Is Blue Sky Amazon a Scam?

Is Blue Sky Amazon A Scam? – Inside This Training Course!

Is Blue Sky Amazon a Scam?

Hi, I welcome you to my Blue Sky Amazon Review.

The Blue Sky Amazon is a training course created by Sophie Howard.

This Amazon FBA comprises two courses subdivided into modules.

One big question is, “Is Blue Sky Amazon a Scam?”

In this review, I’m going to reveal everything to you about Blue Sky Amazon.

Note that I don’t have an affiliate relationship with Blue Sky Amazon so do expect transparency in this review.

Let’s get into it…

Summary Of Blue Sky Amazon Review

Name of the Product: Blue Sky Amazon

Type of the Product: Amazon FBA Program

Founder: Sophie Howard

Website’s URL:

Product Rating: 4/10

Cost of the Product:  $3,495 – or 4 – Months installments of $995 each.

Recommendation: Not for beginners.

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Overview of Blue Sky Amazon

Is Blue Sky Amazon a Scam?

Blue Sky Amazon is a digital training program that is designed to equip you with eCommerce skills that you can use to leverage Amazon FBA to sell your product.

And one advantage of Blue Sky Amazon is that Amazon will handle all refunds, customer-related issues, and shipping.

Another factor that will improve the credibility of this business model is that Amazon is already an established and legit business model.

Plus, most clients will prefer buying products through Amazon.

However, before you get excited about this online opportunity, you must be prepared to spend lots of money to start this type of business.

The objective of the Blue Sky Amazon is only to equip you with skills you will apply in this course, but the actual implementation will be left for you.

You should be prepared to work with an approximate budget of $10,000.

And contrary to this, your chances of success are very minimal.

But this should not worry you; the other best alternatives will suit you as a beginner.

Most of these alternatives do not require much upfront fee.

In fact, check out one of those excellent ways that you can join without necessarily paying a huge entry fee;

Is Blue Sky Amazon a Scam?

What Is Blue Sky Amazon About?

Is Blue Sky Amazon a Scam?

The Blue Sky Amazon is a digital training program that trains you to become a successful eCommerce entrepreneur by leveraging Amazon FBA.

This course is made up of two courses which have 7 modules each.

And these modules will teach you how the Amazon FBA business model is organized.

It aims at helping sellers to create best-selling products and scale up their businesses by using virtual assistants, online services, and sales funnels.

This course gives you access to various methods that you can utilize Amazon offers and how to create personal labeling, which involves developing your branded items and selling them on Amazon.

The Blue Sky Amazon will also teach you how Amazon does the picking, packing, shipping, and providing support for their customers.

This business model helps product creators avoid the storage and shipping of their products.

Who Is The Founder Of Blue Sky Amazon?

Is Blue Sky Amazon a Scam?

The founder of Blue Sky Amazon is Sophie Howard.

She came up with the thought of venturing into this Amazon FBA in 2014.

When Sophie realized how difficult it was for her to manage her workload, she opted to outsource her business.

She claims she will use her experience and skills to teach you how to outsource your business.

Since venturing into the eCommerce business model, Sophie has been enjoying a 7-figure income from her business.

Sophie structured her business to sell various tea products via Amazon.

She employs a virtual assistant to do most of the heavy lifting.

Sophie’s brand, Higher Tea, still operates to date.

Sophie Howard has mastered the art of marketing her business, and she has been doing well since the inception of her brand, but sometimes she uses exciting methods, which is not good.

Through one of the ads promoting Sophie’s brand, one of her promoters is heard excitedly marketing Blue Sky Amazon.

She hired Kevin O’Leary, a paid promoter, to market her business on her behalf.

Anything said by Kevin O’Leary is not because the product is of such quality but because he has been paid to do so.

How Does Blue Sky Amazon Work?

Blue Sky Amazon is a digital training course that focuses on equipping you with skills on how to work with Amazon and build an eCommerce business.

The course will teach you more techniques to apply in your eCommerce business.

One strategy you will learn from The Blue Sky Amazon is personal labeling.

Your work will be to create a product and let Amazon deal with stocking, shipping, and customer care, among other services.

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Features of Blue Sky Amazon Course

Sophie’s course comprises two programs: Amazon Navigator and Product University.

Amazon Navigator has 8 modules, while Product University comprises 6 modules.

1. Amazon Navigator

Modules covered by Amazon Navigator include;

How to Start Amazon

This module is delivered through a video that will last for about 32 minutes.

The whole module focuses on training your mind before you start the business.

Before you start, you’ve to set your goal and aim at achieving it.

In this module, you will follow three stages:

  • Defining your strategy,
  • Establishing a timeline
  • And finally, remaining accountable.

What you don’t know about Branding.

This module will last for 1 hour and 35 minutes.

The module mainly focuses on positioning your product in the market.

Sophie will cover essential factors that determine product brandings, such as supply, demand, and positioning.

