believe me the benefits outweigh the risks.

    And remember, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, follow more than one program and get different insights from different experts.

    1. Hmmmm… ?

      You make some good points here, Will.

      First time hearing about Jordan Belfort though. I will be doing a bit of reading up on him.

      Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this!

            1. Hi, KKG,

              Just letting you know that I sent over some training. It’s going to really help you just as long as you take MASSIVE action.

              Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


          1. Would you mind sending me info too?
            I have some experience in affiliate marketing… ( sadly only black hat on Facebook through a previous agency I worked for, but I am now out on my own, and want to do white hat only (ethics and karma… you know) and trying out other traffic options. Though once trained in black hat first, its made it tricky to alter my processes and know how to start from scratch with white hat and make at least some success and moolah that comes close to black hat.

            1. Hey there,

              Considering your background and experience, this training is the best option to proceed with your affiliate marketing business.

              They teach only white hat, therefore, you won’t experience any problems getting your site ranked in the search engines.

            1. Good day Lance. Yes, I am the person who created this website.

              What I have to give is valuable and helpful content to all who visit my site.

              I’m a big fan of the whole internet/entrepreneurship lifestyle because it has changed my life in a real positive way.

              I know SEO affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, and Shopify Dropshipping.

              You can always reach out to me personally on my facebook page if you want to further connect…

              Continued success on your life’s journey.


        1. Jarvis, I would suggest that you first start off by registering for the free affiliate marketing training at Wealthy Affiliate.

          Click on this link

          It has been really helpful and I know it will help you once you take action on what you learn.

          Contact me if you have any questions or need help.


          1. Thanks for the guide link above SHB… can’t see a reply on our thread, so hijacking Jarvis Lee’s thread to spread the love and gratitude. Much appreciated. 🙂

      1. Jordan Belfort, as in the convicted criminal “Wolf of Wallstreet” Jordan Belfort? lol Definitely one hell of a salesman. I thought about checking into some of his products as good knowledge is good knowledge no matter where it comes from, but I think this is the first time I have seen someone actually recommend / post something about him.

    2. Hello Will.

      Grant Cardone says you must put all your eggs in one basket, only get the right training so that you know 100% what you are doing and don’t doubt anymore.

  52. Hey guys,

    I am a graduate of Dan Lok’s high ticket certification program. I am also a graduate of a top 10 MBA school in the U.S. I can tell you that this course is of better value than many courses in my MBA program, which I borrowed $100K to complete.

    This is because of the course’s practical ability to build a strong foundation of proper mindset, and then layer on a very special skill that is the MOST valuable part of the sales process.

    At the time, I was only 3 weeks into the course and because of what I learned, was able to revamp and re-energize my family relationships to the surprise of my family.

    This in itself is priceless. I subsequently closed a deal using this skill that got me a six-figure salary at a startup company. So, I think it was worth every penny and more. AND I was also offered to close for an influencer as well, earning $300 per close over the phone.

    So, if you’re interested in changing your life with a skill that is translatable across career and life, you might want to invest in the program.

    It’s not for everyone, and it self selects for the committed. And the success of this program also self selects for ONLY those who are hungry.

    Dan comes from an unparalleled background in marketing and copy-writing, so I am very happy he is attracting a large population of people who want to change their life. This gives him the ability to positively impact as many people as possible. The only question would be for these folks is, “How hungry” are they?

    Cheers guys,
    Rich Jay

    1. Hey, Rich,

      Thanks for sharing your views about Dan Lok’s course.

      It sounds like you are having a lot of success by implementing what he is teaching…congrats on that.

      You know, at the end of the day, it really boils down to the mindset of a person if they want to be super successful.

      There are tons of ways to earn money in a legit way and I have come to the conclusion that the High Ticket Closer is one of them.

      The main concern has to do with the price tag of $2495 + the possibility of investing more into his Mastermind group.

      You see, there are many other options on the market that has great earning potential – affiliate marketing and e-commerce are examples of this.

      And these models costs less to startup and profit. I personally love affiliate marketing and is now dabbling in the Shopify e-com world.

      In any event, I wish you much more success as you continue your entrepreneurial journey.

      Always add to your stream of income and never depend on just ONE source.

