Offline Sharks Review

Offline Sharks Review – Are Nick & Tom LEGIT? Truth Exposed!

Hello, welcome to my Offline Sharks Review.

As an offline marketing agency, the Offline Sharks program claims to help you launch a solid online business.

According to the program, you’ll not only learn how to easily get customers for yourself but also know how to track your performance on ROI.

Therefore, I’ll help you understand the program services in detail in this review.

And in turn, you’ll know if it can really help you make money online.

And if the program doesn’t answer your heart’s desires, I’ll take you through an alternative business opportunity you can join to make money online.

Recently, the program has attracted the eyes of many affiliates after introducing its newest service, the Offline Shark Agency Growth Machine.

With this service, the company aims to help all agencies’ affiliates make positive progress on their online presence.

By growing their online presence, the service will help track their process as they continue their business.

This helps the affiliates create a customized plan of their activities that fits their needs.

The service, in a nutshell, aims at providing every affiliate with both the support and the resources they need to succeed in their business.

So, if you are researching to know more about Offline Sharks, here is where you will get clear information about the program.

Before we go further…

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Offline Sharks Review Summary

Name of The Product: Offline Sharks

Type of the Product: Local Marketing Program

Product Website:

Founder: Nick Ponte & Tom Gaddis

Product Rating: 3/5

Product Cost: From $47 per month

Recommendation: Yes, but not for everyone

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Offline Sharks Review – Overview

Offline Sharks Review

Perhaps you have dreamed of making a living by working as a local marketer.

If that is the case, you must have been looking for a clear path to help you put your dreams into action.

Offline Sharks claims to be the best in making you achieve your dreams.

The program provides you with access to a four-module course of a profit foundation that they claim you can rely on to meet your success online.

They also provide three trenches of training and coaching calls for affiliates who join their program and seek help.

According to Tom and Nick, Offline Sharks teaches people how to start a small business and make income.

However, any other program offering you a business opportunity will always use the same language to convince you.

For this reason, you may not make decisions based on the claims made by the program owners.

As it happens in other programs, there may be no guarantee that the claims work for everyone who will join the program.

To be safer, you ought to conduct due diligence on it.

This will make you know the program in detail and minimize any possible loss you may make when joining the program.

Thankfully, I tried my best to offer you a detailed explanation of the program.

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Offline Sharks Review

What Is Offline Shark?

Offline Sharks Review

Offline Sharks is a marketing agency that helps you learn local marketing business.

The program was founded by two experts in the local marketing industry.

The two local marketing professionals launched the program in the Maui Islands.

After starting the program, Offline Sharks became one of the leading online training platforms in the area.

The program also grew to have the best in-demand resources in the local marketing consultant.

Apart from being a local marketing agency, Offline Sharks claims to be the largest digital marketing agency today.

This is after they started delivering proven and tested up-to-date training in the advertising and marketing fields.

The program offers stand-alone courses and a software platform to help you learn their mentorship programs.

Before I can take you through what the program offers, let’s first find out the people who are behind this program.

Who Are The Owners Of Offline Sharks?

Offline Sharks Review

Offline Shark Program was founded by Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis.

Nick was born in Maui, where he was raised from his childhood.

He initially worked as an automobile mechanic before quitting to start his own agency in local marketing.

Nick spent more years in the business, which made him gather more experience in marketing and web development.

He expanded his specialization to many other fields in the agency to help him open up other opportunities for generating income.

In his career as a web developer, he ventured a lot into creating high-quality and high-traffic websites that attracted many clients.

This was after the websites he created could incorporate the best investment practices in today’s business.

On the other hand, Tom Gaddis, also born in Maui, initially worked as a restaurant manager in Oklahoma.

Despite working as a restaurant manager, Tom dreamed of starting a self-employment opportunity online.

In his journey to success, Tom picked up his entire family and relocated to Hawaii.

Tom claims that at the start, he began from zero when he embarked on starting a local marketing business as a consultant.

In the process, he met Nick, who later became his good friend and joined the business.

Today, Tom claims to be one of the most successful in the local marketing business.

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What Does Offline Sharks Offer?

Offline Shark offers a variety of courses ranging from standalone courses the software platform for online training, and a private coaching program.

The software provided by Offline Sharks as their main pillar for the growth of the business is called the Digital Agency Growth Machine.

This is the software behind the growth of many businesses available online and aims at supporting you with the resources you need to succeed online.