You’ll also learn about private labeling, which involves acquiring pre-existing products and customizing them to become your brand.

Finding the right product

This module will take 21 minutes and guide you in finding the right product to sell.

Selecting the right product will determine how long it will last.

Product Listing & Optimization.

This module will last for 1 hour & 36 minutes.

It will teach you about product listing, keyword optimization, and creating attractive titles.

It will help improve your ranking within Amazon and your search results.

Stocking your product.

This module deals with shipping, labeling, and shipping.

The module will take about 19 minutes and will teach you three methods of moving products to Amazon.

These methods include are; air express, air freight, and sea.

Product Launch and promotion

This module will last for about 28 minutes, and here is what it’ll cover;

  • Advertising on Amazon
  • Starting small
  • How to follow Seller Central’s Guidelines
  • Applying coupon codes

Managing your Amazon Seller Account

This module involves various accounting activities, including generating reports, money handling, customer management optimization, and controlling your business.

The module will last for 40 minutes.

Scaling Your Business

This lesson will last for about 69 minutes, and it will teach you about:

  • Outsourcing your work
  • How to build and manage your team
  • Effective communication
  • How to expand your business
  • Exit strategy in case you want to sell your business

2. Product University

This course section has 6 modules equivalent to 25 hours and 21 minutes.

Here are the modules you’ll cover;


This section covers Sophie’s qualifications, mindset mastery, alternative platforms, and overall course structures.

Product Selection Strategy

Is Blue Sky Amazon a Scam?

In this section, you will learn how to identify an ideal product that will give you a long-term source of revenue.

Sales Funnel’s Basics

Having the right sales funnel for your business will increase your revenue, provided that you know how to create and implement one.

Qualities of A Good Virtual Assistant

Sophie will teach you some qualities to look for when hiring a virtual assistant.

Some qualities to look for include problem-solving, professionalism, and reliability.

Product Selection Strategy and Selling on Amazon

This module will teach you the basics of selling on Amazon and how Amazon generally works.

You will get access to advanced strategies that you can use to kick-start your journey with Amazon.

Product Searching

This module will help you understand how to search for ideal products to sell through Amazon.

What Is The Cost Of Blue Sky Amazon?

The current cost of this product is Blue Sky Amazon is a one-time payment of $3,495, or you can pay 4 monthly installments of $995 per month.

When you go for option number two, you will pay $485 on top of it.

Once you’ve joined the program, expect to meet additional costs apart from the training cost.

These additional expenses will help you jumpstart the business.

However, if you want to go for an online business that is free from any complications, then I’ll just request that you check out this option that I’m currently using to generate an income – this one even suits beginners;

Is Blue Sky Amazon a Scam?

Does Blue Sky Have A Refund Policy?

Is Blue Sky Amazon a Scam?

Blue Sky Amazon does not have a refund policy to cover its clients.

Rest assured that you’ll not get any refund if you plan to enroll in this program.

Is Blue Sky Amazon A Scam?

Blue Sky Amazon is a legit training course but not ideal for everyone.

No matter how Sophie Howard shouts, it doesn’t make it different from what other businesses would do.

It is normal for businesses to market their products to win more clients and increase their chances of closing sales.

Sometimes, the people paid to carry out the shoutouts may give misleading information.

Be aware of this possibility to avoid getting disappointed along the way.

Another thing you should know about Blue Sky Amazon is that you must meet the cost of purchasing additional resources for use in your business.

For example, you’ll have to purchase ClickFunnels, an external resource, to build a sales funnel.

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What I Like About Blue Sky Amazon

  • A legitimate Entrepreneur created it.

The creator of Blue Sky Amazon is a known expert who has been selling her products through Amazon.

Furthermore, she claims to have achieved greater success.

  • It uses a realistic business model.

Sophie’s training course is based on a legitimate business model that has existed for a long time.

You’ll be getting an opportunity to tap into a business that has already developed roots, and its results have proven viable.

What I Don’t Like About Blue Sky Amazon

  • Another additional cost accompanies it.

On top of the cost of registering for the course, there will be no success until you pump additional capital into Amazon selling.

  • It does not provide any refund.

This training program does not cover its prospective clients with a refund policy.

This leaves you exposed to the risk of losing your initial investment.

Once you join the program, there will be no turning back unless you want to leave the training without reclaiming a refund.

  • It is expensive

The Blue Sky Amazon is a training good course, however, it is expensive.

You must remember you’ll implement what The Blue Sky Agency teaches you to make money.

Therefore, investing such huge amounts in just a course like this will not be the best thing to do.

Is There Any Alternative To Blue Sky Amazon?

The Blue Sky Amazon is not a suitable program, especially for a beginner.

The digital industry has more business opportunities for you that you can invest in without undergoing expensive training.

Before considering this training course, remember that you’ll still meet the additional cost of starting and managing your eCommerce business.

I recommend Affiliate marketing as the best alternative to Blue Sky Amazon because it is a profitable digital opportunity you can start with basic skills and knowledge.