      Cheers 🙂

      1. SHB, thanks for the forum and the opportunity to discuss.

        I forgot to mention that in addition to earning potential, this program is truly about mentorship. And I feel that this is what I have with Dan Lok. He is someone who has done what I want to do, and I trust that he will continue to help me become a better version of myself, and this goes WAY beyond just learning a skill to earn some money.

        So, to me, $2495 + my inner circle membership, it’s drop in the bucket and rather inexpensive.

        But also, as we all know already, nothing of value comes cheap. If I gave you the keys to a new dream car for free, versus you having to work your ass off for it and pay a little extra up front–which of those cars do you think you would appreciate more and invest more of your emotions and care into?

        Anyways, I hope everyone is able to find a mentor to guide them towards the dreams they’re committed to achieving.

        Cheers, and thanks for allowing me to post.

        1. NP, Rich.

          And thanks for the additional info – I can see that you truly value the mentorship provided by Dan Lok.

          Since it’s working quite well for you, just keep at it until you reach your own personal goals.

          I guess the course will attract the right people who actually have the money to invest.

          But for those people who are really struggling, I don’t think Dan Lok’s course will be the best fit.

          It’s best for those folks to start out with a strong foundation such as affiliate marketing or e-commerce, then work their way up the money ladder.

          Oh, to reply to your question, the answer is quite obvious…anything which is acquired without much effort (of free) is never truly valued. Our public education system is one example of this.

          You should be proud of your achievements, Rich, so keep your eyes on the prize.

          Cheers 🙂

        2. Hey. How much is the inner circle membership and what are the benifits you have experienced if you don’t mind sharing?

  53. I enjoy Dan videos they get me pumped up to get my work done. I get that you learn his closing tactics but I’m a bit unclear on how we use that info to make money. Is Dan tapping you into his network feeding potential sales then you split the commission or are you starting a whole new business on your own then doing essentially a multi level marketing set up for other closers under you?

  54. Course looks interesting, and if it teaches you some solid real world skills that can benefit your new or existing business then 2k or 2500 is a drop in the bucket from what you can earn.

    High ticket is definitely where it is at unless you are Walmart:)

    1. Agreed!

      Once you already have a business which is generating a steady flow of income, then it’s a good idea to create another stream.

      Go for it then! You are already an established marketer so why not?

  55. Hi I have taken HTC course of Dan Lok.

    Lets Talk about pros and cons of programme.

    1. Dan and his team teaches you the art of high ticket selling in a short span of 7 weeks.

    2. You can apply these skills in your existing business and also in online phone sales.

    1. To be honest Its a overpriced course for me. Its not worth more than $1000.

    2. Dan and his team create too much hype and false expectations about the course. They make false promise of hiring some of the students on their team in the first week of the course but at the end of the course they ask you to buy their inner circle programme if you want to be on their team. This is breach of trust for many of us.

    3. They keep secret knowledge of finding business reserved for inner circle members which is again a costly upsell. Majority of people are not making money online from this course.

    4.Dan Lok in a certain way is taking advantage of desperate and unemployed people by luring them to earn 10k to 25k/ month. Its for sure Dan and his team are making loads of money out of it.

    My final thoughts, If you have excess money then go for it. Don’t expect too much from the course. Its up to the individual to decide whether it is a scam or not?

    1. Hey, John,

      Thanks a lot for this insightful comment. I can hear the honesty in your experience with Dan Lok’s course and I’m sure that this will help out a lot of people.

      My opinion is that it seems as if Dan is pretty much selling his HTC course and then filtering people into his much more expensive Inner Circle Membership.

      I have no doubt that some people have actually been successful with the course, but I suspect that those people are not brand new to sales & marketing, as well as closing sales over the phone.

      I don’t think I will be enrolling because of obvious reasons…just sticking to affiliate marketing as well as e-commerce for now.

      Thanks again, John and all the best.

      1. John’s response was dead on and seems to be the filtering strategy of all seminars/courses.

        Step 1. Go to a free Seminar – get signed up for the $500-$1000 seminar
        Step 2. Go to the $500 – $1000 seminar and find out what the REAL financial commitment is.
        Step 3. Pay the 25-50k to be part of the elite/inner circle crowd -OR- leave feeling like you are not being honest with yourself and will continue to be a failure financially.

