Is Publishing Life a Scam?

Is Publishing Life A Scam? Must-Read Review

Is Publishing Life A Scam?

Hi, welcome to my Publishing Life Review.

So, can Publishing Life give you the financial freedom you’ve always dreamt of?

First off, this program claims to teach you a new way of making good money through publishing various materials.

So, is Publishing Life worthy of your investment?

But, before I take you through this review, please note that I don’t have any business connection with Publishing Life.

But hold on, there’s something important you need to know first…

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That said, let’s dive into the review…

Summary Of Publishing Life

Name of the Product: Publishing Life

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: Online Training Program

Founders:  Christian Mikkelsen and Rasmus Mikkelsen

Product Rating: 4/10

Product Cost: $1,995.

Recommendation: No.

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Overview Of Publishing Life

Is Publishing Life a Scam?

To start with, Publishing Life is a training program that claims to teach you a new strategy for making money from Amazon.

And the course trains you on how to make money from Amazon through publishing.

But if you’re looking for the best alternative to make money online, here is the best option to try as a beginner:

What Is Publishing Life About?

First of all, Publishing Life is a digital training course designed to equip you with the necessary skills to build and earn passive income from your business.

And this program trains students to take advantage of the Amazon platform to create and publish their books.

Also, Publishing Life was previously known as Audio Income Academy (AIA).

In addition, Publishing Life claims they changed the name since it does not only cover audiobooks.

Again, this program covers a wider range of publications that you would wish to publish.

Also, some of these materials are; paperback books, printed books, hardback books, and audiobooks.

And methods taught by Publishing Life are compatible with these materials.

Besides, Publishing Life claims to be a new way of earning money from Amazon.

Again, they further claim that their approach is far better than selling Amazon products.

And in this program, you will be using Amazon Kindle Program, which has been in existence for quite a long time.

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In this regard, Publishing Life seems to have exaggerated its claims.

Further, this training program can be useful in building your business since it is very comprehensive.

However, it is not a guarantee that it will deliver your desired outcome because you’re still the decision-maker in the business.

Plus, Publishing Life will only act as a blueprint to follow.

Besides, you’ll be working with the Amazon platform, which has a lot of potential customers.

However, you’ll also be facing intense competition from other businesses selling the same product.

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Who Are The Founders Of Publishing Life?

Is Publishing Life a Scam?

Publishing Life is a digital training program created by twin brothers Christian Mikkelsen and Rasmus Mikkelsen.

And they are also known as “The Twins.”

Also, before venturing into the Amazon Kindle publishing business, they regularly worked for 9 am to 5 pm day jobs.

Further, they were making their living by selling Chinese Food.

And when “The Twins” realized that they could make more money online, they ditched their regular 9-5 job.

So, they resorted to enrolling in various digital training courses that could help them identify the best online opportunity for making money.

Besides, their journey was not that smooth though.

First, they experienced several challenges, and one of them was losing money through scammers.

And this is a setback that made them lose lots of money.

Further, “The Twins” never gave back on their quest for financial freedom.

Besides, they kept working on better ways of making additional income.

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And through their persistence, their efforts finally bore fruits.

Now, they’ve got a continuous flow of passive income from Amazon through publishing various books.

And through Publishing Life, “The Twins” are also willing to share how they achieved their success.

In addition, they claim that you can employ their strategies to achieve your financial goals just like they did.

And it’s important to remember that their strategy does not give you 100% assurance.

Moreover, there might be other challenges that you’ll face along the way.

And apart from this training course, “The Twins” might be making additional income from the sale they make through Amazon Kindle.

Better yet, “The Twins” were once featured in Forbes.

Is Publishing Life a Scam?

Also, these two brothers make money through their YouTube channel, with more than 55K subscribers at the time I published this review.

Is Publishing Life a Scam?

What Is The Cost Of Publishing Life?

The cost of enrolling into Publisher Life is about $1,995.

And this registration fee will give you access to a comprehensive training program that you can leverage and make money.

Plus, you’ll be making money from Publishing Life through publishing books.

And the creators of this training program have promised to give you step-by-step guidelines to help you achieve your objective.