The program introduces the Offline Sharks Agency Growth Machine.

This is software designed to assist different agencies grow in their online presence.

The system helps collaborate with you in creating customized plans that perfectly fit your needs.

In addition, you’ll get the required support and resources to help you succeed in your business by accessing the Offline Sharks Agency Growth Machine.

Here are the offers that you’ll get from the program;

  • Helping you grow your online Visibility
  • Assisting you in tracking your progress and ROI
  • Helping you get the support and resources you need for your business.

And by giving a chance to the Offline Sharks, Tom claims you’ll be able to take your business to the next level.

Remember, the Offline Sharks focus on helping you take your offline business back online.

The company will therefore assist you in setting up your eCommerce website and helping you drive traffic to the website.

The system is all time available and works 24/7.

This means you’ll be able to make money anytime, even when your customers cannot reach the store in person.

In addition, the system is designed to work with other types of businesses, such as retail stores, restaurants, and service businesses.

The program specializes their offers in three main categories which are;

Learning Local Marketing

Under local marketing, you will learn the following concepts;

  • Reputation Marketing
  • Outsourcing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC
  • Case study
  • Shark Tips
  • Best practices

Free Resources

In this section, you will get access to free resources from the program, including;

  • Shark bites
  • Virtual Events
  • Live show
  • Videos
  • Podcast
  • Recommended products and services
  • Recommended reading.

Membership Products 

In the membership product category, you will learn the following;

  • All courses in the program
  • Shark Alliance
  • Remote Millionaires program
  • Agency growth machine
  • Ultimate remote team
  • Coupon Cash team System Unleash
  • Shark Swag

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Who Is Online Sharks Program For?

Offline Sharks Review

Because the Offline Sharks program helps people with small businesses.

It targets the following categories of people.

Marketing Agency Owners

In this category, the program helps you learn a simple step-by-step procedure to help you build your agency.

According to the program, the procedure can help you grow your agency from zero to six figures depending on your commitment.

The program experts will help you set strategies and fully working tactics to help you run a successful agency.

Freelancers and Consultant

If you have an agency and feel like not running it with other employees, then Offline shark is here to help you.

The program claims to help you learn how to create your own respectable income in local marketing.

It, therefore, claims to be the best place to start your online work journey with an independent agency.

Side Hustlers and Part-timers

If you are running your local marketing business as a part-timer or as a side hustle, the Offline Shark program is here to help you too.

The program will help you grow your side hustle to maximum figures to help you suppliant your income.

The program also claims to make you convert the side hustle into your full career by helping you find ways of increasing your income.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Offline Sharks?

Offline Sharks Review

The Offline Sharks program offers free entry to get started with its program services.

Shark Alliance Starter

As a beginner, you’ll start by enrolling in the Shark Alliance Starter program.

This program gives you free offers to get started in your business, including the following;

  • 4-part profit first foundation
  • 3 in the trench’s training
  • 4 coaching call recordings
  • Step by Step path to six figures
  • Private shark alliance FB group
  • Exclusive software access
  • Done for your Agency website
  • Templates, proposal contacts
  • Shark Alliance Media Library
  • Courses and software vault
  • Exclusive Guest training
  • Local SEO academy

Shark Alliance Plus membership

After enrolling in the Shark Alliance Starter program, you’ll need to advance your marketing skills.

This means that you will be looking at ways in which you can master your craft in marketing.

In this case, the program will direct you to join the Shark Alliance Plus membership program.

This membership program will require you to pay $47 per individual monthly.

In this program, you’ll get the following offers;

  • 4-part profit first foundation
  • Month in the trenches training
  • Monthly coaching calls
  • Step by Step path to six figures
  • Private shark Alliance FB group
  • Exclusive software Access
  • Done for you Agency Website
  • Templates proposals and contacts
  • Shark Alliance Media Library
  • Courses and Software Vault
  • Exclusive guest training
  • Local SEO academy

Shark Alliance Elite

The third option in the Offline Shark membership program is the Shark Alliance Elite.

This program is ideal for affiliates who want to learn the full content of the course.

In the Shark Alliance Elite, you will have to pay a monthly subscription of $197 and get the following offers.