        This is a great business model for those who are in charge of the program. I will say this though, once you pay the 25-50k it gets REAL at that point. You had better do your research and be willing to put in the time, real amounts of time, to make it happen. This WILL be your 9-5 6 to 6 days a week – forget the 4 days 5 hours a day crap – that is not real life for anyone. Please don’t ever believe that.
        My personal opinion here is that there is much money to be made for those selling the program and it boils down to the individual to make the (up to) 50k investment work out. Go into it with the realization that this will be like college and you will put in an enormous amount of time getting to the end goal!!

        This brings me to my final point: I like what Dan Lok (and many other motivational speakers) said – “Do what you love to do”. This is really the only way to make any of this work. If closing High Ticket Sales is something you do not love to do – YOU WILL FAIL.

        1. Chuck, thanks for chiming in with your views…

          I really think that you have done an excellent job breaking down what Dan Lok’s course is truly about.

          Well-articulated indeed.

        2. So, it’ll take someone a yearly salary over the course of 2-4 years (reasonably far more due to cost of living) to be able to pay for the third tier if they work a minimum wage job. How does that make any sense to you? Where would they even find the money besides robbing a damn bank?

          I don’t think any of these rather obvious salesmen posting these comments understand what it’s like for a large portion of Dan Lok’s seeming demographic (low wage workers, students, etc.)

  56. This high ticket closer program looks very interesting.
    P.S. You are dead on it takes the exact same amount of work to sell a high ticket product or service as opposed to a twenty dollar ebook for example.

    I will be looking more into the high ticket closer program because the saying the more you learn the more you earn is so true.

    1. Hey, Jay. Thank you for stopping by to share your views.

      Yeah, the high ticket closer is quite interesting and yes, it’s ALWAYS a good thing to learn more as we grow – that’s how we all improve after all.

      You are a smart guy so I’m sure that you will make a great decision at the end of the day.

      PS: If you do decide to enroll and take the course, could you please stop by again to leave your honest feedback? That will help out a lot.

      All the best moving forward with your business.


  57. I do not make “great” money online, but I do make some. I started publishing on youtube about a year ago and it is starting to bring some profit. I do it as a side activity, I do have a career as an engineer.
    My point is that there is no such thing as “easy money” (unless you win a lottery).
    There is no such thing as great profit with no time and effort spent to get it (or a giant investment).
    There is only a handful of people that really succeeded on the internet and they are the people we see and we do not see the millions that failed.
    My advice is to create a quality content (or product), you need to create “added value” and “evergreen” otherwise no one will want it. The youtube channel I started was not made to make money… if all you seek is the money you will most likely fail cause it takes effort and time and dedication to create quality stuff (whatever it is) and the money does not come the next day 🙂 If you do not have a purpose other than money and you do not take pleasure in creating you will not stay motivated long enough to see any profits.
    Unless you are really young and your family is supporting you, please first get a job or some source of income.

    It makes me angry when I see people promising “easy money” cause I know it is not true and at the same time I know many people are falling for such fake mentors. Usually, those are people in a bad condition or in debt (desperate). I think It is disgraceful to take advantage of such people.

    1. I agree with you Darek, Dan Lok is making most of his fortune out of some desperate people who are looking for an easy way to make money, and unfortunately there’s a lot of them out there.
      If he is honest he would offer a refund if his course doesn’t work.

    2. I believe there is “easy money” (or “earning money smart”), but not “free money”, in a sense that it comes freely as winning a lottery.

      It’s the definition being mixed up.

      since there is “easy money” in real estate for example. but that depends on timing and opportunity (leads, connections). and sometimes those smart people have to work and actively seek proper timing and opportunity. They work smart, and hence they get “easy money”.

      I believe that’s what Dan was saying in his book and videos: work smart, buy time, leverage people’s skills, so in the end, you get that F.U. (“easy”) money.

      I totally feel your concerns about how Dan markets his HTC program, and that’s why I am here on this page reading through comments. In the beginning I had the urge to sign up for the program, but stopped since there are so much info missing on his website like you had addressed.

      But on the other hand, after having watched and known Dan’s videos, book, presentations, and accomplishments, should I still doubt about his credibility and personality? Or if it’s indeed a test from him to find those who’d trust in his leadership, regardless of the really “traditional” (cheesy) sales method that he said his students should unlearn in order to excel in the HTC program?