Plus, “The Twins” have created a unique and comprehensive training program that you can leverage and start your publishing business.

How Does Publishing Life Work?

To start with, Publishing Life is designed to train and equip you with various skills you can apply to Amazon Kindle.

Also, Publishing Life has categorized its training program into 7 modules.

And these modules are:

Millionaire Mindset

First, this is an introductory module of the program.

And it introduces you to what the business model looks like.

Also, other components of this module are the budget required to start, the overview of Amazon Kindle and how much income to expect from this type of business.

Additionally, this module will emphasize the importance of having the right mindset to succeed in this business model.

And among the key points to consider is being determined and investing lots of hard work.

Besides, it also covers the following regular routines:

  • Confronting Yourself
  • The 30k-foot View
  • Forging A New Identity
  • Determining Your Fate
  • Lifestyle That Breeds Success.
  • Inputs=Outputs
  • How Successful People Act

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Launching Your Online Publishing

First of all, you’ll learn how to design and register your publishing company from this module.

Also, you’ll learn how to design your ACX and KDP accounts and get them to be approved.

And the aim of ACX and KDP accounts are similar.

Besides, both accounts allow you to publish your content through the Amazon Platform.

However, there is only one thing that differentiates the two accounts.

In addition, ACX deals with audiobooks, while KDP mainly deals with eBooks and printed books.

Apart from that, Publishing Life will help you create these two accounts to avoid termination by Amazon.

And another important aspect of this program is teaching you how to identify a suitable market gap and the best keyword to use to attain the top rank.

Plus, I will recommend that you go for a niche you’re familiar with.

And this will, in the end, give you a high-quality product.

Furthermore, Publishing Life uses its keyword search system called Sleek.

And here is the summary of what is covered in model 2;

  • The publishing framework
  • Our Publishing Journey
  • Time & Lots of Numbers
  • Finding the right topic for your 1st book
  • SEEK Method-Part 1
  • SLEEK Method-Part 2
  • Accounting Made Easy
  • Setting up your publishing accounts
  • Forming your US LLC
  • Winning the battle with cash

Getting Your Book Written

After getting your publishing account and keywords ready, what remains is to start creating your book.

And here is the summary of what Publishing Life will teach under this module.

  • Knowing Your Customer
  • The James Patterson Model
  • Building your brand
  • Designing a great outline for your book
  • Copywriting secrets
  • Self-selling book cover
  • Getting a ghostwritten book
  • How to write books on your own.
  • Crafting your best-selling book

Growing Your Audience

First of all, this module guides you on how you’ll be promoting your book and attracting traffic for the benefits of your digital marketing.

Also, the main objective of this module is to help you increase your audience.

And the summary of what is offered in this program is;

  • Intro to growing your business
  • Funnel Framework
  • How to create an irresistible Lead Management
  • E-mail Sequence
  • Your Facebook Community
  • Active Campaign Guide
  • 4 powerful methods of a growing audience

Launch Week

First of all, before you proceed to launch your book, it is very important to proofread and ensure that you’ve corrected all the errors in your work.

And module 5 will give you access to the following:

  • Quality Control
  • Achieving Final Format
  • Publishing Your Book
  • Using Bulletproof Launch Strategy
  • Facebook Review Method
  • Writing An Ideal Book Description
  • Ultimate AMZDiscover Blueprint

Amazon Ads and Audiobook Conversion

First, this module equips its members with the skills to leverage paid ads to market their books.

And other contents of the module are:

  • Introduction To Amazon Ads
  • Amazon Ads Strategy
  • Setting Your Amazon Ad Campaigns
  • How To Lower Your Average Cost Of Sales And Make Profitable Ads
  • Audible Reviews
  • Getting Narrated
  • Welcome To ACX
  • Audiobook Ascension
  • Simple Guide to Narrating Your Audiobook with Nick Morrison.

Next Level Publishing

This module revolves around ways of improving your Amazon publishing business.