  • 4-part profit first foundation
  • Monthly in trenches training
  • Weekly Coaching calls
  • Step-by-step path to six figures
  • Private shark alliance FB group
  • Exclusive software access
  • Done for your agency website
  • Templates and proposals
  • Shark alliance media library
  • Courses and Software vaults
  • Exclusive Guest training
  • Local SEO academy

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Is Offline Shark A Scam?

Offline Sharks Review

In my opinion, the Offline shark program is technically not a scam.

You can learn local marketing and start making money through the program.

The program also offers a membership program you can join to learn about its offers and access its products.

You will only have to pay the monthly subscription if you want to advance further in the course.

When you get started with the free membership program, you’ll only get access to the basic offers available in the program.

However, when you join the shark alliance plus and the shark Alliance elite program, you’ll be able to learn the course in full content, community, and coaching.

However, the free membership program will give you a clue of what is there in the other two membership programs.

Despite the program not being a scam, making money out of it may not be easy for everyone.

You’ll have to spare your time and invest in the program for you to make a significant amount of money.

If you join the program and by bad luck, it doesn’t work out for you, you don’t have to worry.

There is another best alternative program that you can join to help you make money online.

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Offline Sharks Review

What I Like About Offline Shark

  • The Program has testimonies

On the Offline Sharks official website, there is feedback from their previous students who are now doing well in their business.

The testimonies of the affiliates from the program make it more motivating to new beginners who want to try their luck.

  • The program offers Free learning and resources

If you are a beginner who wants to know more about the program, Offline Sharks lets you get started with its free membership program.

In the membership program, you will be provided with free access to resources and learning materials in the program.

From there, you’ll have reasons to advance to the paid membership program, learn the full course, or leave the program if unsatisfied.

  • Easy-to-learn courses

Offline Sharks program offers you numerous courses that are easy to learn and understand for beginners.

The expert team providing the teaching and coaching exercises are also professional local marketing affiliates.

This makes them deliver detailed mentorship to their affiliates to help them achieve success.

What I Don’t Like About Offline Shark?

  • No Refund Policy

Offline Shark program does not offer a refund policy to its affiliates.

For this reason, it is important to first begin with the free membership program before advancing to the paid programs.

If you join the paid programs and find it not good for you after making the payment, you’ll not be able to get your money back.

  • Profit Margin is low

If you are a beginner to the program, you’ll begin by making low profits from local marketing.

This means that it’ll take you more time and money to start making a significant amount out of the program.

The program may not work for you if you want a get-rich opportunity.

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Is There Any Alternative To Offline Sharks?

I can’t insist enough there is no one solution to making money online.

You should settle on a program that ticks all the boxes.

Your interest and specialization will play a role in the area you’ll settle in.

As a rule of thumb, I’ll always encourage beginners to try their luck in affiliate marketing.

And the key reason behind this is the fact that affiliate marketing has been there for some time, and it still has unexploited opportunities.

Just like any other genuine business online, your effort and patience will play a role in determining the success of affiliate marketing.

But starting an affiliate marketing business isn’t as easy as it sounds.

However, what if I told you I could do your work in half by offering you a step-by-step guide?

Yes, I’ve personally tailored a guide that will enable you to get on your feet.

Check it out here:

Offline Sharks Review

FAQs About Offline Sharks 

Can I Learn The Course All From My Computer?

If you are far from the area where the expert coach lives, you can still learn the full course from home via your computer.

The program allows you to make calls, speak to their expert teams, and get assisted online without facing them face to face.

In addition, there are enough resources to provide online information videos and live streaming for learning purposes.

How Long Will The Course Take Before I Begin Making Money?

The time it takes you to complete the course depends on your level of understanding.

If you master the concepts faster, you can complete the course and start making money.

It may sometimes take you a few weeks to learn the full course.

How Much Does It Cost To Lean The Offline Shark Agency Growth Machine?

The Offline Shark Agency Growth Machine is available in the Shark Alliance Elite membership program,

This membership program is payable at the rate of $197 per month.

Therefore, if you want to learn about the machine, you will have to pay the subscription in full amount.

Does Offline Sharks Program Offer Bonuses?

In my research on the program, I have not come across any bonus offered by the company.

However, the company allows you to enjoy the free membership program when you are a beginner.

The company also provides you with other free resources for beginners who want to know more about their services.

Here is a video you can also watch regarding the Offline Sharks program:

Thank you for reading my Offline Sharks Review.

If you have any comments or additional information about the program, feel free to leave your feedback in the section below.

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