  58. hehe maybe he will eventually stop 🙂 My point is, that saying “this is the only time it is available, register NOW!”or “this is the quickest and easiest way to make a great 6-figure living” is not honest (it is a sales trick). Basically saying, a good, valuable training does not need such an aggressive advertisement. If he would actually need people (“closers”) for whatever team, he would offer basic training for free and select best candidates from the pool for further in-depth training and actually build the team. You need to realize that he is simply selling his product for a very high price to anyone who is willing to pay… this is not a way to build a team this is a way to ripoff desperate people off their money. He is promising tons of money for everyone with no experience, no equipment, no nothing… (just buy his “program” and you will be rich) This should rise a giant red flag to anyone with just a bit of common sense.
    I just hope someone will read this and at least think twice before getting a loan to pay tor such “training” 🙂

    BTW. Adam Dupas is a guy featured in Dan Lok’s web page and promoted on his Youtube channel… his FB account started 5 months ago hehe 🙂 Is this really a legitimate feedback?

    1. I see what you are saying here, Darek. You do really make some solid points.

      So for those people who are looking for a way to make great money online, what would you recommend for them since you are not really a fan of Dan Lok’s program?

      I mean, do you have experience with earning money online? What have you seen the most success with? Could you share your method with others so that they too can succeed?

      I appreciate your feedback…

      1. Hi SHB;
        Most people that watch Dan Lok’s videos on You Tube come to the conclusion that he is a man of integrity. Then they apply to Dan Lok’s HTC Course.
        Dan Lok is not selling a program. It’s a real life transforming course.
        Dan will teach you everything you need to know.
        BUT: Not everyone that applies for the course is accepted. You must be coachable and willing to learn.
        If you want to close sales for your own program or someone elses’ then go through the webinar again and make an appointment for a phone call with a real High Ticket Closer.

    2. There are a million reasons not to do something Derek, you’re almost there!
      It’s your loss man.

      “Promoted on his youtube channel”?? I made a testimonial video after I had completed the course. He uploaded it to his youtube channel and on his web page like anybody selling a course would.

      And I have had this FB account for 9 years…. Not exactly sure what your agenda is here, putting Dan Lok’s name down and now you are trying to discredit my name as well.

      Are you looking for attention?
      Or are you trying to justify to yourself why you shouldn’t take the course because of your own fears?
      Something to think about…

      1. I agree with Adam. I’m doing HTC right now and it has literally saved me from killing myself. The quality of his teaching makes sense. But the biggest part is the community. Everyone there is a lion who has skin in the game. The price tag is to filter out people who are not hungry enough to take action to change their lives.

        Even if I don’t make a single cent out of it, I can safely say that the $2,500 spent to be surrounded by warriors is alone worth the price of admissions.

  59. Hey Adam,

    I trust what you have written here and thank you for sharing your experience with using the high ticket closer training. This will be very useful to a lot more people.

    I have some questions for you though:

    Did you get certified and did Dan provide you will all those clients? Or did you have to source them for yourself?

  60. This is not a scam. I personally have been through the course.

    My name is Adam Dupas and I am 18 years old and live in East St. Paul Manitoba.

    This IS NOT just some business course. This is a transformation. I am not kidding this will COMPLETELY change your life forever. This is a LIVE mentorship.

    Dan doesn’t take being a mentor lightly. He will do everything in his power to help you be successful as long as you meet him halfway.

    I am sorry to say Derek but you could not be more wrong..

    I am an 18-year-old university drop out, closing 15K real estate packages at an 8% commission. You do the math per call…

    SHB, You were wondering if you can actually make money doing this. Absolutely. As Dan said in the webinar this is an untapped market, people NEED closers for their high ticket packages.

    Results don’t lie.

    If you are still looking for excuses not to join after reading this then sorry to say but you just might not be the right fit for something like this.

    1. Show proof..show copy of checks…

      I listened to the webinar and what got me skeptical is the hidden fees.

      Ok he charged $2495. But what else? He said he will provide leads and give out his contracts and a little money…BUT HOW MUCH?
      Then he does not mention the cost of being part of the CRM system. Is that free or the cost is included into his referral fees?

      Why $2495? There are others less expensive businesses that offer similar value. No I am not saying that he is not worth the investment. I’m just saying that he should make it more affordable if he REALLY WANTS TO HELP PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST F*****G TIRED OF THE SO CALLED GURUS. 3 payments of $995 for a person who is broke and owing rent or mortgage is a lot of f*****g money.