Here is my detailed roadmap to affiliate marketing that I’ve specifically tailored for you;

Is Blue Sky Amazon a Scam?

FAQs About Blue Sky Amazon

What product does Sophie sell on Amazon?

She claims to be running several businesses through Amazon.

Currently, she is selling herbal tea, which is currently her top-selling.

Who is the owner of Blue Sky Amazon?

The CEO of Blue Sky Amazon is Sophie Howard, who is known as an Amazon Selling Queen.

She launched her FBA Business back in 2014.

After 18 months, she was already earning a 7-figure from selling tea products.

How will I benefit from Blue Sky Amazon?

This digital training program teaches how to build a successful eCommerce business.

How much does Blue Sky Amazon cost?

Blue Sky Amazon costs $3,995, which you can pay once or in the form of installments. The latter allows you to pay $995 per month for 4 months.

12 thoughts on “Is Blue Sky Amazon A Scam? – Inside This Training Course!

  1. Thank you for this article! In my opinion, the course is legit because it delivers a comprehensive training program, as well as private coaching, and community, and was created by an expert.
    However, I don’t recommend it because I’m not a fan of the business model this course teaches. It’s an expensive and highly risky business model. Also, Blue Sky Amazon is overpriced and has got lots of negative reviews from users. 

  2. Thanks for introducing me to Sophie Howard, and Blue Sky. To me it sounds quite expensive. I guess many schools of learning are. However, would it be possible to learn on Udemy what Sophie teaches in her course? I think Udemy’s courses prices are a bit lower.
    You yourself, are a success at what you do, and there is no arguing about that point. I think you would be a good example to follow, and to think that you can create a website for free and do not need to pay Amazon to sell and ship your products. I prefer the affiliate way of promoting someone else’s products and earning a commission.

  3. It is really nice to know that Blue sky Amazon is a legit e-commerce platform. 

    The price of training courses is way high without guaranteeing a refund if you are not satisfied. Beyond this ~400$, you spend close to 10,000$ to invest in a business you are not sure will make money for you. It seems to be a hard sell.

    I found something useful: Finding a useful everlasting product that people will need today and ever. 

    Finding virtual assistance and finding a manager to assist your product sales is the future of a high scale business operation and you have money. 

    It is hard to evaluate the system not being inside the system. For a beginner, it is too hard to choose this system as I see myself. I even don’t want to get there with my few years of experience.

    With as little as $$49.00 a month, Wealthy Affiliate teaches all and people having thriving six-figure businesses and more.

    I will aim to build my business around Wealthy Affiliate rather.

  4. Hi Noohyah, thanks for giving us this detailed review. I personally have never heard about Blue Sky Amazon before. Maybe you can make money with her course, but her disclaimer states unequivocally that the experiences and successes on this page are not typical

    It makes you want to ask yourself why does she need to create this course to make money when she’s already supposed to be making millions and has stated verbally that none of the parents she speaks to at her children’s school know what she does for a living?

    I consider myself extremely fortunate to have read your review here and taken the time to re-evaluate the claims she makes on her webinar, which, by the way, is pre-recorded.

  5. Morning Jason 

    OMG Sophie’s adverts on YouTube drive me up the wall lol. I have watched a couple of her videos however my pre-irritation has never allowed me to go any further! Now I see that may be more so a case of intuition. $10,000.00 is insane and without a refund policy even more ridiculous. We all come with different technical abilities, what if you literally can’t do the process?

    Jason I am so astounded by the price! Merely because the ads I have watched would never lead you to believe that her program would be so expensive. It’s certainly not the impression she delivers. I am also sure I shared her link with a few friends because she’s in NZ and her program came across as something practical to do online. I am an avid believer of learning something new every day. I certainly have. Excellent read!


    1. Oh awesome, Shelly. I’m glad you learned more about the pricing and program before you decided to invest. 

      Thanks for reading.

  6. Honestly, I did not know too much about this blue sky Amazon. I’m not too interested in amazon FBA anyway. Because I don’t like them. One they are very expensive. The risk of losing money is high. So I avoid programs like this. I do affiliate marketing instead. For me, affiliate marketing was the right thing to do. I recommend affiliate marketing to everyone. Because there is no risk. Anyone can start. Thanks so much for this review. Keep reviewing like this in the future.

  7. Blue Sky Amazon might be for queens who already have amassed wealth and simply want more but is not for the princesses because the cost is so prohibitive in order to start the business. It is insane for anyone to suggest that the majority of people wishing to start an online business have $10 000 to invest. As you have said, there are many more ways to earn money online if you slowly build your business. The trouble, the way I see it, is that some people get desperate and will risk it all in order to have success in this business. 

    1. There is certainly no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to start a business online.  With business models such as affiliate marketing, anyone can start for little or no money and work their way up to thousands in profit per month. That is why I share my affiliate marketing guide that shows more people the process. 

      Thanks for sharing your views here!

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