And here is the summary of what you learned from this module:

  • What Is Next Level Publishing?
  • Book Promo and Review Services
  • Receiving Your Gifts from The Publishing Gods
  • Global Print Publishing with Ingram spark
  • Author’s Republic

Further, additional features of Publishing Life include various templates and scripts that you can copy and paste.

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Does Publishing Life Offer A Refund?

Is Publishing Life a Scam?

Publishing Life offers clients a refund whenever they are unsatisfied with their services.

However, this refund policy has some requirements to meet to receive your refund.

And you MUST;

  • Complete all their video lessons
  • Attend 2 one-on-one coaching lessons
  • And publish one book

Also, once you meet these requirements and your audiobook earnings are below $5,000 within 180 days, you’ll be given a full refund.

But if you’re just getting started with an online business, you can check out this tailored guide that I have offered you:

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Is Publishing Life a Scam?

Is Publishing Life A scam?

No, Publishing Life is NOT a SCAM.

Also, the creators of Publishing Life have, in the past, been associated with unethical marketing while promoting their training program.

And through their promotion, they made it look like a get-rich-quick scheme.

In addition, they claim to offer you an opportunity to make a lot of money through this new online method of earning money.

Further, they say this online method is very easy and can be used by a 15-year-old to achieve the same result.

And apart from these exaggerated claims, the creators did not also capture some vital information about their company.

Aside from that, information such as contact details and business address is missing.

And the fact is, most of their claims are not true.

But sincerely speaking, there is a lot of market saturation on Amazon, and there is no known business that can give you quick riches.

And a reliable business opportunity demands your patience and dedication.

Also, an additional red flag about this company is that they usually delete negative reviews they receive in there about their course.

And despite having all these downsides, Publishing Life is still a legit platform.

Plus, their business model offers legitimate services and resources for starting and running a business.

But having said that, I will still NOT recommend Publishing Life as an ideal platform for you to venture into, especially as a beginner.

And this is because you’ll spend a lot of money outsourcing your business.

Another challenge is: Why did Publishing Life change its name from Audio Income Academy?

And this could cause lots of suspicions and influence people not to join the program.

Even though they are backing up their reason for changing the platform’s name, other potential investors still have different views.

What I Like About Publishing Life

  • It gives you access to a friendly and helpful community.

First of all, Publishing Life offers you a fair refund policy if you want to quit their training.

Although, no record can confirm whether Publishing Life has honored clients who’ve applied for a refund in the past.

  • The course gives you access to comprehensive training.

And their primary objective is to equip you with skills on how to publish audiobooks and other business-related material.

What I Don’t Like About Publishing Life

  • This business model is only limited to aspiring authors who wish to publish their content to a wider audience.

And it may not be an ideal alternative if you are not interested in publications.

  • The cost of this training course is quite expensive.

Apart from the program cost, you’ll still incur additional expenses on paid ads and outsourcing.

And another worrying thing about this platform is that the creators have, in the past, deceptively promoted their program.

  • The program does not guarantee success since Amazon has become too saturated.

Is There Any Alternative to Publishing Life?

The digital industry has many business opportunities you can leverage and make a continuous flow of income.

And I would recommend that you opt for affiliate marketing.

I say so because the business model is easy to start and highly profitable.

Besides, Affiliate Marketing does not require a huge budget to start, just like other forms of digital businesses.

Further, in affiliate marketing, given that you put in the required effort and discipline, you’ll grow your business progressively.

So, follow my detailed guide to learn more:

Is Publishing Life a Scam?

FAQs about Publishing Life

Is Publishing Life a Scam?

No, it is not a scam.

And it is a legitimate training course that aims to train you on how to publish digital business resources.

What happens if you no longer wish to continue with the course?

There is no cause for alarm.

Also, Publishing Life has a refund policy that covers its members.

Besides, you are free to claim your refund after staying on the platform for 6 months and still wishing to quit.

Why must I meet the stated refund requirements?

The Twins are very much confident with their training program.

And they guarantee you success if only you apply what you’re learning from this training course.

Can I start building my publishing business while still working from 9-5 pm?

First of all, you can still balance your regular day job and building your business when starting.

Also, you can choose to leave your regular day job once you establish your business

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