      If they have such a big helping heart why didn’t they said ok: For those who can’t afford $995 then we have a flex program which can allow you to make 6 payments instead of 3..OR BETTER YET.


      Other millionaires who have high ticket programs are giving a FULL REFUND OF THE TRAINING AFTER THE FIRST DEAL OR SO.

      But Dan and his partner are not thinking this way. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO HELP ANOTHER PERSON THEN DO IT AND DON’T BE A PIMP.


      1. “If Dan Lok wanted to help another person, then do it and don’t be a pimp.”

        “Why is the course $2495?”

        It’s simple… people pay attention to what they pay for.

        He’s providing an educational service for a niche within a niche. When universities and colleges sell their courses for a fee, do we negotiate on the price? No. So why should he?

        I’ll tell you a story to paint the picture clear.

        The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.

        If that treasure was a metaphor for your financial confidence / freedom – what wouldn’t you pay for it?

        In actuality, you should question why is it JUST $2495? Go to his website, and under consulting…. you’ll soon realize to have Dan Lok mentor you for 1 hour, it’s $5000. Each class is 3 hours. That’s a 15k value. Now multiply that by 7 weeks. That’s a 105K value for a fraction of the price.

        Please, if you’re making excuses for why you can’t pay for it – I can’t imagine what’s the price of never getting the chance to taste success the way you’ve imagined as a child.

        The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

        Batch 3 , DM signing out

      2. Debora,

        Even though we show you checks it won’t change the fact that these are our efforts and time that we put in, to acquire these results. I have shown daily checks to those who said it were not possible, yet they still have not taken action. So if you strongly believe that you are worthy of such wealth take the course, and if not continue your journey as the rest of the 97% population of this world.

      3. I am going through the videos now. So far the videos are long stories and only have minimal value. I really have seen little new to me. If I had paid for the course I would be pissed right now.

  61. Well creating a sense of urgency is NOT a legitimate method if you lie about it.
    If Dan Lok is a well-known “businessman” (I think he is NOT, he might got rich by exploiting vulnerable people already in debt) then why he needs to lie in order to lure clients for his courses?
    In one of his interviews he admitted that at some point he bought all the bullsh*t “easy money” programs and this made him realize that he is not making any money from it but the people selling it are making money. So he decided to do the same thing –> sell bullsh*t scam programs.
    I think you will not see lots of comments here from happy customers 🙂

    1. Hello again, Darek,

      Are you saying that Dan Lok is lying that his course is only available for a limited time?

      I have no way to tell if this is true or not so we will just have to wait and see…

      I have also read about the interview which you mentioned here but my understanding is a bit different from yours:

      What I got from his statement is that he basically stopped being a consumer and decided to be a creator instead. He may have bought BS products in the past, however, that does not mean that his products are BS.

      Just being fair to the guy here…I read the F.U. money and I found a whole lot of value contained in the book.

      Oh, by the way, have you seen Adam Dupas’s comment below?

      According to his comment, he is now closing 15K real estate packages at an 8% commission rate.

      Seems like a pretty legit testimonial there…

      1. I’m just now, on March 22nd, 2018, thinking about registering for Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer 7 week course. While I understand sales tactics and expected that the webinar would be a pre-recording, it does still suck when it just follows the EXACT same layout and format as literally EVERY OTHER webinar of this kind. That’s what makes it feel scammy, like how can you differentiate who is legit and who isn’t when they all sound the same.

        On our webinar, he said he would never offer it again. I wonder if he said it at the one you listened to. I saw a review which was recorded in December 2017 so it can’t be all that limited. So yeah I get the sales tactics but don’t be sleazy about it by outright lying. Don’t say it’s limited while you already have a plan to release it once a month.

        Yet I’m still thinking about doing it because…well…its Dan Lok lol.

        Here is the review I saw, but this guy doesn’t sound like he has applied anything he learned just that he liked the course.

        1. Hey, Lola,

          I know exactly what you mean.

          It would be good if the method which he uses was a bit more ethical.

          I think it would appeal to more people if he wasn’t using those sale tactics, and just plainly tell the truth about what he is actually doing.

          Still, it must be working great for him, hence, the reason why you will see all those retargeting facebooks ads all over your feed.

          At the end of the day, if you do decide to take the course, fully commit yourself and make it work for you!

          Since the writing of this article, I have actually started a new journey with Kevin David’s Shopify E-commerce Course, so I have not invested with Dan Lok (although I may enroll in the future)

          I have to admit that it’s coming along quite well thus far.

          He is one of the ethical and trustworthy guys and his course is working.

          I wrote my review of the program here if you want to check it out.

          Thanks for commenting and I hope you will find success in whatever endeavor you choose to pursue.

      2. I have not taken the course yet. Plan to. Apparently you didn’t do your homework. He says it is easy—compared to some things, he also says it’s hard work. If you want to make a little bit of money doing something easy, go wash dishes, that’s easy. He also doesn’t lie. Yes he does say it is a limited time offer. Just like enrollment for fall semester at a local college is a limited time offer. He does these courses a few times per year, not whenever you feel like taking it. It is clearly stated in his promotion. I think you are hearing what you want to hear. If not go back and check.

  62. I think it is a scam… The only one who will benefit is Dan Lok… I have seen the “webinar” which was a pre-recorded presentation. He started convincing the audience since the beginning that it is worth to spent lots of money for “investment” which this course is supposed to be. He is using many very simple sales techniques (i.e. saying that it is available for limited time). He is basically “closing the high ticket” with his audience (not even on the phone hehe just playing pre-recorded video). Trying to justify why he is not willing to finance the training and allow people to repay him after they gain the skills is just the last nail 🙂 trying to convince people that this is ok to get in debt to pay for this course is just below critic… I hope non of you will be hooked by this person.

    1. Hey, Darek,

      Thank you for chiming in with your opinion on Dan Lok’s course.

      I wouldn’t necessarily call it a scam though because a scam is when you pay for a product or service and you don’t get what you paid for.

      Furthermore, Dan Lok is a well-known businessman all over the world so it would be rather stupid of him to put his reputation on the line by scamming people.

      Tactics like creating a sense of urgency is a legitimate method used by marketers to sell their products, so I have no problem with that because I understand that process. Also, pre-recorded webinars are a smart way to get to thousands of people at any time, rather than to record a video over and over for a certain amount of people…this saves a LOT of time.

      The main question which I am interested in knowing the answer to is “has the majority of people who have taken the course ACTUALLY made a lot of money implementing it?”

      The more comments we get from those people, the better it will be for us to get a full grade of the system.

      Thanks again for your contribution.


  63. I’m about to sign up for this course myself. I have a friend who went through it and after asking several questions she just simply said…”Dude, just do it. It’s the best thing I ever did”.
    I’ll be happy to provide a review and separately I would like to know more about your niche site and affiliate streams.

    1. It’s awesome to hear this, Jam!

      Sounds like your friend is seeing great success with it!

      And it would be great to see your honest review of the course once you complete it, so drop by again when you do as this will help a lot of people to make a final decision.

      At the moment, I am still generating my income from many different affiliate sources. I have several sites set up promoting Amazon products as well as Legitimate MMO courses.

      It’s going well, but as I said, I am looking to increase my revenue with possibly closing sales using Dan Lok’s training.

      You can always send me a message through my Facebook page to chat further on this. It would be good to keep in touch!

      -Jason (SHB)

      PS: If you are interested to learn about affiliate, then follow the online entreprenuer training course at Wealthy Affiliate.

      I think you’ll appreciate it.

  64. I’m on the same boat as you! Havent really found any testimonials other than the ones on his site. Please keep us updated if you decide to get it.

  65. I have been searching far & wide for HONEST reviews on this training course. Please, please keep us updated if you enroll or not.

    I was initially looking to start Amazon FBA, but came across Dan Lok. I’m a complete beginner & want to know if it’s legit.

    1. Mony, thanks for your comment.

      I will keep you updated as I do more research…

      So far, I am seeing mostly positives and I may enroll soon or find another opportunity.

    2. High Quality, High Integrity training program. If you are serious about making a positive change in your results and are willing to change the way that you do things to get better results, then this training can help you. This program not only leads you to a whole new opportunity in business, it offers you a new perspective to how you can incorporate the concepts into your own business and the personal relationships in your life. After all, everything between what you have and what you want requires an understanding of how to better communicate.
      Highly recommended! 🙂

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